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🌲 Monument is a global community bound together by the transformative power of music, art and human connection. Join our magical Festival in 2024:


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🌲 Monument is a global community bound together by the transformative power of music, art and human connection. Join our magical Festival in 2024:



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MNMT 415 : Adelia

Taking the helm for episode 415 Barcelona based Adelia brings her brand of hypnotic techno to Monument. Originating from Prague Adelia has been growing her name in various cities around Europe showcasing her ability to create unique journeys for each occasion. Follow :


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MNMT Label Showcase : Space Textures

MNMT Label Showcase presents Space Textures mixed by Fernie (@ferniemusic) Space Textures is a label created by Glasgow based Fernie with a view to curating and bringing to the fore atmospheric deep techno. Founded in 2020 Space Textures has now released over 100 tracks from artists all across the world showcasing both upcoming and already established acts. The label continues to build upon the original ethos staying true to the concept of releasing music that holds emotional value and resonates with the wider cosmos. Presented here are both current and upcoming works from the Space Textures catalog. Tracklist: Sasa Delimar : Fejk Motion Symmetry : Deepsphere Fernie : Signet III (Klara Dreamstate Remix) Petit Astronaute : A Curved Blade Droneghost : Hova Submoyale : The Lighthouse Kryss Hypnowave : Wolf359 Kontinum : Aibophobia Feph & Mr. Tron : Eis Mechanist : Kalahari Artificial DRM : Anatolian Petit Astronaute : Lack Of Language (Alexskyspirit Remix) Droneghost : The Vents Mechanist : Coerceo (Vanta Remix) Kryss Hypnowave : Betelgeuse (Absis Remix) John Plaza : Aerodynamic (Svarog Remix) Pattrn : Silhouette Fook Yue : Polaris Fernie : Ethereal (Edit Select Remix) Kalumet : 8 Billion Thoughts (!nertia Remix) Deepbass : Tycho 04061 : Point Un Ancestral Landscapes : Ethereal Horizon Booz : Suspended Booz : Orizzonte Kalumet : Spring Theory Sam Wilson : Crimson Skies Cauê : Hahasiah Follow:


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MNMT 414 : Tammo Hesselink

Tammo Hesselink is a Dutch DJ, producer & resident at Amsterdam’s Garage Noord and has releases on Delsin, Blank Mind, Nous'Klaer Audio and Midgar. Tammo Hesselink likes to play around with many different rhythms. In terms of both what he makes and what he spins, he is drawn to stripped-back building blocks that allow him to get creative and find new sounds in what he combines. Whether that's the bass-driven swagger of UK sounds or the more psychedelic and loopy end of techno, what he does is mix it all into something unpredictable yet compelling. Follow:


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MNMT Recordings : Pianeti Sintetici (live) @ Positive Education 2023

Pianeti Sintetici ('synthetic planets' in Italian) is a new conceptual project by Davide Perrone (Primal Code) that draws inspiration from the factories of Magrathea, a planet in Douglas Adams' classic space opera The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, where artificial planets are manufactured on commission. “This concept has always fascinated me, and I chose the name to frame a hypothetical future of synthetic worlds, told with sound,' Davide says. 'I like to imagine the howls of creatures inhabiting solar systems outside our own. Rarefied atmospheres, alien sequences, and unfamiliar tonal scales. So, I see Pianeti Sintetici as an open-ended design research project where I can explore these inspirations.” Pianeti Sintetici already has three stand out releases on the legendary Hypnus records and has played a string of mind bending shows, including this mix, which is a live set from the 2023 edition of Positive Education. Tune in for high fidelity alien psychadelia teased over hypnotizing interstellar grooves 👽👾🛸 Follow


