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ComposerCast is a podcast exploring the world of video game music, from reviews and interviews to music theory and sample library tips. Join Will as he finds out what it takes to become a video game composer.

ComposerCast is a podcast exploring the world of video game music, from reviews and interviews to music theory and sample library tips. Join Will as he finds out what it takes to become a video game composer.
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ComposerCast is a podcast exploring the world of video game music, from reviews and interviews to music theory and sample library tips. Join Will as he finds out what it takes to become a video game composer.






Making Music With Code

On this episode we talk about how fun it is to drive a truck in VR, discuss the co-op madness of fighting goblins in Karnage Chronicles, correct past mistakes and have a look at learning to code with music. We end with a constructive deconstruction of some tracks from Undertale. Check out Sonic Pi at Listen to our slowly growing ComposerCast playlist on Spotify Dive deep into the music from the game Undertale with this Google doc -- support us on...


Tree Stream

On this episode we try and make sense of all the game launchers that are out there competing with each other, we talk about the game From Other Suns and we breakdown some Minecraft music. Listen to the ComposerCast Spotify playlist: Check out Andrew Huang on YouTube. I'll link directly to my favourite video where 4 producers made a track out of 1 sample of a door: Listen to...



On this episode, Lloyd and I discuss the amazing tech that is photogrammetry, chat about E3 and deconstruct a classic video game track. -- support us on


Interview: Composer Denovaire

Our guest on this episode is Deno. He is a classical composer, producer, and artist whose compositions are performed by chamber ensembles and whose focus lies in dramatic symphonic music, industrial rock and electronica for computer games. We talk about his work, his life and his approach to writing music especially from the avant-garde perspective. You'll have the opportunity to listen to 9 pieces by Deno throughout the episode. You can find out more about Deno on his website...


Interview: Game Music Designer Matthew Walker

On this episode of the podcast, we talk to the wonderful video game music designer Matthew Walker. His work as a music designer, sound designer, and professional vocalist has been recognised worldwide whilst the clients he works with are some of the biggest in indie game development, with shipped titles across PS4, PSVita, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms. Check out Dark Future on Steam Listen to the Auroch Digital podcast Watch the Dark Future trailer Listen to Mech Mania and...


Constructive Deconstruction

We delve into the future of gaming with Apple Arcade and Google Stadia before deconstructing a classic Zelda tune. Beautiful Dreamer on SpotifyGoogle Drive download link -- support us on


A Rift Between Us and Oculus

As well as discussing our hurt feelings on the new Oculus Rift S, we cheer ourselves and hopefully you up by listening to all those "epic" startup sounds, quizzing our knowledge and talking about "what is popular culture and why do we know nothing about it?" -- support us on Patreon@ComposerCast


Remakes and Remasters

Remasters, remakes, reboots and "remaster plusses". We get confused by all of these on this weeks episode of ComposerCast. Should they have remade Crash Bandicoot? Should you get a PlayStation classic or make your own RetroPie? Will and Lloyd guide you through the world of HD video game remakes. Crash Bandicoot music comparison - What is YoHans doing now? -...


History Of Video Game Music - 5th Generation Era

This is the last stop in our history of video game music journey. We take a look at the 5th generation era of consoles including the PS1, N64, SEGA Saturn and others. We discuss the audio capabilities of each console and pick out our favourite games and soundtracks. -- support us on


ComposerCast 022 | History Of Video Game Music - SNES and SEGA Genesis

I hope you all had a great Christmas break! Lloyd and I are back with a brand new episode all about the audio capabilities of the SNES and SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive. We go through the steps you can take to recreate that classic SNES sound on a modern DAW. We also chat and have a lot of fun as usual. This episode was recorded on the living room floor of Lloyd's house. We used a Focusrite iTrack Docker for the iPad with a couple of Rode mics. -- support us on...


ComposerCast 021 | Music And Sound In VR

Lloyd is now the official co-host of ComposerCast! We talk about music and sound in virtual reality including binaural audio recording techniques. Make sure you're listening to this episode with headphones on because there's a famous binaural audio experience half way through. Listen to the full barbershop experience on youtube: -- support us on


Interview: Composer Tony Manfredonia

On this episode, I chat to Tony Manfredonia, a composer and orchestrator based in Michigan. His music has been played across the United States, appeared in video games, used in live theatre productions and is now published through both MusicSpoke and New Music Shelf. You can find out more about Tony on his website Check out the games Tony is composing the music for: Call of SaregnarKharon's Crypt Listen to more of Tony's music over on SoundCloud Read the...


ComposerCast 019 | History Of Video Game Music - NES and Game Boy

On this episode, I have a look at the chiptune sounds of the NES and Game Boy and dive into the audio capabilities of both consoles. Video of Russ making music - Super Audio Boy VST - -- support us on


ComposerCast 018 | Fireside Chat With Sam Whiting

In this episode, we take a break from video game music history and sit down for a chat with my good friend Sam Whiting. We go deep into the mystical realm of music theory and melody writing and cover many more topics around guitar playing and video game music. If you'd like to know more about Sam, you can check out his website at -- support us on


ComposerCast 017 | History Of Video Game Music - Commodore 64

1982, the year of the Commodore 64! Let's take a look at writing music for this iconic system. Difference Between SID Chips: Cybernoid 2: C64 Playlist: -- support us on


ComposerCast 016 | History Of Video Game Music - Atari 2600

We're going right back to 1977 video game music with the Atari 2600! In this episode, I have a look at some of the limitations of that console and how music was written for it. -- support us on


ComposerCast 015 | Essential Chord Theory

Music theory is one of those things a lot of musicians (I’m looking at you, guitarists) like to avoid. So I made this episode to try and simplify it, make it less daunting and more useful. You can check out the neck diagrams over on my blog: -- support us on


ComposerCast 014 | A Gareth Coker Masterclass Summary

I had the opportunity to attend this great talk at BAFTA HQ in London. In the talk, video game composer Gareth discussed how he used music to reflect and drive the narrative of games. This episode is a collection of the notes and ideas I learned from the evenings talk. Check out the written version here: -- support us on


ComposerCast 013 | An Interview With Kingdom Come Deliverance Composers Adam Sporka And Jan Valta

This was such an exciting episode for me! I had the great pleasure of talking with two fantastic video game composers. Adam and Jan wrote the music for Kingdom Come: Deliverance, a new, realistic, medieval RPG set in 1403 Bohemia. We jumped right into the conversation so for clarity's sake, Adam speaks first, followed by Jan, as they discuss their experience with music growing up. -- support us on


ComposerCast 012 | Open Doors Careers In Games

I went up to London to attend an event about finding your perfect role and starting your career in the games industry. It was a great talk with some really cool people on the panel discussing their roles in the industry, how they got into games and their personal experiences in the industry right now. The panel consisted of Jess Hider @JessHider, Adrienne Law @sulkymoanyface, Anisa Sanusi @studioanisa and Chris Wilson @crwilso. Follow this link to a summary of the event. -- support us on...