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IP008: Impact of Exercise for Military Spouses

Today Stephanie L. Taylor talks with Esther Avant about the benefits of exercise. Esther Avant is a nutrition coach and personal trainer as well as a military spouse. In this episode, you will see how you can fit in exercise even with the crazy busy military lifestyle, learn about the importance of mindset that can be applied to other aspects of your life and how exercise isn't as scary as it seems.


IP007: Service Dogs and ESAs in Mental Health Treatment

Learn about service dogs and emotional support animals in this episode with Kyndyl Greyland. We talk about the benefits that come with these animals as well as some of the issues that can arise. If this episode interested you, then pick up the book Animals That Heal: The Role of Service Dogs and Emotional Support Animals in Mental Health Treatment for more information.


IP006: All About Trauma with Jeremy Elledge

In today's episode, Stephanie L. Taylor interviews Jeremy Elledge LCSW, a trauma specialist who has completed over 3,000 trauma assessment and has 16 years in the mental health care field. They discuss the difference between trauma, complex trauma, and secondary trauma. Looking at trauma from a scientific and physical point of view, they look at how trauma shapes our brains and other parts of our limbic system. Stephanie and Jeremy discuss how trauma can happen to anyone, not just the...


IP005: Mythology and Stigma of Mental Health

Nikki Prins is a master's student studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling. We discuss how mythology has played a role in how people viewed mental health in the past and currently as well as how pop culture portrays mental health. We talked about the stigma that is even in the mental health field. Not everything about mental health is bad. We talk about the benefits of mental health symptoms and what it is like living with a variety of mental health disorders including PTSD, Anxiety, and...


IP004: Martial Arts with Thomas Greenwood

Thomas Greenwood has been studying and practicing martial arts for many years. We discuss the benefits of martial arts, both mentally and physically, some things to consider when choosing an art and what to look for in a facility (also called a dojo or gym depending on the art).


IP003: Surviving Your First Year as a Military Spouse

In this episode, you will hear Stephanie and Dani Campbell discuss the challenges that new military spouses face. Dani Campbell is an Army spouse and has worked as a Clinical Social Worker for over 10 years. She has gone from the west coast to the east coast with multiple PCSs over the years. You will learn the importance of creating a tribe and self-care. They also discuss how the stigma of mental health care in spouses has changed as well as the different challenges reserve and active duty...


IP002: Holistic Healing with Wendi

In this episode, you will learn how Wendi has been able to heal from a tragedy with exercise, gardening, eating healthier and other holistic methods. If you want to stay away from pills and other pharmaceutical solutions, then this episode is for you. Wendi Iacobello is a military spouse. She has her master's in Instructional Technology and runs the Strength 4 Spouses blog.


IP001: Welcome to The Inner Phoenix

In this episode, you will learn who Stephanie L. Taylor is and what the Inner Phoenix is all about!