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ABCDEF (Epistemology) of voice & music with Shrikant Ranade - Introduction (Marathi)

1. What do you mean by sound, nada or Dhwani? 2. How do we generate voice? 3. What do you mean by correct and incorrect breathing? 4. How can you control voice with help of breathing? 5. Who defined phonetics in devanagari script? 6. What is the significance of vowels and consonants in music, breathing and practical life?


Understanding motorcycle design with Chetan Shedjale

1. What is motorcycle design and how can one get into it? What does one need to learn to become a motorcycle designer? 2. What are the design goals while making a bike? 3. What are stages when you are designing a bike? Structure of the team, iterations, process etc.. 4. What are few considerations while designing a bike for India and other countries where infrastructure is better? 5. How did you become a bike designer? Can you tell us your story?


Part - 2 Understanding 22Shrutis with Dr. Vidyadhar Oke

Introduction and emergence of Harmonium in India and when and how did it come to India or Indian classical music? How can a technically wrong instrument which was banned, be more popular? What exactly is the problem in a Harmonium or Piano? How is harmony and melody connected in Indian classical music? Were you the 1st to actually think of creating a 22 Shruti Harmonium? Can one develop an ear to be able to listen to 22 Shrutis? If yes, How? What could be the process of learning and...


Understanding fonts and typefaces with Mahendra Patel

What is a difference between a font-family and a typeface? How does one define / gauge / comment that a particular font is bad and good? For e.g.: Comic sans is considered to be an ugly font. Why? Every typeface has a particular emotion. Is there any other way to feel the mood of that typeface? A lot of times, in a given context of a word or typography, 2 letters are mathematically equi-distant but they feel to be visually off. Why does that happen? What is the way to correct them? What...


Epistemology of design in India with Anirudha Joshi

We can clearly see a big gap between the syllabus and what actually is required when you become a professional designer. 1. Why do you think it exists? 2. How do you think it we can reduce this gap? 3. By when do you think this gap will be reduced? India has very different kind of culture and lot of multiplicity - Is it fair to borrow minimalism concepts from western or oriental schools of design? How effective has been it so far? What is wrong with the industry? As per my knowledge, there...


Design nuances of Indian Rupee Symbol with Uday Kumar

Design nuances of Indian Rupee Symbol - What were the design goals while designing the rupee sign? I mean visual harmony, culture, context and any other considerations? - What were you design goals before getting to work? - What was your process to evaluate that the symbol you made will work across? Size, color, shape, context, language etc.. - What should be the process if someone has to design for a wider set of people? - What is the significance of horizontal lines vs vertical lines in...


What is tone of voice with Kruthika Subramanyam

What is tone of voice? Why do brands need it? Or it is important in other domains as well? What is the role of language in defining the tone? How much command you need to have over language? How do you establish relevance with your audience using the tone?What are the challenges in maintaining tone of voice with the introduction of social media?


Creative challenges with Varun Grover

In the creative field, it is said that it thrives on limitations. Who defines these limitations? And then how come people get offended? Should art depict society or society learn from art? What according to you is the role of Comedy as art in society? With youtube and so many other mediums of getting famous, what is that one thing that any artist should be aware of so that he / she doesn’t loose focus on quality?


Nuts and bolts of product with Subramanya Sharma

What are the main differences between the actual silicon valley and Indian valley of startups? What do you think are the main factors for building a successful product? What are the few things you look in a candidate while hiring as a product manager? Especially in Cleartrip.


Copy, branding & advertising with Anusha Pinto

Gyan session on Copy, Branding and advertising with Anusha Pinto. What are the challenges in making a no-so-good brand better? What is the role of language in the advertising world? Orange, Hutch, Vodafone - How did they manage this big brand transition? How important it is to have command on language?


Traditional Dance; Kathak with Prajakta Sathe

What made you consider Dance as a profession? What are the possible job prospects if you decide to devote your life to dance? With Nach baliye and Boogie Woogie, has it impacted Indian traditional dance forms. if yes, how? What kind of challenges one faces while spreading these traditional forms of art? How do you see practice? How do you see Indian traditional dance forms 50 years from now? Any practical and simple way for parents to create curiosity among their kids for classical forms...


What is Sound Design? with Aditya Sorap

What is sound design? What kind of skills you need to become a sound designer? How has technology impacted sound design? What are the challenges of being a sound recordist and more…


Films & perspectives with Kedar Jape

Should art depict society or should society evolve by looking at art? How much do you think commerce effects art? How do you know your story is finished? Why does every film need a protagonist and an antagonist? Why do you think Indian main stream films have conclusive ending while foreign or experimental cinema don’t have it? And how do you decide a movie is good or bad? Know more about films & perspectives from Kedar Jape.