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Here on my Frogcasts, I chat to some really great people about their life stories, musical interests, passions and inspirations, as I develop a new career as a House Music DJ. If you want to know more, watch as my story unfolds @white_where_its_at on Instagram.

Here on my Frogcasts, I chat to some really great people about their life stories, musical interests, passions and inspirations, as I develop a new career as a House Music DJ. If you want to know more, watch as my story unfolds @white_where_its_at on Instagram.
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Here on my Frogcasts, I chat to some really great people about their life stories, musical interests, passions and inspirations, as I develop a new career as a House Music DJ. If you want to know more, watch as my story unfolds @white_where_its_at on Instagram.






Frogcast 011: The unlawful killing of my great grandfather, Patt Hennessy, 100 years ago

This podcast recounts a small piece of Irish history that happened on April 14th 1920 on the streets of Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare, a small town on the west coast of Ireland. The story is told by my father, Michael Hennessy. For a long time we (the Hennessy family) believed the story to be different to the one that you will hear in this podcast. It is thanks to the work done by John Treacy, a historian who dedicated the first part of his career to uncovering the truth behind the folklore of...


Frogcast 010: A positive discussion about kids online with Ilfracombe Church of England Junior School

It's such a privilege and honour to present this podcast today with the Year 5 students (aged 10), and teachers at Ilfracombe's Church of England Junior School. As a parent of 2 boys under the age of 10, I find the whole conversation about kids online to be incredibly negative and over sensationalised in the media. In an effort to have a more positive discussion, I approached my son's school and asked them could I do a podcast about the subject with the Year 5 teachers and students. The...


Frogcast 009: Miami based international DJ Kristen Knight, shares her love of all things musical and her fabulous vibes

Miami based DJ, producer and singer songwriter Kristen Knight shares her long term love and commitment to the music industry. Fully qualified in music production, from an early stage in her career, she talks about her love of the freedom of being a DJ, her years of experience with reading dance floors and how her sets vary depending on the crowd, venue and international locations she plays at like Blue Marlin, Hi and Pacha in Ibiza. As a woman and mother, she talks about how she juggles and...


Frogcast 008: Actor, Poet and Playwright, this is Kit Sinclair!

In this episode we talk to the gorgeous and humorous actress Kit Sinclair, where she shares her journey into acting, and early success with her lead role in Neil Simon’s ‘I Ought To Be In Pictures’ at the Manchester Home Theatre where she won the Manchester Evening News award for Best Newcomer. She shares the other side of TV adverts, when the cameras are rolling and it's freezing cold in -7 degrees, or another ad when she farts in a bath of milk that's curdling in 33 degrees of heat, and...


Frogcast 007: International DJ Will Clarke; his musical evolution mixed with bearded ambition and some great artistic advice

Will Clarke is experiencing the dizzy heights of international artistic fame whilst having his Bristolian feet firmly rooted right now on American soil. A gentleman to the core, he candidly shares his musical journey, and talks about how his ambition, vision and sound have all evolved to bring him to this stage in his musical career. He believes that right now he is at a pivotal point, and very openly discusses what he believes he needs to do next, to become the biggest artist in the...


Frogcast 006: Actor, Film Director and Music Producer, this is Leon Corbin!

Meet the Actor, Film Director and Music Producer Leon Corbin. Hear how Leon came into acting at tender age of thirteen where at the very last minute he stepped into a lead role and saved the show. We talk about what advice he would give to people wanting to enter into acting, including the role of the British Film Institute in helping young talent and the importance of attitude and mindset. We go onto discuss all the various shows that he has been involved in including BBC Casualty,...


Frogcast 005: From Bangalore to Toolroom Records meet Trish Complete the DJ, Producer, and Sound Engineer championing women in house!

Trish shares how she found her way from raving in her teens in Bangalore India to bedroom DJ and eventually playing in all the biggest and best clubs in London including Ministry of Sound, Lightbox and Egg London. She tells how her motivation to create a "banging track" inspired her to study Sound Engineering at Point Blank Music school where she is has now become a champion of female artistic talent. We talk about the London Techno house music scene and how its evolved over time and how...


Frogcast 004: Change your life with the Law of Attraction, Faye and Marina did it and so can you!

Meet Faye Bradley and Marina Murphy who after reading the book "The Secret" and applying a set of guiding principles highlighted in the book to their daily lives, have unlocked "The Secret" to winning competitions. By combining a set of daily activities including the journaling of gratitude lists, writing affirmations, practicing daily meditations, creating vision boards and cultivating a positive mind-set they have won over 250 competitions to the value of €30,000 over the last 18...


Frogcast 003: From homeless to becoming an Ibizan entrepreneur meet Dave Travolta!

Meet Dave Travolta, who in the last five years has gone from being totally broke and homeless on the streets of Barcelona, to completely turning his life around. Listen to his inspirational story from where he literally picks himself off the streets, knocks on one door after another in the famous Las Ramblas, until he was given a chance of a job opportunity at an Irish bar that paid him enough money to get off the streets and into a hostel that day. From there he goes onto educate himself...


Frogcast 002: Ibizan Entrepreneur, Life Coach and Sustainable Flow Environmentalist, meet Nat Rich!

Meet Nat Rich, an inspirational and visionary woman with a passion for truth, honestly and a deep sense of understanding about how she can help all of us improve our own lives and the lives of future generations. Over the last few years Nat has gone from self-confessed, full on party girl, to running one of the most successful radio syndication companies in the electronic music scene called On Air Radio based in her home of Ibiza. She is also a motivational speaker and a life coach to some...


Frogcast 001: Producer, DJ and Music Studio Owner, meet Will Flisk!

Who started the first DJ Bar in the UK? Will Flisk did. o Rob Da BankMalakasDamien HirstGates Of the West StudioBox of Frogs Soundcloud: A bit about me …. DJ Fiona White Box of FrogsFrogcastWant to know more? Find me here: Mixcloud: DJ Fiona WhiteFacebook: @djfionawhiteInstagram: White_where_its_at