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The Thriving Dentist Show by Gary Takacs guides dental practice owners and dentists in creating a profitable practice with financial independence while delivering hallmark-level quality of care. Gary’s lively discussions run the gamut from eye-opening lessons for you to become successful.


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The Thriving Dentist Show by Gary Takacs guides dental practice owners and dentists in creating a profitable practice with financial independence while delivering hallmark-level quality of care. Gary’s lively discussions run the gamut from eye-opening lessons for you to become successful.




Proven Tips to Keep Your Hygiene Schedule Filled

In this episode, we delve into the crucial topic of "Proven Tips to Keep Your Hygiene Schedule Filled." Hygiene-driven practices are the foundation of a thriving dental business. They ensure optimal oral health for patients, enhance treatment outcomes and contribute to practice growth. Join host Gary as he explains why prioritizing hygiene is essential for long-term success. Discover the transformative power of a hygiene-driven practice as Gary shares 5 invaluable tips to improve your strategy for maintaining a fully booked hygiene schedule. Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your practice!


The Economics of Growth

Welcome to the most recent Thriving Dentist Podcast episode, in which Gary discusses the Economics of Growth. This episode is for dentists or dental office owners who want to build their ideal practices. Gary explains the economics of growth using precise figures such as overhead, fixed costs, and income. He also offers helpful advice on how to grow your practice. This episode is a must-listen for dentists, dental practice owners, and dental team members. Tune in and learn how to grow your practice with purpose and strategy.


A Surprising Metric That You Are Likely Overlooking (Ignore This at Your Own Risk!)

Call tracking is a tool that allows businesses to track and analyze phone calls from customers, and this is especially critical for dental practices. By analyzing call data, practices can gain insight into patient behavior, preferences, and pain points. These insights can then be used to improve customer service, optimize marketing strategies, and enhance the overall patient experience. In this episode, Gary shares his personal experience and explains why call tracking is crucial for a dental practice's success. He also reveals how call tracking can provide valuable insights into a practice's performance and shares tips on how to enhance call tracking metrics.


The Future of Private Practice: A Glance into the 'Crystal Ball.'

In this episode, we discuss the rapidly changing dental industry and emerging trends that will shape its future. Gary offers a fresh perspective to help you future-proof your practice and create an ideal dental practice that aligns with the latest trends. Join us as we take a glance into the crystal ball and discover the fastest-growing trends that will shape the future of private practice. Don't miss out on this enlightening discussion, which offers invaluable insights to help you stay ahead of the curve!


10 Must Read Books for Dentists

In today's episode, we will discuss the 10 Must Read Books for Dentists. If you're a dentist looking to create a relationship-driven practice, be effective in what you do, turn a good situation great, develop leadership and behavioral skills, or learn about management skills, then this episode is for you! Gary will be sharing insights on how these books can help dentists have a rewarding career in dentistry while leading a fulfilling life.


A System to Follow Up on Unscheduled Treatment Plans

In this episode, Gary shares insightful strategies for effectively following up on unscheduled treatment plans. Discover how to optimize your patient schedule and increase patient satisfaction by implementing nuanced approaches that benefit your practice. Gary's actionable tips can be executed today, creating a win-win situation for you and your patients.


Enhance Your Practice with an In-Office Membership Plan

Join us as Gary shares game-changing insights on how to boost your dental practice with an in-office membership plan. From naming your plan to pricing strategies, patient retention to legal support - we cover it all. Don't miss out on this valuable episode that can help you take your practice to new heights!


Thriving in Dentistry Series Featuring Dr. Brian Baliwas

In this episode, we are thrilled to have Dr. Brian Baliwas as our guest, sharing his insightful journey of dropping out of PPO plans and the crucial role of patient education in this process. Dr. Baliwas also provides valuable tips on how to distinguish yourself in a highly competitive dental environment, drawing from his own experiences. He emphasizes the significance of office culture in creating a successful practice and shares the latest trends in the dental industry that listeners should be paying attention to.


