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Be Awesome: Jazz Biancci - Mystic and Consciousness Architect

Join hosts Dr. Kristina Hallett and Kristin Walker for one of those conversations that flew by in what felt like ten minutes but lasted almost an hour. Jazz Biancci, CAPP, founder and creator of The Consciousness Project 2020, is an Author, Speaker and Channel. She joins us for one of those deep and resonating conversations we absolutely love. Jazz Biancci helps people access their invisible influences to discover what they don't know they don't know, to have a greater impact in the world....


#ifyoucouldseeme with Erin Mahone

Welcome Erin Mahone and her incredible podcast to our network. Someone who you zing with immediately because she is so talented and caring - the best kind of charm oozes from her being. Her podcast is #ifyoucouldseeme at or For over a decade Erin Mahone has worked to build a stronger, more inclusive world. Her work is inspired by a childhood growing up in a family touched by mental illness, years...


From the Archives: Working with Narcissistic Victim Abuse: Christine Louis de Canonville

Christine Louis de Canonville is one of our most popular guests. We went back through the archives to rerun some of her shows. Christine is an Author, trainer, speaker, and counselor. She has written two books about The Dark Triad: The Three Faces of Evil and When Shame Begets Shame.



Dr. Alix Nassiri is a Double Board Certified Addiction Medicine Physician, an Anesthesiologist, EMDR trained, Trauma-focused Clinician and Founder of REACH Wellness, a cutting-edge brain and body institute. Dr. Nassiri's outstanding medical expertise and breakthrough treatments has made him one of the Top Physicians in the Los Angeles area for Behavioral Health & Wellness. Dr. Nassiri helps patients with a full range of behavioral health issues, ranging from substance and alcohol use...


Mental Health Business: Integrated Care with Michael K. Garrett

Michael Garrett is the President and Chief Executive Officer of CNS Healthcare. He joins our hosts David Ballenberger and Kristin Sunanta Walker to talk about integrated care and mental health. A topic not completely understood by many in the mental health field. Michael talks about this in relation to CNS Healthcare and the industry in general. Michael K. Garrett is an experienced President with a demonstrated history of working in the mental health care industry. Skilled in Nonprofit...


Women Who Lead: Leading As Ourselves

What does it mean for female leaders to lead as themselves? Join hosts Catherine Greer Limpo and Kristin Sunanta Walker as they explore the statements below on this terrific show in our Women Who Lead series on Mental Health News Radio. Leading as ourselves: - being our actual selves - speaking as we think or feel - sharing our opinions as they are without bias - having no fear in the way that we interact with others - using our personal experiences to storytell and guide - using our...


Round Table Dr. Paul Meier: Stalking, Trolling, Cyberstalking

Dr. Paul Meier received The Great American Award and shares with our listening family what this award is for and how he experienced the ceremony. We also talk about stalkers, trollers, bullying, harassment, and cyberstalking. What it looks like, what you are dealing with, how to report the abuse, and how to disengage from these severely mentally ill people who need proper treatment for their predatory behaviors. Dr. Paul Meier is the founder of the multi-state, non-profit mental health...


Jaime Grace Answers Your Questions About Narcissistic Mothers

Jaime Grace answers questions from listeners about narcissistic relationships and narcissistic mothers. Grace’s work incorporates Western, depth psychology, developmental theory, as well as meditative, contemplative, and mindfulness-based approaches to interpersonal and personal growth, spiritual transformation, and emotional healing. His interests and therapeutic training are in the field of analytical and Jungian psychology, and attachment theory. His spiritual background is influenced by...


Dispelling Some of the Myths About Anorexia Nervosa: Wendy R. Levine

Wendy Levine joins our host Kristin Sunanta Walker to dispel some of the attitudes and beliefs about Anorexia. The biggest one being that this is something young people always "grow out of". A very candid discussion about the long and arduous journey of every day and often life long recovery. Born in Worcester, MA on March 6, 1955, Wendy is an award winning writer who has published two books: Butterflies Are Free...What About Me: One Woman's Struggle With Anorexia Nervosa and The Latke Man....


Round Table with Dr. Paul Meier:Narcissist Kryptonite

The title is what it seems and then we take an interesting turn towards the end of this podcast! How are narcissists Kryptonite for you, you for them, and what else is their Kryptonite? Much is said and written about narcissistic males. On this episode Dr. Paul Meier, Melanie Vann, and Kristin Walker do part I on narcissistic women! Dr. Paul Meier is the founder of the multi-state, non-profit mental health outpatient organization Meier Clinics, a practicing psychiatrist, best-selling author,...


