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Email me at if you need to contact me with anything music related RAW VOCALS NO Chorus NO hooks NO loops Cinematic lyrics and stories About mental instability and war Remeber when Metal was raw ass fuck yeah well lets get back to it fuck! this isnt a ghost account we upload shyt nonstop.!! All cores and other genres keep it kore kids by:Big meech

Email me at if you need to contact me with anything music related RAW VOCALS NO Chorus NO hooks NO loops Cinematic lyrics and stories About mental instability and war Remeber when Metal was raw ass fuck yeah well lets get back to it fuck! this isnt a ghost account we upload shyt nonstop.!! All cores and other genres keep it kore kids by:Big meech
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Email me at if you need to contact me with anything music related RAW VOCALS NO Chorus NO hooks NO loops Cinematic lyrics and stories About mental instability and war Remeber when Metal was raw ass fuck yeah well lets get back to it fuck! this isnt a ghost account we upload shyt nonstop.!! All cores and other genres keep it kore kids by:Big meech




Serpent King

Under the moonlight The stars are perfectly aligned For this human sacrifice I carved his heart out and tossed it to the side I carved his brain out I dissect his mind Deep in the woods out of a plane site Yeah I did what I did that's for next harvest It brings spiritual enlightenment As I dig out more of his organs Gods are my witness Temples and the sky kiss king of the serpent's Unmarked Graves down into the cenote A place for disposing Well let the underworld have their bodies The scraps...


All's fair in love and war

Move forward! Some of are not going to make it out alive Most of you men will die Will push on until we reach the afterlife Tonight and hell is where we dine It's dinner time No prisoners kill everyone in sight I'll take more and more of blood and gore All is fair in the love of war Blow their brains all over the floor You need some ammo will hear some more Welcome to the horrors of fucking war A collection of dog tags to adore Ill use that Belt feed when i raid their trenches Because it...



They fear you more than you fear them They tried to trick me to make me think what they want me to think They want me to believe that this world is a safe place I rely on my ammo crates They forced a thought until you suffocate Pikes of magazine for my mind state From this world I disassociate When the British wanted our guns we shot them What makes you think that I won't do it to my own government Another rifle for my own preparations They got your attention with their Roman circus They...


The Black Sun

All father come sit beside my fire And tell me the tales That you told my father's father Send your Valkyries for me Hear My cries hear the words that I speak I live by the ruins Witnessed by the moons I practiced these rituals Ancient symbols and spirals I danced with the world in the spirit Send a raven a message from the heavens I don't like this silence woden if you still can hear me do something Your teachings have not been forgotten Fuck we wasted all that knowledge And turn them into...


Letter Of Marque

Capture that vessel We'll give them a Seamens grave in return for their gold don't fire the cannons until we're up real close Pull the flags down so we're not exposed We will put fear into these men as your captain your orders are given to tear them apart like a kraken Will coast up to them like our ship has been abandoned Below deck will wait with our ambush Load your muskets Steady the cannons Blunderbuss division stay hidden Here we go boys you better pray to Poseidon Let us strike with...



Oh fuck!!! I wondered mindlessly with these leeches You pull them off of me They were using me to feed Off my body and my soul Consuming everything Attaching themselves to where you cannot see im a crucial part in the feasts They dig deep A harvest for their own selfish needs I prayed for God I beg for relief Yeah I'm slowly dying I need to take a step back and just breathe They caused me pain because they only eat when I bleed But it was you who pulled them off thank God I wasn't going to...


Predatory Behavoir

Lay down Yeah you are coming home with me,you I hope u bleed out on the floor With You're head in a basket you won't be here no more When I bring you're judgment You might want to plead to God I'm going to use you're blood to bath I'm going to drain out your veins I'll bring you pain I'll show the world anger I'll let it get a taste I'll bring it hate So I take it out on the human race So in my basement is where they'll stay There is just too many to erase In my mind they build up they take...


Rope Burn

I have no faith I have no more hope I carry around this fucking rope I pick a ficking tree my dreams will die with me I tie The noose around my neck I will hang like an ornament I gave this life all that I can I've been searching for my own end I just take one last breath and breathe Right before I swing I see the darkness, I watched my feet I feel myself slipping from reality I went and erase myself from existence Yeah fuck those cards that I was given And fuck whoever dealt them I hope you...



why don't you just Say something to me I climbed up this mountain peak Just say a word break the silence and speak In you're visions what did you see The Oracle whispers that black clouds are coming What the fuck does that even mean How can this be when Its immortality That I seek I heard her laughter flow with the breeze For you're leadership you'll risk lives for victory The blood of army will be washed out with the sea Because of you're greed many souls will fall with the leaves What's...


