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Psychiatrist Peter R. Breggin, MD believes you can make a marvelous life. Great guests, callers, and conversations to inspire you.

Psychiatrist Peter R. Breggin, MD believes you can make a marvelous life. Great guests, callers, and conversations to inspire you.
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Psychiatrist Peter R. Breggin, MD believes you can make a marvelous life. Great guests, callers, and conversations to inspire you.




The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 09.19.18

A rousing hour with my friend and professional partner, Pam Popper, PhD about the state of medicine and psychiatry, conflicts of interest, the on-line course I teach through her organization (Wellness Forum Health), my new video courses that are coming out, and our upcoming conference November 8-10 in Columbus, Ohio. Listen to the show and get Pam’s direct phone and email to learn about our work together. This is a show that is flat out interesting, and Pam is totally inspiring. You can also...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 09.12.18

With psychologist Michael Corrigan, a very strong show about what do children really need! Michael is a researcher, teacher and author who has devoted his professional life, as well as his family life, to caring for children. Michael’ focus is on what can we do about the dreadful plight of foster care children who get drugs instead of real help? I chime in on the nature of that real help. Foster children need the very same thing that more fortunate children need—loving, informed parents and...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 09.06.18

A wonderful show with someone you really should get to know: Educator Denise Herrenbruck, who this week received the Fifth Honored Guest Blogger Award. She tells the story of her father and his tragic outcome at the hands of geriatric psychiatry; but it’s much more than that. It’s about the inspiring place of love and relationship in our lives and the changing expressions of those vital elements at different stages of our lives. Together Denise and I read some dialogue between her and father...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 08.29.18

Today was Open Lines Friday where my audience becomes my guest and listeners call in to comment and to ask questions. Today my callers focused on recovery from medications. What do we need for ourselves to enhance recovery after we’ve been off psychiatric medications for months or years? How long does recovery take? How much exercise is enough? What about counseling or diet? Guest callers contributed good ideas, encouragement and inspiration. Remember that the show is live every Wednesday at...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 08.22.18

Today my audience was my guest and we had many wonderful callers. Many were informative, some were challenging, and several were deeply touching as people shared their struggles and I tried to offer comfort and direction. I am getting to like this format better and better. I now have a dedicated email for the radio show, Listen to this hour and email me how you liked it and how it might be improved. This is becoming my new direction. I’ll continue to have official...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 08.15.18

This was open mic hour where you, my marvelous listening audience, get a chance to tell your story and to ask questions. Today we had many very uplifting stories and many interesting and important questions. I offer the best I can in the way of advice, direction and encouragement. Although I’ve often taken calls like this on other people’s radio shows, this was my first show of its kind. It was such a success with so many callers that I’m planning another purely call-in show for Wednesday...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 08.09.18

Where are all the young psychiatrists? Well, they are beginning to express themselves. My guest is psychiatrist Pinar Miski, MD, who teaches my live on-line course, “Why and How Stop Taking Psychiatric Drugs,” which you can find Pinar brings serious clinical experience as a psychiatric consultant on medical wards and also as a person knowledgeable in the field of nutrition. She offers a caring, straightforward and sound approach to helping people that may help you...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 08.02.18

My guest today is Dr. Ayo Maat, a pastoral counselor and unrelenting activist in Chicago’s inner city. In a far-ranging discussion we look at what people living in poverty and disability in the inner cities really need. We also describe our mutual efforts in the 1990s that successfully stopped a racist eugenic federal program in the United States, including Chicago. Some of what you discover may be surprising as we learn from Dr. Maat ‘s extensive experience as a reformer confronting...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 07.27.18

My guest is product liability attorney Steve Sheller. Steve is unquestionably one of the strongest, most effective and most feared attorneys in the world—a threat of giant proportions to unscrupulous drug companies. In a fast-moving show, we focused on the horrific nefarious activities of the drug company J & J (Johnson & Johnson) and its subsidiary Janssen, as well as the drug industry in general. The issues ranged from J & J’s Risperdal causing tardive dyskinesia as well as enlarged...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 07.18.18

