In this podcast you’ll be inspired as you hear real stories, hustle and journeys of people who have overcome challenges to succeed against all odds as an underdog. Your host Pamela Bardhi will pull back the curtains to reveal how you too can overcome ANY obstacle to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

In this podcast you’ll be inspired as you hear real stories, hustle and journeys of people who have overcome challenges to succeed against all odds as an underdog. Your host Pamela Bardhi will pull back the curtains to reveal how you too can overcome ANY obstacle to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.


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In this podcast you’ll be inspired as you hear real stories, hustle and journeys of people who have overcome challenges to succeed against all odds as an underdog. Your host Pamela Bardhi will pull back the curtains to reveal how you too can overcome ANY obstacle to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.




From a Simple Dream to Building His Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate Empire, Mike Hambright Shares His Success through Running Multiple Businesses & Scaling As a Seasoned Real Estate Investor

Investor Fuel Real Estate Investing Mastermind, Done-for-you Lead Generation, and InvestorMachine. These are just some of Mike Hambright's accomplishments to date. Mike is a Professional Real Estate investor, mentor, and coach. He has bought and sold hundreds of houses and mentored others that have bought thousands of properties. While his passion includes rehabbing houses, watching the transformation, and working through challenges, the flexibility and freedom that investing provides to his...


From Delivering Pizzas to 9 Figure Real Estate Investment Portfolio & National Attorney, Ted Silva Shares His Underdog Success Formula Powered by Quicksilva Closing Anywhere, Anytime®

"We Close Anywhere at Anytime" - Guaranteed. Ted Silva is the owner of the QuickSilva Real Estate Law, Title, & Closing Services. He made the remarkable and one-of-a-kind commitment of providing an exceptional customer experience from 7-day-a-week availability, 24 hours a day. Ted made Real Estate accessible, affordable and convenient title services throughout the entire closing process. In this episode, Ted Silva graces the Underdog Show and shares his Underdog Story. Among the highlights...


From Building Lego Houses to Becoming the First Woman in Real Estate Flipping, Sue Shares Her Success Story as a Trailblazer

Sue Hough is the Project Developer of Moody Moon Ridge, a Creative Commercial Builder and the Founder at August James Limited. She is a creative commercial builder with more than two decades of experience. Sue Hough can help you build your bliss. She uncovers, develops and builds inspiring spaces to live and work in that honor the creative soul and bring joy to her clients. She is a voice of experience, leaning into the joy of making development dreams come true. Sue’s entrepreneurial...


From Recovering from Debilitating Anxiety to Becoming Award Winning Director, Sergio Shares His Story to Success

Sergio Navarretta is a Canadian film director. He draws inspiration from Italian neorealism and considers his work an exploration of the human condition. He is also an internationally recognized award-winning director who is fiercely passionate about bringing meaningful content to the screen. Navarretta is best known for The Cuban, and his first feature film Looking for Angelina is based on the true-life story of Angelina Napolitano. Currently, Navarretta is back in the director's chair with...


From Priesthood to Global Coach, Brian Bachand Shares His Remarkable Story of Truth, Purpose and Evolution

Brian G. Bachand is proud of his truth. He's a former Priest and has since transitioned to finding his true calling. He is the founder of "evolution evolution," which is a Global Coaching Company. It focuses on the power of engaged networking and realizing true leadership is about being your authentic self. He's also a Coach and Advisor for Leaders on a MISSION in their WORK. Brian considers himself a Hiring Expert and a guy with a Golden Voice which was given justice by being a...


Fitness Expert and Divorce Advocate Kelli Calabrese Shares Her Journey in Transforming Lives

Have you heard about e-diets? Meet the woman who trailblazed this realm, Kelli Calabrese. For those who haven't met Kelli, she is an author, international speaker, consultant, and coach specializing in women’s wellness, fitness boot camps, longevity, and life management. After undergoing an excruciatingly painful divorce, Kelli achieved her certification as a Divorce Coach to get healed and help others do the same. It has become her mission to captivate and empower the lives of thousands of...


