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He was a morbidly obese heart surgeon. Through high school, college, med school and surgical training, he followed the U.S. dietary guidelines for both diet and exercise. Yet nothing he did kept the weight off. Each day in the operating theater he would split open the chests of people just like himself. He knew he was heading for the operating table if he didn't find solutions that worked. In 2016, he finally found a way to lose 100 pounds and keep it off. Now - in addition to doing heart surgery - he helps people just like himself get healthy, lose the weight and keep it off. Dr. Philip Ovadia is now a rebel M.D. working to keep people OFF his operating table.


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He was a morbidly obese heart surgeon. Through high school, college, med school and surgical training, he followed the U.S. dietary guidelines for both diet and exercise. Yet nothing he did kept the weight off. Each day in the operating theater he would split open the chests of people just like himself. He knew he was heading for the operating table if he didn't find solutions that worked. In 2016, he finally found a way to lose 100 pounds and keep it off. Now - in addition to doing heart surgery - he helps people just like himself get healthy, lose the weight and keep it off. Dr. Philip Ovadia is now a rebel M.D. working to keep people OFF his operating table.








Andy Schoonover - CrowdHealth is the Kickstarter of Health Coverage

Andy Schoonover was frustrated that, despite paying $1,200 a month for coverage, his insurance refused to pay for his daughter's $8,000 ear infection procedure. Foregoing his insurance led him to develop a solution that could help those who are uninsured. He founded CrowdHealth. He shares that the idea behind CrowdHealth is medical health crowdfunding, which is a return to the notion of neighbors helping each other when someone is ill. Their goal is to build an alternative to the current...


Bitten Jonsson - Addiction is a Metabolic Disorder

Addiction is a primary chronic illness that can manifest in various forms, including food addiction. This is what Bitten Jonsson wants to emphasize. She was a nurse who struggled with smoking and alcoholism at the onset of her career. She was forced to enter rehab and during that time, she learned addiction medicine, which helped her overcome her drinking and smoking habits. Yet she continued to struggle with compulsive eating of ice cream and chocolate. That was when a doctor diagnosed her...


Kem Minnick - The World's 1st Carnivore Swedish Bikini Chef

A yoga instructor and professional equestrian turned personal trainer, Kem Minnick noticed a decline in her physical and health after years of veganism. Her personal quest for health revealed the importance of tryptophan, which is necessary for the production of serotonin in the brain. She realized that insufficient serotonin was a root cause of her chronic physical ill-health and lack of mental clarity. Further personal experimentation proved to her that her vegan/vegetarian practice was...


Dr. Max Gulhane - Socialized Medicine Keeps Aussies Sick

One may assume that a socialized healthcare system, in which the government pays for the majority of medical expenses, would be more concerned to prevent illnesses in the first place. Nevertheless, Dr. Max Gulhane, a general practice registrar, describes the Australian healthcare system as one that operates more like the profit-driven healthcare system of the US. The change in the population's diet and nutrition - one that promotes eating more grains, more bread, and more carbohydrate...


Jen Cleveland - Government Health Advice Makes Kids Sick

Almost 30 years after earning her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics as well as her master’s degree in Medical Science, Nutritionist Jen Cleveland continues to unlearn a lot of things she was taught about nutrition. She has spent 30 years in the same big academic children’s healthcare institution. In that time, she has observed what she describes as an alarming increase in the number of children presenting with type-2 diabetes. She has worked with kids with high triglyceride...


SOMOT LIVE: Dr. Ovadia Responds to Inaccuracies in HuffPo Article

Dr. Ovadia was quoted in a Huffington Post article. The headlines were mostly accurate, but the body of the article was a comical mish-mash of misinformation, mal-information, and outright ignorance. In this recording from a live Twitter Spaces, Dr. O sets the record straight. He also takes questions from the audience. A few excerpts on The 5 Harmful Myths About Food's Effect on Heart Health: Myth 1. A low-fat diet is best for heart health. While trans fat and hydrogenated fats found in...


Paul Kolodzik: ER Doc Promotes Metabolic Health, Not Pharmaceuticals

Chronic diseases are preventable. Dr. Paul Kolodzik has seen enough people losing their legs or needing dialysis in his emergency medicine career - all of which can be avoided. For the last 5 years, he focused on metabolic health practice. He knows there’s an opportunity to prevent the patients’ chronic illnesses and their potential side effects. And it begins with spending enough time with the patient and educating them. Something most primary care doctors lack the time to do. So in this...


Hal Cranmer Turns Assisted Living Houses into Healing Homes

What started as a venture for better cash flow became a passion project for Hal Cranmer. From flipping houses and running rental properties, he switched to the assisted living industry. He has visited several homes, and he knew he didn’t want residents just laying down or watching TV as if waiting for their end to come. He wanted the residents to enjoy and live a quality life. To learn more, he researched exercises and low-carb diets. He hired doctors and personal trainers who share his...


Dr. Al Danenberg: How to Outlive a Terminal Cancer Prognosis

Al Danenberg thought he was a poster boy for a senior healthy living lifestyle and eating habits, but one sharp pain in the shoulder led to back pains, chest pains, and breathing difficulty. He found out he had incurable bone marrow cancer and had only a few months left to live. That was 2018. What helped him was a series of unconventional cancer protocols that he tweaked as he went along, but that doesn’t mean there were no setbacks. He fractured himself so many times. He was cleared with...


