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An in depth discussion by fans, for fans. http://feeds.feedburner.com/danandjoeshow

An in depth discussion by fans, for fans. http://feeds.feedburner.com/danandjoeshow
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An in depth discussion by fans, for fans. http://feeds.feedburner.com/danandjoeshow




Episode 065: Primer 55 with Joshua Toomey of Talk Toomey Podcast - Discography Discussion

Are you ready to get loose? Joshua Toomey from the Talk Toomey Podcast drops in this week to discuss his old band Primer 55. Although there were only two albums released there is still PLENTY to talk about as Toomey gives some insight on the inner workings of the band, as well as what could have been. How badly did September 11th affect the band? Is ‘This Life’ still one of the best singles ever released? Are Primer 55 Nu-Metal to a fault, or just Nu-Metal AF? Find out now on this episode of...


Episode 064: Ill Niño - Discography Discussion

With Nu-Metal May in full swing, we sit down to discuss what may be the most listenable heavy band of all time, Ill Niño. We share memories of the original Ill Niño sales pitch on Headbanger’s Ball, and how changes in the band affected us over time. Did Dan really miss out on the band post Confession? How deep do the heavy metal wounds go this time? Check it out on this episode of Discography Discussion. #IllNiño #discussmetal Join our Patreon: Discography Discussion on Patreon -...


Episode 063: Mudvayne - Discography Discussion

Listen to Dan, Geoff, and Joe rant about what could have been. Did Mudvayne go downhill after The End of All Things to Come? Did they take shortcuts when recording The New Game? Will Dan ever shut up about flat production on Nu-Metal albums? Found out in this first episode of Discography Discussion’s Nu Metal May! #discussmetal #Mudvayne Join our Patreon: Discography Discussion on Patreon - https://goo.gl/S7fVCc Discography Discussion Podcast Homepage - https://goo.gl/hXMI33 Subscribe...


Episode 062: As I Lay Dying with Jon Beatty of Jons Untitled Podcast - Discography Discussion

Yes, we talk about it. This week are joined by master interviewer Jon Beatty of Jon’s Untitled Podcast. We talk about the (powerless?) rise and fall of As I Lay Dying as well as the elephant in the room. Jon interviews Dan, Joe, and Geoff and gets our real opinions on Tim Lambesis. Also, we touch on pop music tendencies of the time, Haste The Day, a spoiler for ‘Nu-Metal May,’ and we try to answer the ultimate question…. Did As I Lay Dying kill the 80s once and for all…..? Enjoy this much...


Episode 061: Slipknot - Discography Discussion

This week Slipknot is on the table for dissection. Melissa from the Good Evening Kiddies Podcast joins up for this discussion on every Slipknot album. Did it ever get better after Iowa? If you’re Dan the answer won’t surprise you. We talk about how much production quality can affect one’s enjoyment of a record and whether or not Rick Rubin was actually necessary for a band like Slipknot. #discussmetal #PulseOfTheMaggots Melissa, and The Good Evening, Kiddies! Podcast can be found on...


PROMO: Nashville Rock n Pod Expo 2018 - Discography Discussion

In 2018 Discography Discussion will be appearing at the Rock N Pod Expo 2 in Nashville TN. In order to help raise money for this event, we are offering 3 of the following perks for a $35 donation. Nashville Rock n Pod Expo 2018 on GoFundMe: https://www.gofundme.com/rocknpod2018 https://www.nashvillerocknpodexpo.com Check out our recap of Rock N Pod 2017:


Episode 060: Korn Revisited with Lorin Kozlowski of Roach Koach Podcast - Discography Discussion

Lorin Kozlowski of the Roach Koach podcast caught wind that we were taking a second look at Korn and decided to drop in with his thoughts. This time we discuss whether or not Korn’s lyrics age well, if dubstep/brostep was necessary, was Brian Head Welch the band, and so much more! Don’t wanna talk about politics? Good. It’s time for Discography Discussion. #discussmetal The Roach Koach Podcast - https://www.gabbermedia.com/roachkoach Hosted by Lorin Kozlowski, Jennifer Bloomer, and Matt...


Episode 059: Opeth - Discography Discussion

Long time friend of the show Mike Yahne stops in this week to discuss the staggering discography of the mighty Opeth. Is it ok for a metal band to stop being death metal? Does the name of a band dictate their sound? What does all of this have with musical composition and sequencing? Find out on this week’s very evil episode of Discography Discussion. #discussmetal #Opeth #Lutefisk #OldschoolPodcastLineup Join our Patreon: Discography Discussion on Patreon -...


Episode 058: Dethklok - Discography Discussion

Today is a historic day here at Discography Discussion. We throw off all our inhibitions and talk about the greatest band on the face of the earth. We are totally serious… #discussmetal #Dethklok #Doomstar Join our Patreon: Discography Discussion on Patreon - https://goo.gl/S7fVCc Discography Discussion Podcast Homepage - https://goo.gl/hXMI33 Subscribe to RSS - http://feeds.feedburner.com/danandjoeshow Listen to Discography Discussion on iTunes - https://goo.gl/AzQ7vY Discography...


Episode 057: Paramaecium with Stephen Sarro of Unteachers - Discography Discussion

Stephen Sarro of Unteachers joins us once again to dive into the doom metal black hole known as Paramaecium. Like any good doom metal, album this discussion takes a little while to get started. We examine the highs and the lows of this Australian doom metal ensamble and try to really get to the bottom of whether this is gothic doom metal, or if it’s positively medieval! #discussmetal #Paramaecium #medieval Stephen Sarro and UnTeachers can be found online at https://unteachers.bandcamp.com...


