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One songwriter, one song. Podcast about stories & songs of Champaign-Urbana music. In each episode Sven sits down with a person from the C-U music scene to hear the story & the background of a favorite song they’ve written.


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One songwriter, one song. Podcast about stories & songs of Champaign-Urbana music. In each episode Sven sits down with a person from the C-U music scene to hear the story & the background of a favorite song they’ve written.






Bonus Episode 28:Losing the Luster - Austin Parker of Mid Nite Leg

In this bonus episode Sven chats with Austin Parker (He/Him) of Mid Nite Leg about their new album "Losing the Luster" - Available now on all the streaming services and on Bandcamp at:


EP113 Shannon - Swords - ”Hell and High Water”

Sven meets up with Shannon Swords (He/Him) at HarshPro's (EP88) studio space "The Labrary" to talk about his song "Hell and High Water" off of the album "Depth," working with collaborators, and what's next in the future. DEPTH is now out on Spotify:


Bonus Episode 27: Lost In Translation - Mike from EP37

In this bonus episode Sven chats with Mike Carpenter (He/Him) (EP37) of Decadents about their new album "Lost in Translation" - Available now on all the streaming services and on Bandcamp at:


EP112 Chris & Robbie - Rude Echoes - ”Breathless”

Sven chats with Robbie (He/HIm) and Chris (They/Them) about their song "Breathless" off of the album "Unfriendly Reminder" SONG: Breathless ALBUM: Unfriendly Reminder BAND: Rude Echoes Favorite treat: Mandarin Jarritos/Hi-Chews Photo credit: Marciel Shepard


EP111 Clayton Burke Deering - The Clayton Burke Band - ”Wild Thing

Sven sits down with Clayton Burke Deering (He/HIm) to chat about his song "Wild Thing," collaborating with Kenna Mae (EP13), playing pedal steel in his solo project Neon Gravel, what makes a good music scene, and his favorite non-musical things. SONG: Wild Thing ALBUM: No Immediate Plans BANDS: The Fights, The Rebekah Songer Band, Tractor Kings, Cole Bridges & the Overpass, Emily Anne Band, The Landovers, Neon Gravel, and The Clayton Burke Band Cover Photo: JP Goguen


EP110 Red & Grey - Red’s Head - ”Glitch”

Sven chats with Red (They/Them) and Grey (They/She) of Red's Head about their song "Glitch," creating a DIY venue, and their favorite non-musical things.


EP109 Liz & Carrie - Poisoned Rationality - ”Cheers to This”

Sven chats with Carrie (She/Her) & Liz (She/Her) about their song "Cheers to This," the CU music scene, and their favorite non-musical things. SONG: Cheers to This ALBUM: Merryann’s at Midnight BANDS: Carrie: none Liz: First Gig, Girls Rock, Poisoned Rationality Favorite treat: Carrie: unsweetened iced tea, caramel corn Liz: sprite or hot tea Photo credit: Carrie


EP108 - Clint & Chris of MOONSYDE - ”IKKE!”

Sven chats with Clint (He/Him) and Chris (He/Him) of MOONSYDE about their song "IKKE!," the race they feel like finishing, playing house shows, and their favorite non-musical things. SONG: IKKE! ALBUM: Single BANDS: Clint: Illini Contraband (cover band), performed locally on campus(Joe’s, Canopy Club, Wesley Church), Noontime Performer at the Illini Union Bandside UIUC (met other band members) HIDEOUT formerly called Hip-Hop Collective (met Chris) MOONSYDE (current band) Chris: Kuri Ken (solo artist) HIDEOUT (aka Hip-Hop Collective, served as President for ~3 years) MOONSYDE (current band) Favorite treat: Clint: Black Sugar Bubble Tea/Choco Boy (chocolate biscuit) Chris: Beach Plum La Croix / A phattttt Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Photo: Josh Blustein


EP107 - IamLostTwo - ”Grounded”

Sven chats with IamLostTwo (He/Him) about his song "Grounded," creating a musical soundscape, being true to his sound, and his favorite non-musical thing. SONG: Grounded ALBUM: Released as a Single BANDS: Half House Studios, Hip-Hop Collective UIUC/HIDEOUT, IamLostTwo independent artist Favorite treat: Earl Grey, Honey as sweetener Photo credit: Lost and Grey Photography


EP106 - José Guzmán - ”Holande Pa Uste”

