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Ep. 22 - Seattle's Underground Grind King Beezie 2000

The Seattle native is a man that wears many hats. He drops through to talk talks Seattle history, the business of hip hop in the PNW, how he makes a record and why you should never throw away a beat.


Ep. 21 - Toronto's Own Rapper & Record Collector Arcee!

Arcee checks in with the crew to talk about his podcast and speaks on his record collection, and breaks down the craziness selling and buying wax through social media.


Ep. 20 - DJ Supagi - Wrecker of Red Bulls & Destroyer of Dance Floors!

DJ Supagi sits down to speak on his run at the Redbull Freestyles competition and how he got started in the DJing industry.


Ep. 19 - The Beat Junkies' Legendary J. Rocc!

J. Rocc stoped by the studio to share a little knowledge about the djing game and how he got started with the Beat Junkies. Plus he talks a little about touring with J Dilla and Madlib.


Ep. 18 - Unsung Heroes of PNW Hip-Hop, Ocean Records Steve-O - Can You Dig It?!?!

Behind the scenes is where the real work goes down and the decisions that shape the way a region develops. One of the original PNW hip-hop entrepreneurs, Ocean Records' Steve-O has been putting it down and making things happen for decades, and now, he's dropping gems and spitting facts.


Ep. 17 - From the Clubs to the Radio to the Stadiums it's Supa Sam

Listen here, maaaan! You don't know about the grind. Supa Sam knows about the grind. He knows what paying your dues is all about. From making money in the clubs, to rocking every segment of the radio day, to rocking decks for the Seahawks, this man has a story to tell and gems to drop.


Ep. 16 - Seattle DJ, Label Head, Radio Personality Tony B! Droppin' History And Science

Preme and Top are back with one of the foundational members of the Seattle funk/soul/hip hop movement. DJ Tony B has been neck deep from the get go, playing a roll in some of the most important moments in the culture and laying the groundwork for a lot of what you see in The Town today.


Ep. 15 - Big O On The Global Hustle, Spreading Love and Work Ethic

Yooooo! Once again it's on! Supreme La Rock and Blendiana Jones welcome Seattle legend Omari "Big O" Salisbury to the studio to talk global hustle, what work ethic really looks like, and some of the historical ish they've been a part of in Seattle, and global hip hop. It's one of the most inspiring conversations we've had!


Ep. 14 Seattle Legend J - Rod Talks SEA Hip Hop History, Struggles, Samples - Can You Dig It?!?!

We've got J-Rod in the studio! One of the OG Seattle DJs, producers, hip hop hustlers, he's been ten toes down in Seattle hip hop since Day 1, working with foundational Seattle artists and labels, putting people on, and music out. He's talking the early days in Seattle, the music industry struggles, obscure samples and more! Gems on gems on gems.


Ep. 13 w. Legendary West Coast OG Nasty Nes Rodriguez!

Despite some technical difficulties, Preme and Top get a banger of an interview from one of the architects of the West Coast Hip Hop scene. It's a dope ass history lesson from the one and only Nasty Nes Rodriguez.


Ep. 12 w. Rock Steady, DVS, Seattle OG DV One! - Can You Dig It?!?!

Preme & Top sit down with a legit Seattle icon: DJ DV One talks his time in the scene, getting on with Rock Steady Crew, being down with Massive Monkees and a lot more. Dig in!


Ep. 11 w. A History Lesson fom Seattle's Own, Mike Joyce - Can You Dig It?!?!

Supreme La Rock and Blendiana Jones aka DJ Topspin are back in the booth with one of the true OGs of the Seattle DJ scene. He helped make the 80's in Seattle one of the most danceable with residencies in some of the biggest clubs in the town. Dig into a deep, deep history lesson from one of the best.


Ep. 10 w. the Supremely Talented Ohmega Watts! - Can You Dig It?!?!

Preme and Top are back after a whirlwind summer talking shop with underground legend Ohmega Watts, a man that can make you move behind the decks or on the mic. It's history, gems and jewels.


Ep. 9 w. Label Exec/Manager/Promoter/Make-It-Happen-Man Gene Dexter! - Can You Dig It?!?!

He's been behind the scenes in Seattle hip hop for longer than most of the kids in the scene have been alive. He's made more moves than caffeinated cat. Gene Dexter has had a hand in so much in Seattle, we'd be better off listing the stuff he hasn't done. Check out the exclusive as Preme and Top get him in the chair and behind the mic.


Ep. 8 w. the World Famous DJ Shortkut! - Can You Dig It?!?!

The legendary DJ Shortcut drops in the studio to talk history and music. It's a doozy.


Ep. 7 w. Rock Steady Crew's B-Boy Fever One - Can You Dig It?!?!

Supreme La Rock & Blendiana Jones are joined by Seattle native, iconic B-Boy and Rock Steady Crew member Fever One! It's a dope conversation about hip hop, history, plus a crazy ass story about the time Fever One had to tell a particular boy band to stay in their lane.


Ep. 6 w. The one and only, producer Jake One! - Can You Dig It?!?!

Preme and Top sit down with a town icon, a guy who has produced for just about everybody you can name, from Rick Ross and 50 Cent to De La Soul and Freddie Foxxx, the one and only Jake One!


Ep. 5 w. Kun Luv aka's Big Fella - Can You Dig It?!?!

The World Famous Supreme La Rock and Seattle's smoothest blender of beats DJ Topspin welcome NW icon DJ Kun Luv to the studio for a masterclass on how to grind, how to hustle and how to make yourself into a household name.


Ep. 4 w. Seattle OG Funk Daddy! - Can You Dig It?!?!

Supreme La Rock and DJ Topspin aka Blendiana Jones are back in the building with one of Seattle's true school OG hip hop stalwarts, Funk Daddy! It's an hour of history, politics and jewels from the mouths of some of the best to do it.


Ep. 3 w. the Historic Mike Clark - Can You Dig It?!?!

Check the technique as Supreme La Rock and DJ Topspin sit down with Mike Clark, who's been instrumental behind the scenes of Seattle hip hop since damn near the beginning. It's a story you need to hear.