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Club Management hosted by Shannon Dawson tells the stories of the nightlife venues, labels, DJs, and musicians around the world who are making noise and changing their communities through music. We also analyze the cultural and historical elements that shift, impact and develop our beloved music scenes too. A new episode drops every other week. You can find Club Management on iTunes, SoundCloud, TuneIn, Stitcher, and Spotify! Want to write into the show? Email us at


New York, New York


Club Management hosted by Shannon Dawson tells the stories of the nightlife venues, labels, DJs, and musicians around the world who are making noise and changing their communities through music. We also analyze the cultural and historical elements that shift, impact and develop our beloved music scenes too. A new episode drops every other week. You can find Club Management on iTunes, SoundCloud, TuneIn, Stitcher, and Spotify! Want to write into the show? Email us at








The Star DJ With Vanessa Maria

Episode 76 of Club Management has arrived. For this episode, Shannon invites DJ, radio presenter and mental health advocate Vanessa Maria to the show. The UK- based DJ has been annihilating dancefloors with her genre-twisting high-energy sets filled with Hard Drum, Baile Funk, Jersey Club and whatever she damn well pleases. Vanessa has been booked and busy, tearing down events with Boiler Room, Fabric London and Beyond Fest in recent months. The multihyphenate also releases steady radio mixes on Foundation FM and provides honest and helpful insights about the good, the bad, and the ugly of the music industry on social media. As she continues to perfect her craft, Vanessa understands when it's time to hit the reset button and focus on her mental health. The busy DJ is the co-founder of Don’t Keep Hush, a project that explores the intersection of mental health and music. Run alongside Keep Hush Founder Fred Conybeare, the duo tackle tough conversations on topics like dealing with loneliness as a DJ and the challenges of navigating depression and anxiety as an artist. Shannon spoke to Vanessa about her incredible come-up story, her powerful work in the mental health care space and what the future holds next for her amazing career. Support the show


The Energy Healer With Taylor Bratches

Episode 75 of Club Management has arrived and for this show, Shannon chats with DJ, writer and energy healer Taylor Bratches. Taylor has been helping people in her community to heal through the power of music and psychedelics for years. And it was her passion for raving that helped her steer down a path of clarity, understanding and inner healing after years of family strife, trauma and life's inevitable downs. You’ll find elements of Taylor’s spiritual and energy-healing capabilities in her kinetic DJ sets, filled with heavy breaks, techno and rolling bass. She’s traveled across the US, entrancing crowds with her captivating selections at New York’s revered Public Records and the annual Dirtybird Campout in California to name a few. Now, Taylor is gearing up to take a big leap with her energy healing career. She’s currently enrolled in a psychedelic facilitator training program which will allow her to become a certified psychedelic practitioner in MDMA, ketamine and psilocybin therapy. Taylor chats with Shannon about her passion for DJing and raving, some of the incredible memories on the dance floor that have informed her energy healing work, and how she’s helping her clients bring cohesion to their inner selves through the power of psychedelics. Tracklist ~ Taylor Bratches - Lift & Kismet Support the show


The Spiritual Rave With Daiyah

For Episode 74, Shannon chats with DJ and event producer Daiyah about her thrashing techno party Rumble n The Ramble (R&R), a monthly event that has become a utopia for ravers across NYC. It’s not just a party, it's an experience. Packed with fog and the tint of smoldering red lights, every month, Daiyah finds the most interesting spaces to hold her monthly rave, whether its a massive warehouse or in the case of March’s event, an empty skatepark, ravers are invited to show up as their authentic selves and dance the night away to booming and euphoric techno. Known for her heavy, unhinged and pummeling selections of techno, acid and thrashing industrial, Daiyah sends the dance floor into a hypnotic trance as she tells a story with her effortless mixing. And she’s been inviting some incredible artists to share space with her since the party’s inception. Shannon spoke to Daiyah about the importance of R&R in New York City’s thriving nightlife scene, how spiritualism has played a driving force in her work and what is up next for her busy DJ career. Subscribe To Our Patreon For More Content: Support the show


