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056: What To Do with Feelings?

Typically, when you experience a challenging emotion, you probably do one of two things: Either you resist feeling the emotion so that you don't have to experience an uncomfortable feeling, or you engage automatically with it. Either way, neither of those approaches will lead you to getting unstuck. Tune in to today's episode to learn what you can do with difficult emotions that can lead you towards getting unstuck. ** There are 2 spots left on the "Getting Unstuck and Living...


055: Consider They Just Want to Be Heard

"Hey, Mom! I'm planning to go away next week with some friends..." That's how the conversation started. My mind was running wild wanting to scream, shout, and holler, "NO WAY, Jose!!!" But, I didn't. I caught myself and considered she just wanted to be heard. Tune in to hear the story and learn how you can consider the same thing. And by doing so, preventing any unfortunate fallout. It's not easy, but it's worth the ride. www.thestuckmethod.com/retreat


054: Consider Curiosity

My son ran to me hysterically crying for help. He told me what happened. But before I reacted, I caught myself stuck on his side of the story. And before I emotionally reacted towards the other child involved, I considered maybe I didn't know the entire story. And you know what? I didn't. I am grateful I went through The S.T.U.C.K. Method and considered curiosity before I would have acted in a way I would have otherwise later regretted. Tune in today and see where you may be able to...


The Getting Unstuck Course

Four times a year, the cart for the Getting unSTUCK Course is open at a special price. This course offers videos, downloadable audios, worksheets, pdfs, meditations, journaling pages and, best of all, my award-winning book, Getting unSTUCK: Five Simple Steps for Emotional Well-Being for free (as a pdf). This course may be one of the best investments of your life! Tune in to learn more! Click here to enroll today.


053: Consider Adversity Builds Character

"There was an incident at school today." The last thing any parent wants to hear. I started to feel my heart pounding outside of my body. And all I wanted to do was protect my son from being scarred for life from this situation. I was stuck on worry. But, I got myself unSTUCK by considering, as difficult as it was to consider, that maybe this situation may strengthen my son. I considered that maybe adversity may build character. Do you have someone in your life going through a rough...


052: Consider It's a Good Life Lesson

"But mom, it's not fair!" said my son. And you know what, he was right! It wasn't fair. And I got stuck on trying to protect him so that he wouldn't have to feel the pain of living through something "not fair" at the young age of 7. Sometimes we get stuck on trying to protect our children so they don't have to feel pain. But, the question is, why shouldn't they feel pain once in a while? Cannot some gentle suffering actual be a good life lesson for them? Can children not, too, learn...


051: Consider Learning from a Kid

We get stuck when we are set in our patterned ways of seeing and doing things. Children can teach us a thing or two regarding adapting to life's challenges. Tune in to this week's episode and see what you may be able to learn from a 12 year-old boy. And, did you sign up for the Getting unSTUCK Challenge yet? You can do so by clicking here. http://thestuckmethod.com/challenge


050: The Getting unSTUCK CHALLENGE!

Join me on the next 5-Day FREE Getting unSTUCK Challenge beginning April 22nd! really I am going to challenge you with these questions and more so that you can take your next steps in getting unSTUCK and changing your life. Please join me by clicking here! And, if you are able to leave me a review on iTunes, I would be grateful! You can learn more by clicking here. And please, if you are enjoying this podcast, please do a friend a favor, and share it with them as well. Thank you. Shira


049: Freedom

Freedom: It's what getting unSTUCK is all about. Do you know that when you get into "stuck" spots, your brain will have the best intentions of protecting you, but may, at the same time, unconsciously work against your best interests? It happens to all of us, and it happens all the time. And this is the crux of the practice. How to access your personal freedom so that you are no longer a slave to your mind and so that you no longer have to get hijacked by your emotions. It takes...


048 Consider a Request

Simply because you want someone in your life to do something, doesn't mean he/she will or even needs to. It is not your job in this world to create a rule book for others to live by. And you cannot depend on others for your own happiness. It will only set you up for disappointment. That being said, when you are in the right mindset and no longer stuck, having a conversation that comes from the place of peace, rather than from a place of war, may prove fruitful. In today's story, I...