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MNMT 413 : Faery

London based Faery joins our journey with an out of this world voyage. Featuring stuttering rhythms and sweeping pads she treats us to a unique session expertly crafted recorded exclusively for Monument. Follow : Tracklist : Mombi Yuleman - Abductee Simon Shreeve & Karl O’Connor - Skin Of The Sea Mønic - Blink Relic Radiation - Haunted Thoughts Mateo Hurtado - A Door Opens (Framed By Stars) Sciama - God Molecule Solarythm - When Matter Dissolves Fergus Sweetland - Itch the Scratch Öjskog - Snow/Silence Mwamwa - OiOiiO Sciama - Wild Embers Ana Rs - We Are Ascending CAIV - Cymbalism EM + STAV - Odd (Forest Drive West Remix) Polar Inertia - Deflection V Comarobot - Hwan Lak (ft. Dasom & Purusha) Esteban Miranda - Damage Pyramidal Decode - Y Aun No Se Van! Ntogn - Ba’al Jeans 蒙 Meng - The Memory Palace Polar Inertia - Interlude (Sound Stroke)


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MNMT 412 : Loe

Episode 412 comes direct from Japan via the talents of Loe. Loe delivers a strong tale utilising her skills to open a world of sustained grooves and layered textures for maximum immersion. Follow :


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MNMT 411 : Dario Duegra

Barcelona based Dario Duegra is a Spanish DJ and Producer he is the mind behind Node Records and has been making waves across Europe with his energetic atmospheric techno. Join us for a 72 minute workout showcasing his sound the perfect powerful trip for episode 411. Follow :


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MNMT 410 : GiGi FM

Giulia Fournier-Mercadante (GiGi FM) is a multi-disciplinary artist, DJ, resident of NTS Radio, dancer and music producer. Boldly versatile, GiGi FM’s selections have charmed bodies on dancefloors all across the world, such as Berghain, Rural Japan, Draaimolen, Fabric, De School, Primavera, The Bunker New York, and Sustain Release. In the booth her genre-defying spirit is in full effect with techno, bass, breaks and ambient all coming in to play. Deeply influenced by astrology, philosophy and the cosmos; for GiGi, music is both a tool for expression and introspection. As a multi- hyphenate artist, she continues on her quest to push artistic boundaries and hold space for unique audience experiences. Whatever medium she may adopt, the result is a rich embodiment of the interconnectedness of sound, colour, movement and metaphysics. Here are GiGi’s words about the mix : "In the heart's silent chamber, truth whispers, A dance of light and shadow, as the spirit quivers. Embrace the darkness, for it delivers, The light of self-love, as the soul considers." Follow:


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MNMT 409 : 3.14

Here on this day 3/14 (or 14/3 depending on where you are in the world) we present 3.14 for MNMT 409. 3.14 is the electronic music project of Alex π, Greek born and Berlin based dj, producer, record label co-founder of 'Modal Analysis' and the mind behind project ‘π’: the Pi Electronics label and its event series. 3.14’s sound crosses over different shades of techno, with particular focus on an industrial and psychedelic leaning taste. 2024 marks the 10th anniversary of ᾽π᾽, with showcases in Europe and Asia scheduled in the upcoming months, as well as special releases on the Pi Electronics label. Follow: SC: IG: FB:


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Monument Waves 002 : ASIP

For the next edition of Monument Waves, we are honored to welcome ASIP, which is the DJ name of Ryan Griffin, founder of the legendary A Strangely Isolated Place label and the radio station. Here ASIP presents a stunning mix featuring ambient, electronica, IDM, dub techno and more, where almost every track has been turned into a loop to bring to life the idea of "waves" as loops - continuous unfolding of repetitive patterns. “Taking inspiration from the podcast series’ title, I aimed to create a mix that focused on repetition and layers, as if staring out to sea watching blankets of waves roll in from miles out; changing in intensity, but forever calming in their unbound repetition.” Follow


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MNMT 408 : Görkem Özkaynak

Görkem Özkaynak joins us for MNMT 408 a member of the Monument family Görkem originates from Turkey and focuses on deep and atmospheric sounds both in his productions and mixes. This session continues that journey inviting the listener to enjoy a trip into winding hypnotic realms. Follow :


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MNMT 407 : Polo & Steffen Bennemann

