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A sarcastic, slightly unprofessional medical professional talks the truth about wellness, weed, and Woodstock. Do supplements REALLY work? Are medicines REALLY the devil? How will my grandmother use recreational marijuana responsibly? Broadcasting from the most famous small town in America - Woodstock, NY!

A sarcastic, slightly unprofessional medical professional talks the truth about wellness, weed, and Woodstock. Do supplements REALLY work? Are medicines REALLY the devil? How will my grandmother use recreational marijuana responsibly? Broadcasting from the most famous small town in America - Woodstock, NY!
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A sarcastic, slightly unprofessional medical professional talks the truth about wellness, weed, and Woodstock. Do supplements REALLY work? Are medicines REALLY the devil? How will my grandmother use recreational marijuana responsibly? Broadcasting from the most famous small town in America - Woodstock, NY!






#41 A Consumer’s BS-Free Guide To Scientific Research with James Heathers

Neal’s absolute favorite thing to do is research, so to get into the minutiae of reliable scientific studies he is joined by Dr. James Heathers. James gives us some basics about finding reliable research; how real results get twisted by reporters; why there is distrust of generic drugs; drugs that fail their trials; what ‘statistical significance’ really means; why the results from tests on animals may not apply to humans; and he does a bit of calculation about the odds of conspiracies being...


#40 Cancer Hope Coach with Tara Ryan

To say that Tara Ryan is a cancer survivor is an understatement. She is a champion having survived multiple diagnoses and surgeries, which brought her to counselling newly diagnosed cancer patients. Today, she tells us her story from her first diagnosis; to losing her father from cancer, as well; to her second diagnosis; her decision to change her lifestyle to make her body as strong as possible to fight alongside the treatments; a third diagnosis; her surgeries; the mental and physical...


#39 Collagen Deep Dive

Collagen is having its 15 minutes of fame so Neal and Daena are talking about it! Collagen is a unique protein so Neal explains its structure; what it does for the body; powders vs. bone broth; quality issues and adulteration; collagen booster supplements; how it intersects with Prop 65 in California; and as an aside, Daena has a question about charcoal deodorants. About Prop 65 Neal's blog...


#38 The Gritty Truth About Charcoal with Dr. John Brooks

Toothpaste with activated charcoal has swept the nation and to explain the pros and cons, Neal is joined by Dr. John Brooks. Dr. Brooks and colleagues conducted a study to examine the effects of brushing with charcoal and the short version is that it’s not doing you any good. He tells what he found out about the standards of the charcoal; why there is such a pronounced whitening effect; what data there is to support the antimicrobial claims; the use of bentonite clay; how all of this...


#37 The Currant Situation with Greg Quinn

The idea of superfoods has been buzzing for years now and one berry that truly deserves that title is the currant. To tell us about the surprising history of currants is local farmer and restaurateur, Greg Quinn. Greg is the man who got currants legalized in the US because, yes, they were made illegal over 100 years ago. Greg tells us that whole story, along with the legalization process; growing and harvesting techniques; nutritional benefits; and as an added bonus, some tips on mushroom...


#36 Halloween Special: Medical Horror Stories with Dr. Randy Rissman

It’s Halloween! So, today on the show, Neal is joined by Dr. Randy Rissman, founder of Maverick Family Health here in Woodstock. Randy is recently retired but he treated darn near everyone in this town for 36 years and he is here to talk horror stories in medicine. He and Neal get into causes and treatment of cancer; patient errors; doctor errors; terrible bedside manners; patients who cannot quite get to the point; Big Pharma’s influence on doctors; and the scariest topic in medicine-...


#35 The Legal Side Of Vaccine Misinformation with Ana Santos Rutschman

Following up on last week’s show about flu vaccines, Neal is joined today by Health Law Scholar (among many other titles and accolades), Ana Santos Rutschman. Ana has some interesting facts about what keeps bolstering the fear of vaccines. She cites both the failings and successes of the FDA; explains the legal framework around vaccines; and breaks down personal freedom vs. the responsibility of state and federal governments. Then she and Neal discuss fear campaigns and celebrity...


#34 Flu Shot Myth Busting

With flu season approaching, Neal decided to tackle flu shots head on. YOU DO NOT GET THE FLU FROM FLU SHOTS. Neal does explain the immune response that is to be expected; why the shots are yearly; whom they benefit; what is done for immunocompromised patients; the inactive ingredients that might sound scary; the nasal spray; and the fear campaign being waged by Russia [allegedly]. Read the flu shot article...


#33 Essential Knowledge: Essential Oils with Sylla Sheppard-Hanger

Joining Neal today is the Founder and Director of the Atlantic Institute of Aromatherapy, Sylla Sheppard-Hanger. Essential oils have become ubiquitous, especially in a more holistic lifestyle, but there is a proper and improper way to utilize them and it’s Sylla’s mission to make sure we know what we’re doing. She explains the details of aromatherapy; gives us her formula for dilution of the oils; explains why undiluted oils should never be applied topically; why essential oils should never...


