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A podcast by female veterans navigating stories and issues related to all things military and beyond

A podcast by female veterans navigating stories and issues related to all things military and beyond
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A podcast by female veterans navigating stories and issues related to all things military and beyond






Isolation & Expression

This week the girls discuss the parallels in the fashion industry and the military community and how both suffer can from isolation within their communities. Malcolm King, CEO & Founder of Exclusive District joins the show to discuss his perspective in fashion and his platform against fast fast fashion. Additionally, Kaitlin, Bobbie, and Malcolm discuss how isolation can affect mental health and one's resiliency towards hard times, then debunk myths about suicide. Do you like our styled...


The Woes of Leadership w/ MSgt Chris McGhee (Ret.)

Master Sergeant Chris McGhee, USAF (Ret.) joins the show this week to look back on the highs and lows of his 20 year career, but more importantly to share his perspective as a senior enlisted leader. He shares some stories of the confrontation between trying to lead his troops while also trying to execute his unit's mission to the best capability. While dually finding himself in the predicament of handling the pressure from leadership above him to expedite productivity, while being...


Expect the Female Veteran w/ Dr. Karen Gallagher

First, Katrina helps breaks down this week's #KeyBoardConfessionals as someone on twitter suggests a new nickname for Chick-Fil-A meals and Katrina to divulges her fast food chicken preferences. Dr. Karen Gallagher then joins the show to discuss her military career in the U.S. Army and why she chose to be Airborne above anything else. She discusses how her military career laid down the foundation for her to pursue her civilian career as a Speech Language Pathologist upon her separation...


EP 008 - Revenge Porn, Immigration & Hair Regs... Ohh My!

Introducing #KeyBoardConfessionals, Katrina is now an official permanent fixture in the podcast and will help the ladies call people of the internet out. This week the topic is a Facebook post discussing women reposting unsolicited sexual pictures they receive from men for their entire feed to view.. is this wrong or right? Tell us what you think on our social media! Then, Bobbie and Kaitlin discuss the latest news story in which a Chinese immigrant was discharged from the Army due to...


EP 007 - No Ragrets.. Getting Out of the Military

This week Kaitlin shares more of her transition from active duty to full fledge civilian and the hardships along the way with the VA and adjusting to being a full time student. Bobbie discuses her decision process on her future in her career - should she stay in, should she get out, should she cross train into another career field? Lastly, the ladies discuss more on mental health and learning disorders. Like what you're hearing? Go ahead and like and share our social media! Facebook -...


Ep 006 - Mimosas & Feminism w/ Katrina

Bobbie and Kaitlin welcome Katrina onto the show -- Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force and currently works on F-16 weapon systems whilst being fabulous in her downtime. Katrina discusses her career thus far and the assignments and airframes she has worked on alongside the struggle of maintaining relationships personally and romantically while being in. Lastly, Katrina speaks on the unequal treatment she has witnessed in her career and why she believes it is that way....


Ep 005 - Parental Leave Debacle & Sexual Assault Prosecution

This week Bobbie and Kaitlin discuss current issues in the military amongst their individual monthly shenanigans. First, they tackle the new parental leave policies issued by the Air Force for all mothers, fathers, and service members with newly adopted children and why some are so upset by it. Then, they journey down the rabbit hole of sexual assault in the military after discussing the current Military Justice Improvement Act that aims to take away judgment from unit commanders and...


Ep 004 - NFL Kneeling & More W/ Caleb

This week Caleb joins the show and we discuss how racial issues intersect with military culture and how some of those same issues in society parallel with issues women face in the military. Like what you're hearing? Go ahead and like and share our social media: Facebook - @SierraHotelEchoPodcast Instagram - @sierrahotelecho.podcast


Ep 003 - Father's Day Special

This week in honors of Father's Day, Bobbie and Kaitlin discuss their less than ideal relationships with their fathers and the complexity behind those relationships. Go ahead and like and share our social media: Facebook - @SierraHotelEchoPodcast Instagram - @sierrahotelecho.podcast


Ep 002 - Careers, Assignments, & Marriages

This episode features Bobbie and Kaitlin discussing their military careers, what assignments and locations they were assigned to, how their son's pivoted their careers and how the residual relationships with their son's father impacted their lives. email:


Ep 001 - Get to Know Us

Welcome to the first of many episodes that will cover all things military and beyond, but from the perspective of the female military service member/veteran.