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ntroducing Adelaide's Fun Breakfast with Jodie Oddy, Mark Aiston & Jason 'Snowy' Carter.

ntroducing Adelaide's Fun Breakfast with Jodie Oddy, Mark Aiston & Jason 'Snowy' Carter.


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ntroducing Adelaide's Fun Breakfast with Jodie Oddy, Mark Aiston & Jason 'Snowy' Carter.




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Adelaide Crows Rory Sloane exposed as Mix1023 fan and Triple M isn't happy

Mix1023 Breakfast host Mark 'Soda' Soderstrom awarded Adelaide Crows Rory Sloane the Showdown medal in the 42nd edition of the South Australian rivalry between Adelaide and Port Adelaide amid some controversy that he was the right man for the job... Sloane texted Soda to confirm 'he wouldn't have wanted anyone else to award the medal' but it seems rivalry station Triple M Drive show Jars & Louie weren't impressed with Sloane's fondness for the competing radio station.


Quadriplegic Tyele Riddle urges youths to drive safe these school holidays

Quadriplegic Tyele Riddle has join local firefighters in urging young people to take care on the roads in the lead-up to school holidays. Tyele became a quadriplegic after swerving off the road and rolling her car in 2008 and now visits schools as part of the MFS Road Awareness Program. The Road Awareness Program RAP seeks to actively engage and empower drivers and other road users through positive peer pressure and its core message: “You get to choose the risk; but you don’t get to choose...


Brisbane man refused liquor service due to 8 year old son touching wine bottle

Brisbane man Glen Norris was hoping to buy a bottle of red wine for a family BBQ on the weekend and was refused service because his 8 year old son put the bottle on the counter. "I shop with my 8-year-old son all the time and i handed the bottle to him and as he put it on the counter the woman serving looked at me like i was giving cocaine to a baby!" When Mr Norris offered to take the bottle back, get a new one and place it on the shelf himself, she informed him that she would not be able...


Soda takes Jodie's daughter Taylor for her first drive on the road!

Soda has been teaching Jodie's daughter Taylor to drive and this lesson saw them go on the road for the first time but it seems Taylor had another plan about where they were going...


Jodie plays an Easter prank on her kids!

Jodie decides to tell her daughters Payton & Summer that the Easter Bunny visited early but Dad Greg had eaten them all....


Jodie & Soda's Week That Was Fri April 7 2017

All the highlights from Jodie & Soda week commencing Monday April 3, 2017 including Eddie Perfect on Playschool, Felix on Family Dinnertime, Taylor learning to drive with Soda and the $25,000 What's that Noise Winner Samantha from Hackham West.


Sam from Hackham West wins $25,000 with What's that Noise

Jodie & Soda have given away $25,000 What's that Noise to Samantha from Hackham West as she guessed the mystery noise as a 'hand held digital luggage scales with a hook to weigh bags before travel' Samantha told Jodie & Soda the $25,000 will be used to take her mother Janice overseas as she's never been out of Australia and currently has terminal cancer.


Widower Kim Inglis shared his personal story

Kim Inglis, bravely shared his story how one normal day turned into horror when he lost his family due to a car crash. He is part of the Road Awareness Programme to educate both young and experienced drivers. That you choose to take the risk on the road, but you don't get to choose the consequences.


Soda's first driving lesson with Jodie's daughter Taylor

Jodie's daughter Taylor finally has her L's but she's decided to have Soda as her teacher! Find out what happened when he took her on her first driving lesson and yes it was in a manual car...


Road Awareness Program helps students and parents on SA roads

The (SA)MFS Road Awareness Program (RAP) Coordinator Rod Campbell tells Jodie & Soda the program has had a large, measurable impact on young road users. In the previous five years prior to 2011 the South Australian road toll averaged 20 fatalities each year in the 16-19 year age group. In 2011 this number dropped to six, followed by seven in 2012; two in 2013 and four in 2014. The Road Awareness Program (RAP) has been operating in South Australia since 2005 and is targeted at Year 11...


Jodie pranked for April Fools

It was the moment Jodie thought her radio career was over as she was pranked with an early April Fool's surprise!


Sabrina the Teenage Witch Melissa Joan-Hart tells all on celebrity romances

Melissa Joan-Hart best known as 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch' and star of 'Melissa & Joey' joins Jodie & Soda as she visits Adelaide for Oz Comic-Con. Hart reveals all the goss on her celebrities romances James Van Der Beek, Ryan Reynolds & Backstreet Boy Nick Carter as well as taking Britney Spears to her first night club...


Jodie vs. Soda Who Should Teach Taylor to Drive?

Jodie's daughter Taylor has just received her SA Learner's permit and needs to build up her hours driving, Soda thinks he's the perfect person to teach her to drive but Jodie's not too sure... Jodie & Soda have both put forward evidence to determine who would be the best suited to teach Taylor...who do you think?


Driving instructor reveals 33% of car crashes are rear end accidents

RAA Driving Instructor Zoe Giles tells Jodie & Soda most accidents on Adelaide roads are rear end crashes as people lose concentration whilst driving. Whilst Jodie & Soda are still determining who will teach Taylor to drive, Zoe sets a challenge for them both to take a practise driving test to determine which one is the better driver...


MKR Contestants didn't hear Josh's 'slut' comment

Jodie was shocked by what happened on My Kitchen Rules as the Seafood King Josh called fellow contestant Amy a "slut" and other contestants moved on without saying anything... Amy & Tyson reveal that no one at the instant restaurant heard the jaw-dropping slur and this is why no one reacted at the time Amy served Josh his meal on the evening... My Kitchen Rules airs on Channel Seven 7:30pm


Crows' Erin Phillips wins AFLW best and fairest

Adelaide's Erin Phillips has won the inaugural AFLW best and fairest award and joins Soda straight after the awards event in Melbourne. Phillips, an Olympic basketball silver medallist, came home from the United States to pursue her football dream.


Seven weatherman takes on Cyclone Debbie

Jodie & Soda speak with Seven News Weatherman Paul Burt in Bowen as viewers across Australia tweet that he deserves a Gold Logie for his coverage of Cyclone Debbie. Queensland is waking up to the reality of Cyclone Debbie’s destruction with daylight exposing scenes one local mayor has described as “like a war zone”. Driving the main street of the cyclone-ravaged mainland town of Bowen, Whitsunday Mayor Andrew Wilcox warned residents and business owners to prepare for devastation.


Should Soda teach Jodie's daughter Taylor to drive??

Jodie's daughter Taylor has just received her SA Learner's permit and needs to build up her hours driving, Soda thinks he's the perfect person to teach her to drive but Jodie's not too sure... Jodie does some research and has found some damaging evidence on why Soda may not be the best person to be getting behind the wheel and teaching her daughter.


Adelaide Crows Chelsea Randall inspiring the next generation

Adelaide Crows Premiership Co-Captain Chelsea Randall tells Jodie & Soda her heart melts when she hear young girls inspired by the AFL Women's League. Randall was voted by her peers with the first AFLW Players' Most Courageous Award,


Cyclone Chaser Nitso in Airlie Beach

Jodie & Soda speak with Cyclone Chaser Nitso as a Category 4 Cyclone with winds of up to 260km/k is about to hit the Queensland coast. Cyclone Debbie is maintaining its intensity as it moves towards the coast between Ayr and Midge Point, with meteorologists predicting it will make landfall about 1pm.