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Episode 105 - Stage Bullies Rebroadcast

Two years ago we ventured into the podcast arena with a topic that resonated with thousands of musicians. This week we revisit the original episode that started it all. Stage bullies come in all shapes, sizes, and volumes! Some musician bullies like to exercise their control when in leadership positions. Others are micro managers and like to dictate everything you play and do. Some leaders are nervous, snippy yellers who don't know how to deal with high pressure situations. You may also run...


Episode 104 - The Two Year Anniversary Show

This week's show is dedicated to our listeners! Episode 104 officially marks the two year anniversary of the podcast and we celebrate with news, listener questions, two year statistics, favorite guests, favorite show moments, and more. We start the episode with Phil and Jon discussing the benefits of hosting the show by recently being invited to two major concert events. We then tackle a few listener questions. If you've ever experienced what you believe is carpal tunnel symptoms make sure...


Episode 103 - The Adler Technique with Ted Mackenzie

For this episode we welcome back to the show author/educator/performer, Ted Mackenzie. In a previous show Ted spoke about his relationship with master teacher, Henry Adler, and how his knowledge of Adler's method led to him to be chosen to revise the popular book, "Buddy Rich's Modern Interpretation of Snare Drum Rudiments". In that show we discussed how he revised the book, his lessons with Adler, the publication process, and his companion methods that followed. Listener response to that...


Episode 102 - Surviving Outdoor Gig Season

Every year professional musicians brace themselves from April to October. That six to seven month span encompasses outdoor gig season. In this episode we welcome David Freeman, saxophonist/keyboardist of the Yacht Rock Revue, to the show. He's a long time, power listener and part time drummer. In his decades of performance experience Dave has had hundreds of performances during shed season. Aside from giving our personal stories about perfect outdoor gigs versus nightmare outdoor gigs Phil...


Mini-Episode 12 - Flip-It

For this mini-episode of 'Accountability Thursday' we'll take a look at the companion piece to last week's show solo "Trip-It". "Flip-It" authored by Herman Wiegman is a traditional solo written in two-four with a couple interesting twists. At the start of the solo we roll off with a traditional, ternary seven stroke roll. However when we get to the first ending and prepare for the repeat we notice there's no seven stroke roll! This can be interpreted literally where upon repeat we'd play...


Episode 101 - The Picks Show with author Jake Brown

We begin our show this week asking our audience for a little help. No, it's not for money! Rather we are in the market for an intern! That's right. We need some help in the I.T. department and feel sure that there's a student or professional musician out there that would love to help us. If you are familiar with social media promotion, web site design, SEO, and don't mind helping answer and send a few emails than you might have yourself a gig (or some college credit). Head on over to our...


Episode 100 - Interview - Rod Morgenstein

Rod Morgenstein is one of the preeminent musicians of our time. He is known for being in one of the most important fusion bands (Dixie Dregs) in history, one of the most popular hard rock bands (Winger, also known for their individual musical virtuosity as well) of the 80s, and a legendary educator (author of several popular method books, hundreds of pedagogical articles, and a twenty year stint at the Berklee College of Music). Fresh from an extensive North American tour with the Dixie...


Mini-Episode 11 - Trip-It

As we move into the month June and close in our 100th feature episode we continue pushing forward in the NARD book. This Thursday we'll be looking at the solo, "Trip-It". It'll be our second solo composed in six-eight hence the solo's name. Like most of our traditional rudimental solos this piece is felt in two but with a triplet undercurrent. Another facet of this solo that lends to its name is the author's use of triplets in the second half. One thing to watch out for is his use of...


Episode 99 - Interview - Sam Fogarino Of Interpol

The North Georgia country side doesn't normally evoke the thought of rock stars. However Interpol drummer, Sam Fogarino, doesn't particularly care to live up to stereotypes. He's experienced the city life and finds himself quite comfortable living miles away from the rat race. Recently Sam invited me to his home and we set up shop in his guest house turned studio. We discussed the local music scene and his recent move just before the mics were turned on. Once we began our conversation...


Episode 98 - Signature Grooves Part 2

This week we are back with another installment of signature grooves. Back in episode 48 we presented a baker's dozen of definitive beats that were so uniquely crafted that they would need to be learned and played exactly in order to stay authentic to the song. In some cases these proprietary grooves may require a totally new playing or technical approach. In this episode we are presenting 'level two' of these signature grooves. This batch of beats embody common traits or patterns found in...


