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What We Learned in Therapy and How We Continue to Heal.

The long-awaited and wildly anticipated (more or less) return of the Mental Health Megacast is here! Season 3, Ep. 2 I believe is where we are, although truth be told it's hard to say for sure what episode it is. If you're a regular listener of these podcast episodes with Wes, Mike, and Myself, you know that episode numbers and times are a running joke with us. Anyways, on to the topic of What We've Learned About Ourselves Through Therapy. We discuss, in a round table format coming from 3...


Using Creative Expression to Navigate PTSD and Heal, with Amy Oestreicher

Healing from physical pain, disease, or trauma is not an exact science; there is no "one size fits all" approach to healing. Each of us is different and experiences the feelings and emotions that come from healing in different ways, and of course on our own timeline. We talk often on the podcast about different ways that survivors of trauma, chronic pain, or illness, have found to embrace healing. The ways they have taken what's happened to them in life and figure out a way to turn it into...


Gratitude and Forgiveness, Essential Aspects of Healing and Empowerment, with Lisa Cybaniak

Since gratitude and forgiveness are key to healing, feeling empowered, enforcing healthy boundaries in relationships, and so many other aspects in life, we wanted to bring back a guest for a podcast episode who specializes in fostering a mindset of gratitude and understanding forgiveness. Lisa Cybaniak has dedicated her life to helping women in particular, and survivors as a whole, to find their voice. To begin to realize that they too have the ability to reach out for help, work through...


Re-Victimized, the Risk of Sharing Your Trauma Story with Family, with Miranda Pacchiana

Childhood trauma is going to affect you into adulthood, and even with doing the hard work of healing, there will still be times of struggle. The difference is, the understanding, awareness, and skills you learn with the help of a trauma-informed professional can make all the difference in coping during those ongoing tough times. Our chat on this episode of the podcast is with Miranda Pacchiana, MSW: I am a writer, social worker, and survivor of childhood sexual abuse. When I first disclosed...


The Rule of 7, How Narcissists Use Repetition to Manipulate You, with Kim Saeed

Our guest on this episode of the podcast is well known in the narcissistic abuse recovery circles and has dedicated her life to exposing the tactics of narcissistic individuals and helping people break free from the grasp of a narcissist. I like to say that Kim Saeed is a narcissist's worst nightmare, because she's got the knowledge, skills, and lived experience to expose them for what they are trying to do in the lives of their victims. Her website, is the hub of all of her...


There is No Shame in Recovery from Addiction, with Lisa Boucher

Recovery and addiction sadly often go hand in hand. What is modeled for us as a child, or not modeled for us, along the trauma of any type of abuse can lead to struggles with addictions of drugs and alcohol. Our guest today, Lisa Boucher, joins us to talk about her life which started out with abuse early on in the home, and a mother who was an alcoholic, and how those events and circumstances paved the way for her own struggles with alcohol. Lisa Boucher is the author of Raising the...


Taking Charge of Your Trauma Narrative, with Dorothy Pierre-Joseph.

How do you figure out what a trauma narrative is, how do you even know if what you went through was indeed trauma? What steps can you take to make sense of all the struggles you've endured throughout life, and how can they be traced back to that trauma you may have experienced? These types of questions are what our guest on the podcast helps you begin to figure out. Dorothy Pierre-Joseph talks about the movement she is starting, "The Trauma Tour", where you can come and experience a safe...


Navigating Daily Life and Continued Healing, after Sharing Your Survivor Story, with Larry Ruhl.

Friend of the podcast, author, artist, and survivor, Larry Ruhl, joins us to talk about what life has been like since he released his book, "Breaking the Ruhls", and the new challenges that daily life brings after his openly wrote about his experiences. Larry joined the podcast previously, back in episode 72, where he talked about the experience of writing his book, why he did it, and the message he wants to share through his writing. Larry Ruhl serves as a board member for Taking Back...


Self-Esteem and Reframing Negative Core Beliefs in Healing from Complex PTSD.

Today's guest on the podcast, Austin Robin, is a survivor of childhood trauma and lives with Complex PTSD. She has also hosted her own podcast, "The Complexities Podcast", where she shares in-depth about her story and the challenges of living as a survivor and healing. While the show is currently on hiatus, it's most definitely worth a listen to the 30+ episodes. During our chat, Austin shares some of her back story of being a survivor, and we dive into some specific areas surrounding...


Childhood Trauma, Addiction, and the Hope of Recovery, with Tricia Moceo

Tricia Moceo advocates long term sobriety by providing resources to recovering addicts and shedding light on the disease of addiction. Tricia is a mother of two, actively involved in her local recovery community, and is passionate about helping other women find hope in seemingly hopeless situations. She is also an Outreach Specialist for Recovery Local, a local addiction/recovery based marketing company. She advocates long term sobriety by writing for many addiction recovery outlets...


