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The program keeps people informed about what's happening around them. Whether it's the local weather forecast, a news update or commentary on events around the world, Labradorians hear about it first on Labrador Morning.

The program keeps people informed about what's happening around them. Whether it's the local weather forecast, a news update or commentary on events around the world, Labradorians hear about it first on Labrador Morning.
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The program keeps people informed about what's happening around them. Whether it's the local weather forecast, a news update or commentary on events around the world, Labradorians hear about it first on Labrador Morning.




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Puzzling poaching near Port Hope Simpson; The Jerry Cans come to the Big Land: Labrador Morning On-Demand

This morning, details on a DFO investigation into an unusual case of suspected poaching (01:11). Then, a new program offers legal advice to survivors of sexual violence (08:52). Later, hear about The Jerry Cans upcoming tour of Labrador (18:23). Plus, teachers and students reunion a half a century later (27:11). Finally, the smooth sounds of the Northern Voices Community Choir (37:20).


National Indigenous Peoples Day; Business covers Birch Island repairs: Labrador Morning On-Demand

Today is National Indigenous Peoples Day and we're celebrating with inmates at the Labrador Correctional Centre (01:08). We'll hear a commentary from CBC intern Tyler Mugford (11:59). Then, we'll meet some of the entertainers who are performing at festivities in Happy Valley-Goose Bay today (16:31). Plus, after hearing about fire damage to the Birch Island boardwalk here on Labrador Morning, a local company steps up (22:36).


Homelessness advocate calls for provincial support; Chinook Project returns to Sheshatshiu: Labrador Morning On-Demand

This morning, Jackie Compton-Hobbs says homeless people in Happy Valley-Goose Bay need a place to go during the day and she wants tor province to help pay for it (00:59). Then, the Chinook Project return to provide free vet services in Sheshatshiu (11:02). Plus, Food Futures in Labrador (19:22).


Fire tears through Birch Island boardwalk; Redesigning N.L.'s outdated coat of arms: Labrador Morning on Demand

This morning, we talk to MHA Randy Edmunds about updating the provincial coat of arms to better reflect Indigenous culture (01:09). Then, we'll assess the damage the Birch Island boardwalk after Sunday's fire (08:44). Later, meet master boat builder Robert Pardy (16:58). Plus, we'll find out how the tourism season is shaping up in Battle Harbour (27:48).


Yvonne Jones supports transmission line north; College students say security guard acted inappropriately: Labrador Morning On-Demand

We'll talk to Labrador MP Yvonne Jones about building a transmission line to the north coast (01:08). Then, hear why students at the College of the North Atlantic in Happy Valley-Goose Bay circulated a petition about a security guard in residence (09:35). Later, we'll talk to a 6-year-old entrepreneur in the ice business (18:45). Plus, learn about Project SHIELD (25:10).


Innu Nation wants Northern Labrador on the power grid; Purging plastics: Labrador Morning On-Demand

This morning we'll talk about the Innu Nation's push to get rid of diesel power on Labrador's North Coast (00:53). Then, we're purging plastics with two stories about cutting waste: learn more about shampoo bars (10:11) and Boomerang Bags (18:01). After that, the Happy Valley Baptist Church wants to re-open a ski hill on its property (24:43).


Labrador fish camps still frozen; LATP training for Voisey's Bay underground mine: Labrador Morning On-Demand

This morning, a fish camp operator in southeastern Labrador had to postpone some clients thanks to lingering winter weather (00:58). Then, we'll hear from the Labrador Aboriginal Training Partnership about job prospects at Voisey's Bay Underground (10:23). Starting today, walk-in mental health clinics are open in in Nain and Hopedale (19:34). Finally, why not treat your dad to a duathalon this Father's Day (26:49).


TB outbreak in Nain; Pet rooster killed by stray dog: Labrador Morning On-Demand

This morning, more people are being treated for tuberculosis in Nain as screening continues (01:08). Then, Natuashish has a ban on alcohol, and we'll ask the Chief whether marijuana will also be banned when the drug becomes legal elsewhere in the country (11:20). After that, the owner of a pet rooster killed by a stray dog over the weekend speaks out (21:13). It's a full month of cleaning up in St. Lewis, we'll find out what's happening (31:00). Finally, we'll find out how the crab season...


Voisey's Bay going underground: Labrador Morning On-Demand

This morning, Vale is going underground at Voisey's Bay and we've got extensive coverage: We'll hear from the NL government (00:50), the Labrador North Chamber of Commerce (07:25, the Innu Nation (16:19), and the Nunatsiavut Government (24:10). Plus, a conversation with Happy Valley-Goose Bay's Robert Way, who just accepted a job at Queen's University (33:20).


