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Episode 35 - Thomasin and the Hot Dog Swarm, The High Divers, Linda Mizzi, Lilly Hiatt, Becky Warren, National Park Radio, Sarah Rachele, Chelsea Nolan, Gasoline Lollipops, Porchlight Apothecary

Von had a near-death experience and Rachel was given SO MUCH life! The intrepid duo once again endeavor to pronounce names. Also, hi W.B. Walker! Music in this episode: Thomasin and the Hot Dog Swarm -- “What a Time To Be Alive”The High Divers - “Fall In Love So Fast” AND “Making Me Want You” (Chicora)Linda Mizzi, “Holy Moly” AND “Fisherman” (Real People)Lilly Hiatt - “I Wanna Go Home” AND “The Night David Bowie Died” (Trinity Lane) Becky Warren, “We’re All We’ve Got” AND “Valentine”...


Episode 34 - Larry And His Flask, Super Doppler, The Little Miss, The National Reserve, Ever More Nest, Atlantis Aquarius, Catherine The Great, Amanda Anne Platt & The Honeycutters, Whitney Shay, CBDB

Watch out: Rachel’s on the road! Also, we mourn the death of Wide Open Country and get into the foundations of the patriarchy. Oddly enough, we also play a supermajority of women on this episode. Music in this episode: Dolly Parton -- “The 19th Amendment” (27: The Most Perfect Album)Larry And His Flask “This Remedy” (This Remedy)Super Doppler - “Edge Off” AND “Gas Station” (Super Secret Singles Club) The Little Miss -- “American Dream” AND “Take Me, Too” (American Dream)(SH)*The National...


Episode 33 - The Hold Steady, Juliana Strangelove, Town Mountain, Perry Serpa, Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room, Tender Glue, William Elliott Whitmore, JP Harris, Joe McMahon, Marcus: The Apex Predator!

It’s another live episode! Rachel is great at weddings, but Von skips them and cuts straight to the party. Also, Rachel divulges some family secrets. Von spills a few secrets, too -- about the Power Rangers. Also, Is Von drunk?! Short answer - no*. *Long answer - Von is slurring his speech because he keeps getting his own audio delayed in his headphones during this live recording. Even though he could have been drinking as well. Music in this episode: The Hold Steady - “Eureka” (Eureka...


Episode 32 - Jerry David Decicca, Jeremy & The Harlequins, Sean Ardoin, Whitehorse, Paul Cook And The Chronicles, Anderson East, The Lost Wages, Bottle Rockets, Herbert Bail Orchestra, Birdtalker

Is Von real? Is he who he truly who he says he is?! Or is he “good friends” with Tim Tracker? Also, tourists and busses are just the worst combo. Lastly, the knockout game. Also, here’s Von’s interview with Brian Henneman of the Bottle Rockets from a few years ago! Jerry David DeCicca, “Burning Daylight” (w/ Eve Searls) (Burning Daylight)Jeremy & The Harlequins - “Remember This” (Remember This)Sean Ardoin -- “In It For a Minute” (Kreole Rock and Soul)Whitehorse - “Who’s Been Talking”...


Episode 31 - Jack Ellis, Lauren Balthrop, Will Hoge, Ben Fisher, The Shondes, Rob Kayes, Lea Kalisch and Julia Ostrov, Color Picture Book, Charlie Treat, Randy Steele

Von and Rachel talk spiritual experiences, though Von’s was at Disney World. As always, though, there’s lots of music to listen to and it’s all great. Music in this episode: Jack Ellis - “The Barrel Of Your Gun” (Out Of Luck) Lauren Balthrop, “Down” (This Time Around)Will Hoge - “Stupid Kids” (My American Dream) Ben Fisher,”Yallah to Abdullah” (Does the Land Remember Me?) The Shondes, “True North” (Brighton)Rob Kayes - “Never Giving Up On You” (The Long Shot)Lea Kalisch and Julia Ostrov,...


Episode 30 - Escape The Future, Eil Conley, Brothers Fortune, Mercy Bell, James Houihan, Hang Rounders, Calan Mai, Max Garcia Conover, Black Market Salesman, Nathaniel Talbot

Von’s sleepy. Rachel saw Romeo and Juliet. Projection is important. Also, bands -- send us your bios!!! Anyway, here’s some more excellent music thoughtfully curated by your pals. Escape The Future - “Forever Now” (Forever Now EP) Eli Conley - “How Do We Know?” (Strong and Tender)Brothers Fortune - “Blind Spot” (Singles)Mercy Bell - “Home” (Home/No Prayer) (All Good Cowboys)James Houlihan - “Faded” (The Wheel Still In Spin)Hang Rounders - “June Bug”Calan Mai - “XO” (Single) (Singles)Max...


