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Musica En Aeturnum - Rock and Metal Podcast - Est 2004

Musica En Aeturnum - Rock and Metal Podcast - Est 2004


London, United Kingdom


Musica En Aeturnum - Rock and Metal Podcast - Est 2004






DC1018 – Phantom Blood

New Tracks from NO:IR, Monasteries, Perturbator, Alastor and more Broadcast on Hard Rock Hell 17th May 2021 NO:IR – Phantom 0:00 Perturbator – Excess 5:05 Darkfall – Tides of War 11:18 Nanowar of Steel – Der Fluch Des Käotm Iglo 18:01 Monasteries – One Minute to Midnight 22:15 Beleth – Silent Genesis 27:03 Sojourner – … Continue reading "DC1018 – Phantom Blood"


DC1017 Bystander Vermillion

New Tunes from Sumo Cyco, Ghost Iris, Residual Self, High Reeper and more. mix Sumo Cyco – Bystander 0:00 King Zebra – Wall of Confusion 5:38 Red Eleven – Universe 9:04 Wednesday 13 – Screwdriver 2 – The Return 14:20 Ghost Iris – Cult 16:30 Myronath – Effigy of Malediction 21:43 Massasauga – Switchblade 27:35 … Continue reading "DC1017 Bystander Vermillion"


DC1016 Ladder Narrow

6 long tracks in this one, progressive and dark tunes from Austin Taft, Urne Ischemic, the S P L I T, Consumed by Vultures and Astral Bazaar. Austin Taft – The Ladder 0:00 Urne – Desolate Heart 9:19 Ischemic – Illusion of Humanity 19:13 the S P L I T – Chain Reaction 30:16 Consumed … Continue reading "DC1016 Ladder Narrow"


DC1015 Bloodline Amygdala

New Tunes from around the world from the like of Arion, Trollfest, Wytch, Highfront, Slow Green Thing and more. Arion – Bloodline 0:00 Dorja – Dust 5:56 Trollfest – Happy 11:12 Plague of The Fallen – Bleeding and Wehement 17:20 ten56 – Diazepam 19:59 Grip on Reality – The Lament of Heracles 24:33 Osiah – … Continue reading "DC1015 Bloodline Amygdala"


DC1013 Blood Life

New tracks from Ligature Marks, Evile, Perturbator and more this week. Broadcast on Hard Rock Hell Radio Friday 23rd April 2021 Ligature Marks – Fire and Blood 0:00 Tokyo Blade – Night of the Blade 5:16 Brackish Tide – Angel No More 9:14 Magg Dylan – Pawns 15:36 Evile – Gore 19:28 Intrøspect – Mjolnir … Continue reading "DC1013 Blood Life"


DC1010 Silent Worlds

Long ones from Steegmoord, Sunnata (Pictured), and more progressive dark rock and metal from all over the world. Steegmoord – Silent Hill 0:00 Osyron – Battle of The Thames 7:17 Plainride – Shepherd 14:07 Sunnata – Black Serpent 22:32 Wolvennest – Mantra 30:55 Iotunn – Access All Worlds 45:44


DC1009 Listen Ezekiel

More new tracks from around the world from Tetrarch, Sirenia, Beekeeper and more. This was broadcast on Hard Rock Hell Radio at 1200 UTC on the 2nd April 2021 Tetrarch – You Never Listen 0:00 Sirenia – Voyage Voyage 5:13 Golgotha – I am Lost 9:24 Cold in Berlin – Avalanche 16:28 Wolfanger – Hunter&Prey … Continue reading "DC1009 Listen Ezekiel"


DC1008 The Covers

Tracks from Nirvana, Foo Fighters, The Ramones, and Tatu – covered by other Bands live Parrilla, Lesbian Bed Death, Lene Scissorhands and more. Parrilla – Breed 0:00 Six Feet Deeper – Immigrant Song 4:50 Noisecide – Personal Jesus 7:20 Death Angel – Under Pressure 12:12 Two Channels – Violet 15:49 Evestus – Mad World 20:28 … Continue reading "DC1008 The Covers"


DC1007 Straight Acid

Great Selection of Rock and Metal this week from Vola, Lord of Ruin, Bone Church and more. Broadcast on Hard Rock Hell Radio 19th March 2021, 1200 UTC Vola – Straight Lines 0:00 Capra – The Locust Preacher 5:32 Minefield – Seventh Heaven 8:32 Skyhammer – Beyond The Walls 13:44 Sin Seer – How it … Continue reading "DC1007 Straight Acid"


