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Episode 12 - Charlie Overbey, Lincoln Durham, Young Valley, The Glorious Sons, Juice, Parker Millsap, Bold Forbes, The Ghost Of Paul Revere, Joseph Houck, Frank Turner

Rachel and Von wrap up their two-part recording session. This time, they delve into home brewing, the importance of back-up gifts, Amanda Palmer and the merits of Kickstarter. Also, they don’t endorse book burning but sometimes you just need to deface your dad’s first-edition copy of Art of the Deal and put it on Snapchat. Music in this episode: Charlie Overybey - “The Ballad of Eddie Spaghetti” (Broken Arrow) Lincoln Durham - “Preacher”(And Into Heaven Came The Night) Young Valley -...


Episode 11 - Jeff Przech, The Wind And The Wave, Noah Derksen, Western Centuries, Mickelson, Grant-Lee Phillips, Sarah Shook, Liz Brasher

Rachel and Von record two episodes in a row as a double-header (you’ll hear them a week apart, though.) Our heroes once again battle with names that are difficult to pronounce! We also get deep into discussing adult crushes and what it’s like to stick out when you’re in public. Jeff Przech - “Cold November” (Jeff Przech and the Outfit) The Wind And The Wave - “Human Beings” (Single) Noah Derksen - “Wilderness Of Oregon” Western Centuries - “Earthly Justice” (Songs From the...


Episode 10 - HC McEntire, 12 Days In Paris, Leslie Tom, Caleb Caudle, Ginger Wildheart, Short & Company, Great Peacock, Otoboke Beaver

It’s our tenth episode but we’re still learning things about each other. For example, Rachel is on Von’s Top 3! (Awwww.) Von is young heart. (Awww.) But we also stroll down a more introspective road both with the music and our thoughts about them, including an epic interview with our favorites Great Peacock. But we don’t let things get too serious -- we end with some good old-fashioned Japanese misandry. Music in this episode: HC McEntire - “A Lamb, A Dove” (LIONHEART) --...


Episode 9 - Mavis Staples, The Tillers, Alex Williams, Lo Carmen, Daddy, Cowboy Mouth, Samantha Fish, Sir Canyon, Lynn Taylor & The Barflies, Karen & The Sorrows

Alcohol and social lubrication, a discourse on daddies,a shoutout to the venue Blueberry Hill in St Louis, a megaphone bearer at a blues concert, and Passover shoutouts! All that and MORE excellent Americana and rock from Von and Rachel! Music in this episode: Mavis Staples - “Try Harder” (If All I Was Was Black) The Tillers - “All You Fascists are Bound to Lose” (The Tillers) -- Alex Williams - “Better Than Myself” (Better Than Myself) Lo Carmen - “Last Thing...


Episode 8 - Off With Their Heads, El Warren, Low Cut Connie, The Skullers, National Anthem, The Cat Lady, Sirsy, Ross Cooper, Goodbye Picasso, Gregory Richard

It’s a blues rock POWER HOUR with Von and Rachel. They discuss their various creative pursuits, including Von’s super cool bridge and Rachel’s super cool comic. (You can buy it in person THIS Sunday, 3/25, at the Feminist Zine Fest at Barnard College in Manhattan from 12 - 6. You can also get it online at or hit Rachel up for a physical copy. More info on that at Also, if you’re in a band or about to start one you want to listen to Von and...


Episode 7 - Matt Woods, The Oh Hellos, Louis Apollon, American Forrest, Strand Of Oaks, Jodee Lewis, Roadkill Ghost Choir, Maiah Whynne, Tracy Bonham, Kay Hanley

This week’s episode has a bit of an international flair, from Von and Rachel trying to figure out how to pronounce everyone’s names to an immersive discussion of troll rock. (Don’t worry -- we didn’t play any Norwegian folk metal...this time.) Also some solid throwbacks to the 90s and a shoutout to the teachers of West Virginia! Music in this episode: Matt Woods - “A Company Town” (Matt Woods Manifesto) The Oh Hellos - “A Convocation of Fauns (A Faunvocation, If You Will)” >...


