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A podcast by female veterans navigating stories and issues related to all things military and beyond

A podcast by female veterans navigating stories and issues related to all things military and beyond
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A podcast by female veterans navigating stories and issues related to all things military and beyond






Part I: Human Trafficking - What You Didn't Know

Are we being trained on human trafficking correctly? What does it actually look like in common day practices? The Sierra Hotel Echo team investigates it further to answer those questions and to figure out if the military community exacerbate this issue further. The team speaks with Kara from Deliver Fund, who is non-profit organization that equips, trains, advices law enforcement on combatting human trafficking. They use the methodology used for counter terrorism that hunts down potential...


The Dirty F-Word

Lets establish the platform of Sierra Hotel Echo. Tell us what comes to mind when you think of the term "feminism" at or Sponsors: (code:...


Veteran's Day: Hero or Homeless

This episode targets the idea that maybe someone's service actually doesn’t make them a hero. It’s a little dramatic of an idea, but the Sierra Hotel Echo team breaks down hero worshipping and why it actually makes a lot of veterans feel uncomfortable. Additionally, the team explores the idea of the binary titles that the media covers on Veteran's day of either heroes or health victims. And gathers some data from the audience and vocalizes substitutes instead of thanking someone for their...


Should Women Be in Combat?

In 2014, the Marine Corps conducted the Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force study at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and Twentynine Palms, California to examine the impact of integrating women into combat occupations. The study found that women sustained significantly higher injury rates than men, were less accurate with infantry weapons and had more difficulty moving “wounded” troops off the battlefield. But was the study conducted fairly or was it set up for failure? Listen to the...


The Complexities of Our America w/ Rapper Luey Northern

Brooklyn born rapper Luey Northern joins the show this week to discuss his activity duty career and his creative background. He tells the audience how he incorporates his views of military culture into his music and discusses further the Nike endorsement of Colin Kapernick. Later on, hosts Kaitlin and James digest what Luey spoke of and apply it to the current divisive culture we find ourselves in and the concept of "othering" and how it can lead to wars. Check out Luey Northern's music on...


October's Monthly Round Up

This week's episode recaps on the past three episodes that aired in October and what was learned from the show's guests. Listen to Kaitlin and James synthesize and decompress on the content from the Kavanaugh hearing to toxic masculinity to buying and renting a home! Like what you're hearing? Go ahead and like and share our social media! Instagram - Want to write in with questions or...


Home Sweet VA Loan w/ Ashley and Mayse

This week's episode is focused on housing -- did you know to optimize your buying power when buying a home the ideal balance on a credit card is only 2%? Ashley and Mayse, two real estate experts, discuss the in's and out's and other valuable information. Mayse is a mortgage lender and Ashley is a real estate agent. The Sierra Hotel Echo crew discuss the process of buying a home, using VA home loans, and renting. Additionally, the do’s and don’ts in the housing market and tailor that to the...


Boys Will Be Boys W/ Tanner

This week's episode we continue on our theme of sexual assault reporting in the military with our guest Tanner. He served in the Marines and is currently finishing his undergrad at University of Colorado Denver while serving as a student veteran advocate. Tanner discusses evolving himself after his service and his reckoning with toxic masculinity and his mission to no longer be silent about equality for all people. Like what you're hearing? Go ahead and like and share our social...


Kavanaugh or Kava-did?

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains discussion of rape. This week's episode takes a break from our regular scheduled content in order to speak on the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing. Kaitlin discusses Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's testimony against Judge Kavanaugh to use it as a looking glass into to the parallelism of military sexual assault and the reaction from the general public. Like what you're hearing? Go ahead and like and share our social media! Instagram -...


New Sound, Who Dis?

This week's episode announces some new changes in the show! Sierra Hotel Echo is now based out of Denver, Colorado with a new studio, new team members and even a new direction. Listen in to the show's new technician, James, reserve roles and interview the host Kaitlin about the the podcast and what it aims to achieve. Like what you're hearing? Go ahead and like and share our social media! Instagram - Want to write in with questions or...


