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Stigma Free Zone, A Community Initiative for Breaking Down Barriers of Mental Health - Ep. 101

Whether you are an advocate, mental health professional, a family member or friend of someone who struggles with a mental health challenge, or you yourself live with your own struggles, we can all agree that raising awareness and doing our part to help erase the stigma of mental health is needed now more than ever. We can all do our own part, using our talents, gifts, and hard work to help make a difference in our local communities. After all, this is where we live, work, and socialize;...


Podcast - Ep. 100 - Looking Back and Moving Forward

Something I learned a long time ago, from both a therapist, and later from a coach, and to be honest more than a few others, is to celebrate the wins, no matter how small they may seem. It's something I encourage clients to do, talk about on the podcast often, and reference in blog posts. It's a regular reminder on the daily recovery support calls, it's something that I have written down right on a post it note on the wall, right behind this monitor. So when I talked to a friend about a...


Podcast - Ep. 99 - Discussing Dissociation and DID, with Kathy Broady, MSW

Since I began recording this podcast, I've covered the topic of Dissociative Disorders and specifically, Dissociative Identity Disorder, quit a bit. Each time I talk with a practitioner or survivor of trauma who lives with DID, I always walk away from the conversation having learned something new, and with a further appreciation of the amazing people who live with DID every day of their lives. I would definitely encourage you to check out some of the previous episodes with guests like...


Podcast - Ep. 98 - The Connection Between Trauma and Eating Disorders, with Dr. Carolyn Coker Ross.

As you begin to learn how your past affects your present life, you start putting the puzzle pieces together of why you feel the way you do, what your specific triggers are and where they stem from, why you struggle in certain areas of life, and a myriad of other things start to come into focus and you have these "ah ha" or "lightbulb" moments when suddenly everything makes sense. I've had many such enlightening moments during some very intense and difficult times in a therapists office,...


Podcast - Ep. 97 - Dynamic Running Therapy, and Authenticity in Recovery, with William Pullen

One of the keys to healing from trauma, overcoming anxiety, working through depression, addictions, and virtually any other struggle is figuring out a way to get what's in our heads, out of our heads in a way that feels safe, validating, and in compliance with who we are as individuals. By doing so we begin to chip away at the self-shame that so often comes when battling any mental health challenge. By showing up authentically, to ourselves and the world, even in the wake of extreme...


Podcast - Ep. 96 - Love Addiction, Sex Addiction, and Co-Dependency, with Shena Tubbs, MMFT, LPC

Admitting out loud to yourself can be difficult enough, but admitting to another person can be downright scary, embarrassing, and shame inducing. When you come face to face with an addiction of any type, it means you're taking the first step in a difficult recovery, but one that is absolutely possible. After all, without Hope, what's the point of trying to heal, right? My guest on this episode of the podcast is Shena Tubbs. Shena is a Licensed Professional Counselor, MMFT, LPC, CSAT-C...


Podcast - Ep. 95 - Post Traumatic Growth, with Lucille Zimmerman

When I first started blogging, the primary focus was living with Dissociation, Anxiety, and PTSD. After all, those are the things that I struggled with the most. Being a survivor of childhood trauma, I never knew that I could have PTSD; for so long I thought that was only for those who were in the military. I had never even heard of Dissociation until I spent a couple of years working with a therapist. Anxiety, well I knew I was anxious but I didn't realize how much it was affecting my...


Podcast - Ep. 94 - Understanding and Recognizing Toxic Relationships, and Narcissistic Abuse, with Kim Saeed.

So how do you recognize you are in an abusive relationship? For that matter, what is a toxic person, and how can you see the signs of an unhealthy relationship? Why do you keep justifying the behavior of our spouse or partner when they are treating you in a way that is not loving and encouraging? Those questions alone can cause an incredible amount of unrest in your mind, and if you are currently in or were previously in a toxic relationship, you can likely relate . You know something is...


Podcast - Ep. 93 - Mental Health in the Workplace, with Petra Velzeboer.

Mental Health overall has been getting more visibility in main stream media and socially, now more than ever. The awareness continues to increase, and more and more people are understanding the importance of not only their physical health, but also their mental health. We don't always realize however, that our mental health at work is just as important as when we are outside of the office or job site. With the responsibilities of every day becoming more and more strenuous, we find...


Podcast - Ep. 92 - Mental Health Megacast, Evolution of Advocacy

Welcome back to our self-proclaimed, Mental Health Megacast, a semi-regular round table discussion with 3 mental health advocates and survivors who are trying to find our way through recovery. I think we've finally nailed down a proper episode numbering system for these "shows within a show" that the 3 of us are doing. So this one is officially, Season 2, Ep. least that's what I'm calling it. Anyways, just in case you aren’t familiar with the Megacasts, you can check out past...


