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The program keeps people informed about what's happening around them. Whether it's the local weather forecast, a news update or commentary on events around the world, Labradorians hear about it first on Labrador Morning.

The program keeps people informed about what's happening around them. Whether it's the local weather forecast, a news update or commentary on events around the world, Labradorians hear about it first on Labrador Morning.
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The program keeps people informed about what's happening around them. Whether it's the local weather forecast, a news update or commentary on events around the world, Labradorians hear about it first on Labrador Morning.




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Labrador Morning - On Demand - Tuesday November 20th 2018

On today's show, we'll hear about what the Salvation Army in HVGB has planned for the holiday season. We'll drop by an emotional event to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Spanish Flu in Labrador. Author Robin McGrath tells us about her new book, Life on the Mista Shipu.


Labrador Morning- On Demand - Monday November 19th

On Today's show, we'll hear how construction of the new Pumpkin House in HVGB is coming along. We'll have the details on a program called Sharing our Cultures, which is now expanding to Labrador. We'll measure the environmental footprint of disposable and cloth diapers.


Labrador Morning - On Demand - Friday Nov 16th

We hear from a Lab West passenger on board the flight that made an emergency landing in Stephenville. We'll hear from the man behind the Labrador Creative Arts Festival. Environment Canada will tell us how much snow is currently on the ground. We'll take you behind the wheel with long-time snow plow operator, Mike Hickey. And we're joined by an actor and a dancer involved in the Labrador Creative Arts Festival.


Labrador Morning - On Demand - Thursday November 15th 2018

On today's show, we talk nursing shortages in Labrador with chief nursing officer for Labrador Grenfell Health. Labrador is getting two-point-two million dollars in federal funding...We'll hear reaction on that announcement. Marine conservation group Oceana Canada is calling on the federal government to do more to ensure a resilient and secure seafood industry. We'll find out why.


Labrador Morning - On Demand - Wednesday Nov 14th

On today's show, we stop by the 43rd annual Labrador Creative art festivals.Nunatsiavut's Director of Health Services tells us about the outbreak of Tuberculois in Nain. Students at two south-coast schools are getting new accessible playground equipment. An 18 year old wrestler from Sheshatshiu went to England and came home with a gold medal.


Labrador Morning- On Demand -Tuesday November 13th

We'll hear from a professional clown and improvisation coach. We're talking carbon tax and fuel costs with Liberal Member of Parliament, Yvonne Jones. Up, up and away,we'll speak to a North West River native who is taking to the skies. We'll speak with the daughter of revered Innu leader, Shimun Michel.


Labrador Morning - On Demand - Friday November 9th

On today's show! We'll hear from residents of Happy Valley-Goose Bay who were surprised when EastLink suddenly cut their cable this week. Community clinics in Labrador will no longer be dispensing medication for chronic care and LGH explains why it has to comply with this regulations. We'll hear how a Rigolet native lent his face to commorate the life of Lance Corporal John Shiwak. Sustainable energy researcher Nick Mercer will tell us about the work he's doing with the Nunatukavut Community...


Labrador Morning - On Demand - Thursday November 8th

Its been a hundred years since the supply ship, S-S Harmony, brought the Spanish flu to the community of Okak. It took a month for the flu to ravage the community, killing more than 200 people. Okak is just one of many coastal communities whose people suffered a similar fate: Hebron, Cartwright, Sillutalik, Orlik. All were dealt massive blows by the spreading of this often fatal flu. Labrador Morning's Rebecca Martel spoke with Alex Saunders, who's mother survived the Spanish Flu outbreak in...


Labrador Morning - On Demand - Wednesday November 7th 2018

On today's show. The provincial government is holding public meetings to talk about the future of salmon fishing. Local angler Hollis Yetman will give us his thoughts.Debbie Forward, president of the provincial nurse's union, says some regions in Labrador are facing a staffing crisis. Chief of the Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation speaks about his experience with suicide in his family hoping it will help people in his community. And Matthew Barrett talks about a busy month at the Lawrence...


Labrador Morning - On Demand - Tuesday November 6th 2018

On today's show D-F-O, the Coast Guard, and the I-T-K have agreed to give Canada's massive Arctic coastline its own regional designation. We talk about the digital poppy that you can now tweet. A somewhat historic building in Labrador City is scheduled for demolition and we'll find out what memories it holds.Swimmers in Wabush are left in the cold, the town's pool heating element is broken and getting it fix is taking a long time.