Episode 6 - Vivian Leva, Brandon Whyde, Pedigio's Magic Pilsner, Kyle Cox, Megg Farrell, The Revivalists, Michelle Malone, Fruition, Brian Fallon, Whiskey Wolves Of The West

Von and Rachel compliment each other’s hairstyles, Von shares his meet-cute with his wife (it’s super adorable), and the pair comment on that universal truth: music brings people together. Thanks for joining us this week on a set that starts off mellow and ramps up really quickly. Music in this episode: Vivian Leva , “Sturdy as the Land” (Time Is Everything) -- Brandon Whyde - “Fighting For You” (Silver Apples Of The Moon) Pedigo's Magic Pilsner, “Warning Shot” (Pedigo’s...


Episode 5 - Thunderpussy, Barrence Whitfield And The Savages, Tumbling Wheels,

Von and Rachel get a little punchy because this was their first real conversation of the day. They take a dive into the merits of bourbon versus whiskey, punctuation marks in band names, and introduce new bonus songs for Patreon subscribers. Thunderpussy - “Speed Queen” (Single) Barrence Whitfield And The Savages - “Adorable” (Soul Flowers Of Titan) Tumbling Wheels, “Empty Bed” (United Bakery Records Revue Vol. 1) --...


Episode 3 - Good Graces, Molly Parden, Jesus and His Judgmental Father, JJ Woolbright & The Whiskey Road, Crys Matthews, Flood County, Quiet Hollers, Eric Peter Schwartz, Seth Glier, Josh Warren

*UPDATED FILE* Rachel and Von return to discuss aging, dental health, snakes on a seat, and how sometimes it’s not great to say yes to everything. Also, some excellent tunes. Good Graces - “The First Girl”Hummingbird)Molly Parden - “Sail On The Water” (Single)Jesus and his Judgemental father - “Not My First Rodeo”It Might Get Better)JJ Woolbright & The Whiskey Road - “Rebecca” (Raising The Dead)Crys Matthews - “We Must Be Free” (Battle Hymn For an Armyof Lovers)Flood County - “That Old...


Episode 4 - Nathaniel Rateliff & The Nightsweats, Juliana Strangefield, The Urban Voodoo Machine, Kellen Of Troy, Hardened and Tempered, Amparo, Bark, Movements, The Creature Comfort, Samantha Crain

This week we stray from our usual roots-y path to bring you some great guitar music from other realms. Also, Superbowl cakes, bad opinions about Firefly, and why activism is important to Rachel. Music in this episode: Nathaniel Rateliff & The Nightsweats - “You Worry Me” (Tearing At The Seams) Juliana Strangefield - “Bourbon Street” (Single) The Urban Voodoo Machine - “January Blues” (January Blues) Kellen Of Troy - “Selfish Kind Of Love” (Posthumous Release) Hardened and Tempered -...


Episode 2 - Mark Currey, Hellbound Glory, Whiskey In The Pines, Sunny Way, Jeremy Pinnell, Andrew Carter, Tusk, Her, Ruby Boots, Whitney Lockert, The Tonya Hardings

Von and Rachel return with a folksier well as Rachel's unvarnished opinions of Williamsburg. Mark Currey's "Unless You Move" kicks off the set, though Andrew Carter's "Tear This Motha' Down" and Tusk, Her's "Gianni's Gun" kick things into high gear, ratcheting it up 'til we hit queer punk band The Tonya Hardings' "Williamsblergh." Mark Currey - Unless You Move (Tarrant County) Hellbound Glory - Another Bender might Break Me (Pinball) Whiskey in the Pines, Answering Machine...


Episode 1 - Tim Barry, David T8tz, Little Waist, The Slow Death, Secret Emchy Society, Roxie Watson, Shawn Butzin, Guiguisuisui, Nekroma, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Mount Thelonius

And we're off! In our introductory episode, Von and Rachel discuss some of their favorite music from the previous summer, ranging from tried-and-true folk punk like Tim Barry, Roxie Watson's newgrass, and Chinese sludge blues act GUIGUISUISUI. And a lot of banter between our co-hosts. Links to Rachel's reviews included in the show notes. Tim Barry, “High on 95” (High On 95) David T8tz, “Home” (Pack Thy Secrets Deep) Little Waist, “Nailbiter” (Nothing But the Bones On My Back) The...


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