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From the #1 Biker News Site on the Internet






Ep44 FatDaddyRabbit stops by the Madhouse- Also the motorcycle community lost a legend this week

In 1962, Truett began racing drag bikes but he continued to look for ways to get more speed out of them, and he started by changing the flywheels in his own Sportster. “I changed out the flywheels in an attempt to gain more power,” Truett said. “I also tried a number of unusual additives to increase speed like paint thinner and cleaners, because back in the day, we tested everything in bikes. And believe it or not, it worked.” Around 1964, Truett found that using nitro-methane worked the...


Ep 43- Importance of knowing Motorcycle History, Alex Jones and what Out Bad Means

On this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse we will discuss the importance of knowing your motorcycle history as well as why every one should be shocked by the media coverage of a specific biker event in Indy. Also Alex Jones gives a statement on the media and globalist elite. Finally we talk what it means to be put "Out Bad" from a motorcycle club. Why there isn't three sides of the story as many suggest New Age Of Biking & Brotherhood...


EP42 Coverage of Official Outlaws M/C (AOA) Response to the book "The Last Chicago Boss" By Pete James

This entire episode is dedicated to the response from the Outlaws M/C to the book written by Pete James. The Last Chicago Boss. The response is to the point and explains the AOA side of the story. This is just the tip of the Iceberg when it comes to our series on Pete James. More information will be following in the coming weeks. A response like this is very rare and Insane Throttle has the exclusive. The Response shows just how much the AOA wants people to be aware of Pete James who is...


Ep 41- New Age of Motorcycle Gangsters and troubling rise of clubs allowing Pedophiles in ranks

In this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse we talk about the rise of Motorcycle Club members wanting to be more of gangsters than bikers. We also talk about the disturbing trend of motorcycle clubs allowing pedophiles into their ranks. If you would like to become a patreon and supporter of Biker Angle and Motorcycle Madhouse visit our Patreon Page One time Paypal Donations to the Channel - Follow...


Ep 39-THE NEW AGE OF MOTORCYCLE CLUBS -Hypocrisy,Technology we discuss it all.

We are going to take a detour. Instead of doing news today I want to bring something to the forefront that was posted on IOTC. When I saw the post, it hit on a variety of subjects. Some I agree with and some that I do not. This post was a hell of a conversation starter and one that many have been thinking, but never would say. So let's look at the post, and Ill give some of my viewpoints on the subject. I'm hoping to hear every ones thought in the comment sections here on Youtube and...


Ep 40- Interview with one of oldest clubs in the world- Yonkers M/C celebrating 115 years as a club

On this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse I interview Bear from the Yonkers Motorcycle Club. The Yonkers Motorcycle Club is turning 115 years old and we discuss it's history and what has kept it together so long. We also talk about the Mongols Moving to Texas and why those on the internet might want to mind their own business. If you would like to become a patreon and supporter of Biker Angle and Motorcycle Madhouse visit our Patreon Page Follow us on...


Ep 38- The decisions to look at when joining an MC- Special Guest Interview Exit 27

So let me ask a question as I get started off here on this segment. Is it or isn't it true that what someone might have done in the past is irrelevant to who they are now? For example take Sammy "The Bull" Gravino. The under boss for the Gambino Crime Family. Here is a dude who was once one of the most feared and looked up person in the underworld. Well until he flipped and testified against his people. But that is irrelevant right now. Basically even though gravano made a mark on the...


Ep 37- We talk about Iron Order Civil Case and special guest Hollywood Original GLOW Wrestler

On this episode we discuss the dismissal of the Iron Order MC Civil Case as well as interview one of the original ladies on GLOW- Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. Follow us on Instagram for Daily Biker Babes and Biker Angle every morning on Instagram TV For all your daily biker news - Join us twice a week on Motorcycle Madhouse free podcast For all your motorcycle needs hop on over to our...


Ep 36- What's happening in MC Scene? Pop Up Club Challenges Big Dogs? Also Pearl Bottom Radio

Welcome to Motorcycle Madhouse I'm James "hollywood"macecari . We will be discussing the what is wrong in the motorcycle club scene. Later in the show we have Pearl Bottom Radio . Let me tell you. These guys have it dialed in. Before we get into my monolouge I'm happy to announce my new book "The New Age Biker- A Lifestyle at a crossroads" will be released Aug 1st on Kindle and Nov 1st the Physical book will be coming out. I'm not going to release many details on it other than there will...


Ep35- Chris Cox Founder of Bikers for Trump- Madhouse Talks Brotherhood & Storm Kicker

Welcome to Motorcycle Madhouse. I'm James " Hollywood" Macecari and this is episode 35. Today we are going to cover the subject of Brotherhood. It's a subject we've really not addressed in detail and one that is the most used term in the biker lifestyle. But is the term really understood? I'll give everyone my viewpoints coming up . Also later on in the show we will have our first band interview with special guest Storm Kicker for our new segment - Up and coming bands- When you hear this...


