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Psychiatrist Peter R. Breggin, MD believes you can make a marvelous life. Great guests, callers, and conversations to inspire you.

Psychiatrist Peter R. Breggin, MD believes you can make a marvelous life. Great guests, callers, and conversations to inspire you.
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Psychiatrist Peter R. Breggin, MD believes you can make a marvelous life. Great guests, callers, and conversations to inspire you.




The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 04.18.18

My guest is Chuck Knapp, MA, cofounder of Windhorse Integrative Mental Health in Boulder, Colorado. He and his group bring kindness, thoughtfulness, and a rich background of experience to helping people otherwise labelled “chronic” by contemporary institutions. Windhorse is one of the best-kept secrets in the field for people and their families who have suffered in the prevailing mental health system. While not excluding people who want medication, Chuck explains that Windhorse will treat...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 04.12.18

I open this show with a manifesto: That the actions of people helping people can and should lie outside the conventional designations of psychiatrist, psychologist, or even counselor and therapist, and these activities should not be subjected to government control and licensing. I believe that humans and humanity have survived throughout our evolution with helping relationships, including helping each other with all kinds and degrees of emotional struggles. I briefly describe my new course...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 03.28.18

My guest and colleague Caroline Leaf PhD is reaching millions of people around the world with a message that your brain does not control you and instead you control your brain and to a great extent your body and your environment. From hard science to philosophical speculation, Caroline and I share an inspiring conversation. She leaves in shambles the claims of the Pharmaceutical Empire that your head is filled with chemicals that can and should control you and, beyond that, she makes a...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 03.26.18

Replay from 7-1-15 About my newest book, Guilt, Shame and Anxiety: Understanding and Overcoming Negative Emotions. These self-defeating emotions are primitive instincts built into us by evolution, but we can achieve emotional freedom from them.


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 03.15.18

In the hour preceding this particularly great hour of my own radio show, I watched myself flicker across the screen of a Dr. Oz television show titled “Is There a Link between Psychiatric Drugs and Violence?” Oz gives me a few seconds to say that the FDA confirms that antidepressants cause “hostility and aggression,” and then cuts me off as I’m going to continue that the FDA also specifies “violence” in the Medication Guides for antidepressants. So today’s Dr. Peter Breggin Hour opens with...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 03.07.18

Replay From 04.20.16 Kelly Brogan MD is a shining star of a psychiatrist! You will want to know her! Coming through the establishment, she broke free to treat patients the way she would want to be treated, and from there, to a deeper understanding of life from the menace of the psychopharmaceutical ideology to the worth of what we both call psychospirituality. You are guaranteed to benefit from spending time with her.


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 02.28.18

Leah Ashe PhD and I “sit at the kitchen table” so-to-speak and have a lovely conversation about the knowable and the unknowable in life, starting with our relationship to food, and to then to the animals that most of us eat, and then to each other and the unknowable and knowable we find in and with each other. I enjoyed this surprising and unexpected conversation that went everywhere except where we had planned. It left me more comfortable than I am when trying to apply reason and science...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 02.21.18

Would you like to eavesdrop on a conversation with a pediatrician who is rational, kind, thoughtful and informed while he talks about how he helps children and parents in his practice on a daily basis? What pediatrician Tom Ryan, MD teaches us about helpful communication is applicable to every aspect of life. He and I discuss a broad range of difficult subjects, starting with how to help distressed and even “autistic” children and their families without psychiatric drugs. We even get into...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 02.14.18

Andrew Thibault’s new film Speed Demons, available on, is a major contribution to understanding the murder and mayhem perpetrated under the influence of psychiatric drugs. It is beautifully filmed, profoundly empathic, and very informative. Although focused on prescribed amphetamines, we learn about the overall cover up of psychiatric drug-induced violence. In our wide-ranging discussion today, what struck me most poignantly was how Andrew had to go to court to force the FDA to...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 02.09.18

Here is the show summary: Dr. Bruce Perry, neuroscientist and child psychiatrist, coauthor of Born to Love and The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog, presents the latest science on the interface between brain biology, empathy, and the provision of genuine help. A unique and very informative discussion. This is a replay from my interview with him on 12.12.12 but Dr. Perry’s important work on trauma and therapy is timeless. His planned appearance for today was snowed out on my end and he will...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 01.31.18

