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Episode 116 - Interview - Jeff Sipe, Apt. Q - 258

In the snowy mountains of rural, western North Carolina Jeff Sipe (Apt. Q-258) resides. You may know him from his tenure with acts such as, John McLaughlin, Jimmy Herring, Leftover Salmon, Col. Bruce Hampton, Jazz Is Dead, and Shawn Lane/Jonas Hellborg. However most know him from the group that gained him his initial popularity, Aquarium Rescue Unit. To finish out our second season Jeff agreed to talk to us about all of the above including his current gigs and the publishing of his new...


Episode 115 - Interview - John Ramsay, Berklee College Of Music

The Berklee College of Music is ubiquitous with musicians worldwide. When we think of the great institutions of education along with the world’s greatest musicians Berklee is routinely mentioned in both instances. However, with any topic of conversation that conjures legendary tales there are as many negative connotations as positive. In this episode we cover everything you’d want to know about the school from a gentleman who has been a part of the faculty for 36 years, John Ramsay. Ramsay,...


Episode 114 - Season Two DWG Advisory Board

We are back again with our illustrious panelists from the Drummer’s Weekly Groovecast Advisory Board. With the success from the last episode featuring the advisory board we knew it was a must for the second season. For this show’s topic we have employed a few past board members and welcome a few new faces to the panel. Please welcome Rod Morgenstein, Chris Fryar, Tom Brechtlein, Joel Rosenblatt, and Ted Mackenzie to this session’s advisory board. This time around we pose the question, “What...


Episode 113 - Interview - Jason Bittner

Jason Bittner is one of the premiere heavy metal drummers. His resume includes the bands, Shadows Fall, Flotsam and Jetsam, Burning Human, Stigmata, Anthrax, and currently he is a member of the legendary east coast band, Overkill. Not a bad way to welcome our first, straight-up, metal drummer to the Groovecast. He sat down with us from his home in upstate New York. I was introduced to Jason through our mutual friend, and previous show guest, Ted Mackenzie. A few days before Thanksgiving we...


Episode 112 - Season Two Q & A

Here at the Drummer’s Weekly Groovecast Thanksgiving is one of our favorite times of the year. It gives us the perfect opportunity to give thanks to our art form and for us, Phil and Jon, to give thanks for our listeners. In this episode we dedicate the entire time to answering listener questions. We begin the show with a short segment of listener comments directed at the last two shows, JM Van Eaton and Roger Hawkins. We often say it but never say it enough. Thank you very much for your...


Episode 111 - Artist Feature - Roger Hawkins

“Now, Muscle Shoals has got the Swampers. And they’ve been known to pick a song or two.” Literally millions of people have heard this famous line from Lynyrd Skynyrd but how many actually know what it means? The Swampers were the famous rhythm section from Muscle Shoals’ FAME recording studio and they are responsible for hundreds of popular hits and thousands of great feeling tracks. This week we’ll christen the midway point of the second season and listen to the Swampers’ incredible...


Episode 110 - Interview - J.M. Van Eaton

It’s not an exaggeration to say that JM (Jimmy) Van Eaton was at rock and roll ground zero. It certainly didn’t hurt that he was unknowingly living in one of the great hot beds for American music, 1950s Memphis, TN. Although it’s no longer in the top echelon of music cities, being significantly overshadowed by its eastern neighbor a mere 200 miles away, Memphis paved the way for future generations of rock, RnB, country, and jazz musicians. After a long stretch of living in rural West...


Episode 109 - Jazz Vs Rock Mindset featuring Marlon Patton

“Yeah he’s a great drummer, but he’s a jazz player.” I’d be willing to bet that sometime during a conversation you’ve heard a similar comment. What does that even mean? And more importantly what’s the rationale for saying that? It’s obviously a reference to the musical approach of the jazz player and how he’d be inappropriate for a particular job. It’s certainly no secret that many musicians devote the majority of their time to one particular musical style. That devotion however can lead to...


Episode 108 - Interview - Daniel de los Reyes

Daniel de los Reyes is one of the premiere percussionists in the world. Even if he wasn’t a member of one of today’s most popular bands, the Zac Brown Band, his resume is as impressive as anyone’s in the music business. He’s recorded or toured with: Earth, Wind, and Fire, Fleetwood Mac, Don Henley, Sting, Chicago, Ben Vereen, Aretha Franklin, James Taylor, Steve Winwood, Sheryl Crow, and Peter Frampton to name a few. All that being said he’s an even better human being. In our time together,...


