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Podcast - Ep. 88 - 3 Key Components of Healing and Transformation, with Christy Maxey MC, LPC.

Healing and Transformation, something most of us have likely heard about in one form or another. Perhaps it's in regards to mending a broken heart, transforming negative mindsets, or a shift in the way we feel about ourselves in everyday life. When we're talking about healing from trauma, it's all of those ideas and more. When you are working through something that has negatively affected your life on a level that perhaps you don't even fully comprehend yet, your core beliefs are shaken and...


Podcast - Ep. 87 - Mental Health Advocacy from Personal Experience, with Charlotte Underwood

Living life day in and day out, as someone who has experienced extreme hardship in areas such as loss, childhood trauma, addiction, eating disorders, and more, is hard enough as it is, but to speak about it publicly as you continue to face your past each day can be even more difficult. After all this is something that we'd probably rather push down into a dark corner of our mind, and never think about again. It's often a source that still has open wounds which are decades old, some of which...


Podcast - Ep. 86 - A Diagnosis of Bipolar II Disorder, and Understanding Hypomanic Triggers, with John Dickson

Living with a mental health challenge of any type, often means that you go through many stages of exploration until you reach a true diagnosis that will allow you and your helping professional to put a plan in place of the proper treatment and self-care routine. Initially these types of changes in our mental health can often lead to having more questions than answers, but in time the new insight gained can be invaluable to our recovery. My guest on this episode of the Beyond Your Past...


Podcast - Ep. 85 - Depression, Bipolar, and College Life, with Anja Burcak

When I was approached by recent college graduate, Anja Burcak, about being a guest on the podcast, I was intrigued not only because she wanted to share her story, but also that it would be coming from the perspective of a young adult, fresh out of college, speaking on the struggles of Depression, Bipolar, and mania. I've covered these topics many times in the past, usually though from the perspective of someone who had experienced similar struggles during their younger years. I'm always on...


Podcast - Ep. 84 - Rob Goldstein, No Longer Sick with DID, but Well with DID.

My guest on this episode of the Beyond Your Past Podcast is Photographer, Digital Artist, Blogger, and Mental Health Rehabilitation Specialist, Rob Goldstein. He is also a former guest blogger on Surviving My Past, where he shared some of his story in a post titled, "Life with DID where everything is a trigger". That post has been incredibly helpful and validating for so many who live with dissociative identity disorder, or those who have a loved one who lives with DID. As outlined on his...


Podcast - Ep. 83 - Marriage and Mental Health, with Beka and Joe Lombardo

When you've been married for 17 years, you can certainly say that you've seen your share of struggles and triumphs, ups and downs, good times and rough times. Even more, through all of those experiences you can most definitely say that you are dedicated to each other and your relationship. It's that kind of dedication that can help carry you through the challenges that come with mental illness, and also help you celebrate each and ever win in your relationship and advocacy work. That's...


Podcast - Ep. 82 - Mental Health Megacast, Religion, Faith, and Mental Health

Welcome back to our self-proclaimed, Mental Health Megacast, a semi-regular round table discussion with 3 mental health advocates and survivors who are trying to find our way through recovery. There is some debate as to which episode we are actually on with this particular series, and we've covered that fiasco in previous episodes, so whether or not it's actually episode 82, or episode 9 in the series...well who knows! Anyways, just in case you aren’t familiar with the Megacasts, you can...


Podcast - Ep. 81 - Finding Hope and Life in Overcoming Addiction and Living with Bipolar and Mania.

Every now and then I have the opportunity to chat with a former guest blogger on Surviving My Past, and when I get that opportunity it's always an incredible experience. Not everyone is ready to, or enjoys sharing their story on a podcast, and that's okay. The main thing is that when you are at a point of being able to use your experiences to help others, while continuing to aid your own recovery journey, you do so in a way that feels congruent with you and in line with your values. This...


Podcast - Ep. 80 - Life with Autism, C-PTSD, DID, and Narcolepsy, with Kelli Gettel

This episode focuses on a topic that I have not yet covered on the blog or podcast to date; autism and being a survivor. So when Kelli Gettel contacted me and wanted to share her story of living with Autism, PTSD, Narcolepsy, and being raised by a Narcissistic parent, I knew this was going to be an episode that would be as educational as much as it will be inspiring. Kelli is an entrepreneur living in the central Pennsylvania area, and a parent of 3 children, including a 4 yr old who also...


Podcast - Ep. 79 - Julie Coons, the Challenges and Triumphs of Sharing Your Story as an Author

I'm so honored to welcome back returning guest, Julie Coons, to this episode of the Beyond Your Past Podcast. Julie first joined me back in October 2017, to discuss her upcoming book at the time, This Does Not Leave This House. That was an incredible show, and the first time that I was introduced to Julie, and learned more about her amazing and heart wrenching story of being a survivor. Julie tells us that the inspiration for the title of her book, “This does not leave this house”, comes...