Psychologist Howie Glasser created the Nurtured Heart Approach to therapy and education, and really to life. Children, especially those with great perceptivity and energy, quickly discover that they get more time, attention, and intensive relating by being difficult than by being easy. Often we tend to ignore children until they do make trouble! Howie’s approach is to help children to appreciate and expand the good and even great things that they do routinely and often unknowingly in their...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 01.24.18

My guest, journalist MK Mendoza, provides one of the most heartfelt, original and important hours I have experienced on the air. One year after her father’s death, she speaks out in public for the first time about what it is like to be a family member of someone labelled mentally ill who was then destroyed by psychiatric treatment. From the age of ten until now, she has struggled what was done to her father, to her whole family, and to herself by the lies and destructive treatments that...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 01.17.18

Andrew Sercombe from Great Britain works outside the establishment in his own business as a “therapeutic coach.” He brings enormous enthusiasm, spirituality, sound values and practical psychology to his high impact, short-term approach to helping people find and pursue what they want in life. To those of us accustomed to a slower more leisurely pace, Andrew will be both challenging and inspiring. Andrew destroys conventional ideas about psychotherapy in ways that I believe will encourage...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 12.06.17

My guest Dr. Michael Corrigan is an extraordinary man in many ways. He has a big heart and a giant brain! And he devotes it to the task of advocating for children through scientific projects, educational campaigns, and whatever else is possible. In a rousing discussion we talk about what in the world can we do to get our ideas across to the public! This is one of the most important questions we can ask and we even come up with some new ideas. We also hear about a project that could change...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 11.22.17

James Moore has “lived experience” with the harm caused by antidepressants and the difficulties of withdrawing from them. He reveals his own personal struggles in order to encourage and inform others. James reminds us that doctors in the US or Great Britain know very little about the difficulties of withdrawal and instead blame these reactions on the patient’s “mental illness.” James is finding ways to promote and empower projects that stand outside the current system. He describes several...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 11.15.17

According to my guest, investigative journalist Jon Rappoport, the opioid epidemic is much more than an epidemic–it is a criminal conspiracy. He describes how the US Congress, FDA, DEA and Justice Department have systematically refused or failed to deal with the sources of the flood of pain medications knowingly over-produced and misdirected into the addiction market by the Pharmaceutical Industry. Listen to what Jon has to say and you will a better informed if even more disillusioned...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 11.08.17

My guest Bonnie Burstow PhD is an amazing researcher and scholar, and one of the world’s leading activists against psychiatric abuse, including electroshock. Bonnie’s creativity is boundless, and describes the courage it took to write her new novel about ECT called “The Other Mrs. Smith.” She does a reading from her book on the air that is incredibly moving. Bonnie will educate, inspire and stir you up. In another arena, for the first time ever, Bonnie has made “antipsychiatry” a...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 11.01.17

My marvelous guest is Pam Popper PhD who is devoting her life to informed decision-making in medicine, which includes informed nutrition and informed mental health. You can meet me and Pam in person next week in Columbus, Ohio at her conference, November 10-12. I’m cosponsoring and have invited the great Danish critic of psychiatry, Peter Gøtzsche, to be there, too! Meanwhile, this is an incredible radio hour about nutrition and good health, and how the establishment corrupts these vital...


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 10.25.17

Wayne Douglas is a benzo survivor who has gradually recovered over many years and who helps to organize the annual World Benzodiazepine Awareness Day (W-BAD). He has a great deal to teach us about both the harms and recovery from these highly addictive drugs that cause so much harm to mental functioning. His life story is inspiring as well in exemplifying how individuals can overcome environmental disadvantages and the cruelties of modern psychiatry.


The Dr. Peter Breggin Hour – 10.18.17

Journalist and educator Patrick Hahn joins me to share a theme that has increasingly drawn my attention—the industrialization of our lives from before birth to after death. The Pharmaceutical Empire along with the medical/psychiatric industry thinks nothing of poisoning children in the womb with drugs that cross the placenta to harm fetal development and that after birth cross through the mother’s milk to keep the deadly process going. The giant food industry pushes substitutes for...


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