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EP65 The Path of the Mongols Motorcycle Club and Dave Walters stops by the Madhouse

On this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse we hear from the Mongols Motorcycle Club Attorney on the 3 steps the government must take and win in order to take the logo and trademark of the Mongols Motorcycle Club. The Government won round 1. But will they be able to win the rest of the steps needed? #SAVETHEPATCH is now the rallying point for all club members. If the government is successful against the Mongols your club could be next. Link to Mongols Attorneys YouTube Channel...


Episode 64 Interview with Widow Sons and Michagan ABATE drops by the Madhouse

On This episode of Motorcycle Madhouse we talk about Motorcycle Associations with a member of the Widow Sons Motorcycle Association. We also talk with Michigan ABATE. Whats ABATE about and whats it's purpose? Find out now on this episode of the Madhouse Insane Throttle Links My Author Page: Insane Throttle YouTube Channel: *Facebook: **Twitter:


EP63 Black Dragon stops by the Madhouse and we talk importance of Confederation of Clubs

On this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse weekly podcast Black Dragon of Black Dragon TV on YouTube stops by the Madhouse to give his viewpoint on a rodent who's been perpetrating outright lies against Motorcycle Clubs such as the Bandidos and Mongols MC. We explore his love of cops and his efforts to do anything and everything to draw attention to himself in order to make a living off unsuspecting people in the Motorcycle Scene. Later on in the show we expose another Out Bad member of a...


Ep62 Mongols MC & Bandidos MC claims are addressed by New York plus interview with Cossack 1%er

Today on Ep62- New York Answers Chuckie Cheese claims against Mongols MC and Bandidos MC and we also bring you an exclusive Cossack 1% interview. The first segment of the show we have an exclusive interview with the National Sgt At Arms of the Cossack 1%ers. A little background on the Cossack 1%ers- The Cossack 1%ers were formed after the Waco Twin Peaks incident between the Ugly Man Cossacks and Bandidos Motorcycle Club. This split from the main club has led to many people coming out...


Ep61 Interview with New York on the Mongols Patch Case and Rebels on a mission

Interview with New York on the Mongols Patch Case and Rebels with a mission. First interview we discuss the Mongols Patch Case as well as Pagan case. Second interview we talk with Rebels on a mission about how they are helping children through child abuse Author Page Audio Version New Age- New Age Kindle New ge Paperback


Ep 60 - Exclusive interview with witness to Pagan Assault in Pittsburgh. Mongols Patch Case

On this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse we have an exclusive interview with a witness to the police brutality in Pittsburgh against members of the Pagans Motorcycle Club. We also talk Mongols Patch Case. Don't forget to grab your copy of the Iron Order MC- The Year that changed the motorcycle club scene and The New Age of Biking and Brotherhood. Visit my author page To get audio formats of the books check out Insane Throttle Publishing Now...


Ep59 Special Guest UABA, Mongols MC court case moves ahead , ABATE and special events

Ep59 Special Guest UABA, Mongols MC court case moves ahead , ABATE and special events James "Hollywood "Macecari has done it again. This time he brings you a riveting look at the Iron Order Motorcycle Club. Get never before commentary and inside looks at the Iron Order MC. Now available through Amazon on Paper book & Kindle. Get the Audio Book right through Insane Throttle Publishing by clicking here. Purchase the Audio book & get "The New Age of Biking & Brotherhood" E book plus 5 hours...


Ep 58- Kinfolk Truth Crew Exclusive, Red Dragon Fighter, Guardian of the Children & More

On this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse. We interview "Trade Mark" from Guardian of the Children. We have an exclusive with Nick "Red Dragon"Rose as well as Kinfolk Truth Crew Buster interview and of course our Biker Hangout Corner "Whats happening segment" To help support the channel grow we use Paypal Donate- JP Cycles - Ad Link Affiliate- Get your copy of the hottest new biker...


Episode 57- Harley Davidson Lack of loyalty Neon Rose tells his story Jesse and Marcie stop by.

We have an action packed episode of Motorcycle Madhouse this week. Scott "Neon" Rose comes on to tell his story plus we have Jesse from the Kinfolk Truth Crew Rat Busters, Marcie from the Biker Hangout Corner giving us the events happening in the biker scene and DC who will be letting us know the nightmare he was forced to go through buying his first Harley-Davidson Motorcycle in Ft Worth Texas. To donate to Neons Go Fund Me Page click on Get...


Ep56- Breaking News Kinfolk MC Exposed and all new Biker Hangout Corner Premieres

On this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse. Jesse, Admin of the Kinfolk Truth Crew Rat Buster site comes on to break exclusive news on the status of Kinfolk Prospect in Florida arrested for shooting into an SUV with 2 young kids. Also we have the ladies from The Biker Hangout Corner on. Don't forget to follow us at for all your daily biker news. Daily Biker Videos at Get Your Copy of Hottest New Biker Book this year. The New...