Podcast - Ep. 78 - Dissociative Identity Disorder, and Living DID, with Erika Reva

On this episode of the podcast, I'm talking with returning guest Erika Reva, of The We in Me. I first met Erika through Twitter, and I reached out to see if she might be interested in writing a guest blog post for Surviving My Past. To this day, that post is still one of the highest viewed pieces of content on the blog, which speaks not only to her ability as a blogger, but her genuine desire to share her story, continue her healing journey, and also help others who live with DID. Since...


Podcast - Ep. 77 - Vennie Kocsis - Healing from Childhood Trauma, Learning to Love Yourself

Welcome to Part II, of my new series with Author, Artist, Poet, and Incredible Survivor, Vennie Kocsis. I'm so excited to be recording this series with Vennie, because the message she has, from her own lived experience is one that countless survivors can relate too. Plus, I enjoy being able to help support her work and message any way that I can because it's helped me in my own journey. Vennie is an author, artist, poetry writer, and survivor survivor of Sam Fife’s Move of God cult. My...


Podcast - Ep. 76 - Vennie Kocsis - How Trauma Manifests Itself in Adulthood - Food Struggles

One of the struggles that I have faced my entire life, and most certainly as a result of childhood trauma, is in the area of food. Or better put, realizing out how unhealthy of a relationship I'd had with it for most of my life and finding ways to turn that around. Not out of guilt, but out of self-awareness and compassion for who I was, what I went through, and where I wanted to see myself in the future. My guest, Vennie Kocsis, joins me on this episode of the podcast to discuss this...


Podcast - Ep. 75 - Rachel Grant, Survivor Struggles and Mentally Ill Labels

Living in today's volatile and controversial world can take its toll on anyone. With so much violence happening around the world, discord among not only world leaders across the globe but certainly in the US, and the phrase "mentally ill" being tossed around in context to some of the most heinous crimes in recent history, and it's no wonder we can feel unsettled. For survivors, it's tough enough navigating daily life in the wake of a traumatic past, but add in all of the pressures of being...


Podcast - Ep. 74 - The alternative to traditional treatments for Anxiety, Depression, and Insomnia, with Chip Fisher

If you're anything like me; someone who's suffered with anxiety, depression, insomnia, and perhaps you also live with PTSD, then you've likely tried many, many different types of treatments. Everything from supplements and medications, to oils, meditation, holistic approaches, and much more. The list is seemingly endless, as is the frustration of exploring so many options to try and find what works for you, even if it's only some of the time. If you do live with any of those mental health...


Podcast - Ep. 73 - Lisa Tobe, The diagnosis & challenges of DID and Complex Trauma

My guest on this episode of the Beyond Your Past Podcast, Lisa Tobe, talks about her struggles with being diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and Complex Trauma. Lisa is a Executive Director of Wildflower Consulting, LLC. - partnering with clients to design, facilitate, and evaluate policy, system, and environmental strategies that improve public health. During our chat, we discuss topics including: The challenges she faced in getting the diagnosed at 27 years old, and the...


Podcast - Ep. 72 - Larry Ruhl, Author and Survivor, Healing from Childhood Trauma

In this episode of the podcast, I'm joined by author and survivor, Larry Ruhl. Larry’s book, Breaking the Ruhl’s, is his story as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Throughout the book he faces the challenging questions. “Is it truly possible to move through the shame I carry every day? Can I have a full life without depending on mind-numbing drugs and alcohol? And the most difficult question of all: Do I tell? But how do I tell? Who do I tell? What happens if I do tell?” Larry Ruhl...


Podcast - Ep. 71 - Mental Health Megacast - Catching Up and Moving Forward

Welcome back to our self-proclaimed, Mental Health Megacast, a semi-regular round table discussion with 3 mental health advocates and survivors who are trying to find our way through recovery. There is some debate as to which episode we are actually on, since each of us have our own separate podcasts, and to that end also number our episodes differently. So technically for me this is episode 71, however I believe it's actually episode 8 of the Megacast, but overall it's really episode 80 in...


Podcast - Ep. 70 - Sarah Jane, Artist and Survivor, Creator of Mere Objects

My guest on this episode of the Beyond Your Past Podcast, Sarah Jane, embodies the dedication, determination, resiliency, and creativity that we can all appreciate. Even for those of us who aren't artistically gifted, seeing someone like Sarah Jane use her talents to help bring hope and encouragement to other survivors, is remarkable. Sarah first reached out to me after seeing a tweet that I made, looking for podcast guests, and after conversing with her through email and checking out her...


Podcast - Ep. 69 - HeatheVoices 2018 Conference Experience

I recently had the privilege of attending the HealtheVoices 2018 Conference, in Chicago. It was an incredible event where advocates representing over 40 mental and physical health communities came together for 3-day weekend of collaborating, education, and networking. It was my first time attending an event like this, and to be honest I really didn’t know what to expect. I did my research, watched videos, and checked out past event information, but still you never know until you get there...