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Small town and big city join forces! Vinny Hardy (Lynch, KY) and Terry Brown (Louisville, KY) team up to give you a free-flowing, laid back sports talk show focusing on the Kentucky Wildcats as well as pertinent NBA, NFL & MLB topics.

Small town and big city join forces! Vinny Hardy (Lynch, KY) and Terry Brown (Louisville, KY) team up to give you a free-flowing, laid back sports talk show focusing on the Kentucky Wildcats as well as pertinent NBA, NFL & MLB topics.


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Small town and big city join forces! Vinny Hardy (Lynch, KY) and Terry Brown (Louisville, KY) team up to give you a free-flowing, laid back sports talk show focusing on the Kentucky Wildcats as well as pertinent NBA, NFL & MLB topics.








#MLB, Marlins Mess & More + Professor Derrick White!

MLB is back and the Florida Marlins have had the first worst case scenario. The KHSAA made a decison. How will the basketball Cats come together? UK African American & Americana Studies professor Derrick White will join us at 7:30.


UK Football, Wenyen, More UK FB + Our Guests Stevie Westmoreland & Brett Ciancia!

We'll dive into some UK football this evening from the family angle and the preseason rankings perspective. Stevie Westmoreland will join us at 6:15. Brett Ciancia of Pick Six Previews will stop by at 7:00. Plus thoughts on the Wenyen situation and more!


Antonio Hall Joins Us, Props to Anthony Epps, Brawlin' Memphis Cousins!

We start things off by talking with former UK O-lineman Antonio Hall. Congrats are in order for Anthony Epps. Memphis cousins throw hands over Penny.


Toppers Talk the Talk, Cam Signs, Mahomes Cashes In

Western Kentucky and Rick Stansbury and 'nem if nothing else are persistent. They are trying their best get a game(s) with the Cats. Cam Newton is off the market, Patrick Mahones is off of that rookie deal. We'll talk about that and a whole lot more tonight!


MM's Recovery, BB's Residual, TB's Celeb Meetings

Matthew Mitchell is on the mend, Bobby Bonilla once again has more to spend. TB gains another famous friend!


June 28, MLB Sprint, Bubba, DL & More!

UK basketball sets a return date, MLB ekes out a season schedule. Bubba Wallace forges on. DL, DL, DL??


September 3, MLB?? + Chiefs Conversation w/ John Dixon

Kentucky football tweaks the season opener. The Rona never left. Will sports get off the ground? What's Rob Manfred doin? John Dixon of Arrowhead Pride will join us to talk some KC Chiefs.


A Return To Football

An update on TB's running status. Kentucky football is working and prepping for the season. Cal, Stoops and Mitchell do their parts.


Rough Few Days, Kash's Comedy + LSU Football Talk With Preston Guy

TB, a lifelong Louisville native as we know, will have the floor. We'll still get to some other topics and do our thing a lil later. Preston Guy of will stop to talk about those Bayou Bengals at 7:00.


Voluntary Workouts, Eddie Sutton, Chris Oats

The date is in place for SEC athletes to return to campus for voluntary workouts. Hope it all goes smoothly. Kentucky lost a former coach in Eddie Sutton. Chris Oats is on everyone's minds too at this time.


UK Cheer, DeAndre Williams Handling + Our Guests: Hungry In KY Podcast

Tough times for the Kentucky Cheerleading program. DeAndre Williams has Memphis and Penny poppin off again. The ladies of the Hungry In Podcast will join us to talk some food and UK sports!


Stoops & Marrow, Duke Actin' a Fool? Legendary Losses and More!

Dekel Crowdus opts to stay with the hometown Cats. Zion Williamson is in a circle of lawsuits. The Last Dance is rolling on. Lost a lot of legendary people over the last few weeks. As always the phone # is (845)277-9373.


Sarr Out Man! TB Gets His Run On And More!

For everyone that was worrying they can now relax. Olivier Sarr made it official, he's transferring from Wake Forest to Kentucky. Just like that the roster looks a lot better. TB has been busy in quarantine, been running, doing podcasts and all kinds of things. We'll talk about all of that, The Last Dance, our appearance on The Locker and much more!


Lynn and Logan's Names Are Called, MJ and Zeke and More!

In a "down year" from their 2018 10-win season Kentucky still saw five players move on to the NFL. It will be fun to see how their careers play out. Whenever play resumes the talent that will be heading to the next level from Lexington will continually to be consistently impressive. The Last Dance got juicy when all of the old layers to the Bulls-Pistons beef were peeled back once again. Thankfully this documentary is providing a nice small distraction each weekend. We'll talk about all of...


Rhyne Howard Gets a Lil Love, NFL Draft, + Reggie Hanson

We're back for another fun 2 hours. Still hunkerin' down. Still watching to see how things play out. Rhyne Howard finally gets a little bit of love. Jacob Toppin is offically a Wildcat. Lynn Bowden, Logan Stenberg should hear their names called, other football Cats should find out where they'll be living and working via free agency too. A familiar face will be joining Tom Brady down in Tampa Bay. At 6:30 we'll be joined by former UK foward/center Reggie Hanson. Tune in, hope y'all enjoy.


Condolences to KAT, Roster Movin' and Shakin' and more!

Condolonces to Karl Anthony Towns and his family on the passing of his mother, Jacqueline Cruz, who passed away due to complications from the coronavirus. It's official. Ashton, Immauel, Nick, Tyrese and EJ are all going to the draft. Cal will really get to work his magic. There's already a strong freshman class coming in and Davion Mintz has been added as a grad transfer. We'll see what other moves take place between now and whenever seasons/games resume. Austin MacGinnis has made his way...


Keion's Back, No Haarm(s) In Inquiring + Jack Pilgrim!

Tyrese Maxey and Ashton Hagans have shifted their focus to the NBA Draft. What will Nick Richards, Immanuel Quickley and E.J. Montgomery decide to do. We'll know in the coming days. Keion Brooks has decided to return for a second season at Kentucky. Purdue big man Matt Haarms has put his name in the transfer portal and the Cats are among several schools interested in adding him to their roster. Jack Pilgrim of Kentucky Sports Radio will join us at 6:30 to talk about all of that and more as...


Keepin On Keepin On, Roster Status + UK DB Davonte Robinson

We're still doing our best to stay cautious and healthy. Normal and even a new normal are still quite a ways away. The Kentucky bsaketball roster is sorting itself out. There was even a turn that is somewhat surprising to some. There's still a lot to wrap our heads around potentially regarding football. There are different things to process as each portion of the year rolls around on the calendar and all of the usual activities that occur at that point aren't able to be participated in....


Staying Safe & Healthy + Gamecocks Talk w/ Katie Dzwierzynski of GABAttack!

All of the coping mechanisims are in effect. March is marching on without Madness and that will continue to be the theme of this spring. We'll talk about all the goings on of life in a sportsless world as well as the nuggets of news that have occurred since we were on last. We'll work in some randomness like we always do and we'll have another fun show like we always have. Katie Dzwierzynski of Garnet and Black Attack on SB Nation will stop by to chat about some South Carolina Gamecocks...


What a Difference a Week Makes + Marisa Brown and Angelo Carriero

Last week when we were talking with ESPN's Michael Eaves there were still conference tournaments and an NBA season to speak of. Things have changed quickly since then. There are no sports going on and won't be any for quite some time due to COVID19 and rightfully so. Hopefully all of you listening are doing well. We're still going to do our best to have fun each week for a couple of hours and we hope y'all will have fun with us. We'll talk about the sports things that have happened but as...