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S01E27: Jeff Christensen

California transplant, Jeff Christensen stops by to talk to us about the differences in racing here and in California, shares some stories and generally creates a super chill atmosphere wherever he goes so it's good to have that whole California Chill rocking.


S01E26: Erick Wettstain

Friend, contributor, racing fan, pit crew menber, driver, Erick Wettstain comes on the show with both Nathan and Wes to give a run down of where he's been, what he's doing, and where he's going. It's a cool episode to sit down and just have a cool conversation with someone that believes in our product, has contributed to our product and loves the sport of racing as much as we do. Sponsored by Lori Kimble, Home Realty Inc., Willy's Carb and Dyno Shop, and High Octane Wraps and Apparel


Quick Six: Episode Ten (Fayette County Speedway 09-02-2018)

The American Modified Series concludes in Brownstown, Illinois and after an incredible weekend of racing; we grab the final few interviews with not only modified drivers but some of the great local Street Stock talent! In this Episode: Chandler Smith, Rob Lee, John Seets III, Jacob Rexing, Terry Mcann, Gary Walker, Jesse Simmons, Sheldon Oberle, Seth Gooden Sponsored by: Lori Kimble, Home Realty Inc., High Octane Wraps and Apparel, and Willy's Carb and Dyno Shop


Quick Six: Episode Nine (Fairbury American Legion Speedway 09-01-2018)

September 1st has us arriving in Fairbury at the legendary Fairbury American Legion Speedway to continue covering the events of the American Modified series. In this Episode: Kenny Wallace, Ray Bollinger, Scott Walker, Mat Mitchell, Allen Weisser, Mark Anderson Sponsored by: Lori Kimble, Home Realty Inc., High Octane Wraps and Apparel, and Willy's Carb and Dyno Shop


Quick Six: Episode Eight (Farmer City Raceway 08/31/2018)

We countine our journey through Illinois with the American Modified Series and find ourselves at Farmer City Raceway to grab pit interviews with the participants of this great series. In this Episode: Rich Dawson, Lucas Lee, Tait Davenport, Trey Harris, Tyler Nicely, Justin Haley, Chris Anderson Sponsored by: Lori Kimble, Home Realty Inc., High Octane Wraps and Apparel, and Willy's Carb and Dyno Shop


Quick Six: Episode Seven (Tri-City Speedway 08/30/2018)

In part one of the American Modified Series trek through the "Land of Lincoln", we travel to Tri-City Speedway to grab pit interviews with the participants of this great series. In this Episode: Billy Laycock, Mike Harrison, Shaun Horstmann, Rusty Griffaw, Blaze Burwell, Kyle McMahan, Barry Barnes, Jose Parga, Trent Young Sponsored by: Lori Kimble, Home Realty Inc., High Octane Wraps and Apparel, and Willy's Carb and Dyno Shop


S01E25: Aaron Abbott

Long time friend of the podcast and driver of the 14H Sportsman car, Aaron Abbott comes by the studio to talk about his career with Nathan. It's an amazing conversation and it's always awesome to get the chance to hear these stories (and stay dirt free......get it.... no dirt on an asphalt track)


Quick Six: Episode Six (Kentucky Motor Speedway 08-26-2018)

It's asphalt time in Kentucky!! We got out to Kentucky Motor Speedway to take in some legendary asphalt racing and talked to some of the drivers that make that course great. While we may be light on quantity in this episode, we surely aren't light in quality. In this episode: Steve Edge, Aaron Abbott, Wayne Green, Troy Herode, Rick Rowland, Corey Rowland, Jacqueline Barnett Sponsored by: Lori Kimble, Home Realty Inc., High Octane Wraps and Apparel, and Willy's Carb and Dyno Shop


Quick Six: Episode Five (Rockport Raceway 08-25-2018)

It's a day early but we can never ever be mad about another quality episode of the Quick 6! In this episode we take a trip to a bit smaller of a track to interview some of the most fearless competitors in motorsports. The go-kart racers at Rockport Raceway put on an amazing show and they compete as hard as anyone on larger tracks. We had the opportunity to speak with Jared Dearing, Levi King, Zach Roberts, Eli Wilhelmus, Lane Miller, Cain Miller, Seth Richardson, Keith Miller (Miller...