The Five Mindsets of a Thriving Practice

As a dentist, you know that running a successful practice takes more than just clinical skills. It also requires a strong mindset to navigate the challenges that come with managing a business. In this episode, Gary shares his insights on the five key mindsets that dentists can master to achieve success and satisfaction.


Lessons from "Leaders Eat Last" by Simon Sinek

This podcast episode explores how the concepts and principles outlined in Simon Sinek's book, 'Leaders Eat Last' can be relevant and valuable to dentists. Often, dentists tend to focus solely on the technical aspects of their work and overlook the importance of cultivating a positive team culture. Tune in to gain insightful tips and ideas on how to build a successful and fulfilling dental practice.


Tips to Avoid the 'All or Nothing' Case Presentation Dilemma

Are you looking to enhance your case presentation skills and elevate your dental practice? Tune in to this episode, where Gary offers expert insights and practical advice on mastering case presentation and improving patient communication. From building trust and rapport to explaining treatment options in simple, understandable terms, we cover everything you need to know to become a more prosperous and effective dentist.


What is the Best Practice Model?

Gary shares the Best Practice Model for dental practices in this episode, emphasizing patient care, processes, and efficiency. Key components include communication, education, and technology. Practical tips are provided for implementation to improve your practice and patient experiences. Listen now to enhance your dental practice!


The Missing Ingredient That Makes All the Difference

Gary explores the crucial element that can transform dental practices in this podcast episode. He likens it to cooking, where omitting one ingredient can significantly impact the outcome. Gary highlights five key areas in dental practices where a small addition can raise it to a world-class level. One of the areas he emphasizes is the importance of taking digital photos to educate patients, and he suggests using a tablet for a more interactive experience. Gary stresses that the missing ingredient can be quickly and easily added and that knowledge without implementation is merely entertainment. Tune in to this enlightening podcast to learn about the five areas where your dental practice may lack ingredients!


Whitening as a Gateway Service

In this episode, Gary discusses how using teeth whitening as a gateway service can attract new patients to your dental practice, build trust and credibility, and introduce them to other cosmetic procedures and preventative care. Teeth whitening is a safe, effective, and affordable way to achieve a brighter smile. Using it as a first step, you can create relationships with patients beyond just one appointment. Tune in to learn more about the benefits of using teeth whitening as a gateway for other dental services.


The Accountability Episode

Do you want to take your office's level of accountability to the next level? In this episode, Gary dives into the importance of staff accountability in dental offices. From improving the quality of care to promoting transparency and trust, you won't want to miss this enlightening discussion. Gary shares his insights and experiences on creating a culture of accountability in your practice.


How to Successfully Use CoDiscovery in your Practice with Dr. Paul Henny

In this Thriving Dentist Show interview, Gary invited his friend Dr. Paul Henny as a Guest to discuss how to integrate the CoDiscovery process in your practice successfully.


5 Recommendations that will Radically Reduce Your Hygiene Cancellations and No-Shows

In this episode, Gary discusses the issue of hygiene appointment cancellations in dental practices. With five practical recommendations, we aim to help dental professionals reduce the number of canceled appointments and keep patients committed to their oral health. From simple changes to the booking process to creating a welcoming environment, our tips will help make a more efficient and successful practice.


A Compelling Reason Why Resigning from PPO Plans Benefits Your Patients

Are you ready to take your patient care to the next level? Resign from your current insurance provider and open up new opportunities for advanced treatments and procedures, better reimbursement rates, and improved patient support. In this episode, Gary talks about a compelling reason why resigning from PPO plans can significantly benefit your patients.


5 Specific Strategies to Control Your Overhead to 60% or Less

Overheads are a major concern for dentists because they can significantly impact the profitability of a dental practice. Reducing overheads can help dentists increase profits and provide more affordable care to patients! In this episode, Gary shares 5 proven strategies to control your practice overheads to 60% or less.


What We Can All Learn from the Southwest Airlines Meltdown!

In this episode, Gary talks about the reasons behind the recent meltdown of SouthWest Airlines and then shares some takeaways from this meltdown that can be related to dentistry. These takeaways will help ensure your dental practice doesn’t go through a meltdown like Southwest Airlines.