Sven meets up with José Guzmán (He/Him) in the lobby at the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts to talk about his composition "Holande Pa Uste" as performed by the UIUC Latin Jazz Ensemble, finding a musical connection with blending different Puerto Rican musical traditions as well as West African styles, and his favorite non-musical things. José is running the 2023 Chicago Marathon for his favorite charity: Mercy Home, you can donate to his fundraising here: SONG: Holande Pa Uste performed by UIUC Latin Jazz Ensemble. Soloists: Matthew Storie on alto sax, Jack Cassidy on trumpet, and Kurt Reeder on piano. BANDS: Mr. Chair (Madison, WI), KASA Quartet, Eddie Barbash with KASA Quartet, The Afro-Caribbean Jazz Collective Favorite treat: Almond croissant or Banana bread with black coffee. Photo credit: Herminio Rodriguez


EP105 - Jules Rose - ”Run”

Sven chats with Jules Rose (She/Her/They/Them) about her song "Run" off of her album "One Year," working with Half House Studios (BEP25), we talk about her first performances, the CU music scene, and her favorite non-musical thing. SONG: Run ALBUM: One Year Favorite treat: Black Coffee/Uncrusables Photo credit: MacKenzie Archibald


EP104 - Carissa Yau - ”I-57”

Sven chats with Carissa Yau (She/Her/They/Them) about her song "I-57," some local shoutouts, acting, and her favorite non-musical thing See Carissa Yau at The Station Theatre "The Good Person of Setzuan" on opening April 27th at runs through May 7th 2023 (see website for details) SONG: I-57 ALBUM: Unreleased Favorite treat: Salami Photo credit: Kati Yau


EP103 - Jon Ginoli of The Outnumbered - ”Tell Me What’s Wrong”

Sven zooms with Jon Ginoli (He/Him) of The Outnumbered and Pansy Division to talk about his song "Tell Me What's Wrong" from their 1987 album "Work... Buy... Die," the CU music scene back in the 80's, following your ambition, and other memories from back in the day. SONG: Tell Me What’s Wrong ALBUM: Work… Buy… Die BANDS: The Outnumbered, Pansy Division Photo credit: selfie


EP102 - James Karvites aka Apollo K - ”When September Comes”

Sven chats with James Karavites (He/Him) BKA Apollo K about his song "When September Comes" SONG: When September Comes ALBUM: Single BANDS: Vinylsides, Blues Lawyer Junior Favorite treat: Orange Crush Photo credit: Gregory Karavites


Bonus Episode 26: Genaro Jr., JRjoos, and Matthew of Hideout

Sven chats with Genaro Jr. (He/Him) (EP96), JRjoos (He/Him) and Matthew (He/They) from HIDEOUT (FKA: Hip-Hop Collective) as they talk about the creation of HIDEOUT, their recording and album creation, and future plans for HIDEOUT. If you're interested in joining HIDEOUT check them out on Insta and send them a DM: Check out their most recent release "FOUND FOOTAGE" on Spotify


Bonus Episode 25: Mousepad & WhipTRip6 of Half House Studios

Sven chats with Mousepad (Josh, He/Him) and WhipTRip6 (Dave, He/Him) about the creation of Half House Studios and it's goals going into the future. HHS Linktree:


Episode 101 - Max and Erik of Stańczyk - ”Aeroplane”

Sven sits down with Max Szymczak (He/Him) and Erik Paulius (He/Him) of Stańczyk to talk about their song "Aeroplane," great DIY venues, and their favorite non-musical thing(s). SONG: Aeroplane ALBUM: Single BANDS: Blues Lawyer Junior, Stańczyk Favorite treat: Pita Chips and Hummus, Mtn Dew, Genmaicha Tea Photo: Jess Miyata


Episode 100 - Rick Valentin of Poster Children - ”He’s My Star”

In this 100th Episode of the pod sven chats with Rick Valentin (He/Him) of Poster Children about his song "*He's My Star" off of the 1995 album "Junior Citizen," writing songs with Poster Children, his relationship to creativity, and trying to meet David Hasselhoff at a mall. *Song truncated due to usage rights-- To listen to the full song listen on Spotify CLICK HERE SONG: He's My Star ALBUM: Junior Citizen BANDS: Poster Children, Salaryman, and Thoughts Detecting Machines Favorite Treat: Green River soda Photo Credit: Self


Episode 99 - Tessa Turner - ”Narcissist”

Sven sits down to chat with Tessa Turner (She/Her) about her song "Narcissist," unusual venues, and her favorite non-musical things. SONG: Narcissist ALBUM: Unreleased Favorite Treats: Tea and Dark Chocolate Photo Credit: DJ BJ Clark


Episode 98 - Rebekah Songer - ”Swamp Thing”

Sven chats with Rebekah Songer (She/Her) about her song "Swamp Thing" from her album "automythology", the future she'd like to see in the CU music scene, and of course her favorite non-musical thing. (updated links: 3/15/2023) SONG: Swamp Thing ALBUM: automythology Favorite treat: Gin & Tonic Photo credit: Selfie