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Life After Chaos

Today's Let's Get Real Podcast episode tackles how to live your life to the fullest after chaos, adversity and hardship. I open up about my specific hardships in life, how I motivated myself to get through it, advice and motivation for you to get through your own chaos. Let's Get Real is a self help, real talk and advice podcast. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lindsay.adkinson/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/lindsayadkinson Email: lindsayadkinson@gmail.com


Let's Turn It Up A Notch

Today's episode is a bit different! I'm discussing where this show is headed and what we will be discussing! I'm ready to discuss the tough stuff and real issues from my own personal experiences as well as guests who have gone through their own hardships. No matter what you've been through or where you are at in life, you deserve to live the life you imagined. If you don't imagine much for yourself, it's time we get you your power back, to imagine the greatness you deserve!


DO WHAT IT TAKES To Get The Life You Deserve

Whether you come from a bad past, no money, no friends or are afraid to make mistakes.. you CAN have what you want! You DESERVE to have what you want! Today's Let's Get Real podcast episode opens up about what I went through and explains how YOU can live the life you deserve! Get ready for some real talk, advice, self help and motivation! Instagram: https://bit.ly/2mV5TR2 Inquiries and interested in being on the show? Email: lindsayadkinson@gmail.com


When Your Dream ISN'T WORKING

When your dream isn't working.. how do you stay on track and motivated? Today we talk about finding your WHY, staying inspired and doing the hard work it takes to get to your dream goals! Want to be a guest on Let's Get Real? Email me at lindsayadkinson@gmail.com with "podcast" in the subject. Follow Along: https://www.instagram.com/lindsay.adkinson/ https://www.youtube.com/lindsayadkinson http://www.lindsayadkinson.com/


Waking Up On The Wrong Side: Morning Motivation

We all have bay days, bad moments, bad mornings. The more we learn to accept that everyone has bad times, the less we believe we are broken! Social Media has caused so many to feel as if they are alone or something is wrong with them.. all because they have had a bad day. When in reality, we are all in this together! Today's episode tackles the mornings you just aren't feeling yourself and don't want to face the day. We talk about how to overcome that bad feeling and also how to get up and...


Mean Girls & How To Deal

On today's episode of Let's Get Real, we are discussing mean girls. In all aspects of life, there are mean people. We have to learn how to properly handle the situation, stand up for ourselves and know that its ok to tell someone. No one deserves to be treated poorly by anyone. Today's podcast episode will be filled with motivation, inspiration, advice and realistic tips on dealing with the mean people in your life. I also share some personal stories of mean girls I have dealt...


Stop Scrolling - Social Media Struggles

Social media can be used as an amazing platform, but can also be very toxic. In today's podcast episode of Let's Get real, we explain how damaging social media can be, how to stop comparing yourself and finding your self worth. It is easy to get caught up in the media's idea of beauty, success and perfection. This podcast episode features motivation and self help to stop scrolling, look in the mirror and realize how amazing you are.


Starting Over & Making Changes

In today's Let's Get Real podcast episode we are discussing change! It is so normal to start over, make a change, and have new beginnings. However, it can be scary! Whether it is a new relationship, new friends, starting school, a new job, moving, etc: change is scary. If you let that fear take over, you will hold yourself back. If you teach your fear to be quiet, so much magic can happen. In this podcast I will discuss how I let go of my own fear and found success and how you can too!


A Parents's Absence of Love

We all crave love. Even if we don't realize it, we all crave love. As a kid I always craved the love I didn't fully receive. In today's episode I will share my personal story with parental love and how to overcome and fill yourself with self love. This podcast is filled with real life, inspiration, motivation and self help! Self love is so important and no one else can give that to you or take it away!


Let's Get Real

Welcome to my podcast! Let's Get Real is a podcast by full time influencer, Lindsay Adkinson. This podcast will cover real life, hard times, girl advice, self help, inspiration, girl boss motivaton and everything in between!