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An all music production podcast. Raw & uncut. Featuring Grammy Nominated Multi-Platinum producer !llmind, Atlas The Plug, Perfection & GLAM.

An all music production podcast. Raw & uncut. Featuring Grammy Nominated Multi-Platinum producer !llmind, Atlas The Plug, Perfection & GLAM.
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An all music production podcast. Raw & uncut. Featuring Grammy Nominated Multi-Platinum producer !llmind, Atlas The Plug, Perfection & GLAM.






Episode 108 With My Best Friend Jacob (Travis Scott Documentary producer & sound designer)

This is by far one of my favorite episodes. We went a little left field on this one and spoke about some real stuff: where did humans come from? Do aliens exist? Are we reptiles? I know. Interesting lol! This all in some weird way ties in to the realities of being human and how our roles coincide with living on earth as musicians and aspiring artists. We also spoke to amazing producer "My Best Friend Jacob" who recently produced & scored Travis Scott's Netflix documentary. Lots of insight on...


Episode 107 With Les-Paul Ibanga (Financial Literacy + Illmind's brother)

Ok guys. This is one of my favorite and most crucial episodes we've done, to date. Our guest is my brother (my actual brother) Les-Paul (yeah, my dad named him after the inventor of the electric guitar!). He plays piano (better than me), but above else, he's got 15+ years experience as an accountant and is a director at a huge accounting firm. We spoke on one of the most important subjects that people don't really talk about: financial literacy. How do I grow my money? How much should I be...


Episode 106 - Simple Studio Tips That Pay Off BIG TIME

What happens when you're invited to a big studio for the first time? Maybe it's with a superstar? Or maybe it's with a local artist. As a music creator, what is your role and how can you maximize your time in the studio to be as productive as possible. Every situation is unique, but there are some "in studio hacks" that you can apply to help you along your creative journey. In this episode Illmind & Perfection (who managed one of the most premiere recording studios in NYC for years) speak on...


Episode 105 - Control Your Emotions To Control Your Destiny

I know the title of this episode sounds deep, but hear me out. What I love about my podcast is the fact that we like to get DEEP into the root of things and not be so "on the surface". To cut right to the chase we must ask ourselves this question: "How do we achieve our goals?". Now, of course this is the million dollar question and a topic of discussion that is very complex. I think it doesn't have to be complex. We reach our goals by taking "action". "Action" is taken based on our decision...


Episode 104 With Bregma (Logic & Eminem "Homicide" Producers)

This discussion was important! We touched on the challenges of generating income in the beginning of the grind as a music producer or engineer, ways to overcome the hardships to get to your first WIN and why it's important to never quit until you reach that first WIN! Our amazing guests BREGMA (a production trio) who produced Logic & Eminem's "Homicide" record (which was their first major placement by the way) spoke about the early grind, how they got their track to Logic, being broke for...


Episode 103 - The True Pathway To Success

What does "success" mean to you? For some it's money. For others it's happiness and the freedom to do what you want, when you want. For most, it's a combination of all the above. How does one answer this question in the MUSIC INDUSTRY? What does a successful music producer with Grammys and platinum plaques look like? And how do you get there? In this episode, Illmind + his co-hosts Atlas and Perfection go into a deep dive of some of the psychological, spiritual and routine habits of the...


Episode 101 With Special Guest June James

In this episode, Illmind, GLAM and Atlas chop it up with special guest June James about his music, history and influences. "We're here to talk about anything and everything music, business, music production." (00:02:50)"I have a couple special things for Spotify." (00:03:42) "I want to announce a couple things... my Throne Loops contest is ongoing." (00:05:09) "I just got back from Miami. I did a 3 city little tour run for Pass the Aux." (00:06:48)"On this podcast we talk a lot about...


Episode 100 With Mo Wezz (A Boogie's Engineer)

100th episode is here!!! 🙏🏽🔥In this episode, Illmind, Perfection and Atlas celebrate the 100th episode and chop it up with special guest Mo Wezz about his music and accomplishments. Shout out to A Boogie! Mo Wezz talks about how he met A Boogie and what sparked his interest in engineering(00:03:15)"Some upcoming producers are missing opportunities because the first thing they ask when an artist inquires about a track is what's their budget, without even listening to the artist's music...


Episode 99 - The Truth About Reaching Success

On this episode, Illmind talks solo about coming up on the 100th episode, the power of the mind and the effect it has on success🔥🔥🔥Illmind gives a shout out to fans and gives a brief intro of the podcast to new listeners(00:03:09)"You can go from A to Z and realize that Z is not the end. Realize it's really just one alphabet you've conquered, and there's multiple alphabets for you to conquer" (00:03:40)💯Illmind gives insight into the tools he's been using to be more mindful and how...


Episode 98 - How To Shoot Your Shot And WIN

On this episode Illmind, Perfection and Atlas discuss the importance of relationships, positive energy output, meaningful collaborations and other tools that get you that ring!!!🔥llmind is back in the studio with Perfection and Atlas 1..2..3.... BLAPCHAT!!!🔥(00:00:56)Illmind gives a shout out to the "Pass the Aux" world tour(00:03:24)"G.O.A.T. Loops Sample Pack Contest is officially a wrap" (00:06:32)RIP Nipsey Hussle 🙏🏽"There's no words to describe how deeply impactful Nipsey Hussle's...


