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Ep. 96 - "2019"

With the new year beginning the boys welcome us back to "The Den" with some light-hearted conversation. Introducing new segments for the culture. This is the perfect way to set the tone for the year. TAP-IN!!!


Ep. 95 "95 1:2"

The album of the year has been crowned!!! Who do you think took home the crown Victory Lap or KOD. Plus, the boys recap an active year in hip-hop and sports. We are back the last show before the NEW YEAR. TAP-IN!!!. #talkaboutit #fantalk #fantalk0801


Episode 95 "Bracketology"

Is it time to address the elephant in the room. Is watching sport on TV boring or nah? With streaming platform revolutionizing how we receive entertainment is it time for live sports to do some type of partnership with the likes of a Netflix? Plus, WE GOT MUSIC... we were blessed to receive a plethora of new albums and EP from some of hip-hop's prominent including the Philly and people's champ Meek Mill. Make sure you TAP-IN and stay up to the date with the culture. Welcome to the Den....


FAN Talk Ep. 94 "The Den"

The Den is OFFICIAL. The boys are officially set up in their podcast studio bringing a vibe and an energy. Broadcasting their first official youtube discussing new albums from Black Though, Dipset, JID and last but not least 69. That being said as people we should never wish bad energy on anyone, however, if someone wishes it on themselves and then it happens how are suppose to feel. We take a deep dive in the recent Tekashi 69 case and much more... TAP-IN #fantalk0801 #fantalk #talkaboutit


Ep. 93 "Thanksgiving Week"

Happy Thanksgiving!The boys give you this special Friday holiday episode as they recap their week and their favorite meals. As well as talk about the controversy center around Tekashi 69. COME GET YOU A SERVING OF THIS TALK! #talkaboutit #fantalk #fantalk0801


Ep. 92 "Holiday Season"

HOLIDAY SEASON IS AMONGST US!!! You can feel the energy of the holidays and you sit only can sit back and embrace it. The boys about their favorite holiday moments and traditions. All of our favorite sports are moving at all cylinders leaving us entertained. Also, as we vote and in an era where the term "empowerment" is being used constantly is it time for us as a culture to start calling out those who are using important issues for monetary benefits. We introduce you to a new segment "Au...


Ep. 91 "4th Quarter Spit"

The NBA is not disappointing the people yet as they hit the ground running. We even got BEEF. Rondo gave Chris Paul some fourth Quarter spit and Cp3 answer with the paws. Gelo Ball gotta RELAX, and Cardi B drops a new single which from the sounds of it may be another hit. The boys are in "The Den" posted and talking. TAP-IN and join the conversation. #fantalk #fantalk0801 #talkaboutit


Ep. 90 "It Ain't Over"

IT AIN'T OVER!! Although we did not get the alleged career ending diss record from Drake the talking is still going on. With Drake responding to Kanye and Pusha T on LeBron's uncut HBO series "The Shop". Then Pusha T responding to Drake on the "Joe Budden Podcast". Was betrayal one of the catalysts in the beef? Kanye actually wasn't lying? Are there even rules in battle rap? TAP-IN we got a conversation for Y'all. TALK ABOUT IT! #fantalk #fantalk0801 #talkaboutit


FAN Talk Ep. 89 Au never Ready

NBA is back! How has every adjusted to the new look Lakers? Plus the NFL still seems to be open this year as the competition is the best we have seen in recent seasons. Will Joe Budden rap? If so, what will he say? The boys are in "The Den" having a solid conversation today!!! TAP-IN and join THAT TALK!. #fantalk #fantalk0801 #talkaboutit


FAN Talk Ep. 88 "Wayne Country"

CARTER V!!! Need we say more the long wait is over and the finally got Lil Wayne's highly anticipated album. What is the verdict? Also, our west coast favorite Dom Kennedy releases his album "Volume 2". Plus, the NFL season is still looking competitive and open as S safety Eric Reid gets signed to the Carolina Panther. Who do you think is sitting at the album of the year currently? TAP-IN the boys are in "The Den" TALKING THAT TALK. #fantalk0801 #fantalk #talkabouit


FAN Talk Ep. 87 "Was it Worth It"

YOUTUBE!!!!!!! The boys are in "The Den" as they record their first YouTube episode in over a year. With a quiet week in the culture, the boys get adjust to the new scene and just TALK THAT TALK... Cover topics like Bill Cosby, Tiger Wood, Fantasy Football, Will Smith, insecure, and much more... tune and join the conversation... #fantalk #talkaboutit #fantalk0801