Dr. Tro & Team: a New, Patient-Centric Model for Healthcare

Dr. Tro Kalayjian - a formerly 350-pound doctor - had to unlearn much of what he'd been taught in medical school to get his health back. Dr. Laura Buchanan - a former athlete - had the same sort of experience. She learned early on that she wanted to integrate metabolic health into her medical practice. Despite having different backgrounds in both personal health and medicine, Dr. Tro and Dr. Laura now collaborate to give their patients the best care possible. To address the underlying...


Krisna Hanks - Even Professional Athletes Can Be Metabolically Ill

For some people, being healthy is always associated with weight loss. Krisna Hanks never had that problem. Having spent 30 years of her life as a professional dancer, she was a vegetarian, did Pilates and swimming to strengthen herself, and took care of her body as her topmost priority. But at one point in her life, a bad joint pain made her struggle to stand up or sit down. For 2 years, doctors can't diagnose what was wrong with her. With all tests exhausted, her physical therapist friend...


Michael Stanwyck: the Whole Life Challenge story

With 15 years of professional experience in health and fitness, Michael Stanwyck probably finds maintaining a healthy lifestyle easy. Yet he admits he still struggles just like everyone else who gets tempted to eat a small piece of cookie or skip a workout for the day. He also recalls how they struggled during the early days of creating a program for the CrossFit community. As self-improvement junkies, they combined what works in the self-improvement world and apply it to their community....


Dr. E Mixes Traditional/Functional Medicine for Better Results

Immediately putting a patient on medication has been normalized. Dr. Efrat Lamandre (Dr. E) maintains that it should not be. In this episode, she shares her story of how she started her functional medicine practice, how she has taken more time to listen to her patients than before, and why she'd check nutrition and sleep first before any exercise recommendation. Healthcare professionals frequently overlook the initial course of treatment recommended by pharmacological guidelines — dietary...


Journalist Scott Carney: Transcend Limits w/ Wim Hof Method

Not everyone would readily agree to do an ice bath and endure the uncomfortable sensations of being submerged in the cold. But Scott Carney, who personally experienced it, found the benefits of doing so. As a journalist and anthropologist, he has investigated organ trafficking, experienced war zones, and met Wim Hof, the Iceman, himself. Wim Hof’s known for his ability to endure cold temperatures as his meditation technique and alter the immune system's response. Our mind tends to come up...


Keto Diet Rescued ex-Cop Eric Reynolds from Horrors of PTSD

The documentary called Cops and Cabins showed police officers as they attempted to decompress. When Eric Reynolds saw himself in that short film, he realized how heavy and sick he looked. As a cop, he maintained an active lifestyle, playing basketball and carrying weights. Nevertheless, as overweight as he was, he dealt with continual injuries. A friend mentioned the ketogenic diet. He'd never heard of it. But he was ready to make a change. So he before he began his keto journey, he...


OB-GYN Jaime Seeman: Hard-to-Kill Mindset, Integrative Medicine

A first on the show: a board-certified OB-GYN and nutrition specialist who practices integrative medicine. To ensure the health of women and mothers, Jamie Seeman treats lifestyle as first-line therapy. She optimizes the controllable factors like diet, exercise, and sleep, before prescribing any medicine to the patient. She was motivated to modify her outlook and lifestyle after being diagnosed with pre-diabetes and taking thyroid medication during her pregnancies. With a large following on...


Kevin Stock MD: Processed food cause of most chronic disease

Diet is the most neglected part of oral health. It is also the cause of why we have crooked teeth and many other oral problems. Kevin Stock, the first dentist to guest on the show, shares relevant information about the co-relation of food and diet to our teeth, with historical evidence, and how it also affects our metabolic health. He was once an overweight kid so, at an early age, he was already interested in health and fitness. As a student, he joined physique competitions, but he knew he...


Ed Latimore: If your health matters, ask the hard questions

As an ex-professional heavyweight boxer with a physics degree, Ed Latimore can surely explain how lipolysis works for the audience to understand. Not all healthcare professionals can do that. He’s also not the type who would buy any information just thrown at him without digging and understanding especially if it’s his health that’s on the line. The creator of “Coffee So Black” memes, he offers so much knowledge in this episode, sharing his personal experiences on losing weight as a...


Kirsty Woods: "burning fat" isn't identical to "ketosis"

Indirect calorimetry. A tongue twister of a word, but a game changer to metabolic health. Kirsty Woods of Metabolic Health Solutions from Perth, Australia has observed how valuable it is for research, particularly for polycystic ovarian syndrome, fatty liver, diabetes - basically anything associated with metabolism, but it's not just that. A technology usually confined to laboratory and study purposes, she is determined to show its greater use beyond research. Experiences with different...


Ex-Pro-Athlete Alex Feinberg: Better Results with Less Work

As a former professional athlete with an Economics degree, Alex Feinberg went on to work in a global macro hedge fund and later became a Google employee, so he is more than just a ripped health and fitness enthusiast. In 2014, when he decided to change his training by running faster in just a short distance, he unexpectedly lost fat without much effort. He seemed to do everything against the book, yet he saw desirable results. Running faster at a shorter distance, lifting weights, but with...