Episode 97 - Rich Mentality Vs Poor Mentality

On this episode the Blap crew goes over the importance of initiative and a "problem solving" approach to the industry and your career. Illmind is back in the studio with Perfection, Atlas, and GLAM 1..2..3.... BLAPCHAT!!!🔥(:2:25)"Are there any projects this year you guys liked?"(00:05:41)Quick shout out to all the creatives coming out to Illminds "Pass the Aux World Tour"!!!(00:07:09)"Having a rich mentality vs. a Poor Mentality"(00:15:18)"There are two different types of people in this...


Episode 96 - Things Every Music Creator Should Do

On this episode, we welcome back Perfection and get to know our listeners with an Instagram live Q & A. IG and FB 24 hr blackout 😬(00:5:12) Instagram live Q & A of all things production(00:10:48), "How can I get a licensing opportunity?"(00:18:33),"In terms of networking, how do I approach a high caliber producer?"(00:27:36)"How do I find people to work with?"(00:36:42)" Im more of a creator; how do I improve my mixes?"(00:45:32), Blap or Crap segment (01:03:00) + so much more with Illmind...


Episode 95 - What I Would Do If I Just Started Making Beats

On this episode, we talk about the journey through the industry and finding a passion for the hustle (00:04:50), future Pass the Aux events (00:8:00), ATLAS is our other host today, he fills us in on Cruz's "Respect the Engineer" workshops (00:13:40), "if you're a creator you should think about what you can do to nurture and provide your fans (00:29:53),"the long term route is the shortcut"(00:35:12), !ll explains "points" on an album and how they pertain to producers (00:48:14) Are you the...


Episode 94 - Grammy Talk (Persistence Will Get You The WIN)

On this episode, we talk about my experience going to the GRAMMYs and winning my first award (00:04:17), future Pass the Aux events (00:12:25), GLAM talks about her placement with Apple (00:13:33), being persistent with one thing and then pivoting into a new direction (00:16:49), the idea of doing music because you love it even if you're broke (00:21:55), what's more important - marketing or networking? (00:26:42), should you focus on only one thing even if you can do it all yourself?...


Episode 93 - The TYPE BEATS Discussion With Papamitrou Boi (aka Nick Papz)

On this episode, we have special guest PAPAMITROU BOI aka NICK PAPZ joining us to discuss the definition of type beats (00:10:50), if it's possible to transition from a type beat producer to a successful, household name (00:20:15), both positive and negative "Scarlett Letters" that type beat producers carry (00:29:36), what drove Nick to get started in music (00:38:12), how he found success making type beats (00:39:47), his transition from type beats to working with MEEK MILL (00:41:57),...


Episode 92 With Reazy Renegade

On this episode, we have special guest REAZY RENEGADE and we discuss focusing only on the people that support you (00:17:30), !llmind's experience at the Dreamville sessions in Atlanta (00:27:30), early days of how Reazy got started (00:51:15), taking the approach of working for free with local artists before the come up (00:54:36), building with We The Best, Maybach Music, YMCMB (00:57:58), switching career paths from dental school to music producer (00:58:42), encouragement to learn...


Episode 91 - Overcoming Your Fear To Reach Success

On this episode, we discuss the topic of fear and how it's the one thing that stops us from what we truly want to do (00:04:00), Perfection's insight on fear of failure and success (00:06:09), Atlas' moments of fear and how he overcame it and learned from the process (00:08:25), Illmind's perspective on how we should view failure (00:13:00), the importance of work ethic and not looking for shortcuts (00:35:52), keeping true to yourself and providing value of something different (00:40:51),...


Episode 90 With Cruz (Meek Mill's Engineer)

On this episode, we talk with special guest Cruz, Meek Mill's engineer, about celebrating your wins and giving yourself credit for the hard work you put in (00:18:44), how he started to work with Meek Mill and details on his recording process (00:21:46), his favorite plugins and gear (00:36:31), advice for aspiring engineers (00:49:24), what's the next for himself (00:57:19), how to submit beats to major labels (01:02:50) and so much more.


Episode 89 - Using Social Media To Your Advantage

On this episode, Illmind and Glam talk about how to balance a 9-5 job vs. pursuing a passion (17:30), IG Live Q&A (38:30), how to keep yourself motivated everyday (49:40), selling beats online(59:30) and a Blap or Crap/ beat critique segment (1:05:30). Plus a recap of our BlapChat Live episode with Just Blaze (03:00), Pass the Aux 2019 announcement(10:55) and Glam's experience on tour with Duckwrth (14:37). A lot of great advice in here for all up and coming creatives looking to make the big...


Episode 88 With Just Blaze

BlapChat Live was a huge success. Thank you to everyone who came out and rocked with us and all our special guests (Just Blaze, Rance1500 to name a couple) We talked to a lot of you who followed the advice from all of my content and how that led to a big change in your lives, placements and so much more. I encourage you to try something new, embrace your failures, learn from your mistakes and grow within the process. Just Blaze also talks about how he came up and his story of...