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116: Consider Doing the Right Thing

I borrowed a friend's guitar when I arrived on vacation to New Jersey. I wanted to be able to sing my son to sleep each night with a song that I wrote a few months ago - but I didn't bring my guitar with me. Soon after picking up the guitar, I noticed a problem with one of the strings - I wasn't sure if I damaged the guitar when I tried tuning it or if the guitar was given to me damaged. Tune in to hear how I got unstuck by considering doing the right thing. Where in your life are you...


115: Consider the Opposite of What Others Say

Over the past 5 years, when I have come in for a family visit, three family members have passed away. I was able to attend each of the funerals and periods of mourning not because I flew in from outside the country, but because I happened to have been visiting at the time of their deaths. At the most recent funeral, just a few days ago, I heard people making comments about the connection between my arrival and the family members' deaths. In fact, one person even claimed that I was...


114: Consider Rewriting Your Story

Getting unstuck is not about knowledge. I mean, it is and it isn't. The S.T.U.C.K. Method offers you a knowledge-based tool to help you go from "stuck" to "unstuck," but having a tool just isn't enough. The change we want to create in our lives requires implementation of the tool and then, of course, practice. And the more you practice, the more efficient (and the quicker you can become) at getting unstuck. Tune in to this week's story to hear how my son got himself unstuck pretty...


113: Consider Making a Decision

Have you ever felt like you were looping inside a story? As if the story were being played over and over and over again in your mind, but there was no end in sight? This happened to me recently when I started thinking about whether to stop coloring my hair or not. Yes, I know... this is not a really big important "stuck" spot. But, that's ok. Our stuck spots can range from everyday stumbles to big, complex issues. And this week, my story for you is one of the everyday stumbles kind of...


112: Consider Your Purpose

Do you ever feel like you need to give someone advice? Do you ever feel like you must share your opinion? Do you ever feel like if you don't say what's on your mind you're doing the wrong thing? Tune in to this week's story where I share with you how I got stuck on desire to share some things with my kids' baseball coach, and how I got unstuck when I considered what my true purpose was. Where in your life can you consider taking a stop before sharing your opinion? Where can you consider...


111 Consider They Are Your Teacher

Who in this world would you say triggers you the most? Maybe your spouse? A child? A parent? An in-law? A friend? What if I were to tell you that the person who triggers you most may be the greatest teacher you will ever have in your life? I know, it's a hard consideration to swallow. But, I firmly believe it's true. Tune in to this week's episode where I respond to a listener's questions via another recent stuck story. I'm confident this episode is going to resonate with you. I...


110: Consider Honesty with Yourself

When I find myself in a stuck spot, I believe in that moment that I'm 100% right. I'm confident there's no other way of looking at the situation. I'm certain there's no two ways about it. I was inspired by the Getting Unstuck podcast listener, Leona, who shared her getting unstuck story this week and exemplified the importance of being honest with oneself when uncovering thoughts to your story. Tune in to Leona's story and and see how considering being honest with her thoughts led her to...


109: Consider Waiting

When presented with a stimulus, the natural human tendency is to respond automatically. The problem is, more often than out, our automatic reactions aren't the most beneficial ways to respond to things - and then we end up reacting in ways we only later regret. In this week's podcast, I share with you a story from my book, Getting Unstuck, illustrating the value of considering to wait before responding to a difficult situation. Where in your life could you benefit from waiting before...


108: Interview with Netta Cohen

This week I have a treat for you. In this special episode, I interview someone near and dear to my heart, Netta Cohen, my life coach. With 40+ years in the coaching world, Netta recently completed the STUCK coaching training program. In this interview we spoke both about the training and about her focus as a life coach and transformational facilitator. Netta is a retired mental health program director who now uses powerful, intuitive processes to coach clients into clarity of mind, body,...


107: Consider Another Way

"Throw me a pitch," my husband said. He didn't like my response when I said, "No." He didn't understand why throwing him a pitch was problematic and I didn't understand how he had the audacity to intrude in the middle of a game I was running for the children in my community. He was stuck. I was stuck. And then we both got stuck on one another. Not a pretty picture. Tune in to today's episode to hear how I considered, "there's another way" not only to get myself unstuck, but to save...


