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The Perfect Blend of Business and Martial Arts with Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Practitioner, James Kilpatrick

Today Wade interviews James Kilpatrick. James is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and has a commercial real estate business in San Francisco. James perfectly represents the blending of martial arts and business by taking the same approach with both. He’s always open to trying new tactics and new ways of doing business — the same goes for his training in BJJ. James has practiced in the martial arts since an early age. In college, he boxed and wrestled but it was there that he...


Life of a Lawyer and Black Belt in Krav Maga with Raphael Gutierrez

Today Wade has a fun interview with his good friend, Raphael Gutierrez. Raphael is a lawyer on Uber’s legal team, leading the trademarks group, and has a black belt in Krav Maga. Raphael has a full life, from a day job of supporting the Uber trademark globally — whether that’s overseeing disputes, to managing licensing and domains — to balance his family life, and training in Krav Maga. This episode, Raphael talks about his first introduction into martial arts, his journey to earning...


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s Dirty Dozen, David Meyer

If you have any interest in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the history behind it you’re going to love today’s interview on The Bay Area Martial Arts Podcast. Wade interviews one of the original BJJ “Dirty Dozen”: David Meyer. He was one of the first twelve people to get their BJJ black belt outside of Brazil. Starting back in the ‘90s, he has a tremendous history from the more traditional side of Jiu-Jitsu to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He’s a major advocate for BJJ, the vegan lifestyle, and animal...


Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructor and Tech Entrepreneur, Danny Marks

If you do a martial art and you enjoy watching the UFC, you may have pondered what it would be like to be in a professional fight. As Wade says though, if you’re anywhere around 155 lbs and you meet Danny Marks, you might have a second thought on that idea. Danny is a seven-time professional fighter, six wins, one loss. He’s a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructor and even has a small tech project on the side. Danny is incredibly humble with an interesting background and has many interesting...


The Martial Arts Playground: Soja Mind/Body

Wade’s guest today is Peter Ajemian, of Soja Mind/Body — a physical fitness studio in Berkeley, California. The Soja studio is really more of a “playground” in martial arts — you don’t learn a certain style, but instead, they offer a variety of courses ranging from traditional self-defense to yoga and Tai Chi. They also offer classes to a range of ages; adults, children, and seniors. The combination of elements makes for a very unique environment — very different from your traditional...


Mother’s Day Special with Whitney Arnautou, Mother of Three and Kenpo Black Belt

In light of the recent Mother's Day celebration, Wade appropriately interviews a tough mother of three. Whitney is a stay at home mom who decided that she needed something that was going to engage her physically and mentally — and tennis just wasn’t going to cut it. In 2005, after her youngest child went off to Kindergarten, she decided to truly put this plan into action and entered a nearby martial arts studio. Since then, she’s earned her black belt in Kenpo Karate. Something...


Running an Aikido Studio and IT Company with Rob Schenk

Most — if not all — martial artists appreciate the community in which they study. Wade Pitt’s guest today, Rob Schenk, enjoyed it so much that when the head instructor decided to potentially shut down the studio he was studying at (due to their age), he stepped up — not only as an instructor — but to run the studio. At the time, Rob was already running his own business in IT services but managed to juggle both his love for Aikido and the growth of his company. Rob first got serious...


Rory Miller: Versatile Martial Artist, Corrections Officer, and Prolific Writer

“I get paid (and paid well) to go into a situation, usually alone and usually outnumbered by sixty or more criminals, and maintain order. I prevent them from preying on each other or attacking officers. That’s the job. Now, since I don’t fight every day or even every week (anymore — I’m a sergeant now, one step behind the front line) most of the minutes and hour of the day are pretty easy, far too easy for what they are paying me. But every once in a while on a really, really ugly night, I...


How Distilled Lessons in Martial Arts Training Corresponds in Your Personal and Professional Life, with 5th Degree Black Belt in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu, Pete St. Pierre

Wade’s guest today really resonates with the idea of how distilled lessons in the martial arts correspond with personal and professional lives. Pete St. Pierre is the Senior Services Product Manager of the Internet of Things (IoT) Division at Cisco Systems, here in Santa Clara, CA. He also sits on The American Judo and Jujitsu Federation as the Operations Committee Chair. Pete is extremely methodical — not only in his martial arts training — but in his personal and professional life. He...


Balancing Family, Business, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Arvind Gupta, MMA Fighter and Venture Capitalist

Wade’s guest on today’s Bay Area Martial Arts Podcast is venture capitalist and MMA fighter, Arvind Gupta. During the evening and weekends, you can find Arvind mountain climbing, BASE Jumping, and practicing his skills in MMA or BJJ — but during the day he risks money as a venture capitalist and works as the managing director at the company he founded, Indie Bio, investing in biotech and life science companies that are looking to scale. In this conversation with Arvind they discuss some...