Episode 107 - Season Two Premiere - Performance Panic

Welcome back to the start of a new season of the Drummer’s Weekly Groovecast. We greatly appreciate your patience and support during our hiatus. We look forward to bringing you the best in topical conversation, interviews, and recommendation segments. After our cold open we debut our new show theme and discuss what we’ve been doing during our break. Our topic for the week is “Performance Panic/Neurosis”. In past episodes we’ve covered several subjects that deal with problems arising from...


Episode 106 - Managing Social Media

Keeping tabs on social media use is now something all responsible people must do. Naturally we think that most of the problems generated by Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, come from the original poster. Sometimes that is correct. However with the omnipotence of technology and its accompanying social media, savvy users have to be equally careful simply being onlookers. In this episode Phil and Jon discuss the proliferation of several social media platforms and the benefits they offer....


Episode 105 - Stage Bullies Rebroadcast

Two years ago we ventured into the podcast arena with a topic that resonated with thousands of musicians. This week we revisit the original episode that started it all. Stage bullies come in all shapes, sizes, and volumes! Some musician bullies like to exercise their control when in leadership positions. Others are micro managers and like to dictate everything you play and do. Some leaders are nervous, snippy yellers who don't know how to deal with high pressure situations. You may also run...


Episode 104 - The Two Year Anniversary Show

This week's show is dedicated to our listeners! Episode 104 officially marks the two year anniversary of the podcast and we celebrate with news, listener questions, two year statistics, favorite guests, favorite show moments, and more. We start the episode with Phil and Jon discussing the benefits of hosting the show by recently being invited to two major concert events. We then tackle a few listener questions. If you've ever experienced what you believe is carpal tunnel symptoms make sure...


Episode 103 - The Adler Technique with Ted Mackenzie

For this episode we welcome back to the show author/educator/performer, Ted Mackenzie. In a previous show Ted spoke about his relationship with master teacher, Henry Adler, and how his knowledge of Adler's method led to him to be chosen to revise the popular book, "Buddy Rich's Modern Interpretation of Snare Drum Rudiments". In that show we discussed how he revised the book, his lessons with Adler, the publication process, and his companion methods that followed. Listener response to that...


Episode 102 - Surviving Outdoor Gig Season

Every year professional musicians brace themselves from April to October. That six to seven month span encompasses outdoor gig season. In this episode we welcome David Freeman, saxophonist/keyboardist of the Yacht Rock Revue, to the show. He's a long time, power listener and part time drummer. In his decades of performance experience Dave has had hundreds of performances during shed season. Aside from giving our personal stories about perfect outdoor gigs versus nightmare outdoor gigs Phil...


Mini-Episode 12 - Flip-It

For this mini-episode of 'Accountability Thursday' we'll take a look at the companion piece to last week's show solo "Trip-It". "Flip-It" authored by Herman Wiegman is a traditional solo written in two-four with a couple interesting twists. At the start of the solo we roll off with a traditional, ternary seven stroke roll. However when we get to the first ending and prepare for the repeat we notice there's no seven stroke roll! This can be interpreted literally where upon repeat we'd play a...


Episode 101 - The Picks Show with author Jake Brown

We begin our show this week asking our audience for a little help. No, it's not for money! Rather we are in the market for an intern! That's right. We need some help in the I.T. department and feel sure that there's a student or professional musician out there that would love to help us. If you are familiar with social media promotion, web site design, SEO, and don't mind helping answer and send a few emails than you might have yourself a gig (or some college credit). Head on over to our...


Episode 100 - Interview - Rod Morgenstein

Rod Morgenstein is one of the preeminent musicians of our time. He is known for being in one of the most important fusion bands (Dixie Dregs) in history, one of the most popular hard rock bands (Winger, also known for their individual musical virtuosity as well) of the 80s, and a legendary educator (author of several popular method books, hundreds of pedagogical articles, and a twenty year stint at the Berklee College of Music). Fresh from an extensive North American tour with the Dixie...


Mini-Episode 11 - Trip-It

As we move into the month June and close in our 100th feature episode we continue pushing forward in the NARD book. This Thursday we'll be looking at the solo, "Trip-It". It'll be our second solo composed in six-eight hence the solo's name. Like most of our traditional rudimental solos this piece is felt in two but with a triplet undercurrent. Another facet of this solo that lends to its name is the author's use of triplets in the second half. One thing to watch out for is his use of...


Episode 99 - Interview - Sam Fogarino Of Interpol

The North Georgia country side doesn't normally evoke the thought of rock stars. However Interpol drummer, Sam Fogarino, doesn't particularly care to live up to stereotypes. He's experienced the city life and finds himself quite comfortable living miles away from the rat race. Recently Sam invited me to his home and we set up shop in his guest house turned studio. We discussed the local music scene and his recent move just before the mics were turned on. Once we began our conversation flowed...