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Kinda Neat is a music discovery platform where you might find your new favorite rapper, singer, beatmaker, or pop star. Host, Lee Shaner (aka Intuition), is one of the earliest music podcasters having started his first music podcast over a decade ago in 2011. KN has been the first podcast / YT channel to break artists like Kali Uchis, Ghostemane, J.I.D., and so many others. Tune in for an in-depth look into each artist's journey and the common themes that make people pursue careers in music.


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Kinda Neat is a music discovery platform where you might find your new favorite rapper, singer, beatmaker, or pop star. Host, Lee Shaner (aka Intuition), is one of the earliest music podcasters having started his first music podcast over a decade ago in 2011. KN has been the first podcast / YT channel to break artists like Kali Uchis, Ghostemane, J.I.D., and so many others. Tune in for an in-depth look into each artist's journey and the common themes that make people pursue careers in music.





Mavi was one of the first artists I reached out to when deciding to relaunch Kinda Neat, so it's only fitting he ended up as the last guest of this "season" before I take a little summer break. When I reached out I'd recently gotten hip to his triumphant debut, Let the Sun Talk. It turns out Mavi had recently decided to take a break from school to concentrate on playing shows and building on the momentous buzz of the record. Then the world came to a halt. I can't help but feel for all the...



When ovrkast. came through last year, demahjiae came with him to the studio. I wasn't hip yet, but ovrkast. promised me he was next up. He was right! demahjiae's 2020 release "And, Such Is Life." boosted itself right into my favorite albums of the year upon it's release. The self-produced opus features a litany of guests that stay in my rotation (Navy Blue, Pink Siifu, Zeroh, ovrkast.), thoughtfully cohesive production, and constantly inward facing lyricism. It's well worth your time and...


SG Ali

SG Ali was brought to my attention by a trusted source and I've loved everything I've heard so far. She has a deeply intuitive sense of melody, and consistently creates inspirational ear worms. Turns out she's been honing her craft since childhood. Born and raised in Near North Chicago, in the Cabrini-Green Homes, she was lucky enough to be a part of a music education program in middle school called "Friday Crew" where members learned to make beats, make raps, and make music videos. While...


Travis Thompson

Travis Thompson and I go way back now. Even before his performance of “Need You” went massively viral back in 2017, he was following my friends and I online, and occasionally asking for guidance, as far back as 2011. He’s one of the friendliest folks to ever come on the show, and I feel a bit like a big brother (whether he wants me to or not). After “Need You” blew up, labels came calling, and he signed with Epic. His first release with them Reckless Endangerment admittedly didn’t do what...



Been a Njomza fan for a long time now. After hearing about her way back in 2014, inviting her to perform on the show (I have an unreleased GEM of hers in the archives), and having her play one of my last shows back in 2015, I was thrilled to have her team reach out about performing the latest single on KN. A theme of this episode is drive and ambition. Njomza learned she could sing very young, and by the time she was in junior high she held auditions to start a band. She began posting cover...


Lou From Paradise

Lou From Paradise hit it big in 2016 with a video that took him from never playing a solo show, to playing festivals within a matter of months. He was quickly swept into the major label system, and describes it as all being too much too soon. Feeling trapped by a machine that didn't want to see him grow and evolve, he asked to be released, and is now back on the indie grind feeling fully recharged. Lou's set to have a very busy year. With 3 releases already in the pocket, including the soon...


Kipp Stone

Kipp Stone's 2020 release HOMME was a carefully crafted and perfectly cohesive album. It was a stylistic leap forward for Kipp, and the first time he'd genuinely felt he found his voice on record. "Sprague Street" featuring Mick Jenkins was picked up by a number of playlists, and Kipp's buzz has been steadily on the rise. Born and raised in Cleveland, this was Kipp's first trip to Los Angeles. With the release of his excellent new EP Faygo Baby, and the "three perfect albums" he has plotted...



Was recently put on to Kear and intrigued by her innate pop sensibilities, confident delivery, and sensational ear for beats. The Philadelphia native was on her first trip to Los Angeles and it turns out she may never leave. After only working on music for a year, she has fully thrown herself into it, gathered a team, and made the trek across country to see if they can make it work. She seems to have all the right weaponry to achieve her goals. This episode contains a somber story of...



I came across Airøspace in a Twitter thread. I asked people to put me on to new music, and out of the hundreds of responses, 2020's Senjougahara Hitagi, Vol. IV tape really stood out. His 2019 release Sorry to Bother You further solidified how asleep I'd been. He lives in DC, and trying to arrange an episode of KN during the pandemic became touch and go due to the fact my wife was approaching her due date during the week he was in town. My wife was having contractions the evening we...