(Part B) Kris Wilder: Author, Black Belt, Head Instructor, and Strategic Life Coach

This episode, Wade continues his interview with Kris Wilder. This is the second half of a two-part interview. When Wade Pitts first began teaching as a self-defense instructor, one of the first books he read on the topic was The Little Black Book of Violence: What Every Young Man Needs to Know About Fighting, by Kris Wilder and Lawrence Kane. The premise of the book was very clear: always avoid an altercation if possible; avoid violence. Today, he interviews one of the authors of the...


Author, Black Belt in Several Martial Arts, Head Instructor, and Strategic Life Coach, Kris Wilder (Part A)

This interview is split into two parts. This is part A. When Wade Pitts first began teaching as a self-defense instructor, one of the first books he read on the topic was The Little Black Book of Violence: What Every Young Man Needs to Know About Fighting, by Kris Wilder and Lawrence Kane. The premise of the book was very clear: always avoid an altercation if possible; avoid violence. Today, he interviews one of the authors of the book, Kris Wilder. Kris has a wide range of...


Professional Muay Thai World Champion, Chike Lindsay

Wade’s guest today is Chike Lindsay, a professional Muay Thai world champion and MMA fighter from Atlanta, Georgia. Chike has won many titles throughout his career, has eight champion belts, and has fought some of the best fighters in the world — but through it all, he still remains extremely humble. He also has a background in Electrical Engineering — earning his degree from Georgia Tech — which he attributes to some of his greater understanding of Muay Thai in regards to stamina...


The Perfect Blend Between WingChun and Chinese Medicine, with Sifu Paul Wang

This episode, Wade Pitts interviews Sifu Paul Wang — a practitioner of WingChun. Paul has a bit of a “traditional, non-traditional” background in the martial arts. Originally born in Taiwan, his family immigrated to the United States, moving to Utah, then to Chicago. He got his first exposure to the martial arts from Judo, then later moved back to Taiwan where he became more immersed in the martial arts. Moving once more, back to the U.S., he began learning integrative biology with an...


Movie Star and Owner of Two Martial Arts Schools, Jino Kang

It’s not often that Wade gets to interview a movie star — and today he does just that. Jino Kang has written, directed and starred in two full-length motion pictures based on martial arts. On top of that, he owns two successful martial arts schools in the Bay Area. In this podcast, Wade and Jino discuss his original passion, Hapkido, which he learned from his father; how he became a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner; and how he opened two different martial arts school based on two...


Distilling the Principles of Aikido into Her Business, with Wendy Palmer

Today, Wade interviews Wendy Palmer, who first began training in Aikido in 1971. Currently, she’s a 6th degree black belt. She has taken the lessons learned from Aikido into her personal development business, Leadership Embodiment, where she teaches mindfulness and leadership to business executives. Her goal is to bring the principles she has gained from Aikido and bring them to those who would otherwise not train in the martial arts. On top of that, she is one of the founders and teachers...


Continuing the Founder’s Legacy at E.Y. Lee Kung Fu School with Sifu Mark Messner

In this episode of the Bay Area Martial Arts Podcast, Wade Pitts interviews Sifu Mark Messner of the E.Y. Lee Kung Fu School in San Francisco, in the Richmond District. E.Y. Lee Kung Fu School has been around since 1975 and in the mid-’80s, it moved to the location it’s currently located, on Balboa St. One of the particularly fascinating things about the E.Y. Lee Kung Fu School is that the Founder, Sifu E.Y. Lee, passed away in 2013. And instead of ‘folding up shop’ or having one person...


Martial Arts Translating into the Workplace: How Training Can Improve Your Work Ethic

In this episode of the Bay Area Martial Arts Podcast, Wade Pitts interviews Paul Nikhinson, Senior Counsel at Airbnb and avid trainer in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu — who recently has earned his black belt in the sport. Today’s episode highlights how the lessons learned in Martial Arts training can truly translate into a person’s personal and professional life. Paul is a great example of this, and he illustrates the lessons he has learned from training in Jiu-Jitsu in a really practical...


Shifting Your Narrative with Russell Redenbaugh

Today’s episode is an inspirational one. Wade Pitts interviews Russell Redenbaugh, who, at the age of 16, went blind. Inspired by John F. Kennedy’s talk on the space race, he began building his own model rockets, with hopes of becoming a scientist someday. Tragically, the last model rocket he built went horribly wrong and ended up exploding in his face — causing him to not only go blind but lose six of his fingers as well. Russell Redenbaugh however, shifted his narrative; living a life...


Balancing a Family Business While Training in the Martial Arts with Richard Goldstein

Today Wade interviews Richard Goldstein, who has been training in the Martial Arts in a variety of styles for over 50 years. Richard also runs a family business called The Copy Shop and Printing Company in San Rafael — a business that has been in his family for over 43 years. The two parts of his world meld perfectly together to enrich all aspects of his life. Richard began practicing in the Martial Arts from age eight in LA, at a Korean-based school. When he moved out to San Francisco...