Podcast - Ep. 91 - Intergenerational Trauma, with Emily Wanderer Cohen

Trauma survivors have literally experienced first hand what many could not even comprehend. A past filled with abusive parents and caregivers, toxic family members and friends, and a childhood full of secrets that, when told, can make your hair on the back of you neck stand up on end! It's a past that none would wish for, yet is more common than we realize. Chances are if are reading this or listening to the podcast, you know someone who is a survivor, or perhaps you are one...


Podcast - Ep. 90 - Depression and Men's Mental Health, with Al Levin

As fate would have it, divine intervention, or just total coincidence (not that I believe in coincidences), recently on the Beyond Your Past Podcast, I've been talking with guests surrounding the area of men's mental health. Being a guy myself, it's not like I haven't covered this topic before on the show, however given recent events politically and socially, I'm glad that these recent episodes are helping to shine light on the male side of mental health and being a survivor of trauma. We...


Podcast - Ep. 89 - Men's Mental Health, #MeToo, and Overcoming Shame, with Andrea Schneider LCSW

For all of the progress that has been made in recent years in the area of men's mental health, or male mental health; it's still a subject that can yield a variety of responses based on not only who you talk too, but also the current social media and political climate as well. I can remember back when I was I was in school, (and no the 1980's weren't all THAT long ago) the subject of mental health in general was not something you heard much about, and even less in the area of men's mental...


Podcast - Ep. 88 - 3 Key Components of Healing and Transformation, with Christy Maxey MC, LPC.

Healing and Transformation, something most of us have likely heard about in one form or another. Perhaps it's in regards to mending a broken heart, transforming negative mindsets, or a shift in the way we feel about ourselves in everyday life. When we're talking about healing from trauma, it's all of those ideas and more. When you are working through something that has negatively affected your life on a level that perhaps you don't even fully comprehend yet, your core beliefs are shaken...


Podcast - Ep. 87 - Mental Health Advocacy from Personal Experience, with Charlotte Underwood

Living life day in and day out, as someone who has experienced extreme hardship in areas such as loss, childhood trauma, addiction, eating disorders, and more, is hard enough as it is, but to speak about it publicly as you continue to face your past each day can be even more difficult. After all this is something that we'd probably rather push down into a dark corner of our mind, and never think about again. It's often a source that still has open wounds which are decades old, some of...


Podcast - Ep. 86 - A Diagnosis of Bipolar II Disorder, and Understanding Hypomanic Triggers, with John Dickson

Living with a mental health challenge of any type, often means that you go through many stages of exploration until you reach a true diagnosis that will allow you and your helping professional to put a plan in place of the proper treatment and self-care routine. Initially these types of changes in our mental health can often lead to having more questions than answers, but in time the new insight gained can be invaluable to our recovery. My guest on this episode of the Beyond Your Past...


Podcast - Ep. 85 - Depression, Bipolar, and College Life, with Anja Burcak

When I was approached by recent college graduate, Anja Burcak, about being a guest on the podcast, I was intrigued not only because she wanted to share her story, but also that it would be coming from the perspective of a young adult, fresh out of college, speaking on the struggles of Depression, Bipolar, and mania. I've covered these topics many times in the past, usually though from the perspective of someone who had experienced similar struggles during their younger years. I'm always on...


Podcast - Ep. 84 - Rob Goldstein, No Longer Sick with DID, but Well with DID.

My guest on this episode of the Beyond Your Past Podcast is Photographer, Digital Artist, Blogger, and Mental Health Rehabilitation Specialist, Rob Goldstein. He is also a former guest blogger on Surviving My Past, where he shared some of his story in a post titled, "Life with DID where everything is a trigger". That post has been incredibly helpful and validating for so many who live with dissociative identity disorder, or those who have a loved one who lives with DID. As outlined on his...


Podcast - Ep. 83 - Marriage and Mental Health, with Beka and Joe Lombardo

When you've been married for 17 years, you can certainly say that you've seen your share of struggles and triumphs, ups and downs, good times and rough times. Even more, through all of those experiences you can most definitely say that you are dedicated to each other and your relationship. It's that kind of dedication that can help carry you through the challenges that come with mental illness, and also help you celebrate each and ever win in your relationship and advocacy work. That's...


Podcast - Ep. 82 - Mental Health Megacast, Religion, Faith, and Mental Health

Welcome back to our self-proclaimed, Mental Health Megacast, a semi-regular round table discussion with 3 mental health advocates and survivors who are trying to find our way through recovery. There is some debate as to which episode we are actually on with this particular series, and we've covered that fiasco in previous episodes, so whether or not it's actually episode 82, or episode 9 in the series...well who knows! Anyways, just in case you aren’t familiar with the Megacasts, you can...