Cracked Teeth

One punch from me Will have you spitting pieces out of your fucking teeth Onto the street It's a dental fee that I charge for free Just bring your beef and will hand it accordingly When you get your ass beat don't run I can already see you fleeing You're scared from the warchief Just tell me where to meet I can't wait to watch you fucking bleed You talk big when you speak but when I arrive you're nowhere to be seen You must remember what I did to your buddy That case is still pending He bit...


Civilan Casualties

I killed an innocent man I try to wash the blood off my hands But it seems to be permanent My judgment and my consequences are coming How's this considered in God's plan I emptyed my magazine and reload again I spilled blood on to the desert sand The things we do to be a Americans Will start a war and blame it all on them Unlimited bombs,endless ammunition For their civilizations Remorse and depression start to sink in This shit isn't working fuck this medication It only buys me time away...


The Drowning

Isn't this what you asked for Throw these Yankees overboard Get these posers off my man o war Tie weight around their feet let them sink to the ocean floor Were they can't breathe what it seems is that you want to rob my style from me That's funny But you can't handle the stormy seas and the hurricanes that come with big meech I'm pretty sure your fans are tired of hearing the same thing on repeat My pen and paper will cause you to go extinct You're dying to imitate my brees and screams...


Miyamoto Musash

As a child I trained in the forest Learning my new art of these two swords This is my new home I left my family I killed my first man at the age of 13 I slaughter the second from the skills that I was mastering From This deal will technique My chops and swings are deadly My two swords can't be beat Swordsmans and blacksmiths I left the mountains for a challenge I roam City to City displayed strategy 61 men laid at my feet I've never seen defeat The warrior it grows more inside me I joined...



I can't feel no pain I eat pieces of myself on a dinner plate I'm missing chunks from a leg Something went wrong in my head When my flash became or delicious I strip meat from the bone to harvest Therapy comes from bloodletting This desire for amputation It doesn't stop, it's fucking endless I cut through my muscles and my tendons It haunts me we're always hungry It's a pack mentality Something else and I are always feeding Different sections of my body become more pleasing Does mental...



Your words are like a ball and chain at my feet You're fucking dead weight to me It's my ship you tried to sink You're a parasite and I'm needed to feed My sabotage brings you Joy it makes you happy You won't stop till I'm drowning In a sea of negativity consuming You want my vouge to end up in the reefs You drain lives your considered a leech You won't stop till I'm 6 ft deep you can't just let me be You wrap a rope around my neck It's choking me You pull harder on your leash it brings...


Astral Projections

It's displayed for me I can't believe what I'm seeing I can see massive fires burn When I'm observing the Earth The seas are black as blood as it turn There was no ice left no glaciers (It melted into wastewater) We obviously have a big problem on our hands were the only planet that's pump with pollution We're the only ones in our solar system I heard them suffocating into Extinction There was no green left We burnt it Engulfed in flames we set a blaze to gods eden I panicked and ask God for...



You fucking idiot's Stop shooting our kids You want to go to war do it with our government It's time to steer shit we need to clean up this garbage You need a rifle That can blow through their level 3 plating.done! Before martial law before their legal home invasions Take your anger out on them Let them taste your frustrations We need automatics but we can't have it. constricted!! (I'm running low on patience) Overpowerment So we submit it's like shooting fish in a bucket Because you're...


Baptized In Bile

I hope you feel the wrath I hope you feel the punishment How can you consider yourselfs God's children When everybody can see you're packed full with sins You're going to fucking need multiple baptisms to wash them You're judgment grow stronger with your false religion You spread your lies that can't be forgiven It's sacrilegious to believe that youre chosen to be Gods spokesman But you require money to be collected Fuck you're tax invasion services The poor buys you cars and mansions It's...


Intusive Thoughts

I nod my head and blink You ask me if I was listening Your words mean nothing When you're talking to me that shit's worthless But what I'm really thinking is kicking in you're teeth that would be priceless The urge keeps growing the more your mouth keeps moving That's just it without question I Can see your skull smashed in What it is its my psychosis And im wayoverwhelmed with murderous excitement Blood-filled imagery that's vivid It doesn't leave my head I can see what's left of a body...



Yeah you mother fuckers don't want to listen Well I'm here to shake the system Carve your own path not the one that is given Fuck civilization and their options I am a wolf in sheep's clothing when they heard the masses I know exactly what they're doing Following a straight line and stay looking forward This is called the New world order They're contaminating our water Their plan is to keep us shoulder-to-shoulder Land taxes for their buildings That's how they populate control ya! Moons and...