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A music podcast that focuses on undiscovered talent across multiple genres.

A music podcast that focuses on undiscovered talent across multiple genres.


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A music podcast that focuses on undiscovered talent across multiple genres.






Episode 18 - Existentialism (Part 1)

Join Seth and Caleb as they discuss free will, Ghosts, Omniscience, tyranny inspired punk, and as always, the best new music you've never heard of. Intro - Alpine Blizzard - Stranger feat. Jenny Ridgeway https://soundcloud.com/alpineblizzard Strange Neighbors - Ghost *https://soundcloud.com/strangeneighbors/ghost *https://bsideguys.com/2018/06/19/strange-neighbors/ Esbie Fonte - Ace's High https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sFcH6xKy8jw https://bsideguys.com/2018/06/12/esbie-fonte/ Indian...


Bonus Episode - Sam Damask (Grand Commander) Interview and Demo

Check out this amazing interview with Sam Damask where we discuss his music video for Grand Commander - Bad Bad Rabbit, Chiptune, being a solo artist, artistic integrity, video games, play a fun quiz, and much more. Video version: [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ffu5CTKeqk] Here is his music video for "Bad Bad Rabbit": [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzxsZTfzMJ8&w=560&h=315]


Episode 15: Addiction

Join Seth and Caleb as they discuss strange Addictions, what kind of drunks they are, stumbling through their first livestream, an excellent interview with Aaron B. Thompson, and tons of music you’ve never heard before. Full Video Version, warts and al: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_L4mdmwqcn4&t=10s INTRO: Leon Stapleton - Lima https://soundcloud.com/leonstapleton/lima Brother Toaster - Bupropion Blues https://brothertoaster.bandcamp.com/track/bupropion-blues Riley Catherall - Watered...


Episode 14: Creativity

Join Seth and Caleb as they discuss creativity, audience, Bob Ross, Irish Whiskey, drinking while pregnant, hip-hop philosophy, and as always, the best music you’ve never heard. Caleb's book if you are interested: https://www.amazon.com/Cosmic-Hello-Lessons-Co-Dependency/dp/1987753445/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1529783392&sr=8-2&keywords=the+cosmic+hello Intro: Freedom Baby - I Want to Give https://song.link/us/i/1374721588 Glamour and the Baybes - Taking it Back...


Episode 13: Bad Luck

Join the guys as they discuss race relations, economic inequality, the 1%, the law of attraction, heartless corporations, and as usual, the best new music you've never heard of. Intro: Alpine Blizzard - Lie With Me (feat. Jack Fontes) https://soundcloud.com/alpineblizzard/lie-with-me-feat-jack-fontes Driftwood Soldier - The Tools https://driftwoodsoldier.bandcamp.com/track/the-tools-2 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyxNOLmgX9SHWIGZF8MM3lw L.H. - “Ghetto’s Hurt”...


Episode 12: Innocence

The new episode is live! Hear us talk about childhood innocence, true-crime, horses and horse people, William Blake, and much more! Show notes: Cold Open: Piping down the valleys wild Piping songs of pleasant glee On a cloud I saw a child. And he laughing said to me. Pipe a song about a Lamb; So I piped with merry chear, Piper pipe that song again— So I piped, he wept to hear. Drop thy pipe thy happy pipe Sing thy songs of happy chear, So I sung the same again While he wept with joy to hear...


Episode 11 Pt. 2: Secrets

Join Caleb and Seth for part 2 of Secrets. In this episode they talk relationships, Hardy Boys, snowflakes, how attractive you have to be to make art, space travel and, as always, tons of great music from undiscovered artists! Intro: DrylllBones - Summer Sunset https://drybones16.bandcamp.com/ Alabama Rose - Round N Round https://alabamarose.bandcamp.com/track/round-n-round The Enrights - Afternoons https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/afternoons-single/1348118069 Battles: Clyde… - Blown...


Episode 11 Pt. 1: Secrets

Join Caleb and Seth as they discuss childhood secrets, are joined by a former angel, talk about fetishizing music, painful memories, and as always, share tons of great music from undiscovered artists. Don’t forget to send us music for our next theme: Innocence Intro: https://cgtearz.bandcamp.com/track/cgrealization CGTearz - CGrealization Thom Joseph - Say It Out Loud https://thomjoseph.bandcamp.com/track/say-it-out-loud Interview: www.bsideguys.wordpress.com Atlantic - Cold...


Episode 10 Pt. 2: Lost

Intro: Oak Meadow - Set Sail https://soundcloud.com/oakmeadowmusic/set-sail Tim de Vil - Who's Afraid of Sarah Little? https://soundcloud.com/timdevil/whos-afraid-of-sarah-little-2 Ryan Hutchens - The Last 10 Years https://ryanhutchens.bandcamp.com/track/the-last-ten-years Brian Hoyt - Going Home https://brianhoyt.bandcamp.com/track/going-home How Great Were the Robins - Real Again https://themarphoiproject.bandcamp.com/track/real-again Outro: The Anthropophobia Project - Message in a Bottle...


Episode 10 Pt. 1: Lost

Episode 10: Part I of II Intro: Mystic Theory - When The Fire Stops https://mystictheory.bandcamp.com/ Dikembe - Scottie Spliffin https://dikembe.bandcamp.com/track/scottie-spliffen TapDaddy - Theft for UNICEF https://soundcloud.com/tapdaddy/theft-for-unicef John Vincent III - Lost/Inside Our Minds https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lost-inside-our-minds/1039203046?i=1039203056 Dick Rodan - Miles and Miles http://www.dickrodan.com/ Garnet Mine - Jenny in a Sea of Pennies...


