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Podcasting from Virginia (USA) and catering to music enthusiasts worldwide, Derringer Discoveries combines exciting snippets and fast-paced insight, critique, theories, and witty banter about the rock & roll-ish music that we hope you will (re)discover and love. This is Derringer Discoveries. Visit us at:

Podcasting from Virginia (USA) and catering to music enthusiasts worldwide, Derringer Discoveries combines exciting snippets and fast-paced insight, critique, theories, and witty banter about the rock & roll-ish music that we hope you will (re)discover and love. This is Derringer Discoveries. Visit us at:


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Podcasting from Virginia (USA) and catering to music enthusiasts worldwide, Derringer Discoveries combines exciting snippets and fast-paced insight, critique, theories, and witty banter about the rock & roll-ish music that we hope you will (re)discover and love. This is Derringer Discoveries. Visit us at:






The Top 10 Countdown - August 2022

Musicians from Italy to Los Angeles, California (US), debut on Turnip Music Radio's Top 25 for August 2022. Team Derringer (Paul, Laura, Dave, and Alton) recaps the TMR Top 25 Number One hits for 2022 and introduces you to the New York City based band that captured the coveted #1 spot on the Turnip Music Radio Top for August 2022. For the second month in a row, Team Derringer is publishing the monthly Top 10 Countdown episode featuring song snippets and background information on the bands...


Posthumously Prince (Episode 36)

In this episode, Team Derringer discusses an artist that was one of the greatest, if not the greatest, of his generation. With his death in April 2016 of a fentanyl overdose, Prince left his fans wondering if he could have ever reclaimed the pinnacle of success he enjoyed during the 1980s. Prince left behind a vault of unreleased music. Prospects of hidden gems reside in Prince’s vault – a literal vault of music beneath his Minneapolis-based Paisley Park Studios – which contains thousands -...


The Top 10 Countdown - July 2022

Musicians from all over the globe are reppin' on Turnip Music Radio's Top 25 for July 2022. This month's playlist features artists from Australia, the UK, Canada, and the US. Listen in as Team Derringer (Paul, Laura, Dave, and Alton) counts down the Top 10 songs from this month's crop of new music. Enjoy song snippets and witty banter as the team members announce the Top 10. If you want to check out songs on the Turnip Music Radio Top 25 for July 2022, you'd better hurry! Once the month...


L.A. Women (Episode 35)

In this episode, Team Derringer - Laura, Alton, Dave, and Paul - commemorates the recent 50th Anniversary re-release of The Doors' classic album: L.A. Woman. Many listeners will readily know the hits from that album: "Love Her Madly" and "Riders on the Storm." Plus, the catch phrase Mister mojo risin' from the title track. But Derringer Discoveries decides to forego an exploration of The Doors in favor of focusing on an L.A. alternative rock band called Livingmore, featuring Alex Moore and...


Life After Rush (Episode 34)

For over 40 years, the band Rush defined progressive rock. Often far from the mainstream, they made their own way by pushing back against management, the record industry, and even their own fans. In this episode, Derringer Discoveries welcomes longtime friend and Rush super-fan, John B. Derringer (via Zoom) to help the team discuss what the surviving members of Rush, Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee, have been doing since the passing of their long-time drummer and lyricist, Neil Peart. Also, Team...


Genesis vs. Gabriel (Episode 33)

Between formation in 1967 until 1977, the English progressive rock band Genesis lost a total of eight band members. By 1977, they were down to three: keyboardist Tony Banks; bassist/guitarist Mike Rutherford; and drummer/singer Phil Collins. These are the three who, in 1977, shot to worldwide superstar status, peaking in 1991 after securing 17 now-classic hits in the interim. These are the same three musicians who, in March 2022, played their final live performance, thus bringing Genesis to...


Erin & The Wildfire (Episode 32)

In this Derringer Discoveries Rising Star episode, we highlight powerhouse singer Erin Lunsford and her terrific band, The Wildfire. Erin & The Wildfire are gaining fans and followers up and down the East Coast and beyond with their awesome vocals, excellent musicianship, positive messages, and high energy live shows. Erin grew up in a small town in southwestern Virginia playing music around the area with her mom, a guitar teacher. It was while she attended the University of Virginia in...


Listening to Ukraine (Episode 31)

In this episode, Team Derringer shows support for Ukraine by sharing some of Ukraine's excellent rock and pop music with our listeners. With much appreciated help from Kyiv-based recording artist Pasha Black, Team Derringer starts with Ukraine's two Eurovision winners, one from 2004 and the other from 2016. Then, the Derringers reveal seven compelling Ukrainian Songs by seven Ukrainian recording artists, along with interesting insight on each featured artist and song. In this episode, we...


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Podcasting from Virginia (USA) and catering to music enthusiasts worldwide, Derringer Discoveries combines exciting music snippets and fast-paced insight, critique, theories, and witty banter covering 60+ years of Rock & Roll. Jump the Shark? Cross the Rubicon? Sniffing the Charts? This is Derringer Discoveries, featuring Laura, Alton, Paul and Dave. Follow us on your favorite streaming platform. We are the proud sponsor of the Turnip Music Radio Top 25, a monthly chart featuring the best...


