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A podcast covering pop culture, music and movies plus other topical news items from a guy’s perspective. A little comedy, a little irreverence but no bad intentions. Not for young ones.


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A podcast covering pop culture, music and movies plus other topical news items from a guy’s perspective. A little comedy, a little irreverence but no bad intentions. Not for young ones.




Episode 399 - The Penultimate Episode

Hey True Believers, This was a fun episode that the three of us did remotely. I've talked about this before and I will again: the next episode; number 400 will be the last episode of the show...for a while? forever? I'm not really sure to be honest. I really need a break and IF we come back it will be a recalibrated, refocused, and reconfigured show. Chris is planning on doing his own thing and that's great! I imagine it will be similar to this show and Martin will probably continue to be Martin, just not publically. I am going to be very busy for a while. Work is picking up, my son will be back in school, I'm recording with two bands and I just really need a break. We live in very different times from when I started the show nine years ago. I feel like we've been spinning our wheels for a while now also so if we come back it will not look, sound or be what we're doing now. It will be similar but not the same. Episode 400 will take some time to get together because what I'd like to do is do it in person and have Todd and Jesse in the studio with us and go out on a high note. It's possible that can't or won't happen but it would be nice for us to go out or take a long hiatus on an episode like that. In any case have a great weekend and hopefully we'll have Episode 400 out in the next several weeks. - Kevin HTH


EPISODE 398 - Film Franchises

Hey True Believers, the countdown to episode 400 continues! I still don't know what we will do but I'd like to do something special for it. Today we cover successful film franchises and some of them are rather surprising! Take care of yourselves! - Kevin HTH


Episode 397 - Some Decent Audio!

Hey True Believers, we finally have some good sounding audio! I found out that Chris was checking his levels by talking as low as possible....I can't even make that up! In any case, this was a spur of the moment thing and we hit record at my house. I experimented with some plug-ins to remove any ambient reverb from my living room. Hope ya'll dig it! - Kevin HTH


Episode 396 - Terminal Hubris

Hey True Belivers, as I get closer to episode 400 I can't believe all the weird and crazy places the show has gone and reached. I keep saying it but all I wanted was to see one episode on iTunes. All these years later and it's still cool to me. I guess the plan is to take an extended hiatus and regroup, recalibrate and figure out what to do if we will do anything after 400 plus episodes. There isn't much of a plan because let's face it; plans fail. So I'm just going to see what happens. I would like to have all the guys who have been on the show to come back on and if 400 is the last one, go out with a great episode where we are all back together, even if it's one last time. - Kevin HTH


Episode 395 - Remote Detonation?

Hey True Believers, we are back with another episode but this time we are remote due to work restraints. I really do prefer the energy of doing shows in-person but with how busy this summer is with work I do not know if that will happen as often as I would like. Also, with car issues it makes it even harder so the choice is not do shows or do something like this. In any case, I am glad we are back and I hope you all are enjoying the start of the summer! - Kevin HTH


Episode 394 - Just Like Old Times

Hey True Believers, After last episode's nightmares I needed a week off. Hopefully this one will not have the issue's of the last one where it wouldn't post, and if it did it wouldn't completely play, etc. This episode had a really good energy to it. We were back in the old studio and even broadcast the video live on our Facebook page. I haven't been on Facebook in years and haven't tried to do live video in even longer so it was a crash course refresher in a lot of ways for us. I feel like this could be a really good second wind for us. I won't lie it felt really good to be back in there with everyone. I expect my work schedule to present some challenges this summer but all in all I'm looking forward to doing the show reguarly from the studio and getting our views back up, having guests come in and have that old energy that's been tangiblly missing for some time now. Have a great weekend


Episode 393 - The Episode That Will Not Post!