The Boy Devoye With Devoye Folkes

For episode 73, Shannon chats with the brilliantly talented Devoye Folkes, a DJ, producer and educator who has been delivering exciting sets all across NYC. Masterfully weaving between club, melodic house and driving techno, Devoye hits every sweet spot jumping across genres with his hefty production and impeccable music taste. Devoye has numerous self-released albums and banging DJ tools that have been shelling down dance floors across the city. The talented producer inherited his passion for music from his father Neville Folkes, also known as Raja More, a New York rapper and reggae artist with releases stretching back to the height of Nervous Records in the 90s. Shannon spoke to Devoye about his musical upbringing, his passion for teaching and the drums, his buzzing DJ career and how things are coming full circle with his next release. Tracklist ~ Ohbliv Chills Remix - Devoye Uptown Jazz (Jaedon's Saxy Mix) - Devoye Subscribe To Our Patreon For More Content: Support the show


The Philly Club King With DJ Sega

For Episode 72, Shannon sits down with one of the forefathers of Philly Club Music. Meet DJ Sega. The producer and phenomenal DJ has been blaring down sound systems around the world for more than a decade with his hard-hitting high energy club anthems and edits. And he’s truly a student of the game. Sega’s passion for producing and Djing came at a rough time period in his life. After the death of his grandmother, the Philly native locked into production as a way to process and mourn her loss . But after a few short years of toiling away his musical production software, Sega created something special. Combining the fundamental roots of Baltimore Club and Jersey Club's rhythmic flare, Sega was one of the first producers to craft the Philly Club sound, a fast and energetic genre that rests at 140 BPM, sometimes soaring to 155 BPM. Laden with samples of rock, hip-hop and everything else in between, Sega’s infectious beats have had crowds rocking around all the world and now, the producer has been building up a steady following with his weekly DJ Twitch streams and helpful content on producing, streaming and other music related topics. Shannon spoke to the Philly legend about his early days DJing at Philly's famed Jamz Entertainment Center, the emergence of Philly Club, his time with Mad Decent and Sega finally sets the record straight about what really happened between him and Diplo. Tracklist ~ DJ Sega - At All (The DJ Sega Remix) DJ Sega - Hey Mr DJ (The DJ Sega Remix) Support the show


FELT Zine, Web3 and The Power Of Community With Dev Moore

For episode 71, Shannon sits down for a chat with Dev Moore, the co-creative director of FELT Zine, a global digital art, music and fashion community that’s bridging the gap between Web3 and the Metaverse. Dev and his team have been curating exciting art exhibitions around the world that showcase the spectrum of digital art from NFTs to Interactive Web3 projects. In the process, they have been forging strong community ties with folks online and in IRL with their dynamic parties and secret shows, celebrating the diversity and innovation that comes out of their incredible ecosystem. Shannon spoke to Dev about his background in digital art and tech, how A.I. is shaking up the art scene for the better and why community has been key in building FELT Zine from the ground up. Tracklist ~ Nextdimensional - ffrreeaakkhhooeess Support the show


AI Music With Jaymie Silk

We’re kicking off the first episode of 2023 with the inimitable @JaymieSilk. The Paris-based producer, vocalist and remixer has been churning out music with machine-like efficiency over the last two years. Jaymie weaves and bobs through a number of music personalities greatly influenced by his Afro-European roots. From club tracks to thrashing techno beats, you’ll get a little taste of the rave and the diaspora in between when listening to the producer’s music. Our host Shannon Dawson caught up with Mr. Silk as he was gearing up to release his most ambitious project to date– Rub Music Vol. 1, a six-track EP filled with AI-generated vocals from popular artists like Kendrick Lamar, The Weeknd and the late great Tupac. The EP is packed with driving dance floor bangers that are sure to set the club off at any given moment. Jaymie Silk chatted with Shannon about his early beginnings as a producer, the ups and downs of being independent in the industry, the power of AI and the potential dangers it could have on the music industry. Tracklist Temptation - Jaymie Silk Black is Beautiful - Jaymie Silk Support the show