Polo and Steffen Bennemann are two old friends who have been playing together for many years: There is a deep connection that also expresses itself sonically - above all the joy of telling a story together, each with their own means, in constant dialog. This recording shows the two of them in one of their favourite places: As part of the summer edition of the Berlin party series STAUB, in the garden of a club named about blank. Sunset and pure Techno. Follow:


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Monument Records Promo Mix : D-Leria

We are delighted to present this mix by D-Leria, and, at the same time, announce his album with Monument Records - Multiverso. Much like the album, this mix takes on a wild ride of abstract soundscapes complex rhythms and intricate sound design. Guaranteed to make you sweat. Multiverso is ready to be pre-ordered now via Bandcamp, and will see the light of day at the end of April. Follow: @d-leria


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MNMT Label Showcase : Northallsen Records

MNMT Label Showcase presents Northallsen Records mixed by Aleja Sanchez (@djalejasanchez) Northallsen Records is an electronic music label founded in Bogotá, Colombia in 2016 by Aleja Sanchez. The label's sound embraces the realms of hypnotism and explores the fusion between organic soundscapes, experimental and acoustic elements, with the powerful load of techno music, revealing a sonic narrative that flows between the mysticism of ancestral cultures and the spiritual power of nature. In order to build the concept, far away from trying to emulate a sound, the label curation is focused on artists with their own identity and particular voice, with a foundation into their musical and artistic proposals. Recent releases have featured the likes of Oscar Mulero, Deepbass, Reggy van Oers, Magna Pia, Polygonia, Tekra, !nertia, Psyk, Laertes, Iori and founder Aleja Sanchez. The label is intended to keep and highlight the deepness and beauty of techno and electronic music since Northallsen considers music as a tool to help bring harmony and peace in the middle of the tragic war-related situation we all are facing currently around the world. TRACKLIST NTS032-Martin Goodwin-Descent NTS035-Sqeef - Equilibrium Point NTS029-Svarog - Decepticons (Alderaan Remix) NTS046-Reggy Van Oers & Aleja Sanchez - Estado de Empatía NTSAL004-Tekra-Ybbob NTSRAI001-Reggy van Oers-Flexible Morality NTSRAI001-Oscar Mulero - Form of Subsistence NTS019-JustLocal - Persistence NTSRAI002-Tekra - Iridecence NTS028-Infinity (CRO) - Space drone (Sandra Mosh remix) NTS-041-Sqeef - Flickering Lights NTSRAI002-Aleja Sanchez--Frozen eyes NTSLTD003-CHPTR - Apodictic Certitude NTSAL004-Tekra-Skogafoss NTS041-Sqeef - Instanton NTSLTD001-Aleja Sanchez-Caelum NTSRAI001-Deepbass-Sietch NTS046-Reggy Van Oers & Aleja Sanchez - Respiración Circular NTSLTD003-Oscar Mulero - Self Determination NTSRAI003-Psyk - Yugen NTS035-Sqeef & Strom (UA) - Disturbed Motion NTSLTD002-Aleja Sanchez & Dino Sabatini-El Resplandor de los Ciervos NTSRAI003-Inertia - El Respiro de la Tierra NTS025-Tekra - Eudaimonia NTS046-Reggy Van Oers & Aleja Sanchez - El Mito del Alma FOLLOW:


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MNMT Recordings : Souleiman @ Metropolis - October 2023

Debuting his lunar convoy alias in 2015, Souleiman has since carved his own path in the Brussels scene, with a very recent switch to his real first name. The French artist is blazing an uncompromising trail, with a precise, infallible signature that's at once minimalist, mental and multi-genre, combining the qualities of a high-flying digger with a seasoned mastery of the turntables and a deep sense of narrative. While co-running the deep techno imprint NORITE (with Foreign Material), he launched his own experimental label called efja, alongside a monthly residency at Kiosk Radio. This mix was recorded at the Metropolis party back in October 2023, where Souleiman is also a resident DJ, playing the closing slot after Konduku and Sonhan. Image: Timnah Sommerfeldt Follow:


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MNMT Live : Feral @ Kuudes Linja, Helsinki

