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Episode #22 - Rex Covington

My guest this week is on a mission. He goes by LonestarRider and is touring the USA in memory of his son to raise awareness and funds for a diabetes cure. Rex tells his powerful story as well as discussing some favorite rides that he's done over the years. Keep up with this travels and mission here: And as always, see more pictures and show notes at


Episode #21 - Sébastien Nunes

This week my guest is a world-renowned photographer and founding member of Sébastien Nunes. He joins me from his studio in Belgium and shares how he started riding motorcycles as well as some of his favorite adventures he's had on one. Pour up a Belgian beverage of choice and sit back and enjoy the podcast. Show notes for this and all episodes can be found at


Episode #20 - Chad Stewart

This week hear about bears eating dandelions, Alaska, and crossing the US of A in 54 hours. It's an episode of adventure and stories as you meet Chad Stewart from South Carolina. Sit back and enjoy! Show notes and pictures from this episode can be found at


Episode #19 - Robert Pandya

This week my guest is motorcycle industry veteran Robert Pandya. Join us as we hear about his Indian motorcycle that was saved from the crusher in order to ride the Canon Ball Project as well as his advocating for motorcycle riders and the initiatives that he is bringing to the industry through his Give a Shift project. Make up a beverage of choice and have a listen! As always, you can find show notes for this episode at: Photo by Barry Hathaway


Episode #18 - Jonathan Clemens

On this week's episode we sit down in a local brewery as my guest recants his recent journey across the United States. With tales of hail and unruly bars in Wyoming, you're in for a treat. See a few pictures of his journey in the show notes at:


Episode #17 - Reid Warner

This week you get to meet some of my extended family, my cousin Reid is my guest and even though we grew up in different parts of the US, we both ended up riding motorcycles. Listen along as we chat about bikes he's owned as well as one of the epic trips he took around the US of A and then head on over to to check out some of his pictures from his adventures.


Episode #16 - Abbey Chiavario

This week my guest is Abbey Chiavario, besides being a super cool person and Nashville based moto rider, we chat about times when we've each been in a motorcycle accident and more importantly how we dealt with the mental toll as well as getting back in the saddle. This a great episode of stories and reflection. See show notes for this and past episodes at


Episode #15 - Alex Chacón

This week meet Alex Chacón of the Modern Motorcycle Diaries. He has ridden over 300,000k in 50+ countries, and this week I catch up with him in Bolivia during his current adventure. Join us as we chat about how he got started riding motorcycles as well as some of the amazing things that he has experienced from the back of his bike. You better grab your helmet because you are going to want to hop on your bike and go out for an adventure after listening to this one! See Alex's adventures at...


Episode #14 - Jake Chiavario

This week is the epic tale of the Yamaturd. Meet Jake from Nashville and hear about his adventures of surviving the outback of rugged Tennessee on his vintage bike that just wouldn't give up. To see pictures of his adventure visit the show notes at


Episode #13 - YODA

This week you get to meet YODA...not the one from space, but the one from the Texas Hill Country. Hear about how he defied the odds and survived his motorcycle accident and went on to continue riding as well as start the Rolling Thunder Roadhouse So, sit back, pour your beverage of choice, and join us for some moto conversation. See more pictures and show notes at


Episode #12 - Robin Church

This week meet Robin Church, a long lost friend if mine from my symphony music days who just completed a 2,999 mile trip around the Southern US. Hear about that trip as well as how he got into riding motorcycles. See more pictures and show notes at


Episode #11 - Justin Coffey

My first ever podcast ON a motorcycle...we catch up with moto journalist Justin Coffey as he's riding through Texas to hear about some of his WWII vintage bunker hunting via motorcycles stories from his time spent in the great Pacific Northwest. See more of Justin's work and life at


Episode #10 - Carl Parker Part2

This week is Part 2 of my convo with ADV Moto Magazine editor Carl Parker. He continues his story about his motorcycle adventures in China as well as talking about the what it takes to have a true adventure. See more of Carl's work at and see the show notes at


Episode #9 - Carl Parker Part 1

This week, Carl Parker, publisher of ADV Moto magazine is my guest, and we chat about his adventures of riding 150cc motorcycles up into the remote regions of China while he was living there. (and he made a film about it too - The Return - Riding Western China ) Make a beverage, sit back, and enjoy! . . (you can find the show notes at )


Episode #8 - Erwin Urias Part 2

This week is Part 2 of my chat with 4th generation stunt performer (and dear friend) Erwin Urias. He goes more in depth with about new innovations in the technology of the Globe of Death as well as some stories about riding and working on the feature film, The Place Beyond the Pines. You can find out more about Erwin and his family's heritage with the Globe of Death at:


Episode #7 - Erwin Urias Part 1

This week you get to meet my dear friend from my circus days, Erwin Urias. He's a 4th generation motorcycle stunt rider, and his Great Grandfather was one of the founders of the motorcycle globe act. Buckle up as we dive into Erwin's incredible family history and the things that he has experienced in his career. (you can find video, pictures, and show notes at )


Episode #6 - Mark Kinney

This week meet retired Airforce Airman and fellow PNW rider Mark Kinney. He talks about his first experiences riding as a kid, as well as adventures like riding all day just to get a Chicago dog and exploring the Palouse. See more pictures and show notes at


Episode #3 - Giovanni Reniero

This week on the podcast my guest is world traveler Giovanni Reniero as he shares some grin-inducing stories about his ride through Iran and Nepal on his trip from England to Asia!


Episode #2 - Iain Glynn

This week meet the CRO, Chief Riding Officer of Touratech USA Iain Glynn as he talks about how he got started riding motorcycles and formed a club and then later got a pair of vintage Honda Goldwings and set off on a 40 day tour of the country with his riding buddy. Good stories ahead, lend me your ears, and enjoy!


Episode #1 - Matt WIllson

In this first epsiode Matt talks about how he got started riding motorcycles and shares about his road trip on the back of one (much to his mom's behest!)