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Metabolism Damage Ep. 14

Today's episode is about metabolism damage and I will cover these subjects: What is metabolism damage? My story The body's ability to heal Splendid truths Other Podcasts of Interest: Diets Body acceptance This is me Other Articles of Interest: My Views on Diets Exercising with Adrenal Fatigue Part I and Part II Diets and Religion


Book Club Ep. 13

I love love LOVE books and I want to share that love with others. In this episode, we will talk about: How life-altering books can be My views and goals for the book club The first book we will cover A description of the book You can sign up for the Facebook group here >>>> Under The Cover Articles of Interest Health at Every Size Body Acceptance Shame on You


My Trip To France Ep. 12

While I intended to record while traveling, this plan did not work out. I am now back at home and in this podcast, I will talk about my trip: Where we went How we traveled: by plane, subway, car, and train Some of the sights we saw French people My Trip To France: Itinerary Paris:2 days We saw: The Pantheon Eiffel tour Les Champs Elysees Arc de Triumph Le Louvre Le jardin des Tuileries - Tuileries garden Palais de L'Elysee Notre Dame L'opera La place de la Bastille Versailles Poitiers: 2...


This is Me Ep. 11

In this episode "This Is Me", these are the subjects covered: The song from the Greatest Showman "This Is Me" Why was this song so meaningful to many Trying to fit in to belong Who are the puppetmasters? Authenticity and vulnerability Other Subjects of Interest From The Blog The Real Pain of Not Belonging Being Authentic The Power of Vulnerability I Don't Belong (This Is Me) Bloopers Florence meets the Pinkfloyds Book Recommendation The Power of Vulnerability by Dr. Brené Brown This Is Me...


Body Acceptance Ep. 10

This episode focuses on body acceptance. We will cover questions such as these: Body hate is it effective? Societal norms of beauty Giving grace Acceptance and belonging Loving who you are Other Articles You May Find Interesting: Sparklies in my hair The eyes of love Who are you? You are here to leave your mark I don't' belong Health at every size Being authentic Is being average a bad thing? Body acceptance Bloopers: My Mamie Confidence is beautiful Picking a pet Copying Anne


Diets or Dieting Ep. 9

In this episode, I will talk about diets and dieting I will cover these subjects: Is there a perfect diet? Is losing weight always a healthy goal? My journey with weight loss Body love Articles of Interest: My views on diets Diets and religion What does your appearance say about you? Body acceptance Health at every size Intuitive eating Shame on you! Bloopers: You can find the bloopers for this episode on my Patreon page. There is also access to a secret Facebook support group for my $5...


Forgiveness Ep. 8

"Forgive others, not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace." Jonathan Lockwood Huie Being angry at someone hurts only you. Let go of your anger, not for the other person, but for yourself. In this episode, we will discuss these subjects: Why forgiveness is important What is forgiveness What forgiveness is not Self-forgiveness Bloopers You can find the bloopers for this podcast on Patreon here. Blooper one Blooper two Posts Related to Forgiveness Ep. 8 The excerpt...


Guest: My Oldest Son (Part 2) Ep. 7

This is the second and last part of my interview with my son Samuel. You can find part one here. In this episode, we talk about these subjects: Being a parent Forgiveness and regrets What does Samuel is most needed to be a good parent Does he see me and his father differently now that he is a dad He will also answer some questions from my Facebook followers Bloopers: The glare part 1 The glare part 2 Additional Info Body positivity Body acceptance During this podcast, I refer to a previous...


Guest: My Oldest Son (Part 1) Ep. 6

This week, I am excited to present my oldest son Samuel. This podcast was really fun to do. I thoroughly enjoyed it. We cover these subjects: What is Samuel's favorite part being from a large family? His least favorite part? We talk about France and his mother - me - being an immigrant Brotherhood The coming of age ceremony His favorite family tradition Additional notes: At about 5 minutes into the podcast, we welcome an unwelcome and unexpected guest...(Blooper one below, introduces you...


Rituals and Ceremonies: Ep. 5

In this episode, I talk about how, as a family, we mark the passage of our children from the teenage year to adulthood. I discuss: How rituals and ceremonies are often used to mark important times A coming of age ceremony How we acknowledge that our children are leaving childhood Things of Interest around FlorenceWitt.org: Alisha's Podcast where she first brings up the subject of ceremonies: Part 1 and Part 2 Letter to the parent I used to be Source for the Letter to My Daughter: Words From...


Guest Speaker – Alisha (Part 2): Ep. 4

Alisha: Part 2 This is Part 2 of my talk with Alisha. You can hear Part 1 here. In this episode, we discuss: How do I handle the demands of motherhood, marriage, being a grandma as well as having a very busy household Special dates with my kids Why attachment parenting? As well as other subjects >>> Part 1 Bloopers You can find a blooper on my Patreon page here. First blooper is a story Second blooper is "that's why we don't do that" Related Post: Letter to the parent I used to be Podcast...


Guest Speaker – Alisha (Part 1): Ep. 3

In this podcast, I am very excited to introduce my best friend Alisha. We will discuss: Habits I have from my childhood in France How being French but living in the United States has impacted my life Many other subjects >>> Part 2 Bloopers You can find a blooper on my Patreon page here. A post about my childhood: The language of dreams


Boundaries vs. Control: Ep. 2

Boundaries vs. Control In this episode, we discuss the difference between boundaries and control. We will cover these subjects: What are boundaries? Why do we need them? What is control? How to recognize a manipulative/controlling person A couple examples of boundary setting Additional Information: The theme of control and boundaries has been a recurrent one in my life as of late. In this episode, I talk about the differences between the two. I wrote two blog posts on this subject: 1)...


Meet the Host: Ep. 1

Introductions In this episode, we will introduce your host - yours truly. We will discuss: Who am I and where I came from Why I decided to stretch myself out of my comfort zone to start podcasting How I came up with the name Wit 'n' Grace You can find a blooper from this episode on Prateon.