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Season One Episode Thirteen Season Finale: Rocking For Riverbend

OUR SEASON ONE FINALE is here!! We're joined by Daniel Perrine (All My Sins Remembered, Red Room Productions - Buchanan) and Sarah Brittin (Pizza Transit) who both make Rock for the Cure 11: Rocking for Riverbend happen, join us on this final episode of season one to talk about the upcoming CD release, and pizza party/live music coming up this month! Sister Lakes Brewing Company lets us try their new DIPA, we talk about upcoming shows from our friends at The Livery, and Ryan has an internal...


Season One Episode Twelve: James Neary and the Bevy Blue

On this week's Episode of Brews With Bands, Ryan and Bethany are joined by James Neary and the Bevy Blue to drink some beer from The Livery, and talk about this Friday's show, James Neary and the Bevy Blue - Live at The Livery! The guys write us a new jingle, ACE Beyonce trivia, and Muse about some of their favorite experiences as a band! All that, and more, on this week's episode!


Season One Episode Eleven: Moondance Movie

This weeks episode of Brews with Bands is a little different as we're joined by movie writer/producer/director/actor, Matt Whitney from the upcoming musical Moondance! We talk all about Matt's writing process, the musical numbers you can hear in the film and have a little fun with Beyonce Trivia while enjoying Ruben sandwiches made with Dragon's Milk from New Holland Brewing Company. HUGE thank you to @palpapalpa for our intro music.


Season One Episode Ten: Slim Gypsy Baggage

This week, Ryan and Bethany are joined by Southwest Michigan's own Chillbillies, SlimGypsyBaggage! They are here to tell us a what to expect at their Slim Gypsy Baggage Travels Americana Road show this weekend, while we enjoy brews this from hosts, The Livery! It's all Livery, all episode! Be sure to listen to this week's songs, as they are all unreleased recordings from SGB's Nashville sessions! Thank you again to Palpa Music for our intro beats, and to CMG Financial Southwest Michigan NMLS...


Season One Episode Nine: The Outliers

This week's episode Ryan and Bethany are joined by Grand Rapids' own, The Outliers! We've teamed up with Sister Lakes Brewing Company to offer you a great deal for this week only...take a listen to learn more! The Outliers share with us some of their favorite stories from their years on the road, and explain the inspiration behind their upcoming album, "Welcome To My Head" due out on April 19! We get to take a listen to a few tracks from that album...all on this week's episode of Brews With...


Season One Episode Eight-Static Apparatus

This week's episode is caffeinated by our good friends at The Phoenix Coffeeshop! We're joined by in-studio Static Apparatus where we get to hear about their most memorable shows, and hear them perform for us live! Thank you as always to CMG Financial Southwest Michigan NMLS 1820, and Palpa Music for helping make BWB sound great every week!


Season One Episode Seven- Lighting Matches

Our friends, Lighting Matches join us from Grand Rapids this week, over a glass of The Livery's cider, Boots with the Fur, and talk to us about their upcoming show this weekend, and their album release in just a couple months! They also debut a couple unreleased songs with us, and of course answer Beyonce trivia! Thanks as always to CMG Financial Southwest Michigan NMLS 1820 and Palpa Music for making this week's episode happen!


Season One Episode Six: Big Ben and the Burly Boys

This week, Big Ben and the Burly Boys join Ryan and Bethany to talk about how they naturally came together as artists, the role they play in Mighty Happy Crew, and of course to enjoy some limited edition releases from our good friends at Arclight Brewing Company! As always, we've got your weekly dose of Beyonce trivia, upcoming show information, and a bunch of good conversation!


Season One Episode Five: Get to know us

Season One Episode Five: Get to know us by A podcast about the musical and craft brew offerings of Southwest Michigan


Season One Episode Four: Autumn Academy

Ryan and Bethany sit down with the guys formerly known as 45 To Argos, now @AutumnAcademy over several cups of coffee from The Phoenix Coffeeshop to discuss their upcoming album, and why they changed their name, among other things. We tell you about things going on at Cheers Pub, Czar's 505, The Intersection, Vegetable Buddies, The Livery, Bell's Eccentric Café, and this weekend's ice festival with St. Joseph Today! Thank you to CMG Financial Southwest Michigan NMLS 1820 for letting us use...


Season One Episode Three: Rain Dogs

On this week's episode, Bethany and Ryan talk to The Rain Dogs about their upcoming sophomore release while drinking The Crooked Jalapeno from Sister Lakes Brewing Company. Ryan catches up with Emily C Browning and Cory Wong to play a round of Beyonce trivia after their show at The Livery. We talk about pizza from Pizza Transit, and tell you where you can go to hear The Backups, and Ginger and Her Baked Goods this weekend, among other things! Thank you to CMG Financial Southwest Michigan...


Season One Episode Two: Saving Jupiter

It's Wednesday, which means it's time for this week's episode of Brews With Bands! This week, Ryan and Bethany sit down with Ron and Joe from Saving Jupiter, with a couple brews from Arclight Brewing Company! Follow the link below to check it out for yourself! If you are interested in being a part of the podcast, either as a band, brewery, venue, sponsor, or just have an idea that you think we could use, send us an email: Thank you to CMG Financial Southwest Michigan...


Season One Episode One-Featured Artist: Meanue

Here it is! Our first episode of Brews With Bands is nowLIVE! This episode features our new intro music from @palpapalpa and Ryan and Bethany at CMG Financial Southwest Michigan NMLS 1820 with musical guest @Meanue talking about what got him to where he is now, as well as what's going on this weekend at Bell's Eccentric Café, The Livery, Vegetable Buddies, Czar's 505, and The Intersection! Our brews come from Arclight Brewing Company, and we'll tell you what they have in the works for you,...