Episode 29 - Jon Freeman, The Pollies, John R Miller, Carousel, Ashley McBride, The Hungry Mothers, Lavender Country, The Record Company, Katy Hurt, Tar & Flowers

Bassists are people too, you know. And women aren’t tomatoes. Here’s some more of the best punk, Americana, and punkicana from your pals Von and Rachel. Music in this episode: Jon Freeman - “Hansel + Gretel” (The Big, Bad Wolf) The Pollies - “Hold On My Heart” (Transmissions)John R Miller - “Holy Dirt” (The Trouble You Follow)Carousel - “Don’t Let It Die” (Singles)Ashley McBride - “Radioland” (Girl Going Nowhere)The Hungry Mothers - “Easy” (Single) Lavender Country - “Waltzing Will...


Episode 28 - Shark Dad, Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band, Katie Pruitt, Madisen Ward And The Mama Bear, Amy Rigby, Adam's House Cat, Adam Faucett, Liz Cooper & The Stampede, Princess Nokia, The Native Howl

It’s take two of this episode for us, but a fresh one for you! If you weren’t on the livestream, you missed some pretty deep convos -- so make sure you’re on top of our Patreon so you can enjoy it next month! But to recap: street harassment (again), Japanese reality TV, women’s baseball and, as always, music. Also, Rachel interviewed Kate Vargas, a blues singer who’ll make you -- and the little hairs on your arms -- sit up straight. Shark Dad, “Permanent Wave” (Pink Motel) Reverend...


Episode 27 - Lyman Ellerman, Brave Little Howl, Nate Daviau, J.R. Harbidge, Jake Winsrom, Scenic Route To Alaska, Tenille Townes, Teghan Devon, Jesse Daniel, RJ Comer, Austin Lucas

IT’S A GUNDAM!!!!!!!1!!1!!!?! And other giant robots of our youth. Also, St. Vincent’s performance art. Most importantly, we hear from the legend himself: Austin Lucas. Austin and Von discuss Austin’s punk roots, how Austin’s transformed his life in the last couple of years, record label skullduggery, and of course working with the legendary Steve Albini who has produced albums by basically everyone you’ve ever heard of (including Nirvana and the Pixies and that’s just off the top of...


Episode 26 - Daniel Bachman, Patrik Antonsen, Reina del Cid, Dawn And Hawkes, Dave Sheinen, Foresteater, Coyle Girelli, The Wirelight, The Sparklers, Nate Smith

Patreon was dumb this week. Here’s how we feel about. (But also keep paying us please.) That leads us into net neutrality, btdubs -- but it’s not Rachel talking about politics this time. Rachel did talk about the Newport Folk Festival and she and Von take on some sacred cows. Also, bizarre Florida man (and New York man) stories as well as your favorite holiday: Rachel’s birthday! Music in this episode: Daniel Bachman - “Song For the Setting Sun III” (Three Lobed) Patrik Antonsen -...


Episode 25 - Janelle Monae, William Matheny, Callum Pitt, Hawks And Doves, Kasey Anderson, Leitmotif, Charles Walker, Ben Trickey, Kodey Brims, The 502's, Kendl Winter, Terra Lightfoot

Von gets rid of that damn mouse. Rachel was stunned by Janelle Monae. They’re both giggly about her song “PYNK,” and you get to be, too! Also, it’s our 25th episode, so we share some stats about how we’re doing so far! Thanks for supporting us! Music in this episode: William Matheny - “Moon Over Kenova” (Moon Over Kenova) Callum Pitt - “Away From The Rousing Parades” (Single) AND “Least He’s Happy” (Single) Hawks and Doves - “The Dangerous Ones” AND “Every Once in a While” (From a White...


Episode 24 - Zena Carlota, Broke Down Rodeo, Ric Robertson, Murder By Death, The Breton Sound, Northern Quarter, Michelle Mandico, The Fey, Cowboy Junkies, Itto

Mouse traps, stalker publicists, bad first girlfriends, Patreon update, and... do we talk too much? Cowboy Junkies - “Sing Me a Song” AND “Shining Teeth” (All That Reckoning) You can buy Rachel’s comic here. You can buy Micah Schnabel’s novel here. His band Two Cow Garage wrote our opening theme! Thanks for listening! You can support us on Patreon (and get an extended cut of the episode) or drop a tip in our Ko-fi cup!


Episode 23 - Lucero, Jamie Lynn Vessels, Levi Parham, Frank Newsome, The Devil Makes Three, Ben Bostick, Face To Face, Dialli Cisshoko, Kaira Ba, Michigan Rattlers, Basic Bitches

Sports, hippies, and luaus. It gets a little weird, but mostly we stick to a raucous blues and punk-filled set! Music in this episode: Lucero - “For The Lonely Ones” AND “Long Way Back Home” (Among The Ghosts) Jamie Lynn Vessels, “Whiskey Blues” AND “For Kim” (Storm Coming) Levi Parham - “My Finest Hour” AND “Borderline” (It’s All Good) Frank Newsome - “Gone Away With a Friend” (Gone Away With a Friend) The Devil Makes Three - “Paint My Face” (Chains Are Broken) Ben Bostick - “No Show...


