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Dr. Young is passionate, spiritual, high energy and dynamic! She is also creative and innovative.

Dr. Young is passionate, spiritual, high energy and dynamic! She is also creative and innovative.


Los Angeles, CA


Dr. Young is passionate, spiritual, high energy and dynamic! She is also creative and innovative.






Finding Your Voice for all Season:Speak Your Truth!

Today's show is about finding your voice with Dr. Young's interview with the noted speaker, Rena Cook, vocal authority and writer of the book, "Empower Your Voice for Women in Business, Politics and Life". She has a MA in voice studies from London's Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.


Beyond the Shackles - Rebuilding My Life!

Dr. Young’s interview with Chaplain Euvonka Farabee is inspiring and uplifting supporting the restoration of those affected by crime and incarceration. Her inspirational journey is shared in detail how after 20 years in a successful corporate career, she finds herself jobless, financially devastated and divorced.


Journey of an African-American International Broadcaster Making a Difference in the World

Dr. Young interviews motivational speaker, Edutainer, Actress and International Broadcaster, Charlene (aka Charlie) whose career journey took many twists and turns before she makes history as the first African-American Air Radio Host for the world-famous China Radio International and later to host her own show.


Encore How I Shifted My Focus from Getting to Giving

Join in today’s discussion with Bob Burg, the most sought-after-speaker at worldwide leadership and sales conferences, and one of the Top 30 Most Influential Thought Leaders in Business.


Journey of a Mother's Survival After Her Son's Suicide! What Could We Have Done?

Join in to hear Dr. Young’s interview with Lark Galley’s journey of survival, courage and lessons learned after her son’s suicide in 2019. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for children 12-18 years of age.


Get And Keep The Job You Want!

Join Dr. Young’s discussion with Dr. Lois Frankel, President of Corporate Coaching International, a New York Times and Wall Street Journal best-selling author, executive coach, and an internationally sought-after keynote speaker who has had numerous media appearances on the Larry King live,The Tavis Smiley Show, The Today Show and 20/20 to discuss


Encore How I Overcame Challenges to Find My Superpower to Help Others!

Join Dr. Young as she interviews Mr. Dom Faussette, an award winning speaker, best-selling author and founder of the Think React Lead company.


Encore The 5 Pillars of the Habitude Warrior

Join Dr. Young and her guest, best selling author & award winning international speaker Erik "Mr. Awesome" Swanson shares his powerful “HABITUDE WARRIOR” training principles and strategies and transformational journey to success to you listeners.


Encore: How I used my Challenges with Aspergers to Step into my Destiny!

Dr. Young has a heart to heart interview with Tucker Bearden, Keynote Speaker, Author, Aspergers Advocate and Anxiety Expert.


Encore: An interview with Joshua Berglan, aka The Worlds Mayor!

Join Dr. Young as she interviews Joshua Berglan, Elite Matchmaker, Show Host, Emcee, and Actor about his transformation journey, and how he now relentlessly shines a light in darkness that once prevented him from living his best life.


Mathew Knowles: Destiny's Child: The Untold Story Book

Join Dr. Young as she chats with Mathew Knowles, Executive, Professor, Lecturer, Public Speaker, Entrepreneur, Artist Manager and Founder of Music World Entertainment, father of Beyonce, and best-selling author of three books, as he discusses his latest book, Destiny's Child: The Untold Story, to be released in December.


Helping Business Owners and Senior Executives Pursue Passion

Join in as Dr. Young interviews Mr. Aquiles Larrea, a Wealth Management CEO whose passion is to help successful Latino executives and entrepreneurs make smart financial decisions. This motivation stems from his own entrepreneurial background and from witnessing his mother’s challenges after she was laid off due to downsizing in the garment district. Aquiles Larrea for many years was a TV Guest and Commentator for Fox News and Univision Communications in New York City. He is also founder of...


The Pedro Curbelo Story: From Rags to Riches

Pedro Curbelo, a Cuban immigrant migrated to the US with only the clothes on his back. He is now a successful entrepreneur with more than two decades in business. He has led over a dozen ventures and coached many business owners, leading them to growth with combined sales of more than one billion dollars in goods and services. But, not all has been "success" in his words, "he admits his most valuable business lessons have been his massive business failures with millions of dollars in losses.


Connecting Your Heart for Peak Performance at Play and Work

Join Dr. Young as she interviews Dr. Sarah Larsen, a medical intuitive, consultant to high impact entrepreneurs & visionaries, world class speaker, entrepreneur and visionary whose work unites the world of business and essential wisdom of mind-body-spirit.


From 3 to 73 - The Endless Energy of Gillian Larsen

On this show with Dr. Barbara Young will be her guest, Gillian Larsen, she will share her with the listening audience about her limits that have always been driven by a passion for doing what she believe in and always working at making a difference where she can.


Encore: How My Life went from a Broken Harmony to a Perfect Pitch

Join Dr. Young and her powerhouse guest, Precious L. Williams, the master communicator and creator of Perfect Pitches as she shares her amazing transformation journey from living with abusive and drug-addicted parents, to becoming a now 13-time national business elevator pitch champion.

Encore: How to Transform to Thought Leader Status with Mitchell Levy

Join Dr. Young as she interviews global credibility expert, mentor, thought leader and best-selling author of over 60 books, Mitchell Levy.


Encore: The Legendary Mathew Knowles: A Man of Many Talents!

Join Dr. Young as she chats with Mathew Knowles, Author, Educator, Professor, Speaker, Music Executive, father of he globally dominant entertainer Beyonce and younger sister Solange and former Manager of Destiny’s Child.


Where Do You Want to be in the Beauty Business?

Join Dr. Young as she moderates a discussion with two entrepreneurs in the Beauty Industry today. While working on cruise ships as a body specialist Kailey Hegetschweiler found her passion in the beauty business from a different perspective. Uraina Truss, a hairstylist who markets her own hair care products joins the discussion. This interview provides insights in both Kailey’s and Eraina’s journeys and how Kailey established Beauty Salon Coaches, a consultative service to help beauty salon...