Hey True Believers, I do not know why this episode will not post, I have tried multiple times. Maybe it's the intro audio from Young Frankenstein I'm not sure but I have tried and tried. If this keeps up I'm just done because I don't have the energy to constantly fight with this podcasting host (who will not be named). If this continues to happen it's been a fun run but time to call it a day. This is honestly my last attempt to publish it. If you're reading this it means it did and if it doesn't post this is just therapy at this point writing out pointless nonsense. - Kevin HTH


Episode 392 - Martin's Evil Family Vacation

Hey True Believers, sorry for the break. Life gets in the way sometimes what can I say. I think what we are going to do is do 400 of these and then rehaul everything. Logo, format, topics, etc. Maybe even the name I'm not sure. In any case we might take a break to figure it out after 400 but I assure you we won't be ending. In this episode Martin talks about his family vacation to...Salem. No, really. - Kevin HTH


Episode 391 - The Last of The Last of Us

Hey True Belivers, this week we cover the Last of Us finale and Martin seemingly just doesn't get it, or having a penis for an arm. Who knows, am I right? Have a great weekend! - Kevin HTH


Episode 390 - Not Suitable For Human Consumption

Hey True Believers, have you ever just woken up in a bad mood? You can't really place why but you just have this blanket of FTW hanging over you? Yeah me too. I can't really figure out why but that's where my headspace is at this morning. Take care of yourselves out there in the crazy world. - Kevin HTH


Episode 389 - Post Apocalyptic Stories

Hey True Believers, we did this one remote because of time contraints but I think it was a good one nonetheless. We talk about The Last of Us and go down a rabbit hole of post-apocalyptic stories in books and cinema. Have a great weekend! - Kevin HTH


Episode 388 - Wireless Mics in the Studio

Hey True Believers, We are back for the second straight week in a row in the studio. Is the audio as good as I'd like it? No. We are getting there though. We are using wirless mics. Don't ask me why but we are trying new things and will probablt start the video again if that's what ya'll want. Have a great weekend. - Kevin HTH


Episode 387 - Back In Studio

Hey True Believers, we are back in the old studio for the first time in over a year! Becuse of this the audio is clipping and does not sound as good as I would like. It is a huge point of contention with all of the audio any case I am going to fix the audio issues at the source (Chris) and next week we will sound better. Have a great weekend folks! - Kevin HTH


Episode 386 - The Last Of Us Review and Other Stuff

Hey True Believers, sorry for getting this out a day late, my pc crashed. Well, not just crashed, it crashed and the pc I've used for the past eight years with all of my presets is toast lol. This is not the worst thing in the world. I have a new iMac and it is a much better machine and it is forcing me to change some things. So please be paitent with me while I figure out some of the new features I have. In all honesty I am going to use this as an oppurtunity to freshen things up. I really want 2023 to be a year where I utilize things to the fullest. Have a great weekend folks - Kevin HTH


Episode 385 - Pro Wrestling Is Real

Hey True Believers, this week we discuss the crazy Vince McMahon and WWE drama that is unfolding behind the scenes! Have a great weekend! - Kevin HTH


Episode 384 - Happy New Year...I Guess

Hey True Believers, I hope you are all having a good week and are finally back into the swing of things from the holidays. This week we are all in and have a wide variety of topics to discuss. Take care of yourselves, Kevin HTH


Episode 383 - Christmas Spirit

Hey True Believers, this was just myself and Chris this week. Martin is off running around doing holiday stuff. Kinda ironic for someone who is a devil worshiper but hey who am I to judge? This was a little dark at times but the holiday season is a little dark for many so I felt it was appropriate. Take care folks! - Kevin HTH


Episode 382 - Christmas Horror

Hey True Believers, It feels like yesterday the summer was ending and not only is it almost Christmas, but 2022 is almost over! Time Flies!! - Kevin HTH


Episode 381 - Martin's Sexcapades

Hey True Believers, I hope you are all well and I cannot believe that we are less than two weeks away from Thanksgiving here in the States!! Crazy how fast time moves anymore...and how expensive everything seems to be right now...thanks Sleepy Joe! Have a great weekend! - Kevin HTH


Episode 380 - Attack the Radical!!

Hey True Believers, I hope this finds you all well and we are only a few short days away from the best holiday of the year; Halloween. It's the best holiday season. Undisputed. No family, no stress, no buying gifts, just candy, costumes and horror movies all month...that is if you don't watch horror all the time anyways. I hope you all have a happy and safe trick or treating! - Kevin HTH