Living with BPD, One Hourly Battle at a Time, with Jody Betty

The official definition of Borderline Personality Disorder, as outlined by the National Institute of Mental Health: Borderline personality disorder is a mental illness marked by an ongoing pattern of varying moods, self-image, and behavior. These symptoms often result in impulsive actions and problems in relationships. People with borderline personality disorder may experience intense episodes of anger, depression, and anxiety that can last from a few hours to days. Jody Betty is a...


A Diagnosis She Would Not Accept, and a Holistic Approach that Changed Her Life.

Our guest on this episode of the podcast, Kimberle Taitano, has seen her share of challenges in life, physically, mentally, and emotionally. She joins us to talk about her experiences and how all of the challenges she's faced, brought her to a place of being able to work with others to help them heal and keep fighting for never give up, regardless of a diagnosis or a traumatic past. Kimberle is an Integrative Wellness and Life Coach, Survivor, and Speaker: As survivors of...


"Feel to Heal", Integrative Wellness for Healing and Life, with Delisa Richardson

Our guest today on the podcast, Delisa Richardson, has dedicated her life to finding the balance of living with chronic illness, recovery from being a survivor, being a mom and wife, and working with clients in her coaching business. As she outlines in her bio: Delisa Richardson Wellness focuses on empowering women to break the chains of trauma and abuse. I work with you to develop Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual balance & wholeness. This will enable you to thrive and live your...


Chronic Suicidality, It's Always on the Table...with Frank King

Even in today's world, where mental health is becoming more mainstream to talk about, there's still a stigma surrounding those dreaded two words. Even more than that, what about the judgemental mindset that comes with admitting you've attempted suicide, or live with chronic suicidality? It's for those very reasons that I wanted to bring Frank King, The Mental Health Comedian, onto the podcast so we can discuss not only some of his story and his work, but primarily in hopes of helping at...


Healing from Abusive Therapy, It's Not Your Fault.

This topic of an unhealthy or abusive relationship in therapy is not something you probably hear about every day, and unless you've experienced it personally or know someone who has, you may not even know it's actually a thing. My guest on the podcast today, Analie Shepherd, has experienced this type of abuse first hand, has written a book detailing her experiences and healing and speaks at conferences and with therapists on this topic. Analie joined the podcast previously back in 2017,...


Understanding the Needs of a Community after a Mass Shooting, with Melissa Glaser

Our guest today is an expert in the field of helping communities heal after mass shootings and other trauma's, and she shares some of her insight and experiences with us on this episode of the podcast. Melissa Glaser, MS, LPC is a community response and recovery leader. She was the coordinator of the Newtown Recovery and Resiliency Team (NRRT) from 2014 to 2016. Glaser is currently in private practice as a psychotherapist and actively consults with other organizations and communities....


Living Your Best Life through Healing Your Past, with Karen Cesario Rizzo

When you come to a point in healing from your past, from all of the abuse, the trauma, the years of suffering, you may come to a point where you just break down, fall to your knees, and cry out for help. That's exactly what our guest on this episode of the podcast did, and the answers she received were life-changing. Karen Cesario Rizzo is a spiritual coach, clairvoyant, and author: Having experienced tragedy and pain as a young child, I knew I felt different. But I always knew I was being...


Healing from an Emotionally Abusive Relationship, with Liz Goddard

So what can we do? How can we identify a relationship that is filled with emotional abuse? Is there a way to see it and get out before more damage is done and heal more compassionately and efficiently once it's over? What can we do to help ourselves in the future, to enforce healthy boundaries and not let someone take over our very existence? Liz Goddard returns on this episode of the podcast to dive deeper into healing from an emotionally abusive relationship. Elizabeth is an Author,...


The Hope in Healing from CPTSD, with Monique Koven

So what does that hope actually look like, what does it feel like? Well, I'm glad you asked because our guest on this episode of the podcast is Monique Koven, Trauma-Informed Recovery & Resilience Coach. I have worked for over 25 years as a social worker where I worked with older adults, many of whom were Holocaust survivors. As a survivor of ongoing, repetitive childhood trauma, I know what it's like to believe that things will never change. I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety...


Learning How to Tell Your Survivor Story, with Rachel Grant

Your survivor story, the way you live it every day, and the way you tell it to others, evolves throughout the various stages of healing. Each version is your truth, as you experienced it in the past and how you live in the present. Each stage of healing represents how you've grown and how much you learn about yourself; and so naturally the details, the way you live each day, and the way you tell it, changes and evolves with you. On this episode of the podcast, we're talking about this very...