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Join hosts Jeremie, Brian, and Taylor as they hangout and have an unapologetic, unpolished and unfiltered discussion about what it's like to live life with a disease, in the hopes of finding humour in an otherwise taboo and sometimes dark subject.

Join hosts Jeremie, Brian, and Taylor as they hangout and have an unapologetic, unpolished and unfiltered discussion about what it's like to live life with a disease, in the hopes of finding humour in an otherwise taboo and sometimes dark subject.
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Join hosts Jeremie, Brian, and Taylor as they hangout and have an unapologetic, unpolished and unfiltered discussion about what it's like to live life with a disease, in the hopes of finding humour in an otherwise taboo and sometimes dark subject.




The Sad Doctor - Depression

“Doctors make for horrible patients”. This week we speak with Michelle, a practicing psychiatrist, who has a history of depression. BUT WAIT?! A Psychiatrist isn't allowed to be depressed! They are the person the depressed people go to for help. Right? Think again. We dive into devastating suicidal thoughts, being admitted alongside a past patient, healthcare fraud and Brian doing HARD time and much more. As always we love speaking with healthcare professionals because they are so dang smart!


F*CKING B*TCH A**HOLE - Tourette Syndrome

Imagine being compelled to do or say the worst possible thing at the worst possible time. Like the “N word" in your class at school, farting on a date, or yelling “Bomb!” in an airport. This is just the tip of the ice berg that we begin to explore with our friend Ken who lives with Tourette syndrome! This episode is a bucket list conversation and it’s a frantic and chaotic as it sounds. Ken, along side of his wife and his stepson (whom all live with Tourette’s) sit dow and drop some...


134 - Never Not Sleepy - Narcolepsy w/ Cataplexy

Our new friend Hilary spends her days learning the ins and outs of speech pathology while trying not to fall asleep in the middle of it all. This week we dive into Narcolepsy (w/ Cataplexy). We talk about a whole bunch of wacky stuff like, tongues that grow hair?!? Doctors writing like intoxicated 5 year olds, Taylor's debilitating snoring problems, Jeff's low grade narcolepsy, falling asleep in the middle of hanky-panky and much much more! Get exclusive content on Patreon:...


Suicidal Thoughts At 10 Years Old - Depression w/ Mark Henick

We kick off our batch of Toronto conversations with Mark Henick as we take a deep dive into his life long struggles with Depression! With 7 hospitalizations from suicidal thoughts/attempts Mark is no stranger to the mental health system. We dive into the meaning of dreams (horrifying dreams at that), fjord jokes, hospitalization, writing a book in the woods and much much more! Mark Henick dedicated his life from an early age to opening minds and creating change. Now he regularly speaks to...


It's Either Hodgkins Or It Ain't: Hodgkins Lymphoma

While we were in Austin, TX we had an opportunity to make a new friend named Tom who most definitely has both of his balls and never had testicular cancer. But he DID have the one blood cancer to rule them all, Hodgkins Lymphoma! We learn about how blood cancer isn't just a bunch of tumours floating around in your bloodstream, how your fathers Golf buddy might just save your life, the side effects of poisonous cancer meds, and the secret location of all your next airbnb sex toys. Get...


Blades of Gory - Severed Femoral Artery

This week the boys are joined by figure skating superstar, Melissa Julian! They dive into figure skating jargon, equipment, and how adorbies Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue are... oh and they also discuss that one time when Melissa severed her femoral artery at the Moncton fourplex and nearly bled to death. If an episode of Sickboy could be turned into a movie, this would be the Quentin Tarantino special - so grab your barf bags and get ready for another hilarious conversation! Get...


130 - Sickboy LIVE From SXSW - Leukemia Sucks

The fellas hopped on a flight down to the big, bad, bitchin' state of Texas for the annual South By South West festival to have a conversation with Andrew Palmer, professional strongman, director of engineering of Distiller and Leukemia survivor! He's 3x the size of Jeremie. He eats 10,000 calories a day. He pushes dump trucks down the street for fun and he's kicking the living sh*t out of cancer. From painful burps, to blood blasting out of your nose, to mega casual doctors, to accepting...


129 - I Dove Into A Pool And Broke My Neck - Quadriplegia

Erin Saari's life changed when she dove into a pool and broke her neck. What physics are at play when a shallow dive goes horribly wrong? At what trajectory must one leap to accelerate the body to speeds capable of pulverizing the spinal column vertebrae into dust? Well, this isn't a math podcast, so don't expect to find those answers here! But we definitely dive into the world of Quadriplegia and the challenges of surviving a severe neck break!


Planning For Your Death w/ Roxanne Walsh, Funeral Celebrant

This week on Sickboy Podcast we talk about DEATH! The big scary inevitability that for whatever silly reason we all seem to ignore and or fear. Roxanne Walsh is an author, certified funeral celebrant and end of life planner. Perfect timing, turns out this is the night that Brian is going to die. Roxanne fills Jeremie and Taylor in on what the next steps are. DID YOU KNOW there are no laws about how long you can keep your dead loved one around as long as you are not committing an indignity...



