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The Station Tapes | Dimitrije Vasiljevic

Dimitrije Vasiljevic Links: Accidental Nomad


The Station Tapes | Kaveh Rastegar Part 1

Louis spends an hour with John Legend’s bass player Kaveh Rastegar as he prepares to release his solo debut. In the first of a two part series, Kaveh speaks about Denver, the rock and punk scene, and the multitude of influences that carried him forward in music. In Part two of the series, Kaveh gets specific about the making of his debut - Light Of Love. Kaveh Rastegar Links: Light Of Love


The Station Tapes | Jimmy Stephens

Jim Stephens: Philly born, gulf coast inspired protagonist of the working man (and woman), sits down with Louis to chat about his new release on Ropeadope. Songs of Healing: Philasippiola Soul (1997​-​2017) digs into Stphens songwriting and recording history with gospel infused soul delivered by his hometown compatriots and some gulf coast guests. Jim Stephens is the founder of Mermaid Rescue Week, a yearly mutli-venue festival to benefit victims of domestic violence -...


The Station Tapes | Giorgio Moroder

Widely credited as the father of disco and a pioneer of electronic dance music, Moroder’s imprint on the music world is broad and definitive - so much so that his history feels like an archeological dig into the roots of modern music. Moroder connects the heart and the mind with the synthesizer as his instrument of choice; he helped define what the future might be, and that future is now. He is currently on tour as a DJ, spinning his favorite tracks and smiling as we all dance. Facebook...


The Station Tapes | Eddie Palmieri

With just one question, Eddie Palmieri walks us through the history of ‘Salsa’, quickly pointing out that this name is a misnomer and revealing the underlying roots. At 5:22 Mr. Palmieri mentions the Palmieri Salsa Jams App: An interactive music player of the Full Circle recording, the Palmieri Salsa Jams App (powered by Stretch Music and Spectrum) is sure to please musicians and audiophiles alike. It gives musicians the ability to completely control their practicing, listening and...


The Station Tapes | Shaun Martin

This week Louis visits with friend and inspiration Shaun Martin - Grammy winner, Musical director, Pianist and keyboard master, and all around carrier of positive energy. They discuss Shaun’s latest record, Focus, and his love of the piano and the jazz trio format. Shaun Martin Links: Focus 7 Summers Theme Music by Michael Blake


The Station Tapes | Venture

Louis gets on the line with Mark Sherman and Mike Clark for some banter about Jazz, how they keep it fresh after decades of playing and touring, and the new project Venture with Chase Baird and Felix Pastorius. These are two strong personalities telling it like it is. Venture Links: Venture Album Theme Music by Michael Blake


The Station Tapes | Paul Beaubrun

This week, Louis speaks with Paul Beaubrun, whose family comprises the legendary Haitian band Boukmans Eksperyans. An eye opening discussion about the history of Haiti, including the successful slave rebellion of 1791, the blending of music evident in Mizou Rasin, and the way Paul carries the concept forward - bridging cultural divides through his message of Peace, Beauty, and Blessings. Theme Music by Michael Blake Paul Beaubrun Links: Ayibobo


The Station Tapes | Russell Gunn

This week Louis speaks with the soft spoken and laid back Russell Gunn. They speak of the importance of the history of jazz and Russell's new release under the Royal Krunk Jazz orchestra moniker - “Get It How You Live”. Theme Music by Michael Blake Russel Gunn Links: Get It How You Live


The Station Tapes | Philip Lassiter

Louis speaks with composer, producer, and arranger Philip Lassiter about being raised in the church, being raised again in the thriving Dallas music scene, and his path to becoming horn arranger for the late Prince Rogers Nelson. Music Theme By Michael Blake Phil Lassiter Links: Philthy - Party Crashers Twitter Instagram Website


The Station Tapes | AJ Ghent

Louis sits down with third generation Lap-steel player AJ Ghent to discuss his new release, The Neo-Blues Project and his lifelong commitment to music. AJ Ghent Links: The Neo Blues Project Twitter Instagram Website


The Station Tapes | Nate Werth

A conversation with percussionist Nate Werth of Snarky Puppy and Ghost-Note. Nate talks about his musical chemistry with Robert “Sput” Searight and the path that led them to become Ghost-Note: how Aphex Twin was influenced his approach to music, and about the cast of characters that assembled for the latest Ghost-Note double LP - Swagism. Theme Music By Michael Blake Ghost-Note Links: Swagism Fortified


The Station Tapes | Robert "Sput" Searight

Louis speaks with Drummer and producer Robert “Sput” Searight about his rapport with percussionist Nate Werth and their project Ghost-Note. Sput talks about the importance of having his own voice in Ghost-Note, the development of the band, and how he and Nate have been able to spread a message of unity and positivity to help their audience overcome negativity of everyday life. Theme Music by Michael Blake Sput Links: Ghost-Note - Swagism Ghost-Note - Fortified Instagram Twitter


The Station Tapes | Drummer Mike Clark

Mike speaks of the old days before monitors, Texas shuffle, Art Blakey and recounts his experience playing in Ringo Starr’s house (previously John & Yoko’s spot) as he subbed for Phil Collins with Brand X. Theme Music by Michael Blake Mike Clark Links Middle Blue Mike Clark & Delbert Bump