Episode 97 - Artist Feature - Roy Haynes

This week we honor one of the greatest drummers in the history of music, Roy Haynes. Originally from Boston, Haynes is one of the last living musicians who performed with all of the following jazz giants: Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Lester Young, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, and Sarah Vaughn. If you include other past and current jazz greats it's not a stretch to say that Roy has literally played with everybody. A partial list would include: Sonny Rollins, Eric Dolphy, Sonny Stitt, Lee...


Mini-Episode 10 - Old Drum

Welcome back for another edition of Accountability Thursday, mini-episode number ten. This time we'll be working on another solo from the NARD book entitled, Old Drum. This is a longer piece than many of the traditional solos found in this book so aside from working your chops it will also be a challenge to your concentration as well. The first things to notice when preparing this solo are the 'X's' above certain notes along with the author's performance instructions. Whenever you see the...


Episode 96 - Revising Buddy Rich Featuring Ted Mackenzie

This week we begin by paying our respects to Roy Burns. Roy was best known as the founder of Aquarian Drumheads. We take time to discuss his contributions to our profession regarding his groundbreaking educational concepts (clinics, lessons, and writings) as well as his performance career (Woody Herman, Benny Goodman, and more). Roy passed away in Anaheim, CA on Saturday, May 5th at the age of 82. We also welcome to the show performer, author, and educator, Ted Mackenzie. Ted recently...


Episode 95 - Performing With Vocalists featuring Dave Johnstone

What tempo would you like for this song? Too fast or too slow? - drummer to singer Musicians like to analyze and complain about the tenuous relationships that they have with other players in the band. However none of those associations compare with the relationships between the vocalist(s) and the rest of the band. There are copious tales and jokes that solidify that point. In this episode we discuss working with singers and welcome back, power listener and previous guest, Dave Johnstone....


Mini - Episode 9 - Assault And Battery

With the coming of May also comes another installation of Accountability Thursday! In this mini-episode we are working on a solo dedicated to the legendary, William F. Ludwig. "Assault and Battery' by Tommy Bloomingdale from the NARD book is the subject of this week's practice. Unlike most of the NARD book (yet similar to the Wilcoxon books) this solo utilizes very specific stickings and rudiments. The first place where we need to use our traditional interpretation skills is the dotted...


Episode 94 - Trust The Process And Take Your Time

There are aspects of life and music that simply take patience and time. Many times we're blinded by the plethora of helpful videos and internet information available to us. Yet the subtle message we receive is that with the surplus of details and opinions at our fingertips we should learn this sought after information quickly and easily since everyone can already do it. Not so fast. Even with the best instructional examples obtainable you'll discover it's doubtful that the original...


Mini - Episode 8 - Omaha

We are back once again with another mini-episode of Accountability Thursday. They say that you should dance with the date that brought so we're once again pulling from the NARD book. This week we are working on the solo 'Omaha' which is also our first 6/8 piece. Aside from the time signature one thing that you might notice is that the author has designated a specific tempo for this solo. In previous, duple meter, solos we've normally interpreted their respective speed by using the commonly...


Episode 92 - Stories Of Imposter Syndrome

As creative individuals many of us are sensitive, sentient people. That very trait gives us an ability to speak on our instrument in a way that our voice sometimes lacks. The negative side to that sensitivity can sometimes lead to a lack of confidence, lack of competitive drive, or inability to recognize our own accomplishments. If you then factor in the anxiety of being exposed as a fraud or musical dilettante you then have the archetypal recipe for Imposter Syndrome (sometimes referred...


Episode 91 - May You Live In Odd Times featuring Ryan Brown Of The Dweezil Zappa Band

"May you live in interesting times." - purported Chinese curse Ryan Brown, drummer for Dweezil Zappa, found himself in Atlanta recently. And with a healthy dose of deja vu we found ourselves cordoned away in the tiny office of the local theatre where we first met about a year and half ago. Long time listeners will recall his interview (episodes 18 & 19) and subsequent mentions on other episodes. Plus, he's a member of the much vaunted 'advisory board' of this very show. Needless to say he...


Mini - Episode 7 - The Nutmeg Two-Four

For this episode of Accountability Thursday we are back in the NARD solos book. This time we're working on "The Nutmeg Two-Four". This solo is mostly straight forward however I've chosen it for one particular reason. The first thing to be aware of is that there is a performance note included at the bottom of the sheet music. The author is very specific to let us know that regardless of omitted stickings we are to play this solo with alternating stickings (hand to hand). With this in mind...