Will Creedence Reunite? (Episode 30)

How long is too long? In Episode 28, Derringer Discoveries covered a band that reunited with all four original members after a 40-year break. Now, for this episode, the band under the microscope is Creedence Clearwater Revival, also known as Creedence or CCR. They have been separated for 50 years! CCR's line-up was Tom Fogerty, John Fogerty, Stu Cook, and Doug "Cosmo" Clifford. Tom was John's older brother. CCR broke up in 1972, not long after Tom quit the band. Even though they have not...


Tim & Neil - Better Together! (Episode 29)

In this Derringer Discoveries episode, we spotlight the careers of two exceptional artists from New Zealand. Both are prolific songwriters. Both are excellent musicians. Both have highly successful solo careers. Both have been (and still are) members of world-renowned bands; sometimes together, sometimes separately. Did we mention that they are siblings? Can you guess who they are? You won’t find the answer here in these show notes! You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out! In our...


Sweden’s Biggest Export: Reunited After 40 Years! (Episode 28)

The Derringer Brothers - Alton, Dave, and Paul - welcome a new member to the team: Laura Derringer. They are now The Derringers (or Team Derringer). The Derringers usually don’t talk about Money, Money, Money, which happens to be a hit song by ABBA, the world-renowned pop rock band featured in this episode. However, since ABBA is from Stockholm, Sweden, the same place that is home to Spotify, the Derringers have been vigorously debating which entity is the bigger Swedish export: ABBA or...


Ollabelle - Rediscovery & Revival (Episode 27)

Today’s installment is a Derringer Discoveries rediscovery episode. A rediscovery episode highlights a band that the Derringers love – but, it may not have registered on your radar. We feel the band featured in this episode is significant enough to introduce to you, our listener. This band was made up of musical artists who continue to have an impact on Americana, folk, gospel, film soundtracks, commercials, and – of course – rock and roll. The band coalesced during the aftermath of 9/11. It...


A Quick Visit To Oz (Episode 26)

In this episode, two of the Derringers - Alton and Paul - navigate a music-loving tour of Australia, with much-appreciated help from Sydney's Josh Atkinson of The Chevaliers. Randomly but lovingly invoking Dorothy and her friends from The Wizard of Oz, Alton and Paul discover some of Australia's best-kept, home-grown talent, including: Today, no one Jumps the Shark! And no one Crosses the Rubicon! The Post-Episode Bonus features six recording artists (seven, if you include The Chevaliers)...


Lord Huron – Indie Folk’s Creative Under-the-Radar Juggernaut (Episode 25)

For a band that has had such a large impact on pop culture for the last decade, Lord Huron has remained under-the-radar of many music listeners. Starting out in Michigan as the brainchild of Ben Schneider, a multi-talented artist, Lord Huron has become a hugely influential indie rock band whose music has appeared in numerous films, commercials, television shows, and in series for NBC, The CW, Netflix, HBO, and Showtime. Their songs have also appeared on music charts worldwide. Based out of...


Bowie Bowie Bowie Everywhere (Episode 24)

Our listeners in the UK might conclude that David Bowie had five Number One hit singles. Meanwhile, our listeners in the US will say that Bowie had just two Number Ones. However, here at Derringer Discoveries, we cater to the entire world and worldwide, Bowie had 11 Number One hit singles while he was living and one more Number One hit single posthumously. Listen up as two of The Derringer Brothers - Alton and Paul - discuss and play snippets from all of Bowie's Number One hits from around...


Toad the Wet Sprocket: Not Just Another 90s Band & Why (Episode 23)

Almost 35 years ago, four high school friends bonded over their love for making music – and not just any music. They came right out of the gate making top-notch alternative pop-rock songs but, desperate for a band name prior to their first gig, they jokingly adopted a silly moniker from a Monty Python skit: Toad the Wet Sprocket. It was a joke that went on too long – and it stuck. In this episode, the Derringer Brothers (Paul and Alton) explore Toad the Wet Sprocket’s (TTWS) pre-breakup...


Styx: Tommy vs. Dennis & Why (Episode 22)

Would you believe us if we told you that, more than 40 years after their heyday, the band Styx from Chicago is better than ever? Listen up as we quickly recap Styx's 1977 to 1983 so-called classic years, their break-up in 1984, their post-breakup solo efforts and then, their amazing comeback leading up to their 17th studio album, Crash of the Crown, released June 2021. The numerous music snippets come at you fast and furious. The banter is humorous and insightful. Alton Derringer fights...


Taylor Swift‘s Top 10 Stone-Cold Classics & Why (Episode 21)

Since 2006, Taylor Swift has released 179 songs spanning nine studio albums. Now that she has regained the copyrights to her first five albums, she is re-recording them one by one. You will know the new ones by the caption Taylor's Version in parentheses after each re-recorded song title. In this Derringer Discoveries episode, Paul Derringer is joined by Rylan Derringer who is subbing for Dave Derringer. While counting down his Top 10 favorite Taylor Swift songs, Paul provides insight into...


The Killers Peaked? & Why (Episode 20)

The Killers are back! In this episode, Paul Derringer teams up with Ho Jo Fro bandmate Alton Derringer and together they discuss and call on Dave Derringer, Augie Derringer, and Paddy Derringer to each pick their Top 3 favorite songs from The Killers new album Pressure Machine. This time around, Dave Mason's song We Just Disagree is not invoked, since the five largely agree. The Derringer Brothers also weigh in on whether or not The Killers have Jumped the Shark or Crossed the...