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An interview and music podcast for the heavy underground. STAY HEAVY!

An interview and music podcast for the heavy underground. STAY HEAVY!


Phoenix, AZ


An interview and music podcast for the heavy underground. STAY HEAVY!






Halloween 2022 Ep. #232

The Masters of the Macabre extravaganza is here. The hour is upon us. Join us for The Maddening Maniacal Monsters and Freakishly Frightening Fiends Halloween special. Halloween tips, Q&A, and music to get you in the mood for Halloween or general debauchery. Thank you to Ian from No Masters Audio for all things sound for the Doom Tomb Podcast. Links: Grales Hazehound Baardvader Las Historias Bonghill Witchsnake Lust Witch Inferous Eternal Sun Temple Harlot...


Q&A Halloween Companion Ep.#231

This episode is the companion to the Halloween episode. We asked the tough questions, and we got answers. Halloween is upon us !! The full Halloween episode is up next!


Supernaut Ep. #230

On today's episode, we did an interview at a venue with Supernaut, just like in the old days. Even Zac from Hudu Akil makes an appearance. Supernaut's latest album, Souls Awaken, is out now. Supernaut: Supernaut Scott Gessler: Scott Gessler ***** ***** GOYA/Abrams/In The Company Of Serpents November 3 , 2022 ***** Edited by Ian from No Masters Audio: House band : Stone...


Gas Hound Ep. #229

Today on the podcast we have the return of Ben from The Buzzards of Fuzz. He has another project, Gas Hound. We talk about his many projects, The Fuzz Firm, his European tour, and confit. The links are below. ***** Gas Hound: Gas Hound Ben D.: The Buzzards Of Fuzz: The Buzzards of Fuzz ***** ***** ***** Edited by Ian from No Masters Audio: House band : Stone...


Back to the 80's Ep. #228

In today's episode, we will be going back to a time when jeans were acid-washed, MTV ruled the airwaves, neon was everywhere, and Wayfarers were the sunglasses of choice. Join us as we head back and discuss just some of the music that shaped the current music underground. The episode concept was created by Ian Colbert from No Masters Audio. ***** ***** Edited by Ian from No Masters Audio: House band : Stone...


AAWKS Ep. #227

On Today's episode, we'll be hanging with the band AAWKS and a special guest. We talk about the interest of bands from Argentina, vocal influences, current tours, and the impetus for green slime. Links are below and should be clicked on for maximum effectiveness. ***** AAWKS: AIWASS: Firebird Straps: Helios Custom...


New Music Volume 10 Ep. #226

New Music Volume 10. Today we go to Long Island New York,Indiana,Aalborg Denmark,Gothenberg Sweden,Melbourne Australia,Coventry UK,Kansas City Missouri,London,Maidstone and Norwich UK,and Portland Oregon. Gramma Vedetta: Smoke The...


New Music Volume 9 Ep. #225

New Music Volume 9. We're going all over the map to places like Malmo Sweden,Akron Ohio,Hudson New York,Chicago Illinois,Glasgow UK,Winterthur Switzerland,Seattle Washington,DGO Mexico, and Utrecht Netherlands for the best in new music ! CB3: Radian: Hush: Mine Collapse: Fresno...


New Music Volume 8 Ep. #224

New music Volume 8. Dig in . We have new releases from Charlotte NC, Perth and Vic Australia,San Diego and Los Angeles California, and Lysekil Sweden. Hellfire 76: Magic Chicken Fudgetoe: Duneeater: Nebula: Somnus...


New Music Volume 7 Ep. #223

New music by way of Manchester,Portland,Clermont Ferrand,Santander,Los Angeles,Madrid, Vichnza,Pasaro, and Stockholm. The links are...


Surf Through Death Ep. #222

Today on the podcast we have all of the members of Surf Through Death. We talk about In and Out hacks,the higher consciousness of music,pantry problems,hands glued together, and a track by track breakdown of their latest release, STD2. If you are interested in putting this release on vinyl hit them up at: Surf Through Death: ***** ***** Edited by Ian from No Masters...


New Music Volume 6 Ep. #221

New Music Volume 6 New music from Portugal,Westerly Rhode Island,Antwerp Belgium,Milan Italy,Oslo Norway,Mexico, and Fayetteville Arkansas. Moonsong: Bloody Sam: Hashishian: Kill The Kings: Coma Hole: Gnome: Lord...


Moon Custom Cabinetry(Jonathan Portnoy) #220

Jonathan Portnoy is back on the podcast.Jonathan is the bassist for SORXE,but he also has this side hustle , Moon Custom Cabinetry. We talk music,crafting cabinets, and a lot more. Check oiut his links below: ***** ***** ***** Edited by Ian from No Masters Audio: House band : Stone...


New Music Volume 5 Ep. #219

There have been so many releases in the past few months! Here are a few to check out. New interview episodes with Surf Through Death and Jonathan Portnoy of SORXE and Moon Custom Cabinetry are coming soon! **** Greenbeard: Fuzz Meadows: Skumstrike: Cardiel: Frozen Planet...


Stone Witch Ep. #218

Today on the podcast we have the return of Ian from the band Stone Witch. We talk about their latest release, Order Of The Goat +2 vinyl release. We go track by track, discuss the packaging, get in-depth about Raffi and realize I've missed a lot of classic films. The release will be out on April 20, 2022, the link is below. ***** ***** Edited by Ian from No Masters Audio: House band : Stone Witch Preorder the...


New Music Volume 4 Ep #217

There has been a lot of new music recently. Here are some tracks I know you'll like. ***** Decasia: Ibliss: Cactus Flowers: Slowerpain: Misleading: Acid Row: Githyanki: Tentacula: The Swamp...


New Music 3.5 Ep. #216

We had to split up the episode. There is so much new music out now! Here is Part 2. ***** Lux Incerta: Izthmi: Twisted Tower Dire: Pia Isa: Superlynx: The Absurd: Jupiter...


New Music Volume 3 Ep. #215

So much new music we had to split it up! Part 2 coming soon. Temple Of Diemos: Tigguo Cobauc: Kohana: Stria: Medussa: Warstomper: Nerdgore...


New Music Volume 2 , 2022

We've got some new music for ya. Check it out and click the links! ***** OAR: Power Paladin: Dark Meditation: Black Rainbows: Dirty Nips: End...


Ether Feather

On today's episode we have Dylan Ryan from the band Ether Feather. ***** ***** ***** Edited by Ian from No Masters Audio: House band : Stone Witch ***** SPONSORS : Sam Sa’House: Click below for 10% off first your...