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This podcast is about my journey of being a hip hop artist talking about writing lyrics, making beats, mixing songs, making videos and everything else that makes a music artist.

This podcast is about my journey of being a hip hop artist talking about writing lyrics, making beats, mixing songs, making videos and everything else that makes a music artist.
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This podcast is about my journey of being a hip hop artist talking about writing lyrics, making beats, mixing songs, making videos and everything else that makes a music artist.




Celebrating 4000 plays, Wale, Gashi, make-up obsession, lawyers, manufacturers, doctors, nurses, movies then nothing!

In episode 44 I thank you all for listening to my podcast! I'm also talking about some new music I have discovered from Gashi and Wale's new album. Been buying heaps more make-up than I need hahaa and conversing with lawyers and lovely manufacturers to get my invention off the ground. Dealing with more doctors and nurses than I care to see and then to switch off I have been watching movies and enjoying the next episode of The Beautiful Life of Jeffree Star I just can't get enough. Then...


Creep video, recording issues, unloading, simplicity, a little drama, obsessed with Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson, more make-up!

Welcome to episode 43 where you finally hear my new song Creep and I discuss recording issues I had with the song. I have a new obsession with Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson. Listen to my review of The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star. So of course I talk about more make-up I bought and have on in the video of the podcast. Simple ways are always the best, a little drama, a few steps closer to my invention, and The Masked Singer. Plus on the mental health front I talk about neurofeedback, my...


I lied, lawyers, investigations, shopping, angels, breaking down, Not Normal and Iverson

I thought episode 42 would be short but I was wrong I had lots to talk about. Everything from telling a lie to dealing with lawyers having investigations done and breaking down from all the stress. I asked for help but in the meantime I shopped like mad including buying more make-up from Kim Kardashian’s KKW line and Kylie Cosmetics, can’t wait for the Kylie x Balamin colab! I also watched an awesome Netflix special called Not Normal and an incredible documentary on Iverson. I also had...


Champagne tastes & beer budgets, floating, feeling invisible, mean people, getting hate, Influenster, being naughty, shopping sprees..

It's a very personal episode 41 where I talk about doing things to feel good which includes floatation thank therapy, lots of shopping as my make-up obsession continues, and being very naughty. I also talk about a movie I saw that got a lot of hate and how they showed people how wrong they were. My invention progresses to the lawyer point and I find out about Influenster. Find out what I am currently reading and how its affecting me. Thanks for listening. I love hearing from you so...


The Black Godfather, Post Malone's new album, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood review, Fleetwood Mac Concert with Hagrid's Family, Australian Hip Hop Directory and more...

I had a great week last week, highlights include listening to my favourite new album Hollywood's Bleeding by Post Malone going to the Fleetwood Mac concert and watching Once Upon a Time in Hollywood starring the gorgeous Brad Pitt in the beautifully renovated new cinema at Hoyts. I also got added to the news feed of the Australian Hip Hop Directory, worked further on my new invention which requires an NDA (listen further to find out what this is) and I have also started adding captions to...


New Instagram tutorial, Avicii doco, Huda Boss, childish glee, emergency situations, thieving parent, easy happiness, the unconsious mind, Salt Room therapy.

In episode 39 I talk about my new Instagram tutorial, a review of the Avicii documentary I saw on Netflix which made me angry and sad, childish glee I found at my nephews 7th birthday party, a thieving parent whose wrong I had to make right, my easy way to happiness, Huda Boss, trialing Salt Room therapy, shopping the Labour Day sales for some quick and easy happiness, working with my unconscious mind, working out to stay fit and mentally healthy and happy, a stressful emergency situation I...


Joining the circus, Look Mom I Can Fly and Strike a Pose reviews, hearing your thoughts, ageism, drag queens and banana powder!

In episode 38 I talk about a variety of different things, I think one of my most interesting podcasts yet. I saw the documentaries Look Mom I can Fly which is about Travis Scott and Strike a Pose about Madonna's dancers from her movie In Bed with Madonna but in the US it was called Truth or Dare. I highly recommend you watch it. I also talk about getting therapy which includes neurofeedback again something I highly recommend which is why I talk about hearing your thoughts, using Photoshop...


Just another week and oh mum's negligent doctor almost ended her life and tried to blame me!

How did we get here! No talk of music but lots of talk about family, negligent doctors and hero doctors, hospitals, diabetes and the normal day to day. From listening to this I realise I really need to try and do music every week for my sanity but last week was a nightmare week and I tell you all about it. Enjoy! hahahah. Thanks for listening. I love hearing from you so if you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact me on the social media platforms listed...


Jam Master Jay, tutorial about songwriting and structure, hospitals, NLP and inventing

This week I talk about my Jam Master Jay song and the tutorial I made to explain the structure and the songwriting content of the song . Also spent a lot of time in hospital looking after a family member, continuing my NLP and with my invention that is going to make me millions! Thanks for listening. I love hearing from you so if you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact me on the social media platforms listed below. PLEASE LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT and...


Back from a break talking about songwriting, What happened to Jam Master Jay, gluten free cornbread, inventing new things, mental health, NLP in a year of transition

Back from a break to regain my sanity. It went by so fast. I talk about binge watching programs on Netflix, writing a song about what happened to Jam Master Jay to cause his passing, working on my personal development in turn helping my mental health, inventing new gadgets and caring for my parents. -Please note I had the change the wording of the actual name of the episode about Jam Master Jay because Instagram blocked the link! Link to the delicious Cornbread recipe I talk about:...


