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From the #1 Biker News Site on the Internet






Ep 30- Zeke with Combat Vets M/C- How to prep your bike for long trip and new song from Scream inc

On this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse we interview Zeke. Korean War Vet and member of the Combat Veterans M/C. We talk Korea and how things have changed in the biker community over the years. Also Doublebarrel and Hollywood talk about what things bikers should look for and do to their motorcycles before a long trip. Why learning basic maintenance is important when owning a motorcycle. Also the Adventures of Butterball premieres today. New character added to Motorcycle Madhouse Radio Skits....


Rooster Katona Former National President of Pagans MC Current Intl Prez of Sutars Soldiers M/C

Welcome to this Tuesday Edition of Motorcycle Madhouse. I'm James Hollywood Macecari and what a show we have for you today. For those seeking true education on the club scene Rooster is the one that can give you the insight. Roosters experience in leading one of the Big 5 motorcycle clubs from the top position gives him the credibility to speak on the subject most do not possess. Rooster has seen the club scene from both sides. Good and Bad. He has known brotherhood in a good light and...


Podcast- Today Big Caz 1%er drops by - Director of "Life of a 1%er Biker" plus more interviews

Today on the Madhouse. Big Caz 1%er Ventura California President of the Chosen Few and actor, director stops by to talk about his new movie coming out in August on Netflix and Amazon "Life of a 1%er Biker." Also dropping by we have a member of a motorcycle club in Kentucky who was a Navy Veteran. We talk Police Profiling Finally we have JD "New York" talking about the state of motorcycle club scene, biker profiling and a whole lot more. Trailer can be seen for "Life of a 1%er Biker" can be...


Podcast- Today we talk Independent Repair Shops and Harley-Davidson

Welcome to this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse and our first Tuesday Show. Yep. Motorcycle Madhouse is now twice a week. Tuesday and Thursdays at 1pmcst and starting soon "LIVE" over on Insane Throttles Youtube Channel. So let's jump into it. America is in a pivotal point in history right now. A point in our history where we can finally take back this country for the working man. Right now we have a President in the White House who cares deeply about this country and putting it first....


Podcast- Brothers in Chains M/C, Interviews with War Vet and Chitown vs NY hard hitting episode

This is one of the most intense episodes of Motorcycle Madhouse. This episode will explore the problems not only in the biker community but also our country as a whole. If you're a snowflake or someone who's feelings get hurt easy than you might want to skip this episode. Motorcycle Madhouse will not disappoint with it's popular comedy skits. On this show we will push it to the limits. Points will be made and protests will ensue. It's time to take the lid off the Madhouse and Crack the...


Podcast- Today on Motorcycle Madhouse we have some great guest we are interviewing as well as dipping into some news happening right now.

On this weeks episode of Motorcycle Madhouse we have 3 great interviews discussing a wide range of issues in the biker community. We have a sassy old school lady on talking about womens involvement in the biker scene as well as a very special ride being set up for a biker in need. Also We have on Deadman from Deadmans Internet Radio who is just getting up and starting out. Also some quick news happening around the country.


What has happened to Harley Davidson, 3 year Anniversary of Waco Twin Peaks and changes coming to the throttle

What has happened to Harley Davidson? Stories coming out recently the company no longer wants to allow reporters into the shareholders meetings. What does Harley Davidson have to hide other than their sales numbers have hit rock bottom. YOU KNOW WHY NUMBERS ARE HITTING ROCK BOTTOM HARLEY? A person has to take out a second mortgage to buy your product. You got away from your core base of customers. Now before all you go around and bitch and complain that Harleys core base is 70 year old men...


Podcast - Special Guests Wicked Bitch, AOA Support Club Iron Breed, Motorcycle Profiling

On this weeks Motorcycle Madhouse we have the one and only Wicked Bitch, AOA Support Club Iron Breed to talk about the profiling they are facing in Cudahy Wisconsin. We also have Mike who will come on and talk to us about what cops learn about bikers and motorcycle clubs in the academy. Finally we have Doublebarrel on to talk about Ryan Urlachers half hearted attempt to interview Ray Lubeski from Iron Legacy. We also have some secret recorded phone calls sent into us by our followers . You...


Motorcycle Club and Biker Profiling Questions and Answers sessions with Hollywood

On todays Madhouse we are going to talk to Ryan. Ryan was a biker featured on the new show LIVE PD. During the show Ryan had a medical emergency. The police right away persumed it was a drug overdose. Turns out it was a seizure. So much for getting the facts. We also discuss Popeyes Idea from Texas Biker Radio on making May 17th, the Anniversay of the Waco Twin Peaks Incident National Day against Biker Profiling Hollywood takes some questions from the audience as well To Submit your Biker...