My wonderful listening audience, thanks to you our first Open Mic Wednesday on the Dr. Peter Breggin Hour was a great success. I had announced it three days earlier on my Frequent Alerts and the moment the hour began at 4 pm New York time the phone lines lit up. I took half-a-dozen great calls from India, Canada and across the US. Questions like “Is schizophrenia curable?” and “Do bipolar people have to keep having manic episodes if they don’t take drugs?” as well as “How do I help my son...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 07.11.18

With our new and more interactive radio program format with news, commentary and callers, today my guest is Wayne Douglas, cofounder of Benzodiazepine Awareness Day which is going on around this world on this very day. Wayne’s infectious enthusiasm keeps you on the pioneering edge of what global leaders are doing to confront the harm being done by psychiatric drugs. In his life, Wayne illustrates what one individual can do to help improve the world!


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 06.27.18

Welcome to the second show in my new format with special features and callers. My guest Pam Popper PhD is the best, most science-based nutritionist I have ever known and a great person as well. The show goes back and forth between nutrition and psychology in a lively conversation with the most truly informed and ethical nutritionist you will ever hear on the air. Among the topics, What is the connection between mental health and nutrition? Are there helpful vitamins and supplements? What’s...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 06.13.18

4 and 5 pm


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 06.08.18

My guest, Peter Kinderman PhD, is an articulate leader in British psychology who is having a positive influence on psychology, psychiatry and the politics of mental health–achievements that could not yet happen in the US. Peter works within the system in a way that could not yet occur here within our professional organizations, universities or federal government. Hear about some good trends in mental health in Great Britain and Europe that are ahead of the US. Peter Kinderman spreads hope...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 05.23.18

Patrick D. Hahn is a genuine scholar of the history of psychiatry who leads us through the turns and twists of psychiatry’s struggle with its untruths from the Nazi doctors led by Ernst Rudin to the field of psychotherapy led by Sigmund Freud. It’s an endless tale of ignoring what people really suffer from–abuse and rejection in growing up, followed by abuse and rejection in most of what passes for mental health treatment. This is a very thoughtful hour about psychiatry and psychoanalysis...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 05.16.18

What if I told you that the pharmaceutical industry has very little to do with the epidemic of opioid drug overdoses and deaths in America? What if I told you that escalating opioid deaths have very little to do with bad prescribing practices? What I told you that these deaths stem more from drug trafficking from China than from overproduction by giant corporations? What if I told you that government efforts to restrict opioid prescribing is a disaster for genuine pain patients? And finally,...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 05.09.18

I wish everyone in the world could listen to this hour. I learned a huge amount. Yet it’s a topic many find unbearable because it requires rethinking ourselves and society. My friend and colleague Jeanne Stolzer PhD explains the transformative importance of the first few years of life. Did you know that infants nursed into early childhood grow up much smarter, healthier and happier? Did you know that mothers who nurse have little or no post-partum depression and instead thrive mentally and...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 05.02.18

Kim Witczak is the consumer representative on the FDA’s psychopharmacology committee. That’s the mostly “professional” group that recommends for or against new drugs to the FDA. Other than Kim, the regular participants are mostly drug company flacks. When you read that the FDA’s committee approved a drug 11-1, the one dissenter is probably heroic Kim Witczak. No one can give you better insight into what goes on in the regulatory agency. Learn about the latest menace recently unleashed on...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 04.25.18

My wonderful audience, I hope you listen to this show and share it. Psychologist Bob Foltz and I talk about what really matters in helping relationships and how important they are in every aspect of our lives. Sharing what I know about relationship is where my own work is moving because I feel it’s the most important issue in every one of our lives–how we relate to each other, whether in professional therapeutic relationships or in friendship and family life. As Bob reminds us, we can best...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 04.18.18

My guest is Chuck Knapp, MA, cofounder of Windhorse Integrative Mental Health in Boulder, Colorado. He and his group bring kindness, thoughtfulness, and a rich background of experience to helping people otherwise labelled “chronic” by contemporary institutions. Windhorse is one of the best-kept secrets in the field for people and their families who have suffered in the prevailing mental health system. While not excluding people who want medication, Chuck explains that Windhorse will treat...