A good week that turned into a shi**y week which then had some perks

Thanks for tuning into episode 34. It was a shitty week but even during bad times some good things happened. Don't you find that you spoil yourself when things go bad to make you feel better? That was my week. So this week is more diary than hip hop. I might be taking a break not sure. Working takes my mind off life so haven't decided yet. Stay tuned. Thanks for listening. I love hearing from you so if you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact me on the social...


Creep, Stop Touching it, Rap Wars, Having Courage, Learning, Mixing, Collabing and Fighting

Welcome to episode 33 of my podcast. I finally release my song Creep, it's not perfect but it's my best for now. I have been honing my mixing skills with mixed results hahah but getting there, been collabing with other artists and I talk about The Defiant Ones documentary that I saw on Netflix plus comedy specials. I have been doing more baking with excellent results and I discuss lots more. Have a listen. I love hearing from you so if you have any comments or questions please feel free...


Mixing Creep, Beats the movie, cooking in my kitchen, collabing with other artists and hospitals

Episode 32 is up talking about mixing my song Creep, watching the gritty movie Beats on Netflix and The Dirt plus enjoying two David Letterman interviews with Kanye West and Tiffany Haddish which were awesome. So much to learn from other people. I registered a website name, did some baking in my kitchen and added to my cooking blog (link below), enrolled in a Transformational Bootcamp and messed around in Photoshop again. Absolutely love that thing. And so much more so take a listen...


Just go with it, recording vocals, mixing and mastering with iZotope and being creative with Photoshop overlays and layers.

Welcome to episode 31 where I talk about just going with it without questioning it. It does make life easier when you don't second guess yourself. I also talk about recording vocals for my next song and then mixing the vocals using iZotope. I have been leaving some encouraging comments in some Reddit groups and been doing a whole lot of painting. I have also been having a wonderful time using Photoshop and learning to do some amazing things. I haven't used most of them because its just...


Sample Packs, OneKnob, Jesus, Doing What Inspires Me and the movie Rush

Wow welcome to episode 30! A nice round number. This week I talk about buying sample packs to make new beats, the amazing OneKnob plugins from Waves, listening to Apple Music Playlists and Spotify playlists where I give you a few tips on some functions you may not know about. I let you know about things I do that inspire and encourage me to keep going. I have also started a new beat, listen to it's beginnings. I recommend an Aussie hip hop group called Triple One. Find out which song...


Podcasting, ScHoolboy Q, Pusha T, The Score, Discovery

This week on episode 29 I talk about listening to some really good hip hop music, most not new. I been working on my podcast to make it look shiny and new, been watching some movies that inspired me and discovered some songs. Hope you enjoy! Love you long time hahaha WEEKLY RUNDOWN Monday: Editing podcasts Tuesday: Bought One Knob plugins from Waves, started new Insta account for podcast @diaryofahiphopartist Wednesday: worked on new logo for podcast Thursday: worked on lyrics for...


Getting recognition, creating from pain, earning through YouTube, the show must go on, It's so Easy, Purple Rain and a bonus track

In episode 28 I talk about getting unexpected recognition for my podcast which is nice. I also discuss how much I am earning from YouTube which I only just discovered. I have been recording vocals for my new song Creep which needs more work. I have also been fooling around with Photoshop. On the weekend I saw a few movies which I enjoyed where I discuss creating from pain and the show must go on . BONUS TRACK The bonus track is the raw version of my new song Creep which I am working on....


Celebrating 2000 downloads, talking lyric writing, finding DJ's to mix my songs, networking, stunned by what I heard about the Pulitzer Prize and discovering new artists and some bad news. Sorry.

In episode 27 of my podcast I celebrate getting 2000 downloads. I want to thank everyone who listens to my ramblings and comes back time and again. Thank-you so much hahaha. I also discuss writing lyrics to my new song Creep and why I was having problems. I contacted DJ's on Linked in to remix my song. Got to stop overthinking songs and just letting them be and finding out about a new artist that I would you like to know about as well. Watched the documentary Pulitzer at 100 and was stunned...


New song I Want It Now, Post Malone, Avengers Endgame & more auto tuning!

In episode 26 and my second video podcast I talk about the two Post Malone concerts I went to that were totally awesome. I talk about writing lyrics for a new song, doing lots of auto tuning and working on my song I Want It Now and I also saw Avengers Endgame - hear my take on it. No spoilers! I love hearing from you so if you have any comments or questions please feel free to contact me on the social media platforms listed below. PLEASE LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE. LISTEN TO...


First video recorded podcast that went wrong, world premiere of my new song I Want It, working on the visual side, getting it wrong, getting it right, learning and exploring

In episode 25 I finally start filming my podcasts, the video will be up in a few days on YouTube and you will see it all went wrong. I have been concentrating on the visual side of things like using PhotoMirage and Photoshop it's very exciting. I have also been Melodyning my vocals to death hahah. Listen to the podcast to hear what all this means. Also I'm sorry but you will hear the world premiere of my new song I Want It! Still working on the vocals. Got a long way to go but at least I...