Two bears killed in Nain; Guaranteed law school spots for NL Indigenous students: Labrador Morning On-Demand

This morning, a polar bear and a black bear had to be killed in Nain over the weekend (01:04). Then, reaction to news Indigenous students from this province will be guaranteed two spots at the University of Saskatchewan law school (09:28). We'll find out what happened at a meeting of Indigenous leaders and provincial politicians (17:57). There's more money coming for rec centres in HV-GB (26:58). Finally, we'll take you to a fundraiser for the Howlin' Huskies, the Labrador Special Olympics...


Relay for Life in Lab West could be the last; Record number of graduates at Sheshatshiu Innu School: Labrador Morning On-Demand

This morning, we'll find out why this weekend's Relay for Life in Labrador West could be the last (00:57). Sheshatshiu Innu School's graduating class is the biggest in school history, and we'll meet some of the graduates (10:04). Composting 101 with Shelley Cleary (17:13). The Labrador Friendship Centre is packing a bus full of food this weekend (26:51). More money for the Birch Island restoration project (35:26).


No more ferry to Norman Bay; Indigenizing the Senate: Labrador Morning On-Demand

This morning, in Norman Bay helicopter service is taking over the old Marine Eagle ferry run (01:02). Then, we'll talk about how to use those veggies that are past their prime (08:41). After that, photographer Jennie Williams tells us about her new show at the Labrador Interpretation Centre (18:42). And we'll hear what Happy Valley-Goose Bay's Bryanna Brown told Canadian senators last night in Ottawa (25:08).


Accessibility grants in Labrador City; Banning plastic bags in Mary's Harbour: Labrador Morning On-Demand

This morning, Labrador City wants to help businesses become more accessible, and council is giving away grant money to do it (01:08). Then, Mary's Harbour is the latest community to look at banning single-use plastic bags (08:46). After that, more than a third of all food produced in Canada, we'll hear from the National Zero Waste Council (16:30). And, we'll meet the newest addition to the Labrador Morning team (25:15).


Wabush mayor wants local waterbomber; High water on the Churchill River: Labrador Morning On-Demand

This morning, we talk to the mayor of Wabush, who's calling for a waterbomber to be stationed in Labrador West (01:01). Then, water in the Churchill River is high, and the Birch Island boardwalk is closed (10:45). We'll find out about the Mokami Status of women council's supportive living program (16:52). Finally, Sem Paul Obed was deemed a high risk to reoffend when he was released from federal prison four years ago, and now he's facing more sexual assault charges in Halifax (25:50).


Frounce found in Labrador; Robo arms on HV-GB garbage trucks: Labrador Morning On-Demand

This morning, we'll talk about why you might think twice about putting out a birdfeeder this summer (00:51). Then, we'll jump onboard a garbage truck in Happy Valley-Goose Bay to find out about automated garbage collection (10:51). After that, we find out how Great North Data uses all that power, when we go inside the data centre in Happy Valley-Goose bay (19:39).


Nunatsiavut disappointed in ferry plan; farmers won't set up in Kinsmen Park: Labrador Morning On-Demand

This morning, we'll hear what Nunatsiavut thinks of the plans for a new North Coast ferry (1:09). Then, two farmers in Happy Valley-Goose Bay explain why they won't be setting up at the Kinsmen Park market this summer (11:08). Later, the opening of Pinware River Provincial Park is delayed. Thanks, snow (20:44). Plus, how turf floor is changing Lab Cup (27:51).


Ferry fury; Alderon promises jobs by the thousands; Gravy on top: Labrador Morning On-Demand

This morning, we continue our coverage of the new ferry plan for coastal Labrador with reaction from Black Tickle, Cartwright and Rigolet (00:56). Then, find out why Alderon set up a website called JobsForNL (17:38). Plus, we're in the canteen at the Lab Cup, where all the real action happens (24:32).


Reaction to Black Tickle ferry plan; Lab Cup begins: Labrador Morning On-Demand

This morning, we'll hear what one woman in Black Tickle thinks of the new ferry plan (00:56). Then, details on the 36th annual Labrador Cup (10:08). Later, trash talk in Churchill Falls and Happy Valley-Goose Bay (19:47). Plus, a chat with the Silver Wolf Band (31:45).


Strike ends at IOC; Details on new North Coast ferry: Labrador Morning On-Demand

This morning, we'll talk to local union president Ron Thomas whose members are heading back to work at IOC in Labrador West (00:54). Then, hear about the plans for a new ferry to serve Nunatsiavut and Natuashish (10:20). Plus, how an ice grid could replace diesel power (19:49).


HV-GB cracking down on derelict buildings; Year-long wait time for cataract surgery: Labrador Morning On-Demand

This morning, we'll talk about the town of Happy Valley-Goose Bay cracking down on derelict properties, even if people are living in them (01:03). Then, we've been talking about wheelchair accessibility, and we'll hear about some problem areas in Upper Lake Melville (09:55). And we'll talk to a Labrador West woman who has to wait until next May for cataract surgery (17:23).