#32 The Whole Vitamin Truth with Dr. Vic Shayne

On the show today is one of Neal’s favorite whole food vitamin creators, Dr. Vic Shayne. The doctors go in depth about why getting vitamins and minerals from actual food is so important, but along with that, it’s best to find a supplement that is closest to food should you find yourself deficient. Dr. Shayne tells us about the chemistry of consuming minerals; what it means to be ‘whole food based’ as opposed to ‘whole food;’ what manufacturers do and don’t have to print on their labels; how...


#31 Behind The Scenes Of A Dispensary with Thomas Winstanley

To follow up last week’s episode, but also in its own right, Neal is joined today by the marketing director for Theory Wellness Dispensaries in Massachusetts, Thomas Winstanley. With a Schedule 1 narcotic now legal in MA, the road to dispensing it responsibly is arduous. Thomas explains the processes to become a licensed dispensary and/or grower; the costs involved and financial risks; security; introducing new users; plus he explains what some of the new terminology means to us old heads...


#30 Cooking With Weed and Other Herbs with Chef Ric Orlando

Neal has discussed many types of ‘diets’ on the show but the one thing they all have in common is cooking so today, Neal is joined by Chef Ric Orlando. Ric reminds us of why things are cooked they way they are not only to achieve great flavor, but to get the best nutrients and digestion. He recalls the by-gone importance of lunch and daily grocery shopping; points out a surprising reason for the appeal of fast food; gives his opinions on various oils, turmeric, travelling, and cannabutter;...


#29 Hormones Are Back On The Menu with Dr. Daved Rosensweet

Managing menopause can be tricky so joining Neal today is one of the leaders in the field, Dr. Daved Rosensweet. He tells us about the role each hormone plays and why it’s so important to find the right balance; what caused the scare of hormones and cancer; the evolution of bioidenticals; the issues caused by inconsistent care; his creation of organic bases for hormone compounds- something Neal is quite familiar with; and the effects of stress when your hormones are already in flux. Contact...


#28 Inflammation: The Silent Killer

Neal was on vacation with his family this week, but luckily he does monthly webinars so we thought this was a great time to share some of that content with you. This one focused on chronic inflammation. The World Health Organization states that chronic inflammatory diseases are the most significant cause of death in the world - and it will just get worse in the near future. Is inflammation bad? What causes inflammation? What can we do naturally to reduce inflammation in the body, and what...


#27 Mast Cells, Glitter Bombs, & Other BS with Dr. Albert Hirdt

Joining Neal today is Dr. Albert Hirdt, DO, to talk about histamine intolerance. Most people don’t even know what is causing their symptoms so Albert tells us about why this diagnosis is so hard to pin down; what the results of methylation testing are worth; factors that lead to this condition; the factors that DON’T lead to it; the actual source of histamines; and the best treatments he’s found so far (is one of them our favorite- CBD?...). Contact Albert at Learn...


#26 A Holistic Dentist Meets A Holistic Pharmacist with Dr. Claudia Patch

Dental hygiene is among the most important part of overall health and to examine why, Neal is joined by Dr. Claudia Patch. Claudia explains how exactly sugar leads to tooth decay; what the most important tooth care habits are to maintain as a bare minimum; the effect of acid on teeth; the safest way to whiten teeth; how to prevent periodontal disease; and everyone’s favorite conspiracy - the truth about fluoride. (It’s good for your teeth, no matter what Alex Jones says). Find Claudia at...


#25 All Mushrooms Aren't Magic with Skye Chilton

Today, Neal is joined by the founder of Real Mushrooms, Skye Chilton. Real Mushrooms specializes in the medicinal mushroom extracts. Skye tells us all about the anatomy of a mushroom; which compounds in the mushrooms are medicinal; the challenge of ensuring good quality in compounds as there is no validated test; what is more likely in a supplement, especially based on price; and some foraging tips. Get everything mushroom Please check out...


#24 The Evolution Of The Opioid Crisis with Dr. Jeffrey Fudin

On the show today is Dr. Jeffrey Fudin to discuss the opioid crisis. Neal and Dr. Fudin get right into the beginnings of morphine equivalents in the late 90s; the factors that lead to crisis as we know it today; attempts to regulate opioids; the negative impact of the CDC; the roles of both doctors and pharmacists in tracking use and abuse; and the even more devastating introduction of Fentanyl. Learn more from Jeff Please check out...


#23 Kickin' It With A Podiatrist with Dr. Douglas Tumen

Today, Neal is joined by podiatrist and author, Doug Tumen. Doug has recently published his first book that covers every aspect of foot care. He and Neal get into the importance of proper footwear; causes and treatments of fungus; dealing with Plantar Fasciitis; the deal with copper-infused socks; what to do about bunions and broken toes; and the big one- Diabetes. This is a pun-heavy episode, folks, so kick back and have a listen. Get Doug's book Contact Doug...


#22 Your Wellness Journey: Own The Means, Own The End with Zachary Bodenweber

Today on the program, Neal is joined by life/fitness coach and social worker, Zack Bodenweber. He and Neal talk about what brings someone to a life coach; how the idea of happiness gets exploited; what this culture of instant gratification has done to our minds and bodies; why it’s important to schedule downtime; plus he gives us some good breathing techniques and book recommendations. Contact Zack and Please check...