From College Dropout to Shark on ABC’s Hit TV Show Shark Tank, Kevin Harrington Shares His Underdog Story of Becoming an Entrepreneur in his Teens to a 10+ Figure Net Worth

An original “Shark” on the hit TV show, "Shark Tank," the creator of the infomercial, pioneer of the As Seen on TV brand, and co-founding board member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization—Kevin Harrington has pushed past all the questions and excuses to repeatedly enjoy 100X success. His legendary work behind-the-scenes of business ventures has produced well over $5 billion in global sales, the launch of more than 500 products, and the making of dozens of millionaires. For more than 30 years,...


From First Generation Humble Roots to Serial Real Estate Entrepreneur, Gabe DaSilva Shares His Unique Journey of Breaking Out of the Corporate World to Financial Freedom & Impact

Gabriel DaSilva, the founder and President of DaSilva Group Inc., is a serial entrepreneur with humble roots. Gabe is a second-generation builder and first-generation Portuguese American. He's the first to graduate college in his family. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Seton Hall University with a Degree in Finance. And again later with an MBA in Financial Markets, Instruments, and Institutions. He also received an MS from NYU Real Estate Finance. DaSilva Homes has won numerous awards from...


From Homeless to Master of B2B Sales, Chaz Horn Shares His Valiant Underdog Journey Through Gratitude

Chaz Horn is not new on the Sales Game. Sales have been his craft for over 25 years. He landed in the top 3% of all sales reps in five different industries. Chaz broke sales records for most sales in a month, year, and five-year period with established B2B businesses. From sales to sales management, Chaz started his own business. The idea of B2B sales and marketing coach was born after creating a unique process of qualified sales lead automation. The Mastery of B2B Sales process originated...


From Racial Profiling, Selling Newspapers and Battling Adversity to International Trailblazer & Entrepreneur, Jordan Mendoza Shares His Remarkable Story of Success & Purpose Through Positivity and Gratitude

Show notes: Podcast Host, Coach, Speaker, and an MBTI Certified Practitioner. Those are the best ways to describe our guest for today. None other than the amazing Jordan Mendoza. If these are not enough, he was also featured in Yahoo Finance. Jordan Mendoza is also the Founder & CEO of Blaze Your Own Trail Consulting, LLC, where he helps entrepreneurs grow their business through strategic marketing, sales & leadership consulting. As a trailblazer, Jordan's goal is to help over 1000...


From a Former C-Suite Executive to International Coach, RETREAT Leader & "Remote Team Fixer", Amy Shares the Journey of How to Find Purpose & Authenticity for You and Your Team

Amy Ries is an Executive Coach, Corporate Consultant, and the Founder and CEO of RETREAT. She is the expert on work+life success and alignment for both individuals and teams. Amy is a former C-Suite Executive with a successful 20-year career spanning Fortune 50 and fast-growth start-ups. After achieving everything she thought she 'should' do, Amy had the self-realization that she wanted something more and set out to discover her destiny. Specializing in life-changing RETREAT experiences,...


From Acting at the Age of 6 to Becoming a Best-Selling Author and International Speaker, Sean Tyler Shares His Impactful Journey to Success

This episode puts the highlights to Sean Tyler Foley. Sean Tyler is a prominent keynote speaker, speaker trainer, and international business advisor who helps his clients share their messages confidently. From the moment Sean Tyler steps on that stage, he engages the audience in a meaningful experience that will have them talking long after the curtain comes down. Tyler is also the author of the Best Selling Book, The Power to Speak Naked: How To Speak With Confidence, Communicate...


From Corporate America to Building 7 Businesses, Shelle Shares the Secrets on How to be College Ready

Shellee Howard is the owner and president of College Ready. She is a college graduate and is a Certified Educational Planner. Shellee has traveled around the world, helping students plan for their “perfect match” college. She knows what it takes to compete in Ivy schools and find the best fit for all students. Shellee believes that no two students are the same, and each student must have their strategy and plan to be successful. Each student has a gift/talent and a passion that will set...