Ep 34- Why are Bikers Loyal to Harley-Davidson? Special Guest NY we talk Mayans M/C

Welcome to this edition of Motorcycle Madhouse Episode 34. I' James " Hollywood" Macecari and today we got another action packed show for everyone. First I would like to say thanks to all the bands sending in the Mp3's for consideration to be on the Madhouse. Currently we are receiving about 100 to 150 submissions a day and we are going through them as fast as we can. So bear with us if you haven't heard from the Madhouse Yet. I'm pretty stoked about adding the up and coming band segment...


Episode 33 - National President of the Historic Rebels 13 M/C Stops by the Madhouse

Welcome to Motorcycle Madhouse Episode 33 and I'm James "hollywood" Macecari and what a show we have for you today. In a moment I'll be joined by Jackpot. The National President of the 13 Rebels M/C. If you don't know who the 13 Rebels are then you've been living on another planet. The 13 Rebels are one of the oldest clubs in the United States. They were at Hollister and like a few other clubs were the inspiration behind the movie "The Wild One" . Before I get into the interview Im happy...


Episode 32- Peter"Pedophile" Fonda Roasted - Harley throwing the white flag against America

Welcome to Episode 32 and the Tuesday edition of Motorcycle Madhouse. I'm James " Hollywood" Macecari and in this first segment we are going to talk about Harley Davidson and it's ongoing issues the company is facing as well as their declining rider loyalty. Peter Fonda. Who stared in the movie Easyrider and someone who is in the Sturgis Hall of Fame recently tweeted out he wants to 'rip Barron Trump from his mother' and put him in a 'cage with pedophiles'. Really? Pedophiles you pos? Any...


Ep 31 - Wino Willie, Hollister and the beginning of the Wild Image of Bikers

He was a side gunner on a B-24 Liberator in the Pacific Theater on an aircraft named "Pacific Tramp" Fueled with a zest largely unknown outside of WWII combat vets, Wino Willie Forkner and other early members of the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club partied with other clubs and the citizens of Hollister at its famous 1947 Gypsy Tour. Prominent at that party, Wino Willie was used later to teach the cast of "The Wild One", a movie inspired vaguely by that event, how to dress and act as bikers....


Ep 30- Zeke with Combat Vets M/C- How to prep your bike for long trip and new song from Scream inc

On this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse we interview Zeke. Korean War Vet and member of the Combat Veterans M/C. We talk Korea and how things have changed in the biker community over the years. Also Doublebarrel and Hollywood talk about what things bikers should look for and do to their motorcycles before a long trip. Why learning basic maintenance is important when owning a motorcycle. Also the Adventures of Butterball premieres today. New character added to Motorcycle Madhouse Radio...


Rooster Katona Former National President of Pagans MC Current Intl Prez of Sutars Soldiers M/C

Welcome to this Tuesday Edition of Motorcycle Madhouse. I'm James Hollywood Macecari and what a show we have for you today. For those seeking true education on the club scene Rooster is the one that can give you the insight. Roosters experience in leading one of the Big 5 motorcycle clubs from the top position gives him the credibility to speak on the subject most do not possess. Rooster has seen the club scene from both sides. Good and Bad. He has known brotherhood in a good light and...


Podcast- Today Big Caz 1%er drops by - Director of "Life of a 1%er Biker" plus more interviews

Today on the Madhouse. Big Caz 1%er Ventura California President of the Chosen Few and actor, director stops by to talk about his new movie coming out in August on Netflix and Amazon "Life of a 1%er Biker." Also dropping by we have a member of a motorcycle club in Kentucky who was a Navy Veteran. We talk Police Profiling Finally we have JD "New York" talking about the state of motorcycle club scene, biker profiling and a whole lot more. Trailer can be seen for "Life of a 1%er Biker" can be...


Podcast- Today we talk Independent Repair Shops and Harley-Davidson

Welcome to this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse and our first Tuesday Show. Yep. Motorcycle Madhouse is now twice a week. Tuesday and Thursdays at 1pmcst and starting soon "LIVE" over on Insane Throttles Youtube Channel. So let's jump into it. America is in a pivotal point in history right now. A point in our history where we can finally take back this country for the working man. Right now we have a President in the White House who cares deeply about this country and putting it first....


Podcast- Brothers in Chains M/C, Interviews with War Vet and Chitown vs NY hard hitting episode

This is one of the most intense episodes of Motorcycle Madhouse. This episode will explore the problems not only in the biker community but also our country as a whole. If you're a snowflake or someone who's feelings get hurt easy than you might want to skip this episode. Motorcycle Madhouse will not disappoint with it's popular comedy skits. On this show we will push it to the limits. Points will be made and protests will ensue. It's time to take the lid off the Madhouse and Crack the...


Podcast- Today on Motorcycle Madhouse we have some great guest we are interviewing as well as dipping into some news happening right now.

On this weeks episode of Motorcycle Madhouse we have 3 great interviews discussing a wide range of issues in the biker community. We have a sassy old school lady on talking about womens involvement in the biker scene as well as a very special ride being set up for a biker in need. Also We have on Deadman from Deadmans Internet Radio who is just getting up and starting out. Also some quick news happening around the country.