Mommas In Music Pt. 3 With Ikonika & Sepha

For episode 69, we finish up the last installment of the "Mommas in Music" series, which also happens to be our final episode of 2022. For this show, Shannon talks to two mommas in different parts of the world about their experiences with motherhood, production and music. For the first half of the show we head to the UK for a lovely chat with DJ and producer Ikonika. The Hyperdub artist has spent over two decades making the world dance to her incredible tracks filled with a little bit of everything from dubstep and grime to house and a slew of other genres. There’s something admirable about Ikonika’s ability to shape-shift and transform into what the heck she feels like. Over the last two years, the London-bred artist’s imagination has taken to her music to some incredible places. Look no further than “No Way,” Ikonika’s contribution to Adult Swim’s "Digitalis" compilation in 2021. We were also blown away by “I Need You,” a sultry dance track that features rolling Amapiano and catchy synth melodies on top of the star’s wispy vocals. Now, Ikonika is sending the dance floor reeling with her new EP “Bubble Up” a project that showcases her vocals and love for vintage deep house. Shannon chats with Ikonika about her production process, writing music through her pregnancy and what's next for her busy career. For the second part of the show, we bounce over to Olympia, Washington to chat with producer, DJ and momma of two, Sepha. Like Ikonika, Sepha has a deep appreciation for club music from all corners of the world, and you can feel it in her sets and on her weekly Twitch streams. With two busy kiddos, at home, Sepha always finds some time to get in the flow state with her production work and DJ sets. We were thrilled with her “Thank You For Club Music” EP in 2021 and everything else that has come out of her steady wave of production over the last two years. Shannon spoke to Sepha about club music culture in Seattle, how she makes time to create amid her busy parenting schedule and what she loves most about being a momma. Tracklist "No Way" - Ikonika "I Need You" - Ikonika "Bubble Up" - Ikonika "When you look at me" - Ikonika "Trillium Joan" - Sepha "Thank You For Baltimore Club - Sepha Subscribe To Our Patreon For More Content: Support the show


Mommas In Music Pt. 2 With DJ Lindsey

Episode 68 of the Club Management podcast has arrived and this time, DJ Lindsey joins the show for part two of our “Mommas in Music” series. DJ Lindsey knows no bounds when it comes to music. The exquisite selector takes listeners on a vast journey with her eclectic sets spanning from 80s New Wave, Hip-Hop, House and Bass. The Georgia native garnered fame from her long-running Negroclash party where she DJed alongside music legends like Afrika Bambaataa, Mantronix and Larry Heard. Lindsey also captivated dancers with her incredible late 80s and 90s weekly party called The Hump, which she created with her husband DJ Myles. Now, the podcast host and momma of two dives deep into the history and legacy of music across the Black diaspora with her incredible mix show called Black is Black on Sonos Radio. This season, she’s delved deep into the history of Atlanta’s legendary Freaknik, the roots of Drum and Bass and so much more. And throughout all of this, Lindsey has managed to hold down the home front for her incredible children and family. Shannon talks to Lindsey about the early stages of her DJ career, how life changed when motherhood found her, the inspiration behind her buzzing podcast Black is Black and what it was like to DJ for the late great Prince. Support the show


Mommas In Music Pt. 1 With Stephanie Guerrero & Sharon McElveen

Episode 67 of Club Management has arrived and for this show, we dive deep into the joy of motherhood for part 1 of our mommas in music series. For the first episode, Shannon chats with her mother Sharon about how she helped foster and cultivate all the creative talents she has today. Sharon talks about the challenges she faced throughout motherhood and why autonomy was key in helping Shannon and her siblings to find their passion. Later on the show, Shannon chats with Web 3 aficionado and music consultant Stephanie Guerrero about her work in the growing Web 3 space and how she juggles parenting two young children amid her busy work schedule. Stephanie talks about the challenge of taking care of her kids during the COVID-19 pandemic and the inspiration behind her consulting firm Goat For Mars. She also chats about the importance of using Web 3 to build community in music and shares some ways emerging artists can tap into the industry to grow their brands. Subscribe To Our Patreon For More Content: Support the show


Navigating The Music Industry Post Pandemic With Rose Kourts, Nita Aviance, and Doctor Jeep (Live)