A West Point Grad's Perspective

This week, Mandi joins the show to discuss leadership and overcoming obstacles. Mandi is an U.S. Army officer and an alumni of the United States Military Academy at West Point. She discusses her time at West Point and the dynamics between cadets of those from legacy families and those who are fresh faced and attend the academy. Mandi further discusses her active duty career and all the hats that she wears running her unit while pursuing respect from her peers. Interested in hearing more...


The Vagina Whisperer w/ Dr. Nikki Dority

This week, Dr. Nikki Dority joins the show to discuss her time in the U.S. Army as a medical officer and how it framed her future to serve her community once more after she left the army. Afterwards, she became a women's health physical therapist and explains all what the speciality entails and what everyone should know about the pelvic floor, trauma, and overall physical health. Nikki then goes on to explain her newest and greatest endeavor -- creating a community health center that is a...


Two Females and a Marine Talk about Online Dating

This week we we discuss the latest controversies online during #KeyboardConfessionals as the internet uproars for 100th anniversary of women in the Marine Corps - men speak their unfiltered minds about where women belong in the military, if at all.. This week's guest is Ray; a Marine who speaks on the internet debacle, his service, how the Marine's marketing lured him in to prove that he belonged among the few and proud. And as requested by our fans, we discuss online dating. Kaitlin,...


Let's Talk About Suicide w/ Nik

This week we build on last week's episode and discuss mental health in the military more indepthly; medically, administratively and how it affects the unit. Nik joins the show and shares his experience of being medically discharged for Major Depressive Disorder with psychotic tendencies. He explains how slowly his mental health declined and how his unit and medical staff reacted once it began to interfere with the mission. Like what you're hearing? Go ahead and like and share our social...


Isolation & Expression

This week the girls discuss the parallels in the fashion industry and the military community and how both suffer can from isolation within their communities. Malcolm King, CEO & Founder of Exclusive District joins the show to discuss his perspective in fashion and his platform against fast fast fashion. Additionally, Kaitlin, Bobbie, and Malcolm discuss how isolation can affect mental health and one's resiliency towards hard times, then debunk myths about suicide. Do you like our styled...


The Woes of Leadership w/ MSgt Chris McGhee (Ret.)

Master Sergeant Chris McGhee, USAF (Ret.) joins the show this week to look back on the highs and lows of his 20 year career, but more importantly to share his perspective as a senior enlisted leader. He shares some stories of the confrontation between trying to lead his troops while also trying to execute his unit's mission to the best capability. While dually finding himself in the predicament of handling the pressure from leadership above him to expedite productivity, while being...


Expect the Female Veteran w/ Dr. Karen Gallagher

First, Katrina helps breaks down this week's #KeyBoardConfessionals as someone on twitter suggests a new nickname for Chick-Fil-A meals and Katrina to divulges her fast food chicken preferences. Dr. Karen Gallagher then joins the show to discuss her military career in the U.S. Army and why she chose to be Airborne above anything else. She discusses how her military career laid down the foundation for her to pursue her civilian career as a Speech Language Pathologist upon her separation from...


Revenge Porn, Immigration & Hair Regs... Ohh My!

Introducing #KeyBoardConfessionals, Katrina is now an official permanent fixture in the podcast and will help the ladies call people of the internet out. This week the topic is a Facebook post discussing women reposting unsolicited sexual pictures they receive from men for their entire feed to view.. is this wrong or right? Tell us what you think on our social media! Then, Bobbie and Kaitlin discuss the latest news story in which a Chinese immigrant was discharged from the Army due to...


No Ragrets.. Getting Out of the Military

This week Kaitlin shares more of her transition from active duty to full fledge civilian and the hardships along the way with the VA and adjusting to being a full time student. Bobbie discuses her decision process on her future in her career - should she stay in, should she get out, should she cross train into another career field? Lastly, the ladies discuss more on mental health and learning disorders. Like what you're hearing? Go ahead and like and share our social media! Facebook -...


Mimosas & Feminism w/ Katrina

Bobbie and Kaitlin welcome Katrina onto the show -- Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force and currently works on F-16 weapon systems whilst being fabulous in her downtime. Katrina discusses her career thus far and the assignments and airframes she has worked on alongside the struggle of maintaining relationships personally and romantically while being in. Lastly, Katrina speaks on the unequal treatment she has witnessed in her career and why she believes it is that way....