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An all music production podcast. Raw & uncut. Featuring Grammy Nominated Multi-Platinum producer !llmind, Atlas The Plug, Perfection & GLAM.

An all music production podcast. Raw & uncut. Featuring Grammy Nominated Multi-Platinum producer !llmind, Atlas The Plug, Perfection & GLAM.
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An all music production podcast. Raw & uncut. Featuring Grammy Nominated Multi-Platinum producer !llmind, Atlas The Plug, Perfection & GLAM.






Episode 88 With Just Blaze

BlapChat Live was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who came out and rocked with us and all our special guests (Just Blaze, Rance1500 to name a couple) We talked to a lot of you who followed the advice from all of my content and how that led to a big change in your lives, placements and so much more. I encourage you to try something new, embrace your failures, learn from your mistakes and grow within the process. Just Blaze also talks about how he came up and his story of...


Episode 87 With Apollo Brown

Most aspiring music producers' goals are to get placements on a major label. But there are so many different avenues of income and success. Special guest APOLLO BROWN speaks on touring the world playing his music and how he created a demand for it. Instead of having his beats sitting on a hard drive, he decided to put them out as albums and branded himself as a producer. He speaks on his come up in the beat battle scene to now, still in the game as a respected and successful music producer...


Episode 86 - Key To Success - Believe In Yourself

Here's what we did. I went on IG Live and asked the viewers to drop their phone numbers in the comments. Atlas and I called them to answer their questions and give advice on so many different topics. The beginning of your journey has to start with believing in yourself. That creates the confidence to go out and network, find up and coming artists to collaborate with, not waiting for the perfect time to release music. There is no such thing as the perfect time and everything, especially in...


Episode 85 With Trilogy

Special guest TRILOGY speaks on producing the viral hit, "Get The Strap" with Uncle Murda, 50 Cent, 6ix9ine & Casanova and getting it featured on the show Power. There's no such thing as an overnight success. Trilogy started producing in 2006, grinding and building relationships that's paid off in recent times. The producer community, and the music industry in general, has changed so much since then. He speaks on how he's adapted to it over the years and now more than ever, embracing...


Episode 84 With Sevn Thomas

Welcome back our special guest SEVN THOMAS for a second episode with us! Appreciate him for taking the time out of his busy schedule to chop it up. We discuss his recent successes with Rihanna, Travis Scott, Lil Wayne and more. He gives great advice on how to manifest and execute your goals and how that mentality got him to where he is today. He also gives a stamp of approval for young producers to grind, sell beats and do whatever you gotta do because he's surprised at how many major...


Episode 83 With JWhite Did It

I’m always inspired by stories of people who were able to climb out of extreme low points to eventually reach success. When you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up. From extreme life difficulty only a few years ago, to now having produced Bodak Yellow and I Like It for Cardi B & so much more. He gives great advice on betting everything on what you believe in and the universe will pay you back. Listen to his full story on the risks he took and the decisions he made to be in the position...


Episode 82 With J Reid ("Chun - Li" Nicki Minaj Producer)

After the devastating news of Mac Miller’s passing, I talk about the importance of mental health and how social media has evolved to effect it. What was once a silly platform to post and share with your friends is now something that you can build an entire business around. For many of us creatives, we share with the world our most vulnerable work, our art. We guide you on how to navigate through the negative and hateful comments. And I encourage you to stop and think again before commenting...


Episode 81 - Working With Songwriters (with Father Dude)

What's the difference between working with a rapper and a singer? If I'm a music producer or an audio engineer, do I know the difference between the two? Chances are, you don't. Both worlds are completely different in their own way. If you've only worked with rappers in the studio, you've got a lot to learn when it comes to working with singers/songwriters. Some say working with rappers is easy because it's just verses and adlibs. With singers, you're stacking harmonies, coming up with...


Episode 80 - Let's Build Fam (60+ random guests?)

So this is what we did. We put a tweet out the day before recording this episode saying "meet us at the podcast studio". 62 people showed up. It was nuts. They asked questions and we answered. Someone even busted a freestyle over an unreleased Illmind beat. Lots and lots of gems here and lots of laughs. We also spoke about Travis Scott's "Astroworld" album and how it's likely to leave a long lasting impact. One of my favorite episodes to date.