For episode 66, we head to NOWADAYS for a special live recording of the podcast. For this episode, three heroes in NYC’s music community join Shannon for a deep discussion about the state of the music industry post-pandemic. Shannon chats with Sweet Kicks co-founder Rose Kourts, The Carry Nation’s Nita Aviance, and producer Doctor Jeep, about how they are navigating the music industry post-pandemic and how they have managed to weather some of the economic challenges present in the industry due to the impending recession and COVID's after effect on the economy. All three panelists also share insight on… - How to negotiate fees post-pandemic - Breaking into the industry as a full-time DJ/producer - The problem with radius clauses - How to juggle different roles in nightlife - Resources to help emerging talent + more Q&A Session: Question 1: What do you think about bar percentages? Question 2: Should a promoter request money from door sales? Question 3: How much marketing do you put into your brand on social media? Question 4: How do you adapt to different roles in nightlife? Question 5: Is there an agency that recruits, DJs, designers photographers, and other nightlife workers? Question 6: What are ways that artists can better resource themselves? Question 7: What happens when you don’t abide by the radius clause? Question 8: Should a percentage of club profits be donated to an artist fund to help emerging talent in need? Question 9: How do you sustain yourself DJing full-time? Question 10: How do you maintain confidence as a DJ and a producer? Question 11: How do you contact clubs to organize gigs? Question 12: How do you stay genuine to your sound as an artist? Support the show


The Music Man With James Bangura

Episode 65 has arrived and this time, Shannon sits down for a beautiful chat with super producer and DJ James Bangura. Shannon talks with the DC-based artist about his family's rich musical history, his time serving in the military and why music seems to flow effortlessly from his creative mind. Tracklist Broken Mind - James Bangura Curtain Call - James Bangura Lucid Memory - James Bangura In My Bizzness - Black Rave Culture Ft. Dreamcastmoe Sub Poppin - Black Rave Culture Bandcamp Support the show


New Zealand Raves + Hidden Gems With Martyn Pepperell

After a long hiatus, we’re back with episode 64! This time Shannon chats with writer, DJ and Dub Lab radio host Martyn Pepperell about New Zealand’s incredible music scene, what it's like to rave at 14, and Martyn finally settles the opening DJ debate. Tracklist Summer Vee - Judas Summer Vee - Key To All Your Love Support the show


Solo Dolo Pt. 2 With DJ Shannon

For this episode, Shannon steers the ship solo and gives a short update on life events, growing pains, future goals, and all of the fun projects she's currently working on. Support the show


Techno Rising With KYRUH & WTCHCRFT

For episode 62, Shannon speaks to KYRUH and WTCHCRFT, a DJ duo who has been blowing up dance floors in NYC with their fiery DJ sets. Whizzing through trashing Techno, Hard House and booming Electronic vocal samples, KYRUH and WTCHCRFT light up the dance floor with their high energy. Every time the pair manage to offer up something unique and their creative synergy feels timeless and unbound. KYRUH and WTCHCRFT have been devoted to the rave since high school and college, where they happened to meet and form an inseparable friendship. Now big things are exploding for the DJ duo. After their electric performance at Berlin's popular radio station HOR, the besties have been booked and busy, and they’re actually gearing up for another Euro tour. What's the secret to their undeniable sauce? Shannon spoke to KYRUH and WTCHCRFT about their early DJ beginnings. The pair walked through how they plan their electrifying sets, and the duo share some exciting developments about their buzzing DJ careers. ~ Tracklist WTCHCRFT - The Callers WTCHCRFT - Uhmm Subscribe To Our Patreon For More Content: Support the show


A How To On Handling Music Business Pt. 3 With DJ Noir

Episode 61 has arrived and we are jumping into the last episode for the How To Handle Music Business series. For the last episode, we invite none other than the fierce blend Queen DJ Noir to the show. She’s the co-founder of @JukeBounceWerk, an international collective of producers and DJs, who have laid the groundwork in expanding the Chicago Juke and Footwork sound in Los Angeles and across the globe. DJ Noir has been working in music and nightlife since the early 90s, priming her impeccable DJ chops in LA’s drum and bass scene. Now, she continues to pour her energy, wisdom and care into her community with JBW. She’s a mama bear and a mentor, continually encouraging her crew and those hungry to excel in the music world to perfect their skills. She does it all while churning out heavy-hitting mixes, touring and releasing her own production under the moniker Phyliss Jaxson. Outside of music, Noir has used her platform to speak out against some of the social injustices Black artists often face in the industry. In 2020, the star penned an essay in DJ Mag that explored how language can be used to appropriate and erase Black artists with the rise of the 160 movement. Shannon spoke to the music titan about Juke Bounce Werk’s early beginnings, what it takes to make it in the industry and what artists should do to build meaningful relationships. Noir also spoke about some of the backlash she received from her DJ Mag article and why it was important to address the glaring elephant in the room. ~Tracklist Hornz Bang - JAE DRAGO X DJ Noir In Love - Phyliss Jaxson Thot Lava - Phyliss Jaxson Subscribe To Our Patreon For More Content: Support the show