Dive into a dark hypnotic journey with Feral recorded at Kuudes Linja, Helsinki, presented by IKONO. This exclusive live set captures pulsating rhythms and melodies, creating an unforgettable experience. Follow :


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MNMT 406 : Medulla Oblongata

Medulla Oblongata provides the soundtrack for MNMT 406 a seasoned artist he is TRÊVE cofounder, resident and curator. Undertaking an energetic expedition a major dose of techno power awaits the listener. Follow : Tracklist : Letherique - Solace [] D-Leria - Equilibrium [Concrete Serie] Notzing - Zulaw II [:knotzept:] Blovk - Concrete coil nails [Outside Noises] Na Nich & Vero - Time (Svreca Remix) [Semantica] Pyramidal Decode – Secondo [Edit Select] Translate - Radial Basis [Antiterra] Decoder - The Futurist [Antiterra] Michel Lauriola - Polymer Shock [Modularz] PS11 - Primary Funktion (Lindsey Herbert Remix) [E-HRZN Records] Mersel – Radiate [Diffuse Reality Records] Jakub Kulesza - MDP Dub (矯激 Tool Reform) [Klima] Renna Endplate [Hardtools records] Toki Fuko – Train (Anthony Linell Remix) [Submersive] PTTRNRCRRNT - POTENTIAL 2 [ANAØH] Deluka - Transmission (Amotik Remix) [No Signal] Matthieu Benjamin - Panic Attack [Reverse] dc11 – Seq [Cosmic Wave Records] Sciahri - The Void [Sublunar] FTFL - Propeller [] Sam Wilson - The World As We Imagined [] Shaney - Forward Motion [Illegal Alien] Motion Symmetry - Pulsar Fusion [NFEREE] Crime as Service – Stuxnet [Illegal Alien] ØR1GAMË - Explorando El Territorio [Ethnic Meeting Label] Linear Phase - Transition #2 [Edit Select] STNDRD - Montseny [BAHN] Regent - Embedded In Our Fabric [Arts] Medulla Oblongata - alpha-charlie-alpha-bravo [Sephora, release in march] Coil Breaker - Increased Control [Subsist & Faith Disciplines] Asymetrik - C19H21N3O [Planet Rhythm] David Reina - Designio [Warm Up Recordings] Aztekan - Cosmic Vessel [Modularz] Lidvall - Wrong Direction [Edit Select] Isolated Lines - X40 [Submersive] Droneghost - Lamia [Lett Records] Van Morph - Reliable Promises [Lotus Parable]


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MNMT Live : Droneghost

Droneghost is the main musical project of Jaume Muntsant, producer and dj from Barcelona. The project started in 2015 with the intention of creating a dark sound universe, inspired by David Lynch, Lovecraft, Spanish ghost stories and other mysteries through the combination of techno, ambient and drone elements. Since then he has released his music on several labels such as Space Textures, Circular Limited, Aarden Records or Systolic, as well as on his own Bandcamp. This live set was recorded live at the Midline night organized by ABSIS at LAUT in Barcelona last year. The live set is made up of the sounds, loops and remixed patterns of Droneghost's material, working with Ableton as the main element and accompanied by a drum machine. Follow: Bandcamp: Soundcloud: Facebook: Instagram : Discogs:


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MNMT 405 : Massa

Massa presents 'Foundations for a Journey', a meticulously curated 33-minute experience that showcases his entire musical trilogy recently unveiled on Semantica Records. A perfectly blended deep tunnelling trip awaits the listener for a voyage into the mind of Massa. Tracklist : 1) Inner Depths 2) Dawn of Consciousness 3) Miracle Worker 4) Different Perceptions 5) A Journey Through the Imagination 6) The Seed 7) Understanding the Machine 8) Bringing Order to Chaos 9) No End To Follow :


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MNMT 404 : Clarence Rise

Joining the Monument ranks is French DJ and Producer Clarence Rise here he provides a tunnelling 2 hour trip of deep and energetic techno expertly blended to captivate the listener. Follow :