This week on Sickboy Podcast the fellas sit down with each other and catch up over stories of flame throwers, Polio, Bowen technique, pimple popping and more. Jeremie threw his back out, like, really badly. Tay got bit by some exotic insect while in Nicaragua and it didn't turn out well. Brian gets far too high. OH and Brandon is back... unfortunately so is his cancer. Having this be the fourth time it's come back Bran and the boys chat about what his options are and how he's feeling...


The Birds & The Bees & A Brain Tumour

How do you tell your eleven year old daughter that you have a brain tumour that will very likely take your life? Do you censor yourself for her sake? Do you pretend it's not there? Do you just follow your gut and talk to her like any other human being? This week on Sickboy the fellas sit down with one of the coolest moms they've ever met, Charmaine! Blind in one eye, diagnosed with bipolar and sitting on a ticking time bomb brain tumour in her right frontal lobe that could take her out at...


125 - DIRE Wolff Parkinsen White Syndrome

This week on Sickboy we sit down with Will MacGregor; a man whos braved the medical system, run the gauntlet of tests and treatments, and has advocated for himself to receive the care he needs. His mysterious and fascinating story involves a diagnosis of Wolf Parkinson White Syndrome that has lead to a series of unfortunate complications that we explore in this in-depth chat. With Taylor away in sunny Nicaragua, the guys invited special guest host, Andrew The Camera Guy, to help reign...


124 - Don't Assume I'm Drunk - Spastic Cerebral Palsy

This week on Sickboy we're LIVE from SAIT in Calgary Alberta! The fellas sit down with very special guest Matthew Corkum! He's a meteorologist, has his Ph.D., drives a sports car, has incredibly jacked biceps, all the while is dealing with Spastic Cerebral Palsy. Jeremie's thinks if you cross your eyes they'll stay that way. Taylor invites friends over to watch him bike in his living room, Brian tells horrible wind jokes, and Matt reminisces about growing his giant pumpkins patches. The...


123 - My Little Blue Devil, Bipolar, and I

What do you call a little blue devil that speaks in tongues and wants to bury itself in your ears? Well, we’re not really sure, but Siobhan might know… she met a curious creature like this during her experience with Bipolar 2! This week on Sickboy, we dive into Siobhan’s rollercoaster life, riding out the ups-and-downs of Rapid Cycling Bipolar Disorder. Will Jeremie ever learn how to pronounce Siobhan’s name? Did Brian invent time release capsules? Is Taylor (yet again) a philosophical...


122 - I Had Two Vaginas

This week on Sickboy Podcast we have a very special episode! A Sickboy/Turn Me On collaboration! Jer, Bri, Tay and Bryde of Turn Me On Podcast sit down with Lesley to talk about her experience in living with two vagina's and two uterus's?! The fellas are already confused by how the plumbing normally works down there... double down on the amount of cervixes, uteruses, fallopian tubes and ovaries all inside one human body and they are a lost cause. How many tampons does one need? Can you get...


Something's Wrong With Mom - Paranoid Schizophrenia

This week on Sickboy Podcast we chat with Marnie about an experience that isn't her own but one that has changed her life forever. Paranoid Schizophrenia. She grew up in a household where Mom and Dad don't get along. They fall into a devastating divorce, and soon after mom begins to believe that drones with lasers are following her everywhere and silently attacking her internal organs and slowly killing her. A jam packed episode of heartbreak, hospital psych ward escapes, secret letters,...


These Pills Are Making Me Crazy! - Ovarian Cancer

This week on Sickboy, the boys dive into Ovarian Cancer with Nadia. it’s always a learning opportunity for Bri, Tay & Jer when lady parts are involved! How do you start a new relationship while going through cancer treatment? How do you pursue your passion when your body is trying to kill you? How do you stay sane when the medication you take is trying to drive you crazy? Find out this week on Sickboy. Get exclusive content on Patreon: Subscribe on...


Struck By A Car: Acquired Brain Injury

This week on Sickboy we dive into the world of acquired brain injuries. A few years ago Jennifer was struck by a car while riding her bike (HELMETS SAVE LIVES PEOPLE!) Today Jennifer takes the fellas through the journey of how life changes after an acquired brain injury. From debilitating physical pain, to LSDesque spacing out over the sound of a bag of gummies smacking off the floor, to rediscovering a lost libido, to a diagnosis of PTSD. One of our favourite conversations of 2017, and...


Spinal Surgery & Prolapsed Rectum: Severe Scoliosis

This week on sickboy podcast the fellas sit down with not so shy Ronnie. A normal gal, aside from the fact that her spine used to be the same shape as a question mark. We’re talking over a 50 degree curve??? We dive into everything from cone head babies, to prolapsed butt holes, to spinal rods, the therapy within pokemon go, to the scary reality of death via spinal surgery. Get exclusive content on Patreon: Subscribe on Apple Podcasts:...


Biohack The System: Legally Blind

What does it mean to be "legally blind"? Well, hardcore tunnel vision would do the trick. Victor knows all about it. From the challenges of kicking over children because you can’t see them, to losing your license, to no longer being able to play “Cops & Robbers” Victor knows how crappy it is to be blind. Victor AKA "The Blind Biohacker" drops some knowledge on the fellas re: blindness, night vision, electromagnetism, harmful light, orange sunglasses, sequix machines… You know, SCI-FI! Why...


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