S01E24: Tim Banks

Legendary representative of all things Motorsports and all around amazing guy, Tim Banks stops by to talk about his time on 2 wheels and 4 wheels and gives us some amazing stories that span his entire career. This episode is jam packed with other segments as well as we get more information out about Fire Saftey from the Henry Strong Benefit Race.


Quick Six: Episode Four (Cedar Ridge 08/18/2018)

Taking the trip to Morgantown, Wes straps in for some high banked racing action with the drivers that call this local track home. On this epidsode we check in with Terry Burden, Michael Stanley, Anthony Goode, Bobby Gregory, Jeff Christensen, Blaze Melton, Jake Hampton, Dakota Givens, Keith McKinney, Shane Woodall, Brandon Justus, Darrin "Scott" Obenchain, and Charlie Mefford.


S01E23: Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson and Nathan have been friends for a long time. Sit back and listen to this reunion between old buddies as they tell all the stories and take a trip down memory lane. It's a great time and we got to know Capatain Chris a little bit better.


Quick Six: Episode Three (Ben Hawes 08/11/2018)

Taking a detour from the motor driven world of racing, Nathan steps into a different kind of pits at Ben Hawes State Park for the first Rally Race of the Owensboro Lions Club Soapbox Derby. This aren't your grandpa's soabox derby cars. The sport is as comptetive as any circle track and this competetitors have the want and desire to win just like a full sized stock car driver.


S01E22: Mike Royal

Fresh off a feature win, Mike Royal stops by to continue our streak on asphalt. We are glad to have him as we strive to bring you the best content from around the area on all track surfaces. Mike has been racing for quite some time and we've only begun to scratch the surface on a career like his.


S01E21: Mikey Gray

Dropping everything and coming to our rescue at the last minunte after a guest cancellation, Mikey Gray sat down to talk about what it means to be the driver of the "other wagon". A man with many, many years in the sport, Mikey had a ton of stories and we can't wait to sit down with him again and get the rest of them!


Quick Six: Episode Four (Windy Hollow 07/27/2018)

Episode 2 of the Quick Six is upon us. It's Wes versus the Ministock Special at Windy Hollow on July 27, 2018. While Nathan is still out of town on vacation, Wes took a trip out to the Holler to see what he could get into with all the action during the Ministock Special. While this isn't the longest episode in the world, it is a chance to get out and get some more experience with the digital recorder and capture some more of those pit interviews.


S01E20: The Story So Far

While Nathan is on vacation, Wes threw together an episode of some of the best clips from the first 8 interviews. Featured in the episode are Blake Smith, Blaze Melton, Jimmy Westerfield, Jake Shown, Josh Harris, John Hayden, Cole Falloway, and Billy Eagler. You'll hear a common thread through all of these clips and we hope you stick around for a new interview when Nathan is back from The Big Easy.


S01E19: Full Throttle Monster Trucks

It's County Fair Time, y'all!! Nathan and Wes take a trip to the Daviess County Fair and record the entire episode with the men and women of the Full Throttle Monster Truck Series!!! It's an action packed show with the promoter of the series and all the drivers that make this an incredible sport!


Quick Six: Episode One (Windy Hollow 07/13/2018)

Nathan drops by the pits at Windy Hollow Speedway during the Outlaw 30 for some pit interviews. Stay tuned to future episodes of this new show brought to you by Conway Racing Team.


Hope for Harlie (Special Edition)

Angie Baird with Cedar Ridge Speedway sat down with Nathan and Wes and gave some insight as to what it means to runb the benefit that is the Hope for Harlie Race. We talked about the history that is the race as well as Harlie and her family and what it means to them.