106: The Getting Unstuck and Living Deliberately Journey

Listening to this podcast is one thing. But, taking action is another thing entirely. You can get inspired, but then do nothing about it, right? And that is not going to bring any changes to your life. By default, if you don’t live a deliberate life, you’re going to live the same life you’re leading now. That is, if you want to lose weight or you want to improve a relationship or you want to finish a project – it’s not going to happen just by thinking about it. It takes a plan and it...


105: {On-line coaching} with Jerry

In this week's episode I share with you a mini getting unstuck coaching session with Jerry, a married woman from the U.K. with two older kids has gone through stage 4 ovarian cancer now twice. Consider if you can see yourself in her story in any way. Do you have any fears in your life? How are those fears affecting you? What can you consider? The doors to The Journey membership are now open and won't open again until 2020. If you are interested to join, contact me before the spots run out....


104 Your Stories (Pam, Lisa, and Matt)

This week, I am delighted to share with you 3 stories that came from listeners of the Getting Unstuck podcast. What I love about these stories is that each one is different from the next, and yet I bet you'll be able to see yourself in each of them. One story relates to getting stuck with the person sharing the story. One story relates to getting unstuck with elderly parents. And the last story relates to getting unstuck with visitors. Each story is powerful and inspiring. I hope you...


103 Consider effort over results

Where in your life are you looking to create something new? Where in your life do you want to try something new? Where in your life do you want to make a change? Where are you stuck in taking action? And what is causing you to stay stuck? Tune in to this week's story to hear about how I consider effort over results and how that consideration is the key to the success in my life and in my business. And consider where, in your life, you can consider the same. Getting UnstuckLeaving me a...


102: Consider writing yourself a letter

Have you ever felt not 100% complete with how you're showing up in the world? Have you ever felt not 100% happy with how you behaved in a particular situation? Have you ever felt not 100% thrilled with your reaction towards something? Tune in to this week's episode to hear how I considered writing myself a letter - to confront myself and hold me accountable for my actions and how I challenge you to do the same. As always, I look forward to getting unstuck with you. Shira Getting...


101: Consider a more beneficial response

"Do you know the name of the political party you are voting for?" my husband asked me. It was a simple question. But, I forgot. I mean, I knew at one point the name of the party I was planning to vote. But, in that moment, it slipped my mind. There are 15 different political parties in the running to be a part of the new coalition government in Israel. And I was planning to vote for one of the newer, minor parties. But, I forgot the name. And I got hurt by my husband's question...


100: An Interview with John Eichenberger, Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified STUCK Coach

I am thrilled to announce the beginning of season 2 of the Getting Unstuck podcast! In this new season, I will be adding some new features: your I can't wait to jump right into this new season! In today's episode, I interview my first guest, John Eichenberger, Licensed Mental Health counselor, Credentialed Alcohol and Substance Abuse counselor, and certified STUCK coach. Enjoy! John can be found at Hope and Help Counseling or on Facebook. Getting UnstuckLeaving me a reviewfree...


099 Consider the Other's Side

Take a moment to recall a recent stuck spot you were in with: When you look back, see if you recall having considered "the other." In other words, did you consider their perspective, their opinion, their suffering, their pain, their side of the story? So often when we get stuck, we only think about our side (which is how we get and stay stuck in the first place.) Considering the other perspective can help us broaden our understanding of the story, get clarity, and see what other...


098: Consider Allowing DESIRE to run through you

Desire is the 2nd top emotion (next to fear) that we experience most when we get stuck (in my opinion). What do people usually do with desire (as we do with our other emotions)? We either resist feeling it or we act on it. More often than not, we act on it. Just like an urge. Desire to scream at someone. Desire to talk about someone in a bad way. Desire for an apology. Desire for someone to behave a certain way. Desire for acknowledgment. Desire for perfection. The list goes on...


097: Consider Allowing FEAR to Run Through You

One of the most common emotions humans feel is fear. Fear we will say the wrong thing and insult someone. Fear of hurting someone if you try to get too close. Fear of being misunderstood. Fear of losing someone. Fear of getting hurt. Fear of never being loved again. Fear of public speaking. Fear of not fulfilling your life's purpose. What is your biggest daily fear? Tune in to this week's podcast to hear about my "stuck on fear" story. It's probably not you'll expect, but it was as...