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Create a rewarding, profitable, fun dental practice while living the life you’ve envisioned with systems that build teams and fortunes. Real world, no nonsense, straight talk that works. Rachel is systematic, candid and insightful, helping you create the practice you deserve and lifestyle you love.

Create a rewarding, profitable, fun dental practice while living the life you’ve envisioned with systems that build teams and fortunes. Real world, no nonsense, straight talk that works. Rachel is systematic, candid and insightful, helping you create the practice you deserve and lifestyle you love.




Create a rewarding, profitable, fun dental practice while living the life you’ve envisioned with systems that build teams and fortunes. Real world, no nonsense, straight talk that works. Rachel is systematic, candid and insightful, helping you create the practice you deserve and lifestyle you love.




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Toxic Talk

Discover how self-compassion and being more understanding of yourself makes you a better person and better equipped to handle you life, your team, and your dentistry as you learn how to deal with your emotions, reactions and stresses that trigger you to rather than ended up frustrated, angry or miserable.


How To Have A Top Class Dental Team

Having the right team will support you to be able to focus on your dentistry while they take care of the day to day in the office. Having team players who are professional and who share in your vision and your goals is the key for taking your practice from good to great and building a great reputation and loyal patients who recommend you to their friends and family. In this show I share my tips and tools to having a top class team and a great work environment.


Your Vision and Why

A strong, clear vision for your dental office, makes it hard to get nudged off course, as you notice immediately when things aren’t how you want them to be. Sharing your vision regularly with your team helps you to know what is healthy for your business and what is not. It allows you to instantly recognise when ‘decay’ has set in. Having a clear vision steers you back on track and holds everything together so that you and your dental office can function really well. In this show I...


How To Create Loyal Dental Patients With Great Customer Service

Put yourself in your patients’ shoes - they are often feeling nervous and anxious and going to be in some level of discomfort and very vulnerable. How you and your team are with them and how you make them feel will determine whether they keep coming back to you or not. If you can make them feel valued and special they will keep coming back to you. Here are some of my simple tips that you can use in your office to improve your customer service, wow your patients and turn them into raving...


How to market your dental office without breaking the bank

Marketing or advertising your dental office does not need to be costly or time consuming. But without it, it will be costing you money, if people don’t know you exist and what you offer then you are wasting opportunities to bring in new patients to your office. Let’s look at how to improve your marketing and get it laser focused to bring you the type of patients you want and need.


Half Empty Half Full Dentistry In Covid-19

In this episode Dr Rachel Hall The Cheeky Dentist explores:


Great Dentist Bad Business Person?

As dentist we have amazing attention to detail and that’s what makes you so great as clinician. But that attention to detail may be getting in your way when it comes to being the CEO and owner of your dental business. In this episode I explain why its important to zoom out and look at the bigger picture when it comes to running your dental practice.


Common Mistakes Dentists Make

Today I’m going to share the 8 top mistakes I see dentists making when it comes to running their practice as a business. And yes I will admit I’ve made a few of these errors in my time too. I’ll also tell you how to avoid them so you can save time, money and a a whole lot of stress.


Calm or Chaos - What Are You Creating?

If you don’t want a stressful chaotic dental practice then you must get organised, systemised, communicate well, have a plan and an ideal day vision and then to the best of your ability work as a team to make that happen. In this episode of The Cheeky Dentist Show I’ll guide you through the steps to create a dental practice that is calm and fun to work in.


Burnout In Dentistry

To get to and through dental school you were an over achiever you knew how to study and work hard get it all done and then some. But this pushing and over reaching can carry on through out your dental career and lead to burnout. Burnout is serious - in this episode I talk about how dentists end up with burnout and how to prevent it before it happens.


What is Getting in Your Way of Being a Successful Dentist

Happiness is an inside job. You are totally in charge of how you feel and how you either respond or react to life. If you can work on feeling more at one with yourself inside this will have a great impact on your life and your dental office. Listen to the show to find out what I mean.


What Lights You Up?

I want to ask what lights you up, what makes you feel on fire, like your life has purpose and meaning. I want you to stop being a dentist for a moment and consider what is freedom for you and how your dental practice can work to support you have that life...


Dentist Learn How To Lead Your Dental Team

One of the biggest complaints that I hear from dentists is their team won’t follow and the biggest complaint I hear from the team is that they lack leadership and direction from their dentist. Doctor is stressed and doing too much, the team want more time with the doctor and a plan of action as they want to do more and take on extra responsibility. How can we turn this lose/lose situation from blaming each other to one where it is a win/win for the dental office and the patients?


Do you know if you are being stretched too thin?

Whether you work well over a 40 hour work week, have young children under your feet, are having to orchestrate both of these worlds, or are overwhelmed with something totally different, how do you know when too much is too much?


Lead Yourself and Your Dental Team With Clarity

Many managers, business owners and dentists think leadership begins with others. Leadership is about others but it actually begins with you. If things aren’t going as you hoped, look at yourself. The answer begins with you, not others. Humility rules! Let me share 4 ways to be a better leader and dental boss.


How Trying Something New Is Good for Business and for You

As dentists our jobs require us to regularly perform the same set of tasks. While routine allows us to master skills or become experts, it can also hinder our growth and our willingness to try something new. As a business owner and a coach, I spend the majority of my time thinking about business strategy and how I can add more value to my patients and clients. I think about where are we going this year (and next year)? How are we going to get there?


Get The Yes To More Dentistry

No of us one likes to hear the word "no." Being rejected feels awful and eventually it seems easier to only present the small obvious stuff to get the yes rather than risking another no. The issue with this is, you can trick yourself that you have a great case acceptance rate when in truth 10’s of 1000’s of dollars in undiagnosed and undiscussed dentistry is walking out the door... Let me share 5 proven ways to get more patients saying yes to more dentistry.


What Makes A Fortunate Dentist

I believe you must focus on four aspects of your dental practice to improve production, team morale, your ability to lead and provide a patient experience that works – and works consistently every time. The Four Foundations of Dental Practice are: Leadership, Strategy, Systems, Culture, Values, and Fun! I share why in this episode.


The Challenges of Dental Leadership

Dentists we need a well-trained team to take our practices to the next level. And here comes another big issue because you’re so busy drilling teeth and managing the business you have little to no time to train your team. This is one of the main reasons dental practices fail to reach their full potential. So what’s the solution? Listen to find out.


Create A Million Dollar Dentist Mindset

You need to see yourself as a million dollar dentist and believe it is possible. And to do so you must change what you are doing day to day because the behaviours that you’re acting upon today are not enough to get you where you want to go.