A How To On Handling Music Business Pt. 2 With JADALAREIGN

The 2nd episode of the "How To Handle Music Business" series has arrived and this time super producer, DJ and event organizer Jadalareign joins the show. She’s negotiated some big music deals in all corners of the industry from DJing internationally to booking incredible talent at her dynamic parties. The phenomenal Brooklyn-based DJ and producer has been shaking up dance floors since 2016 with her eclectic sound centered on Black underground dance and if you’ve never had a chance to witness Jada in action you're in for a treat. The New York native can seamlessly weave between records and CDJS taking party-goers on a journey with her carefully crafted sets that span between vocal house, rare grooves and jackin' dance anthems. But Jada’s ability to create harmony and unity on the dance floor can also be seen in her community activism. Jadalareign created her popular Skillshare series as a safe place for DJs of marginalized identities to cultivate their DJ skills and learn strategies on how to scale their passion for music into a full-time career. In 2020, Jada co-produced a virtual production camp called In Session alongside her teammates FIVEBOI and Sam Law that attracted participants from across the globe looking to learn the ins and outs of production. Now, as a talent booker at the legendary NOWADAYS, Jada continues to extend her passion for cultivating community with her incredible residency and programming. She had a lot to share in terms of negotiating pay, creating contracts and ways we can continue to center diversity on the dance floor. Support the show


A How To On Handling Music Business Pt. 1 With David Kiss from House Of Yes

Episode 59 has arrived and for this series, we're diving deep into what goes on beyond the dancefloor. If you're just starting out in the music industry, negotiating fees, signing performance contracts and networking with clubs and promoters can seem daunting, but over the next few weeks, Shannon has enlisted the help of club bookers, DJs and event organizers to help demystify some of those pressing questions. This week, David Kiss joins the podcast. He’s the music and booking director at House of Yes, one of New York’s most iconic nightclubs. David is responsible for booking the incredible talent that walks through the club doors on any given night and with more than 10 years of experience in the nightlife industry, he’s done and seen in all when it comes to handling music bizz. David walked Shannon through his incredible journey of event organizing and how he and his team create unforgettable nightlife experiences at House of Yes. He also dropped a ton of gems on his expectations when new and upcoming talent reach out to him to perform at HOY as well as some great networking tips for those just getting into the game. Support the show


Mental Health & Therapy Pt. 3 With Derek Russo & FLWRSHRK

After a nice hiatus, we’re back with the final installment of the Mental Health and Therapy series. For the first half of the show, Shannon chats to producer Derek Russo about his work in the mental health space and how he practices self-care through music and psychedelics. They both reflect on the lockdown period and how sometimes they miss the stillness from that moment. During the second half of the show, Shannon speaks to DJ, writer and Hang Time magazine founder Ebony Anderson Brown who performs under the moniker FLWRSHRK. Fresh off her SXSW debut, Ebony opens up about her mental health journey and how she uses therapy as a tool to her empower herself. The busy DJ also shares why she believes it's so important to advocate and fight for your self-care. Subscribe To Our Patreon For More Content: Support the show


Mental Health & Therapy Pt. 2 With DJ Voices

Episode 57 has arrived and this week, we continue the conversation on mental health and well-being in music with DJ and event organizer Kristin Malossi (@latenitesbookclub), who performs under the moniker DJ Voices. From breaks and bass to techno, Kristin is known for her genre-shifting DJ mixes that pack a powerful punch from start to finish, and as a booker at NYC’s famed Nowadays, Kristin extends her explorative ethos into the lineups she curates, inviting a loaded roster of talented producers and DJs to perform at the bustling venue from Pearson Sound and Nikki Nair to Tim Reaper. While fulfilling, being in nightlife can have its challenges. There are late nights, unforeseen cancellations, and crazy hours. It can certainly take a toll on your mental health and over the last year, Kristin has been trying to find the perfect balance. The busy DJ talks about her mental health journey, the problem with hustle culture, what it’s like working at the legendary Nowadays, and she sheds light on an interesting question. Does being in nightlife have a shelf life? ~Tracklist Earwig - Pearson Sound Zeus Dub - Mezey & Nosho Subscribe To Our Patreon For More Content: Support the show