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Hosted by Janice Goudie, the program keeps people informed about what's happening around them. Labradorians hear about it first on Labrador Morning.

Hosted by Janice Goudie, the program keeps people informed about what's happening around them. Labradorians hear about it first on Labrador Morning.
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Hosted by Janice Goudie, the program keeps people informed about what's happening around them. Labradorians hear about it first on Labrador Morning.




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We travel the conversation highway of pet care, the need for more cell service, and a look back on a veteran CBC broadcaster.

On today's podcast, we'll hear from the SPCA who is looking for more foster families for their animals. It's Rigolet's turn to get free vet service and we'll find out how. One Labrador woman is wondering when cell service will be in place for emergency situations across Labrador. We pay tribute to a veteran CBC broadcaster who got his start with CBC in Labrador. And we talk road readiness on today's Traffic Tuesday.


Two successful races - one in canoe and one to fill the shelves of the food bank.

On today's podcast, the winners of the Great Labrador Canoe race this year were from Ontario. We'll hear from them on how it was an easy win. We'll hear an update from the food bank that was having trouble stocking its shelves. We'll find out more about two different projects that set up weather stations this summer to capture local conditions.


We hear from the Muskrat Falls inquiry and we have your weekend planned!

From the Muskrat Falls inquiry to the church of Battle Harbour and on to activities in central Labrador. On today's show we take you boating, walking, running, cycling, canoeing and barbecuing!


Are the rising waters on the Churchill River giving you ecological grief?

On today's podcast, we'll hear from a wildlife officer who will give some advice about encountering black bears. We take a long walk along the Churchill River on both sides of the Muskrat Falls reservoir to find out what difference the recent flooding made. We'll talk to a Labrador researcher about the impact of climate change on people's mental health. And a local nursing student is stepping up to help the Happy Valley-Goose Bay food bank stock its shelves.


DFO's presence in Labrador is expanding and so is a young entrepreneur's impact on his community.

On today's podcast, we'll hear some of yesterdays Muskrat Falls Inquiry proceedings. We'll find out how the Department of Fisheries and Oceans are enhancing its presence in Labrador. Two men riding motorcycles across Labrador tell us why they are bringing awareness to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. And a Labrador youth entrepreneur has been awarded for his impact on the community.


Parkas for warmth and food for nutrution. We talk about a new project by Canada Goose and keeping the food bank stocked.

On today's podcast, Inuit women have been making parkas for centuries and now Canada Goose wants to commission 20 Inuit seamstresses for the second phase of a project they have been working on. And the food bank in Happy Valley-Goose Bay is struggling to keep the shelves stocked.


Labrador Morning live from Forteau

Join us as we take the show on the road...


Labrador Morning Live from Red Bay

Join us as we take the show on the road...


Labrador Morning live from Port Hope Simpson

Join us as we take the show on the road...


Tragedy aftermath, a bear attack, farming, barbecuing and more

On today's show, we're dropping by a farm in Happy Valley-Goose Bay to find out how veggies are growing during this cool, rainy summer. Also a woman in Southern Labrador has started a group to help the grieving families in Rigolet after the tragedy earlier this week. We'll also speak with Quebecers who survived a bear attack in Labrador, as well as find out about the Labrador Canoe Regatta, crab fest in Mary's Harbour, the first cruise ship to visit Red Bay this season, and barbecuing in...


A Nain volleyball player is home after a big win. And a Labrador soap company is winning big reviews from locals.

On today's podcast, the community of Rigolet is still coming to gripes with the boating tragedy,we'll hear details from a local search a rescue member. Volleyball is in his blood like many Labradorians, but he is the only one back with a medal from the Eastern Elite Volleyball Tournament over the weekend. We'll hear from Jeremy Holwell and his family. And Spruced Up Labrador is just bubbling over with some news. We'll hear from owner Heather Bursey.


From the land to the sea. We hear about rocks and lawns and reaction to the new ferry.