Episode 056: Scar Symmetry - Discography Discussion

Tonight, the guys go Sci Fi on our listeners. We sit down to discuss the discography of Scar Symmetry, a band who loves dynamics, but does not change dynamically on a macro level. Wondering what all of that means? Listen up as Dan, Geoff, and Joe dig into these death metal favorites. #discussmetal #ScarSymmetry Join our Patreon: Discography Discussion on Patreon - https://goo.gl/S7fVCc Discography Discussion Podcast Homepage - https://goo.gl/hXMI33 Subscribe to RSS -...


Episode 055: Judas Priest with James Rolfe of Cinemassacre - Discography Discussion

On Tuesday March 13th, James Rolfe of Cinemassacre attended the first concert of Judas Priest’s Firepower tour. He was kind enough to sit down with us to discuss the concert as well as all things Judas Priest, including a lot of talk about the new album Firepower. Enjoy! PRIEST!!!!!!! #discussmetal #JudasPriest #FIREPOWER James Rolfe can be found online at https://www.cinemassacre.com Join our Patreon: Discography Discussion on Patreon - https://goo.gl/S7fVCc Discography Discussion...


Episode 054: Vengeance Rising with Stephen Sarro of Unteachers - Discography Discussion

We talk about metal, catch up on feedback, and discuss a heavy metal band that was seemingly created for the purpose of existing in a market they were not welcome. Also, Stephen gives us multiple symposiums from the perspective of someone that grew up a time when it was easy to turn down your nose at a band because of their label. The rise, the downfall, the Vengeance, Symposium Rising! #discussmetal #VengeanceRising Stephen Sarro and UnTeachers can be found online at...


Episode 053: Pig Destroyer - Discography Discussion

Disclaimer: If you are in a bad place, this may not be the episode for you. We appreciate your support. Don’t hurt yourself. This might be the most messed up episode of Discography Discussion yet. Dan is going to be reading lyrics that do not represent the views of the Discography Discussion Podcast or Discussmetal.com. Lyrics are only read to provide context to the songs. If lyrics depicting violence and mutilation are disturbing to you, please listen at your own risk. This week on...


Episode 052: Meshuggah with Not Beneath - Discography Discussion

Tonight we are joined by Josh and Danny, the twisted masterminds behind the band Not Beneath! We tear into Meshuggah’s full catalog to decide what should be destroyed, erased, or improved upon. We talk about Danny’s personal relationship with Meshuggah and delve into the concept of what it takes to start “getting” what a band is doing. Strap in and prepare to have your mind’s mirrors cleaned. #discussmetal #Meshuggah #ExtremeCloseup Find Not Beneath on Facebook...


Episode 051: Metalcore or Metallic Hardcore? with Reid and Christian of Tetelestai - Discography Discussion

Tonight, we burn the midnight oil with Reid and Christian of Tetelestai. We talk about the differences between old metalcore, modern metalcore, and where the disconnect is. The band talks about their debut release ‘CRVSH SVTVN’ What is new about it? And what hearkens back to the primordial days of metalcore. Plus a variety of other topics. So grab something with caffeine in it and settle in for this marathon of an episode. #discussmetal #Tetelestai #ANewHeavy “What did he say about Living...


Episode 050: Intronaut - Discography Discussion

As requested by our listener “InvisibleTeeth,” and featuring our old friend Dom, tonight Dan, Joe, and Geoff celebrate fifty episodes, and Geoff’s birthday by discussing ‘Intronaut’ and drinking beer. The microphones ran a little hot on this episode… it was that intense. We also go over some listener feedback, including a very special and controversial subject; Should the Discography Discussion podcast talk about non-metal bands? Vamping, artistic integrity, outstanding musicianship, lots...


Episode 049: Aletheian - Discography Discussion

You can’t talk about Aletheian without talking about Crutch. And you can’t have a Discography Discussion about Crutch without listening to Dan go on, and on, and on. But hey, that’s what we do! We listen to a band’s entire discography, and tell you what we think. Aletheian is a band you have to stop and listen to if you consider yourself a fan of progressive death metal. Are they a guitar player’s band? Absolutely. But, that is not all that they are, and we are about to spread the word....


Episode 047: Underoath with Brandon Kellum of American Standards - Discography Discussion

Brandon Kellum returns to celebrate Dan’s birthday, and to talk about Underoath with three drunk dudes, and a room full of onlookers. It’s time to define the great line as Discography Discussion dissects Underoath from beginning to end. You can feel your heartbeat racing as the cries from the past are only changing safety. #DancingAround #discussmetal #Underoath Brandon Kellum and American Standards can be found online at https://americanstndrds.bandcamp.com &&...


Episode 046: American Standards - Discography Discussion

Hardcore punk rock fans rejoice. Discography Discussion is talking about American Standards this week. Plus, a metric ton of listener feedback! Can Writers Block Party save you from the Stil Life? Find out on this episode. Thank you for listening. #discussmetal #dancingaround #AmericanStandards Media mentioned in this episode American Standards on Bandcamp - https://americanstndrds.bandcamp.com Vektor - Terminal Redux (Full Album) - https://youtu.be/qMCsv-zj56s Album of the week Dan -...


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