FAN Talk Ep. 86 "Karma's Crazy"

Condolences to those affected by the passing of Senator John McCain, Burt Reynolds, and Mac Miller. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all affected. TAP-IN we got, Hip Hop scuffles. The NFL season is looking special based off week 1s lineup of games. WE baaaack! #fantalk0801 #fantalk #talkaboutit


FAN Talk Ep. 85 "Nike Kap"

Nike stocks went down but the value went up as they have signed Colin Kaepernick to be one of the influential faces of a prestigious brand. Is the backlash a representation of the true colors of the nation? Plus, the boys decide which team Angela Valdez is playing as we approach the season finale of "Power". With the surprise release of Eminem's album "Kamikaze" this past Friday is left the culture with a lot to talk about including us, so tap-in as we TALK THAT TALK. #talkaboutit #fantalk...


FAN Talk Ep. 84 "Power Takeover"

POWER! Kanan is dead and the boy shocking everyone, but it's looking like things are about to heat up on the last episodes of Starz original series "Power". Then in the BIG 3 team Power were crown champions as the season comes to an end. Aaron Rodgers and Odell Beckham secure the bag! With a quiet week in the culture, Kanye West is seeming to find his way back home and Winna shares some must-hear music that you may not have heard of. We in "The Louge" TAP-IN! #talkaboutit #fantalk...


FAN Talk Ep. 83 "Your Favorite Podcast"

We have entered the "Gold Rush" of the podcast era as Joe Budden secures a bag for him and his team with Spotify. Is Nicki Minaj in her bag or is trippin'? Plus, the boys give you some gems on must-watch shows and fantasy football. In "The Lounge" TALKING THAT TALK! #fantalk0801 #fantalk #talkaboutit.


FAN Talk Ep. 82 "WE BACK"

After a two week vacation, the boys are back in "The Lounge" full of energy and that talk. Ghost is seeming to come back into form as things heat up on the Starz original series "Power". Ice cube is taking over the summer sports category with year two of the Big 3 basketball league increasing in viewership and popularity. Plus, we got album reviews from some of hip-hop heavy hitters including Mac Miller, Travis Scott, and Nicki Minaj. We back and in our bag TAP-IN and listen to us TALK THAT...


FAN Talk Ep. 81 "Melo Got The Bag"

Winna fresh from work and Au fresh from vacation, but we got a show for you this morning! We got some up and coming artist such as, Buddy and The Internet who release solid projects over the weekend. Plus, Chance the Rapper blessed us with 4 new tracks over the weekend. Also, how will Kawhi fit with Toronto? The petition s out and it's not looking good for Charlamagne. Could this potentially be the end of the breakfast club as we know it? Tune in as we are back to TALK THAT TALK. #fantalk...


FAN Talk Ep. 80 "Winna And Wiz"

"The Lounge" is lit! Season 3 of Power from disappointing as Winna and Au take a dive and give bold predictions. Au also lists his top binge-worthy shows to check out for as Winna is still in limbo land about Game of Thrones. Wiz Khalifa steals the spotlight with his highly anticipated album "Rolling Papers 2". Also, are you still not watching the Big 3 basketball league? If so, tune in and find out why you are missing out! TALK ABOUT IT! #fantalk #fantalk0801 #talkaboutit


FAN Talk Ep. 80 " Au Bachelor Weekend"

With a new season of Starz original series "Power" and with Ice cube second season of Big 3 picking up, it's starting to feel a lot like summer around here at FAN Talk. The boys are still confused about the idea of Lebron James in a Lakers uniform. Plus see why Au pre-maturely gave Drake's "Scorpion" album A grade. The time is now and we are in "The Lounge". Tap-in and let us TALK THAT TALK! #fantalk #fantalk0801 #talkaboutit


FAN Talk Ep. 79 " We Got Nina"

We got a show! The boys are in "The Lounge" talking BET awards, college, GOOD MUSIC, plus with special guest Nina Cruz host of Pretty Gyrl Rock podcast and On-Air Radio personality for Hot 97.5 and Power 98.3 joins as we take deep dive in the currents event in hip-hop and trips down memory lane. Must listen to episode... TAP-IN... #fantalk #fantalk0801 #talkaboutit