Episode 22 - Jesse Davis Rosenthal, The Brothers Comatose, Chris Crofton, Brent Cowles, Riley Moore, Jason Isbell, Pat Reedy, St. Paul And The Broken Bones, Brother Dege, Strange Majik

Von discusses his star turn in Rocky Mountain Fast Guy. Rachel laughed too loud during Hearts Beat Loud. Oops. Also, we take a deep dive into Jason Isbell and American Aquarium if you’re curious. Also also, read Rachel’s article about queer country artists in Wide Open Country! Music in this episode: Jesse Davis Rosenthal - “Party Dress (Party Dress/Old Closure)” The Brothers Comatose - “Already Ready”...


Episode 21 - Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs, River Whyless, Josh King, Kasey Musgraves, Speedbuggy USA, Darth Nater, James Scott Bullard, Ian Moore, Echo Bloom

Rachel and Von get into all the ways to celebrate Pride, including Twitter stardom. Also, travel tips for Disney World (related!) And varmints that get into the house. This episode is psychedelic and bluesy and, if we say so ourselves, hecka amusing. Music in this episode: Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs - “Kill Grey Mule” (Clippety Clop) River Whyless - “Born in the Right Country” AND “New Beliefs” (Kindness, A Rebel) Josh King - “Relax” (Into The Blue) Kasey Musgraves - “Oh, What a...


Episode 20 - Erin Rae, AW, Brandi Carlile, Chris Pureka, Ryan Cassata, Pigeon Pit, Sonia Tetlow, Worriers, Man Of The Minch, Justin Hiltner, Jon Weisberger

Happy Pride! It’s our Pride episode! Von and Rachel get into hard-hitting subjects like chic circuses; the politics of Pride parades, navigating pronouns, and street harassment. We mentioned a couple of resources -- here’s where you can find them: Mal Blum article -- Queery episode link -- Buy Rachel’s book -- Music in this...


Episode 19 - Mallett Bros Band, Cam, Mountain Natives, Tedo Stone, Matt C White, Courtney Marie Andrews, Whitacre, The Titos, Thomson Faulk, Chuck Westmoreland

It's part two of our live episode and...Power Rangers! So. Many. Power. Rangers. Also Jeff Goldblum. And the thickness of our accents. Music in this episode: Mallett Bros. Band - “Long Black Braid” (Vive l’acadie) Cam - “Diane” (Single) Mountain Natives - “We Call Each Other Home” (We Call Each Other Home) Tedo Stone - “Before Long” (Summer Sun) Matt C. White - “Can’t Get Away” (Wallow In The Hollow) Courtney Marie Andrews - “I’ve Hurt Worse” (May Your Kindness Remain) Whitacre -...


Episode 18 - Long Branch, The Dreggs, Dana Sipos, Mandy Rowden, Mitch Bradford, Rocky Mountain Fast Guy, Emma Dilemma, King Borneo, American Aquarium, Elway, Brendt Thomas Diabo

It's our first live show, there’s a lot going on! Rachel discusses the live almost-nude girls she saw at an old-timey burlesque show. Von had a wild weekend. We also talk about who gets to be American and record country music (spoiler: everyone!) and fascism in country music. Von also interviews two film makers about their upcoming movie, “Rocky Mountain Fast Guy”, and discusses the film’s Americana soundtrack written by the film’s director. Also, there are lots of things for you to buy so...


Episode 17 - Jacob Jeffries, Luke Winslow-King, Dispatch, John Calvin Abney, Clare Means, The Dead Tongues, Forest Fire Gospel Choir, Pharis And Jason Romero, Marie Naffah, Caroline Spence

Von and Rachel get to the bottom of Rachel’s intense phone phobia (because this is really just free therapy.) Von’s mom’s smartphone usage (and how great she is in general.) Also a deep dive into air conditioner models. Unrelated, we wonder why sometimes our Patreon episodes are almost 90 minutes long. Content Warning: At around 36:00 through 40:00, Von and Rachel introduce a song called “Hollywood Zoo,” which is about the culture of sexual assault in Hollywood. While it is not graphic, you...


Episode 16 - Neighbor Lady, Anne Elise, Hastings And Her Revolving Cast Of Charachters, Leon III, Liz Frame And The Kickers, Don Gallardo, Left Arm Tan, Brenna Sahatjian, Arkansas Dave, The Sheepdogs, The Homeless Gospel Choir

It’s been a long day of meetings but Von and Rachel muster up the energy to deliver more amazing music to you! Along the way, they talk about zine fests, evil children, free comic book day, and #PatreonGoals. Neighbor Lady - “Fine” (Maybe Later) Anne Elise Hastings and Her Revolving Cast Of Characters - “St. Paul” AND “Bruised” (Self Titled) Leon III - “Alberta” (Leon III) Liz Frame And The Kickers - “What You Gonna Do When I Go” Don Gallardo - “The Golden Rule,” (Still Here) Left...