Episode 79 - Becoming Your Own Boss

The world of music production requires skills similar to any entrepreneur of today. The successful ones usually become their own boss. No one to report to (except the IRS lol). You get what you put in. We spoke about some basic philosophies to keep in mind during your journey as an aspiring musician. Whether you're a music producer, artist, engineer or all of the above, these are some of the fundamentals that will help guide you along the way. Oh, and BLAP OR CRAP is back of course!


Episode 78 With Lamont Graves (Music Publishing Consultant)

This might be one of our most informative episodes to date. We talked about various ways to generate income when FIRST STARTING to make beats and become a music producer. How much $ should you charge for your beats? Should you work for free? Should you do both? When is a good time to start increasing your prices? Our special guest for this episode was Lamont Graves who specializes in consulting music producers on what MUSIC PUBLISHING is, some best practices and how music producers can...


Episode 77 With Mike Kuz

I met Mike Kuz when I was working with Slaughterhouse (Royce da 5'9", Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz & Crooked I for those living under a rock) back in 2013. He was an assistant engineer at Just Blaze's old studio. I didn't know he produced music as well. I just thought he was a great engineer from my experience working with him during those sessions. I remember later being in the studio with Wale and he needed an engineer. I recommended Mike to Wale and they ended up working together. From there,...


Episode 76 With Wayno (Everyday Struggle)

There's so much I can say about Wayno. Some people know him as the official co-host of Complex's "Everyday Struggle". Some know him as the guy who helped kick start Dave East's career. Some knew him from the early Rocafella days, or his company "Triangle Offense" (artist + production management, amongst other things). Outspoken, honest and will always keep it 100. One of my favorite and most genuine people in the industry. Lots of gems here you don't want to miss.


Episode 75 - How To Find Your Signature Sound

As music producers, we strive to eventually get to that point where we feel like we have our own "signature sound". Like, The Neptunes. Like, Timbaland, Like, Dr. Dre. Like, Metro Boomin'. The list goes on. So what does one have to do to achieve a signature sound as a music creator? We also discuss the current landscape of music and how important of a role music producers play.


Episode 74 - Set Goals Don't Be Lazy

In this episode we each tell our own unique stories on several moments where we set a goal and went out to achieve that goal. Whether it was trying to land a placement on a major album, or wanting to meet someone we admire. Going out of your way to try new things can alter the pathway to your future. We also chose our current favorite VST or PLUG-IN and why we love using it. Of course the hilarity ensues throughout. This episode was lit!


Episode 73 With Prince Paul

We back baby (after a 3 week hiatus) and we had the honor to have a LEGEND join us! His name is Prince Paul. The guy who used to hang out with Rza and ODB in the 80's before Wu-Tang became world renowned. The guy who started as a DJ in Stetsasonic. The guy who produced on De La Soul's "3 Feet High And Rising" classic album. The guy who did "Handsome Boy Modeling School" with Dan The Automator (one of !llmind's favorite albums of all time). We can go on forever. Oh, and his son is Lil Uzi...


Episode 72 - How To Find A Good Manager

Music producers need managers. Some don't need them early in their careers when they're first starting out. But eventually, you'll need an extra hand when things get too overwhelming. The real question is: When is it time to find a good manager? Also, where do I find a manager and how do I know if they're good or not? Will a manager help get me major label "placements"? We had an inspiring conversation about all of this. Illmind's friend (who works with Akon) surprised us with a phone call...


Episode 71 - Knowing When To Shoot Your Shot

In this episode we speak about a multitude of things - Knowing when to "shoot your shot", taking chances as a music producer, why sliding in the DM's could actually prove to be effective sometimes + we chose 2 fans at random to be our guests on the show. Both are up-coming music producers who listen to our show religiously + actually apply some of the stuff we say in real life, yielding some great results. They also brought empenadas, chocolate covered strawberries for Perfection and amazing...


Episode 70 With Koncept P (Tekashi 69 Producer)

It's always so fascinating when you try to dissect that golden moment for an up-coming music producer when their life changes in an instant. This very moment just happened recently with producer Koncept P. Having produced "Kooda" & "Rondo" for Tekashi 69, things are now just starting to really roll. We spoke about the grind leading up to both life changing records, what life is like now and what's coming in the future.


Episode 69 With 1Mind (Produced "Unforgettable")

What happens after you produce one of the biggest summer anthems of 2017? Life changes in an instant. That's what happened to production trio "1Mind" after they produced French Montana's hit "Unforgettable" featuring Swae Lee. We spoke to them about how that track came about, what the grind was like to reach that point & the sacrifices that were made.