From Being Homeschooled in Small Town to Serial Entrepreneur & Best-Selling Author of "Microfamous", Matt Johnson Shares His Journey with his Secret Sauce to Success and Diversifying Revenue Streams

Today's guest is the one and only Matt Johnson. He's the founder and CEO of the "Pursuing Results" that produces the excellent Done-for-you podcasting for business coaches, consultants, and thought leaders. He's also an agency owner. Matt is also known for being the podcast host of MicroFamous. He also authored a book with the same title. His goal as an entrepreneur is to help coaches and consultants reach the right people, build an audience and create a real influence that converts into...


From an Imploding Business to Building His Massive Wealth, Matt Picheny Shares His Ultimate Backstage Guide to Passive Investing and Success

Matt Picheny is a real estate investor, a licensed real estate agent, and has earned both Commercial Real Estate & Real Estate Finance certificates from Boston University. He is also a Tony award winner and author of the #1 best-selling book Backstage Guide to Real Estate. Matt is a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council, the Fast Company Executive Board, and an advisor to a PropTech company. He focuses on developing passive income streams that enable investors to write their own stories...


From Delivering Pizza to Internationally Renowned Holistic Physician, Coach & Psychiatrist Expert, Dr. Fred Moss Shares His Remarkable Story of Raising Awareness Through Welcome to Humanity

Dr. Fred Moss is a holistic psychiatrist serving in many capacities: telepsychiatrist, speaker, psychiatry expert witness, telehealth educator, mental health coach, and filmmaker. A desire to help people has been the force leading him to various settings and roles as a psychiatrist over the years and compelling him to continually look for better, more effective ways to provide the highest quality care. He is the amazing person behind Welcome To Humanity and Global Madness. Tune in, and...


From Small Town in Spain to International CEO Confidant, Influencer & TV Host, Angel Ribo Reveals His Story & the Ultimate Success Formula of Life & Business

Angel Ribo wears many hats. He is known as The CEO Confidant. And aside from that, he is an Influencer, LinkedIn strategist, International TV Host, Public Speaker, CEO Consultant, Board Member, and Philanthropist. He focuses on CEOs & Accomplished Entrepreneurs to bridge the gap globally for expansion and exposure to grow their businesses. In the past 23 years, Angel Ribo has supported more than 1,500 CEOs in more than 33 countries to accelerate the growth of their businesses. Listen and...


From Eating Disorder & Toxic Relationships to World Famous Transformational Coach, Mimi Bland Shares her Unique Journey of Self Love & Change

Mimi Bland is the amazing woman who authored the Best Selling Book "THE ANSWER IS YOU" - THE FORMULA TO MASTER YOUR MIND & EMOTIONS. She is a Transformational Mindset Coach and a mentor whose passion is to help and retrain and develop one's mindset. She guides people to become aware of their thoughts and beliefs. Mimi believes that this will not only help achieve goals but will change your whole life. Find out here story here on the latest episode of The Underdog Show. Today's episode...


From Being Bullied, Suffering an Autoimmune Condition & Serious Spinal Injury to World- Renowned Fitness Coach Transforming Lives, Coach Tony Scullion Shares His Remarkable Journey

Tony Scullion is the founder of Tony Scullion Fitness. He is a Weight Loss Expert and a Body Transformation Specialist. Tony had overcome bullying through the desire to protect his brother. He battled an autoimmune condition and a serious spinal injury. Thus, those experiences lead him to where he is. He is dedicated to helping others work Smarter-Not Harder- Perform Better and become the best they can be. His campaign also includes helping over 40's Execs & Biz Owners lose 20lbs+ without...


From Less than $100 a Month to Money Goddess Manifesting Millions of Dollars, Morgana Rae Shares Her Unique Journey of Mastering Financial Alchemy Becoming an International Best Selling Author and Coach

Show Notes: Today's episode orbits around MORGANA RAE. She is the renowned international #1 best-selling author of the “Financial Alchemy®: 12 Months of Magic & Manifestation,” and a pioneer in personal development for over 27 years. She’s widely regarded to be the world’s leading authority on transforming relationships with money. Morgana guides entrepreneurs, artists, healers, and humanitarians to thrive in their purpose, attract more than they chase, and make things happen with ease,...