DC1006 Rose Umber

More new music from Bone Broke Kings, Paranorm, Coffin Mulch and more. Broadcast on Hard Rock Hell Radio Friday 12th March, 1200 UTC Bone Broke Kings – Emily Rose Paranorm – The Immortal Generation Relentless Agression – Time To Die Matt Stevens – Burning Bandstands Camera Obscura Two – My Ways are Not Your Ways … Continue reading "DC1006 Rose Umber"


DC1005 Acoustic Special

An Acoustic Special, with tracks from Empyre, Temperance, Bowling for Soup and Tony Reed Empyre – Stone 0:00 Lab64 – Black Moon Shine 7:02 Sergeant Thunderhoof – The Staff of Souls 10:41 Fractures and Outlines – Defenseless 17:04 Temperance – Evelyn 20:36 Sink The Ship – Domestic Dispute 25:13 Nick Tann – 3am 28:41 John … Continue reading "DC1005 Acoustic Special"


DC1004 Waves Rising

Another great batch of new Rock and Metal for you this week, with tracks from A Crime Called, Sacred Reich, TreyHarsh, Stone Mammoth and more. Broadcast on Hard Rock Hell Radio Friday 5th March, 1200 UTC A Crime Called – Tidal Waves 0:00 As Everything Unfolds – Greyscale 6:01 Evile – Hell Unleashed 9:35 BruteAllies … Continue reading "DC1004 Waves Rising"


DC1003 Maya Earth

Rapidly turning into a year of isolation, here’s another great batch of new hard rock and metal from Varja, The Broken Ravens, Olde, Conan, and more. Broadcast on Hard Rock Hell Radio Saturday 27th February, 200 UTC Vajra – Maya 0:00 The Broken Ravens – Old Cast Crow 5:20 Holding Absence – Afterlife 9:23 Ventenner … Continue reading "DC1003 Maya Earth"


DC1002 Electronica Special

A bit of a special here, with a build of electronica, and industrial over the past year or so with tunes fom Angelspit, Skinflick, Die Krupps and some old favourites from Cruxes and The Prodigy Fleshtronic – Heaven Skinflick – The Dead Crushed Sombre Arcane – Adift Between Worlds Angelspit – Happy Little Coma Curxes … Continue reading "DC1002 Electronica Special"


DC1001 What Walrus

Back to normal programming with great new rock tracks from Storm Seeker, Areis, Prospective and Blitzkrieg. Broadcast on Hard Rock Hell Radio Friday 19th February, 1200 UTC Storm Seeker – How to Be A Pirate 0:00 Mortland – God In The Machine 4:38 Cultt of She – Cataclysm 9:23 Aversed – Impermanent 15:48 Areis – … Continue reading "DC1001 What Walrus"


DC1000 Khartoum Back

Some mindless indulgence with this show this week with it being show 1000, with some great tunes from Junius, House of Hamill, Our Lunar Activities, Ventenner and more in this extended show.  Part One, broadcast on Hard Rock Hell Radio 12th February 2021 Stony Sleep – Khartoum 0:00 Junius – Betray The Grave 5:47 … Continue reading "DC1000 Khartoum Back"


DC999 Wallow Distress

One more week to go before show 1000. New tracks from Faithful Breath, An Evening.with Knives, The Generals and more. As Everything Unfolds – Wallow 0:00 Faithful Breath – Skol 6:07 Gypsy Pistoleros – Lost in A Town Called Nowhere 10:47 An Evening with Knives – Sacrifice 16:46 Landmvrks – Paralyzed 23:39 Ommnus – … Continue reading "DC999 Wallow Distress"


DC998 Dance Savage

I mentioned last week I wanted to do a long song show – this is it, with new tracks from Cellar Darling, The Lylat Continuum, Die Leere Im Kern Deiner Hoffnung, Harakiri for The Sky and Dread Sovereign. Cellar Darling – Dance 0:00 Harakiri for The Sky – Sing for The Damage We’ve Done 11:59 … Continue reading "DC998 Dance Savage"


DC997 Desire Coal

A Great batch of tunes this week with new music from Control The Storm, Abstrakt, Fleshgod Apocalypse and Bloodtrust Control The Storm – Desire 0:00 Sleepcircle – Acid Rain 4:18 Mass Sky Raid – Breakthrough 7:53 Abstrakt – Etherstorms 14:21 Blessed by Perversion – Atonement Refused 20:00 Fleshgod Apocalypse – Blue (Da Be Dee) 26:26 … Continue reading "DC997 Desire Coal"


Metal Berserker

Mopping up the last few releases of 2020 and some new 2021 tunes on this show this week , with come great tracks from Gaia Epicus, Betrayed, Dira Mortis, Acid Mammoth and more. Gaia Epicus – Gods of Metal 0:00 Pagandom – I am The Obstacle 5:34 Wings of Destiny – City on Fire 9:27 … Continue reading "Metal Berserker"