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74: How To Host A Successful Event with Drummer Paul Hall

In this episode we talk about what it takes to host a successful event. You will learn what it takes to go from your idea of having an event to actually hosting an event that your audience will want more of. Paul Hall is our guest and just the right person to teach us on this episode. Press Play. Enjoy. Share


73: How To Create A Create Resources Online with Brent Vaartstra of Learn Jazz Standards

Here is a great introduction to an online resource for learning jazz called "Learn Jazz Standards" dot com. In this episode you will learn a good layout for creating your own resource online with special guest Brent Vaartstra. Press play. Enjoy. Share. Brent acquired a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jazz Performance at the City College of New York, where he studied with world-renowned guitarists Peter Bernstein, Vic Juris, and Steve Cardenas and other respected musicians. He has played in groups...


70: Musical Theater Series Part 2: The Music Contractor with Sean McNeely

This is part 2 of our Musical Theater Series where we speak with Contractor Sean McNeely about how he came to be a contractor.


69: Musical Theater Series Part 1 with Director and Actor Tom Vendafreddo

In this episode Tom Vendafreddo is our guest. Tom is an actor and director that I recently had the privilege of working with on Jesus Christ Superstar. Tom is a strong and versatile performer with an undergraduate degree in classical voice (Eastman School of Music) and a graduate degree in musical theatre (San Diego State University). He also has made his presence known in the Chicago cabaret scene, performing sold-out shows annually at venues such as Davenport’s Piano Bar and the Logan...


67: How To Get Up When You Fall with Thaddeus Ford

In this episode we hear from trumpeter Thaddeus Ford who is a 6th generation musician from New Orleans which makes him royalty in the world of music! Thaddeus teaches us how we can get up after we fall because Thaddeus had a heart attack, nearly lost his life. But, he was able to recover back to good health and start his music career anew! Press Play, Enjoy, Share!


66: "ReInvest In Your Content" with Austin Ellis

Austin Ellis was a past contestant on NBC's The Voice but that is not the best part of his career. Austin someone that has figured out how to truly earn a living as a musician and in this episode he shares what has worked for him. This will give you some ideas. A little bonus here is how he actually sells his music.


64: How To Build A Loyal Audience and Other Amazing Tips with Rick Barker

More We cover a lot in this 45 minute episode with Rick Barker, Taylor Swift's first manager. Some questions we answer are: • When is a good time to hire a manager • How to build a loyal audience • And of course, Advice For A Successful Music Career ;) Grab a pen and paper, take notes, and then get to work! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rick Barker strives to teach artists how to be artists. With major changes in the music...


60: The Presidential Suite with Herschel Garfein (Part 1/3)

Herschel Garfein is a Grammy Award winning composer and is also known for his work as a director of stage plays and for writing libretto. Herschel teamed up with Ted Nash and Kabir Seghal as the producer of Ted Nash's newest work called The Presidential Suite which features The Ted Nash Big Band. The Presidential Suite is available on September 9th and can be ordered right now at


57: Inside Look To My CD Release Concert

We talk about my cd release concert! I tell you about what I used to help make it a successful night and I tell you what can be improved for next time as well. Use this episode coupled with episode 47 to help you with your own release. Press Play. Enjoy. Share


56: How To Spot A Bad Gig Before It's Too Late

If you have ever accepted a gig that ended up being something you wished you had nothing to do with then press play on this episode. We'll talk about signs to look out for from the first point of contact that may help you protect yourself in the long run. Press play. Enjoy. Share


55: Geoff Keezer How To Walk Out Your Dream

What happens if you dare to dream, write down your dream, talk about it and then walk it out? You'll win! With his highly regarded discography, unique compositions, and acclaimed performances in a variety of configurations, pianist Geoffrey Keezer commands the attention typically reserved for the living legends of jazz. Whether recording with jazzy chanteuses Diana Krall or Dianne Reeves, touring with trumpet king Chris Botti, or collaborating with pop icon Sting, sax legend Wayne Shorter,...


54: Become Better: In Clinics, Rehearsal, and Audience Interaction with Lynne Arriale

Today's guest is, pianist, Lynne Arriale. A devoted educator and Yamaha artist, Lynne Arriale is currently Associate Professor of Jazz Studies and Director of Small Ensembles at The University of North Florida in Jacksonville. She has served as a faculty member of the Jamey Aebersold Summer Jazz Workshops, the Centrum Port Townsend Jazz Workshop, the Thelonious Monk Institute in Aspen and numerous clinics and workshops worldwide, including the US, UK, Europe, Canada, Brazil and South...


53: Command Your Local Market with Saxophonist Chris Greene

This is a cool talk with Chicago saxophonist Chris Greene. Chris has been on the local scene for over a decade and probably closer to two. We talk about how he as been able to keep his band together, get great media support, and build his fan base . Press play, enjoy, share.


52: Marketing To Crush Your Competitors

Today we talk with Fabienne Raphaël from Marketing To Crush Your Competitors about . . . marketing. Press play, Enjoy, Share


51: The Time I Was Fired

Enjoy this solo episode where I share the story with you about the time I was fired. I hope that this is entertaining for you but most importantly I hope you learn from my mistakes so that you won't have to learn the hard way. Press Play, Enjoy, Share


50: Celebrate 50! Review of Behind The Note Podcast

Introducing Mrs. Davis and celebrating 50 episodes! This is a review of the first 49 shows just in case you missed some. Press play, enjoy, and share!


49: How To Have An International Career with Chris Botti

Our guest today is Grammy Award Winning trumpeter Chris Botti. This was a pleasant surprise when my colleague James Newcomb from 'Think Outside The Music Box' recommended today's guest. Some things we talk about include: •Chris' habits that attribute to his success •Lessons learned from past teachers and band mates including Sting and Bill Adam •What it takes to be successful as a musician on the international level


48: John Clayton On Whitney Houston, Count Basie, Goal Setting, and Team Building

I met John Clayton over a year ago at the Jazz Education Network (JEN) Conference. I asked him to be a guest on this platform and he said yes before I could finish asking. At the time, this show was only an idea in my mind and didn't actually exist yet. That's how kind John is and I'm happy that he was able to join us today. We talk about many topics in this episode including goal setting and team-building the right way. John shares fun stories about some of his past co-workers and lessons...


47: CD Release Party The Right Way With Rajiv Halim

Chicago saxophonist Rajiv Halim joins us to talk about how he was able to pull off a successful cd release concert. I was present for the show and he successfully sold out and had a room of 200 plus people waiting in anticipation or the show! He shares what he did right in preparation for that night as well as what he did wrong. Press Play, Enjoy, Share


46: How To Come Out On Top of Your Challenges

Our guest today is Nick Ruffini who is the founder of He is also responsible for his independent album making top 50 on the music charts. Nick hit some adversity in his life and still managed to come out on top. Listen to how he did it here. Press Play, Enjoy, Share