The Mental Health Comedian: Frank King

Our listeners know that comedy and mental health go together like peas and carrots. Everyone on our podcast network is allowed to laugh about mental health and mental illness. Why? Because we're in it - day in and day out right along with you. Join Frank King AKA The Mental Health Comedian as we talk about his journey through mental illness and how he utilizes his experience to bring awareness to a subject that still can make people shift uncomfortably in their seats. Frank King, Suicide...


Mental Health Business: Social Media Today

Take notes - this is an excellent show about utilizing social media as a business in the mental health field. Many things have changed and Ann gets into it with hosts David Ballenberger and Kristin Walker. Ann Siegle has a B.A. in Advertising from Michigan State University with an emphasis in marketing and advertising design. Ann Siegle was CEO of Spoke8 Marketing from July 2012 – June 2015. From 2003 to 2010, Ann was a Partner at Tria Design & Marketing. Ann’s early career included a decade...


When Imitation is Not Flattering or Zen

One of the founders of ZenCharts, Dan Callahan, joins our network founder, Kristin Sunanta Walker, to discuss his organization and a side of business practices in mental health that can hurt rather than help patient care. We decided that this show in particular should start season 5 of our signature podcast. ZenCharts has been with us for three years nurturing our success and supporting what used to be one show and is now over 40 dedicated to mental health and addiction. We ring in 2019...


Be Awesome: Calm In Chaos with Dr. Kristina Hallett

Join your hosts of the Be Awesome series Dr. Kristina Hallett and Kristin Walker talking today about what all humans experience: Chaos. How do we go into a new year and bring tools to help ourselves remain calm with the inevitable chaos that comes into our lives? How do each of us look at calm and chaos in our own unique ways? How can different perspectives help us get to the calm? Dr. Hallett is a board certified specialist in clinical psychology and a Fellow of the American Academy of...


Turn on the Joy and Rewire Yourself for the New Year

The Power of Joy: 5 powerful, proven ways to heal yourself and have more joy over the holidays could not come at a better time. We decided to air this on Christmas Eve for a reason - it's certainly needed for this season. 1) The Power of your Presence: Bringing your most connected, whole self to the table for the holidays 2) The Power of your Passion: the pipeline to the Soul and how to use this to overcome depression naturally 3) The Power of your Awareness: "Know thyself" over the holidays...


Which Way? A Mother and Daughter's Journey on Generational Trauma

Join Jann and Shari Simmons for a very special show about connection, generational trauma, loss, grief, and resilience. Shari is currently the Executive Director of Fire Mountain Treatment Center and is an Adjunct Professor at Colorado Christian University, where she teaches Crisis/Trauma, Psychopathology and Management/Administration. Since a young age, Shari has studied resiliency and the enduring self-sabotaging thoughts that are often the result of trauma. She is co-author of Which Way?,...


Take Your Power Back: How We Lose Our Power

Join your cohosts Evelyn M. Ryan and Kristin Sunanta Walker to discuss how we lose our power, how we give it away, and how to get it back. Evelyn holds advanced degrees in science and management as well as multiple professional certifications in life and health coaching, organizational excellence, and process improvement. She is a recognized expert and published author in quality management and has worked nationally and internationally for several world-class research institutions and...


Behind The Scenes: Episode 3

Join the founder of Mental Health News Radio Network, Kristin Sunanta Walker to discuss what goes on off the air of this mental health focused digital media network. Joining her are two podcasters who host on the network. Johnnie Calloway of and Michael Koche


Women Who Lead - Afraid? Keep Leading

Why do we hold ourselves to these unreasonable expectations especially as women? How forgiving are we of ourselves and our colleagues for being human? How do we lead when we are afraid? Catherine and Kristin discuss the gains we've seen for women with companies like Ford Motor Company but also how far we still have to go. They also talk about what it's like to lead when you are stuck in your own fear. Catherine Greer Limpo is a listener of a few shows on MHNR Network. She is also a mom, a...


Mental Health Business: Marketing and Mental Health

Ann Siegle has a B.A. in Advertising from Michigan State University with an emphasis in marketing and advertising design. Ann Siegle was CEO of Spoke8 Marketing from July 2012 – June 2015. From 2003 to 2010, Ann was a Partner at Tria Design & Marketing. Ann’s early career included a decade in her own marketing/branding firm Paradise Graphic Design, stints in publishing and a career as an entrepreneur and employee in high tech marketing. As a marketing consultant, Ann has spent more than 25...