On today's podcast, the Geological Survey of Newfoundland and Labrador has been in Hopedale for the month of July. We'll find out what they've been up to. She's been rocking and rolling with the waves of Labrador. We'll hear from passengers who travelled on the Kamutik W during her maiden voyage, as well as some reaction from people living on the south coast. We're taking you to the front lawn of David Barnes in Happy Valley-Goose Bay where his love for hockey has grown so much, he mowed it...


More discussions on Muskrat project possible impacts and a tribute to Helen Michelin

On today's show, w'ere going to find out about projects in Labrador receiving federal dollars, We talk about the story of a Labrador residential school survivor which is striking a cord with readers in Poland. Nalcor has been given the go ahead to impound the Muskrat Falls reservoir next week....but just how much of risk does methyl mercury pose? We'll speak with a scientist and an Inuk hunter and fisher. First though, a tribute to Helen Michelin.


We bring you all the fun stuff happening in the Big Land...

On today's show....we're heading down to Wabush to hear how the races are going for the Labrador West Regatta.. We also head to North West River where the Beach festival kicks off this weekend with a jam-packed schedule..We're going to hear how preparations are coming along for the Trout festival in Makkovik...and get details about the community outdoor market in HVGB. Also, we're checking out the ACT summit, week filled with art technology and culture...and healthy tips for your BBQ this...


It's about past and present and immortalising beautiful scenery of Labrador

On today's show, Innu Nation is standing behind scientific research on Muskrat Falls. We talk to Rigolet's Eldred Allen who took some stunning photos of minke whales. We are also sending you ten years into the future with a Labrador time-capsule and we revisit the past through models at the museum in North West River.


Muskrat division, elite volleyball and kayaking along the coast of Labrador

On today's show, two of three indigenous communities in Labrador have reached an agreement with the province, they'll get money instead of having the trees and shrubs cleared from the Muskrat reservoir. And going for gold! A volleyball player from Nain tells us about competing in an elite volleyball championship in Nova Scotia this week, where there is only 4 labradorians. And Richard Learning paddled just over 600 km after kayaking 30 days along the Labrador coast this month...We find out...


Nunatsiavut Government calling on the province to suspend the flooding of the Muskrat Falls reservoir and more on the Kamutik W

On today's the de Havilland Beaver still the best plane for flying in and out remote areas? An aviation artist and researcher thinks so. Also, non-beneficiaries need to buy a permit for harvesting in Nunatisiavut...we'll get the details... and Nunatsiavut Government wants the province to halt plans to flood the MF reservoir...We speak with the Nunatsiavut President to hear his concerns. Also the Kamutik W sailing now, but what do passengers think of the ship...we're also talking...


Raising questions about the safety of the float plane in last week's crash.. as well as concerns over Cartwright's weather station, a chat about repairing appliances and students-on-ice.

On today's show, the family of an outfitter killed in last week's plane crash in Mistastin Lake has questions about just how safe the Beaver float plane was....we'll hear from Dwayne Winsor's son...we're also checking in with Cartwright to hear concerns about the new automated weather station....and are new appliances built to last? A repairman weighs in..and All aboard..we're meeting young Labradorians who're going on a trip of a lifetime to the Arctic with students on ice.


From Pride celebrations and the beach in North West River to bbq burgers and a garden in Natuashish...we're serving up a banquet of stories on the show today.

On today's show..we're chatting with a drag queen originally from Labrador West who's taking part in Pride celebrations this weekend... a youth summit kicks off next sized self portaits, music jams, podcasting are just some of the activities planned..also don't park on the beach in North West River...we're speaking with the town about its concerns... we're finding out about a garden in Natuashish, as well as a religous gathering in Quebec that Innu from Labrador are...


Take a moment to remember Richard Rich of Rigolet...

On today's show we're paying tribute to a well known Labradorian, Richard Rich of Rigolet passed away and we'll hear how he's being remembered. We go to Nain where people are taking part in a cultural exchange to learn how to prepare moose hides, we heard about what they're learning from the Dene. And with the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing we spoke with Happy Valley-Goose Bay's very own "moon baby".