On Todays Madhouse we Talk about the Pike & Portillo Trial as well as Gun Control Issues

On Today's Show Hollywood Talks about The Pike and Portillo Trial. Prosecutors just rested their case and now it's time for Pike and Portillo to present their case. We also talk about and directly to the Ugly Man Cossacks. Specifically Zeke the National President of Cossacks M/C. Also up in the second segment is Gun Control, New Phone Scam and we also get Lollipops reply to Insane Throttles secretly recorded tape of him and law abiding biker after their interview.


Casie "The Pitbull" Gotro Attorney for Bandido Jake Carrizal Stops by the Madhouse. Also on the Madhouse Electric Bikes

On this weeks episode of Motorcycle Madhouse. Casie "The Pitbull" Gotro High Powered attorney for Bandido Jake Carrizal who's trial in the Waco Twin Peaks Incident ended in a mistrial. We talk all subjects Waco and where Casie thinks the situation will go forward since Abel Reyna now has lost office Double Barrel and Hollywood Talk about the recent introduction of Electric Motorcycles. In Particular the Zero S/SR and how Harley Davidsons "Live Wire' Matches up. Don't forget to go over to...


Alliance of Law Abiding Clubs and Mouth Piece Ryan Urlacher- Do they Represent you?

On this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse we will be taking on the subject of Alliance of Law Abiding Clubs and Ryan Urlacher of Law Abiding Biker. The Alliance of Law Abiding Clubs is a predominent LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) based organization that has been going out there on the streets putting people in harms way. They have continually stated that anyone that doesn't agree with their positions they are criminal organizations. This so called Alliance has used Ryan Urlacher from Law...


Popeye and OG From Texas Biker Radio stop by the Madhouse to talk "The Waco Twin Peaks Shooting"

On this episode of Motorcycle Madhouse. We are joined by Popeye and OG from Texas Biker Radio. We talk on a range of subjects about what happened in Waco Texas at the Twin Peaks Restaurant where members of the Bandidos M/C and Cossacks M/C became involved in a fight that left 9 people dead and over 177 arrested. We will talk about some of the injustices that went down that day on the part of the police department as well as the corruption of District Attorney Able Reyna. The corruption...


No Law Abiding Alliance Leo motorcycle clubs are not 99%er clubs- Never have been and Never will be.

On this weeks episode of Motorcycle Madhouse- James"Hollywood"Macecari and Double Barrel take on the question if motorcycle profiling exists, the fantasy that the Alliance of Law Abiding Clubs pushes that Law Enforcement Clubs are apart of the 99% Clubs. Far too long the podcasters over at have been able to get away with going after those who don't agree with them because they do not have the operation to fight back. Well, they have a met their match with Insane...


Good Time Charlie and Mr. Lucky from BIC stop by and the Interview with Dodge County Sheriff on AOA

On this weeks episode Good Time Charlie and Mr. Lucky stop by the Motorcycle Madhouse to discuss their new movie Rebel on The Highway. A movie for bikers by bikers. One that was not supported by Hollywood but by us in the Biker Scene. Also we have the interview with the Dodge County Sheriff regarding what happened on Feb 16th of this year involving the controversy with the Outlaws MC putting a clubhouse in Lomira.


Motorcycle Roadtripping with Chuck & a womens place in the Biker Scene

On this weeks episode of Motorcycle Madhouse we go Road Tripping with Chuck Jines. This episode also brings you a new phone scam. The Madhouse Phone Pranks Good Time Charlie of Biker Inner Circle Radio. The crew also tackles the question of a women's place in the biker scene


What is a 99% Club vs 1%er Club- Interview with Kerrie Droban Co-Author Last Chicago Boss

On this week of Insane Throttle's Motorcycle Madhouse- Hollywood and Doublebarrel discuss the differences and origins of the 99%er clubs as well as how they differ from 1%er Clubs. Also a big interview with Kerrie Droban co-author of "The Last Chicago Boss" a book about Former Regional Vice President and North Side Chapter President of the Outlaws M/C in Illinois


National President of the Black Sabbath M/C hangs out with Motorcycle Madhouse

Todays episode YouTube Sensation and National President of the Black Sabbath Motorcycle Club stops by the Madhouse to talk motorcycle club protocol, why he started his YouTube channel and what he sees going on in the motorcycle club scene. You can visit his YouTube channel at


George Christie Former Hells Angel Author of "Marked" "Exile on Front Street" On the Madhouse

Segment 1 of this weeks Motorcycle Madhouse George Christie Former Hells Angel, Author of "Marked" and "Exile on Front Street" drops by the Madhouse for an Interview Segment 2 James "Hollywood" Macecari and Double Barrel finish up the Q&A from the Last Episode


Should Women be allowed in Motorcycle Clubs? Will Ray "Lollipop" Lubesky accept challenge?

James "Hollywood" Macecari talks about the subject of women being members of a motorcycle club. Special Commentary by Big Pete, Former Regional Vice President of the Outlaws M/C and Author of the book "The Last Chicago Boss" Hollywood calls out Ray "Lollipop"Lubeski. Will he appear on the Madhouse?