Ep55 Millenia biker responds to criticism to his generation- Your 2nd amendment in jeopardy

We just added a new feature at . Hit the follow button. Get daily biker news right in your email box each morning. Get Your Copy of Hottest New Biker Book this year. The New Age of Biking & Brotherhood Paperback - Kindle Edition- The Legitimate Motorcycle Club Kindle Edition- Author Page Official Insane Throttle Support Store...


Ep54. Police Profiling gone wild ! Ft Worth Witness & Owner of Wilsons Leather talks about the event

On this episode the Madhouse has Jeff Wilson of Wilson leather gear to discuss the incident that took place when cops came into his store, one with gun out and put members of the Vagos M/C against the wall. Two arrested. Jeff tells us what happened and his thoughts on the police profiling. Also Brian from BIC stops by to talk about the current state of political correctness in the scene


Ep53 When will the Waco Nightmare be resolved?Also heavy handed response from LEOS to Mongols

Help Support this Channel!!! Official Insane Throttle T-Shirts Murder Capitol of USA - Insane Throttle Logo The Bitch Fell Off One time Paypal Contributions Become a Monthly Patreon Amazon shoppers use our affiliate link


Ep52- Why would someone join a support club instead of the dominant motorcycle club?

On this episode we answer this question A question for you, Hollywood, and I won't doubt this'll hit a nerve, but let's talk "support clubs" for a moment, shall we? It's sort of a two part'er. Part one: Some cats decide to get something together and ask around with the various big outfits if they'll get their ass beat should they sew something on. The BIG outfit says go ahead but, you'll sew this small patch on your upper chest signifying we approve. Also, we pull your strings. You come...


Ep51Cossacks 1%ers speak out on Big Pete, BBS, and other rumors: Biker Hangout Corner stops by

On this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse. A representative from the Cossacks 1%ers stops by to give their side of the story on Big Pete, involvement in the BBS and more. We also have Marcie and Kim from the Biker Hangout Facebook Group on. Don't forget to get my new book. Get your copy of New Age Of Biking & Brotherhood Kindle Version Author Page on Amazon One time Paypal Donations to the Channel -...


Ep 50 Interview with Australia Club Member as well as importance of independent Biker News

On this episode we talk with a member of a Australia Motorcycle Club about the differences between USA Clubs and OZ Clubs. We also discuss the VLAD Laws. Also a discussion on the Importance of Independent Biker News. New Age Of Biking & Brotherhood Ebook One time Paypal Donations to the Channel - All of Insane Throttles Social Media in one place...


Ep 49- A Woman Scorned Payback against the Club and why we will never accept LEO answered

Being a female, I can only describe what it was like being in the one-percenter culture, but not the actual club. Members must be men. But make no mistake, women who are the wives or girlfriends of these men still spend a great deal of time around club members doing club stuff. My ex was a member of the Bandidos for several years. I found that the illusion of being in a biker gang and the reality of being in a biker gang were very different. Over the years, people in the one-percenter world...


Ep 48- The Chicago Confederation Of Clubs Speak Out on "The Last Chicago Boss"- P 2 Milperra massacre

On this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse. We are joined by a board member of the Chicago Confederation of Clubs who will give the Confederations Response to Big Pete and his book the Last Chicago Boss. Also we will be airing the final part of a 60 min interview with those who were at the Milperra massacre. James Macecari new book "The New Age of Biking & Brotherhood: is now on sale in both print and on kindle. New Age Of Biking & Brotherhood Kindle...


Ep 47. Why Do Men Join M/C's? Also the The Milperra Massacre Part 1

In this episode we explore the question. Why do Men Join Motorcycle Clubs? We also kick off a two part series on the Milperra Massacre. A Biker War that cost many lives. James "Hollywood" Macecari new book "The New Age of Biking & Brotherhood" is now out. You can purchase it through Amazon It's also on Kindle One time Paypal Donations to the Channel - All of Insane Throttles Social Media in one place...


Ep 46. LEMC Member comes on Madhouse to Debate Hollywood- Plus What is Truth Crew Sites

On this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse. A member of the Filthy Screws LEMC comes on and explains why all LEMC are not the same. Is Hollywood buying his argument? Are you buying his argument? Should there be communication between the traditional motorcycle club scene and the Law Enforcement Scene? You be the judge. Don't forget Hollywood new book New Age of Biking & Brotherhood hits September 1st. Available both in print and ebook and kindle formats. New Age Of Biking & Brotherhood...