047: Consider Community

I think I was feeling depressed. Or at least, I was feeling disconnected from my community. This happens to me sometimes in the winter, when I tend to hibernate during the cold and rainy days. But, I got myself unSTUCK by considering community. Tune in to hear how I, within a few days, transformed how I was feeling, and you can, too. Have you joined the Getting unSTUCK Facebook group yet?


046: Consider Don't Jump to Conclusions

Rockets are shooting down! I'm afraid! A Getting unSTUCK podcast listener wrote to me asking for my perspective and insight on her fear of a recent launching of rockets into southern Israel where she lives. Tune in to hear my response to her and why processing through The S.T.U.C.K. Method step-by-step is crucial when you are trying to get unSTUCK from any challenging emotional situation. If you would like to share your stuck story and getting unSTUCK process with the listeners of...


045: Consider Not Taking It Personally

All I wanted to do was shop for some clothes! Sometimes we can easily get stuck on taking these personally, even though the person who "hurt us", had no intentions of doing so. ("Hurt us" is in quotations because no one has the power to allow us to be hurt except ourselves.) Tune in to hear how I considered not taking this stuck spot personally, and how you can do so as well in your life. *Thank you for considering to leave me a review on iTunes! You can learn more by clicking here.


044: Consider Not Getting Insulted

It is so easy to get stuck on insult. When people say things in a way that can be construed as hurtful, our minds can't see any other way of being, except to take things personally. Yet, getting stuck on insult won't ever help you feel better. And getting stuck won't make you feel in control. Remember, you are always in charge of what you choose to believe! And it is those thoughts that will affect how you feel. You can always choose to be in complete control. It is a choice. Tune...


043: Consider There Are No Mistakes

Have you ever had the experience where something happened to you and you are convinced it should NOT have happened? Do you have the feeling of wanting to turn back the clock? Change the past? In this episode we explore considering "there are no mistakes." When we can accept that whatever has already happened is out of our control, we can then leave the past in the past, and go on living in this moment, and handle any situation that may come our...


042: The Truman Show

What does Jim Carey, the star of The Truman Show, have to do with Getting unSTUCK? Tune in to this week's episode and learn about how Truman Burbank epitomizes what it means to get unSTUCK as he demonstrates courage and bravery to investigate the only truth he's ever known which ultimately leads him to choosing a life of ease and comfort, or a life, while may be scary and uncertain at times, is his true reality. What a great movie. I encourage you to watch it! Don't forget to grab your...


041: Consider Opening Your Heart

All my husband wanted to do was zone out for a few minutes and watch some T.V. All I wanted to do was get my son to sleep. There the conflict began. Because what did my son want to do? Watch T.V. with his dad. And my husband was oblivious to the fact that I was trying to get my son to sleep. And my heart closed on my husband. Tune in to this week's episode to hear how I considered opening my heart and how you, too, can consider opening yours in order to get unSTUCK. The book I...


040: Consider Oh Well

We either get stuck in the past or stuck in the future. There are really only two choices. When we get stuck in the past, we get stuck on a story that already happened. Whether it was a second ago, 5 minutes ago, yesterday, last month, or last year. Whatever happened, already happened. And there's nothing we can do to change that. So, we really have two choices: And the way to emotional health and well-being is to do the latter. Tune in to this week's podcast episode to hear how I...


039: Consider You are Not Stupid

Sometimes we put ourselves down, not because of any outside force, but because: Either way, that belief of defining yourself negatively is not serving you, nor is it serving anyone else around you. I got stuck recently on feeling stupid. But, I got unSTUCK when I honestly investigated that belief. I'm not stupid. Did I make a mistake? Yes. But, I'm not stupid. Where in your life can you consider either: My friend, YOU have a story to inspire the world, do you realize that? Would...


038: Consider Taking Action

There is a difference between taking action and keeping busy. When you take action, you work towards a goal. When you keep busy, you may not necessarily be direction-oriented. Even if you create or produce things, it doesn't necessarily mean you are taking action towards a goal. I got stuck on inaction in 2017. But, have a plan for action in 2018. Do you notice any inaction in your life? Where you can perhaps consider taking action? Have you joined the Getting unSTUCK Facebook...


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