Labrador Morning- On Demand - Monday November 5th

On today's show! It's Guy Fawkes Night! We're going down memory lane to hear about Bon Fire night on Birch Island back in a day. Fuel issues in Black Tickle. We'll hear from a resident of the community and we'll ask M-H-A Lisa Dempster, what government is doing to help. We're looking at some sad statistics when it comes to snowmobile accidents and snomobile safety in the province.


Labrador Morning - On Demand - Friday November 2nd

On today's show...... we hear about a new artisan exhibition Showcasing the talents of Labrador... Northmart in Happy Valley Goose Bay is reopening its doors after it was badly damaged by a fire We speak with Lisa Lake about how to discuss mental health with children We hear from Deputy Grand Chief Etienne Rich about the loss of Innu elder Shimun Michel Sr. And we're going to find out what to make with it when we drop by Joyce Pye's kitchen.


Labrador Morning - On Demand - Friday Oct 26 Thursday Nov 1st

On today's show...... No more plastic bags for your booze. The CBC's Lindsay Bird will be by to tell us more A group of residents in Nain are starting a food bank all in an effort to help their neighbours to have enough to to eat. We'll talk to members of Recreation Newfoundland and Labrador about their "Active for Life" program. A man in western Labrador waited MONTHS for his faulty car engine to be replaced... He says a call from C-B-C helped 'speed' things along... And Astaldi workers...


Labrador Morning - On Demand - Wednesday Oct 31st

On today's show... We are Paying tribute to Nain's Gussie Bennett? We'll speak with a organizers of a memorial hockey tournament on the north coast. We are Trading in Halloween Tricks for Vehicle trunks?? We'll hear about an annual event at the Salvation Army. We Find out how all those candy wrappers you normally toss in the trash during Halloween can be recycled. We're dropping by the Aboriginal Family Centre's new location in Happy Valley-Goose Bay to find out how staff and families are...


Labrador Morning - On Demand - Tuesday October 30th

On today's show...... We'll hear from protesters trying to enter the house of commons to get federal support to get Muskrat Right NunatuKavut will soon have a new flag flapping in the wind.... We'll get the low down on underground mine training from the Labrador Aboriginal Training Partnership.


Labrador Morning- On Demand - Monday October 29th

On today's show National dance studio Ballet Jorgen is bringing a classic children's story to the stages of Labrador? We'll talk to choreographer Kathleen Rea Statistics paint a horrifying picture of self harm in Newfoundland and Labrador. Labrador is getting its own regional appeals board to help resolve municipal issues? After only a week of being open, the owners of High North are forced to temporarily close the shop due to the shortage of marijuana.


Labrador Morning - On Demand - Friday Oct 26 th

On today's show: We'll drop by the swimming pool to chat with members of the Melville Mantas Swim Club about a special training camp. If all this snow is putting you in the spirit of Christmas, you might want to start your holiday shopping this weekend at the Labrador Traditions Craft Fair. 14 people are defending their actions at the Muskrat falls site two years ago. We'll hear from them Some 60 Labradorians became official Canadians this week. We'll drop by the celebrations. We're taking...


Labrador Morning - On Demand - Thursday Oct 25th

On today's show...... We learn about a book fair happening at the school in Sheshatshiu this evening. We'll find out why some bearded Labradorians who're featured in the Merb'y calendear are also getting on board with the Moose Hide campaign. We'll learn why members of the Law Society of NL are recreating a historic case about Labrador's boundary dispute. A Canadian film maker teamed up with a local man from Rigolet to bring awareness to Climate change and the Inuit culture.


Labrador Morning - On Demand - Wednesday Oct 24th

On today's show we talk plastic with one researcher saying we can't compete with the tide flowing from plastic producers. We hear from Innu worker, Herman Montague, who says the stop work order by Nalcor is putting him out of work. We discuss some of the failures of the Nutrition North program with Kristeen McTavish from the Nunatsiavut government. And we explore the new partnership between Memorial University and the Nunavut Arctic College.


Labrador Morning- On Demand - Tuesday Oct 23rd

On today's show: We talk about the Electronic Products Recycling Association who has recycled 4,500 tonnes of electronic in the last five years and some of that came from Labrador. We're going to find out about a new project called the "living room" at Nunatisavut's Heath and Social Development community office in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. We talk lice with a veterinarian to see if there's anything to be nervous about and we talk early ski for skiers at the Menihek Nordic ski club in Labrador.