Carpetgarden's latest EP, "The Way He Looks," blew me away. The songwriting is impeccable, the production is great, and their gently deep resonant tone really hits an emotional soft spot. I gush over their talent in the episode because I really do think they have hit-record potential. With such a wide range of influence and consumed media throughout their youth, Carpetgarden has a established a sound with crossover appeal to all sorts of music lovers. Growing up on social media and online...



You're not going to find a lot of Clip's music on streaming platforms yet. Her underground hit "SAD B!TCH" sits alone on DSPs, but a quick trip to her Soundcloud page will show you why the industry is salivating over her. Her versatility and style is instantly apparent, and with the well established aesthetic of someone raised on the internet, it's only a matter of time until she and her gang Burn All Sex Dolls pop off something major. Born in Brooklyn to scholarship athlete parents, and...


Jacks Haupt

Put Jacks Haupt on your radar now. We're tapping in extremely early in her career, and this could be a sure bet. With her sultry pop-savvy sound, and bilingual lyrical sensibilities, I could envision her being an international phenomenon. Big words to live up to, but we can look back on this post in a few years and see how it went. Jacks grew up in Dallas and recently had her first whirlwind trip to LA, where she filmed music videos, became part of a documentary, and got her first taste of...


Jansport J

Jansport J has been working working. In 2020 alone he dropped four beat tape projects, and he's already released his first of 2021 in Save My Soul II. He's also been getting amazing placements from the likes of Benny The Butcher, Freddie Gibbs, Snoop, Ty Dolla Sign and many more. His soulful sample chops and swingy drums are a perfect palette for rappers, or wonderful standalone pieces that hold up just as well in headphones as they do knocking in your vehicle speakers. I've known of, and...


Rexx Life Raj

Been wanting to have Rexx Life Raj on the show for some years now and finally worked it out. The Bay Area native has a butter smooth delivery, intuitive sense of melody, and a plethora of range in topics and emotional depth. His latest release California Poppy 2 finds him releasing the sequel to his heralded 2018 tape. While that release found him collaborating with Bay legend E-40, the follow up welcomes New Orleans legend Juvenile to the party as well. Raj started rapping in high school,...



N8NOFACE has been making music for almost 30 years, but for over 20 of those years he made it in secrecy. His first love, east coast rap music, inspired him to order an SP1200 from the back of a magazine when there wasn't a single music store in his home state of Arizona selling them. For years he toiled away learning how to make beats and rap, but never showed anyone. Even when he and his brother both owned hip hop shops in Tucson, hosting open mics and battle events in store, he still kept...



Nana's recently released Save Yourself LP is an absolute gem. Looking at the complete picture - extremely high production value, master class level bars, cinematic visuals, polished and professional album photography - it's hard to believe the record was released independently. Even the collaboration with TDE's Reason was an organic introduction from family and friends in the Crenshaw District. Nana's been quietly honing his craft for over 10 years. Save Yourself, and 2018's Nana's EP, are...


The Khan

The Khan has been bubbling in the underground for a few years now, but underground rap wasn't his first foray into music. Originally inspired by classic rock, he started a band inspired by the likes of Led Zeppelin while still in middle school. Born and raised in DC, Khan's unique experience has inspired his political activity. The song he performed, "BLM PLAZA," was created after weeks of protesting in front of the White House (Pen Ave & 16th). After weeks of BLM protesters being beaten,...


Oliver the 2nd

Oliver the 2nd is a rapper out of Fontana, CA (the I.E.) who's been honing his craft for years. He's been collaborating with his cousin Jeremiah Jae since before Jae was signed to Brainfeeder, he was featured in a Boiler Room episode with Jon Wayne, Zeroh, and Azizi Gibson, and he's had the opportunity to work with Alchemist multiple times over the last few years. Clearly he's in a circle with some of rap's elite, so why did he almost disappear for 6 years? He released his last project in...


Dana Dentata

Dana Dentata's story is a real roller coaster ride. After becoming a model at age 14, her journey has been filled with seedy men, shady scenes, and lots of demons. Those demons were a signature part of her visual aesthetic to this point, but she's recently brightened her outlook after signing to legendary metal label Roadrunner Records and, through therapy, learning about her dissociative disorder. From close encounters with Jeffrey Epstein, to being the face of American Apparel, and...



YUNGMORPHEUS had a busy 2020. Starting off the year dropping the impressive collaboration Bag Talk with Pink Siifu, before continuing with solo project Black Schemata, a beat tape Pieces, and wrapping it up with the great EP Mise En Place. He's started 2021 with the same feverish pace dropping the States of Precarity LP last week. In the song he performed for us, "Championship Spliff," he states he "took time to hone the pen, I had something to say." His progress as a rapper and beatsmith...