Episode 9: Frustration

Episode 9 of the B-Side Guys' Podcast Show Notes:Intro: Alpine Blizzard - Lotus https://soundcloud.com/alpineblizzard Cassino- The Gin War https://cassino.bandcamp.com/track/the-gin-war Miwi La Lupa - Cold Moon https://miwilalupa.bandcamp.com/track/cold-moon Barton Caroll - Those Days Are Gone, And My Heart is Breaking https://bartoncarroll.bandcamp.com/track/those-days-are-gone-and-my-heart-is-breaking Emperor X - Erica Western Teleport https://emperorx.bandcamp.com/album/western-teleport...


Episode 8: Technology

Show Notes: Cat Clyde “Mama Said” https://soundcloud.com/catclyde/sets/ivory-castanets-1 Also available on Spotify Matt Duncan “Heart and Arrow” https://mattduncan.bandcamp.com/track/heart-arrow Plug: Hmm, maybe just my new EP, "The Slowest Walkers In Manhattan." It's on all the digital services and there's a 7" as well. (A 33rpm of the whole album minus a minute or so...) Also my show 11/29 at Rockwood Music Hall? Tyler Sjorstrom “Hammock” https://tylersjostrom.bandcamp.com/track/hammock...


Episode 7: Perseverance

Feats of perseverance- http://activecities.com/blog/incredibly-epic-human-feats-of-strength-endurance-and-perseverance/ David Karsten Daniels - “That Knot Unties?” https://davidkarstendaniels.bandcamp.com/track/that-knot-unties Late Guest at the Party - “Add it Up” https://lgatp.bandcamp.com/track/add-it-up Guards - “Nothing More” https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/nothing-more-single/id951165412 Luxe- “Wish You Were Here” https://therealluxe.bandcamp.com/track/wish-you-were-here DRIVEAWAY -...


Episode 6: Listener Submission #1

Episode 6: Listener Submission 1 Show Notes #6 Mons La Hire - Rumors (Mortality) https://monslahire.bandcamp.com/track/rumors - instagram: mons_la_hire Blue Sweater Society - River Lethe (Mortality) instagram:bluesweatersociety https://bluesweatersociety.bandcamp.com/track/river-lethe Crack Mammoth - Who Do You (Mortality) instagram: crackmammoth https://crackmammoth.bandcamp.com/track/who-do-you BONSAI - Kiwis (Mortality) https://bonsai2.bandcamp.com/track/kiwis-original-mix Alpine...


Episode 5 - Unrequited Love

Shady B: https: //m.soundcloud.com/shady_b-1/haunt-me-sideways Bored With Four: https://boredwithfour.bandcamp.com/ Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin: http://sslyby.com/ Everything is Green: https://soundcloud.com/everything-is-green Ryan McNulty: https://ryanmcnultymusic.bandcamp.com/ Faux Reality: http://fauxreality.org/ Alden: https://soundcloud.com/alden_music


Episode 4 - Fear

Intro: D-I-Hi: https://soundcloud.com/d_i_hi/damascus-steel My Dark House: https://mydarkhouse.bandcamp.com/track/rope Half Waif: https://halfwaif.bandcamp.com/track/probable-depths Full Moon Light: https://itun.es/us/mI3djb Motherfolk: https://motherfolkmusic.bandcamp.com/ My Son Bison: https://mysonbison.bandcamp.com/track/pick-up-america Alpine Blizzard: https://soundcloud.com/alpineblizzard


Episode 3 - Mortality

Intro: Erameld - Patience (x wooded) https://soundcloud.com/erameld/patience-x-wooded Poem Read: Vergissmeinnicht by Keith Douglas https://www.poemhunter.com/poem/vergissmeinnicht/ Don’t Just Sit Here and Drink Yourself To Death - Ezra Bell https://ezrabell.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/EzraBellBand/ the backing vocals are by the amazing Ruby Oland: https://rubyoland.bandcamp.com/ Rock of Calvary - Cataldo cataldomusic.com facebook.com/cataldomusic/ instagram.com/cataldomusic...


Episode 2 - Wanderlust

Episode 2 of the B-Side Guys' Podcast that focuses on undiscovered music across multiple genres. Featuring: The Ballroom Thieves www.theballroomthieves.bandcamp.com All the Time // Always https://soundcloud.com/allthetimealways The Response www.theresponsenz.com Levi the Poet www.levithepoet.net Daydreamin' https://daydreamin.bandcamp.com Fire Chief Charlie www.firechiefcharlie.com Stop Motion Poetry www.stopmotionpoetry.com


Podcast 1: Hope

The B-Side Guys very first podcast featuring: Winter Aid https://winteraid.bandcamp.com/music Cool Company https://open.spotify.com/track/2rCgyU6IvJnWGfCxJ3afNq Oran Reilly https://m.facebook.com/oranreilly96/ CherryVata https://ezhevika.bandcamp.com/album/daybreak Before the Brave www.beforethebrave.bandcamp.com Marvin Hagglar www.marvinhagglar.bandcamp.com Galapaghost www.gpghost.com Speak, Brother www.speakbrother.co.uk and Greater Pyrenees www.greaterpyreneesband.bandcamp.com