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Emo Music For Grown-Ups | week ending 09.21.18

In episode 14, someone is caught with their pants down, we discuss the retrowave genre, and find out who makes emo music for grown-ups. We also round up the notable music week ending 9.21.18 such as Abysmal Torment, Joyce Manor, The Story So Far, The Midnight and more! Today's featured music was provided by GutterLife! Listen On Spotify - GutterLife Follow Gutterlife: Instagram - @gutterlifepunk AND Poor Me! Listen On Spotify - Poor Me Follow Poor Me: Instagram -...


The Punk Whoa-Oh’s > The Millennial Whoop | 9.14.18

In episode 12, the crew discusses the latest beef news between Eminem and MGK, we discover more obscure genre names to add to our list (spoiler alert, it’s “caveman battle doom”), and we give slaps x3 to the champions of the punk whoa oh’s, Pkew x3. We also round up the notable releases from the week ending 9.14.18 such as, 156/Silence, The Dirty Nil, Thrice, Pale Waves, and much more! Today's featured music was provided by The Arosa! Listen On Spotify - The Arosa Follow The...


The Pig Destroyer episode | week ending 9.07.18

In episode 11, let me stop you right there- it’s the Pig Destroyer episode. Pig Destroyer super-fan Jon, takes the crew into his journey of listening to the album, Head Cage, and shares a story of the “band-cestuous” connection between Pig Destroyer and Agoraphobic Nosebleed. We also round up the notable releases from week ending 9.07.18, such as Set Sights, Boston Manor, Graduating Life, Takers Leavers and much more! Today's featured music was provided by Napoleon! Listen On Spotify -...


Don’t disrespect the sweat! | week ending 8.31.18

In episode 10, Jon introduces us to a new sub-genre - “Nu Hate” and “Brutal Surf Death Metal”, Jinni is consumed by the crimson heroes, and Marlon is sweating from his eyes. We also round up the notable releases from the week ending 8.31, artists such as VCTMS, WSTR, Muncie Girls, Jinni’s sweat-of-the-week, Alkaline Trio, and much more! Don’t forget to check out our “best of summer 2018” playlist HERE Today's featured music was provided by Alien Boy! Listen On Spotify - Alien Boy Follow...


Lets get sludgy! | week ending 8/24/18

In episode 9, The crew talks about Post Malone without going into an hour-long tangent, but can't hold back when Jesus Piece and Leeched put out records on the same day. We also round up the notable releases from the week ending 8.24 such as Abandoned By Bears, Bring Me The Horizon, FEVA, and Jinni's Sweat of the week The Frights! Today's featured music was provided by Leeched! Listen On Spotify - Leeched Follow Leeched: Instagram - @leechedmhc Facebook - @Leechedmhc Twitter -...


Triple slap! | week ending 8.17.18

In episode 8, find out which song get a slap from each member of the AltSides crew, Jon is extra spicy with his overly sexualized jokes, and we round up the notables releases from week ending 8.17 such as Trappist, mewithoutyou, Not My Weekend, and Belmont. Today's featured music was provided by Crash The Calm! Listen On Spotify - Crash The Calm Follow The Crash The Calm: Instagram - @crashthecalmband Facebook - @crashthecalm Twitter - @crashthecalm AND Saint Nomad! Listen On...


Godzilla Vs. Kaiju | week ending 8.10.18

In episode 7, the crew spills the tea on Ben Gibbard’s hostility towards 2000s emo rockers. We talk about hardcore veterans Terror, Jon schools us on Trippy Red, and sweat on Kiwi indie-rockers, The Beths! We also round up the notable releases from week ending 8.10 and more! Today's featured music was provided by The Beths! Listen On Spotify - Future Me Hates Me Listen On BandCamp - The Beths Follow The Beths: Instagram - @lizstokedstokes Facebook - @thebethsnz Twitter -...


Forrest Kline is our emo daddy Feat. Patrick Gilchrist from Not My Weekend | week ending 08.03.18

In episode 6, the crew gets confused between dad bods vs. dad vibes. Patrick from Not My Weekend joins the conversation to introduce NMW’s latest single “crawl”, and we also round up the latest releases from the week ending 8/03 Today's featured music was provided by Not My Weekend! Listen On Spotify - Not My Weekend Listen On Apple Music - Not My Weekend Watch Music Video - Crawl Follow Not My Weekend: Instagram - @notmyweekend Facebook - @notmyweekend Twitter -...


Bonus: Greg Long(We Are Triumphant) gets EXPOSED!

In our first bonus episode, we are joined by Greg Long, owner of We Are Triumphant. We discuss his label's mission, what the end of Warped Tour means for the touring industry, what bands he is listening to currently, and much more! You can follow We Are Triumphant at: Instagram - @wearetriumphant Twitter - @wearetriumphant Facebook - wearetriumphant and watch WAT videos on YouTube at We Are Triumphant YouTube


What the heck is a nuclon?! | week ending 7.27.18

In episode 5, Jon cannot stop laughing at Bear Shoe and their satirical-styled lyrics on their latest EP. We get into topics like, what the heck is a “nuclon” and why does Marlon keep splitting his shorts? We also round up the notable releases week ending 7.27 including Plini, Like Pacific, Rome Hero Foxes, and more! Today's featured music was provided by Bear Shoe and Rome Hero Foxes! Listen to Bear Shoe on Spotify - BEAR SHOE Listen to Rome Hero Foxes on Spotify - ROME HERO...


Stage Dives and High Fives | Week ending 7.20.18

In episode 4, it all goes to shit, literally, as Marlon and Jon talk about the poop problem at Burning Man. We also feature music from GutterLife, Jinni talks about her “sweat of the week”, and round up the notables releases from week ending 7.20 Today's featured music was provided by GutterLIFE! Listen On Spotify - Radio Silence Listen On Apple Music - Radio Silence Watch Music Video - Ledge Follow GutterLIFE: Instagram - @gutterlife_punx Facebook - @GutterLifePunk Twitter -...


Contender makes us SWEAT! | week ending 7.13.18

In episode 3, Marlon and Jon discuss notable new music releases from the week ending July 13th, including a band that really makes us SWEAT- Colorado pop-punk band, Contender! We delve into why ICP Juggalos are beefing with the gang MS13, Jon's love for metal band Pig Destroyer, and much more! Today's music was provided by Contender! Listen On Spotify - Tryhards & Letdowns Listen On Apple Music - Tryhards & Letdowns Watch Music Video - Letdown Follow Contender: Instagram -...


Why is Drake everywhere? Feat. Nova Kei | week ending 7.6.18

In episode 2, while Jon is away on vacation, Marlon is joined by guest host Jinni and music producer Nova Kei to discuss why Drake has been appearing everywhere on Spotify. We also round up the notable releases from 7.6.18- artists such as Deafheaven, We The Kings, The Night Café, SG Lewis & Clairo, and more!. In the later half of the podcast (31:00), Marlon and Nova Kei discuss Nova’s newest single, his musical influences this year, top producers of all time, SoundCloud Rappers and...


What is Softcore? | Week ending 6.29.18

Welcome to the first episode of the AlternateSides Podcast. In today's episode, Marlon and Jon, review new music and other topics from the week of June 29th. Artists such as Converge, A Place In Time, Pale Waves, 88rising, and more. Please follow along with our Playlist on Spotify: PODCAST PLAYLIST, and be sure to check us out on all social media platforms @altsides



The AlternateSides Podcast is a new podcast where we talk about music releases for the previous week. This is our trailer so stay tuned for future episodes and our first release.