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FAN Talk Ep. 77 "What's Beef"`

What's beef? The rap game is feeling like the 90s these days. Is it the resurrection of lyrcism back to the forefront of mainstream Hip-hop. With a new Kanye West album and new Black Thought Ep the boys get in "The Lounge and have a conversation. Alo with the series 3-0 Golden State Warriors, do the Cavs have a chance to come back to make a historical playoff run? TAP-IN and tune in to FAN Talk. #talkaboutit #fantalk0801


FAN Talk Ep. 76 "OVO Ye'"

Hip-Hop is looking like it's getting back to rare form especially with the release of Pusha-T's new album "Daytona" and the ensuing battle between the Clipse member and OVO head Drake. Looks like we got us a RAP BEEF. We are here just in time to give you that TALK. TAP-IN and welcome to "The Lounge". #fantalk #fantalk0801 #talkaboutit


FAN Talk Ep. 75 "Idris And The Royal Wedding"

Hip-hop! The playoffs are truly heating up! The guy's predictions may be at stake. Nie quick light show with solid conversation. The boys in "The Lounge" as they talk the newest NFL policing catered to protesting during the national anthem. Will the Lebron Make it to the finals? Check-in with us as we give you that good TALK. Fan Talk is here! #fantalk #fantalk0801 #fantalk0801


FAN Talk Ep. 74 "Bow Wow Back In His Bag"

We are into the conference finals in the NBA and things are looking to good for both the Houston Rockets and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Big3 season is approaching as Winna reveals the new roster after this years draft. We got new music from Ty Dolla Sign, Rae Sreemmurd, Playboy Carti, Ace Hood, and more. Plus is it time for Hip-Hop to start having sub-genres? The boy is in "The Lounge" with a QUALITY conversation. TAP-IN and be entertained this is FAN talk! #fantalk #fantalk0801 #talkabouit


FAN Talk Ep. 73 "The State Of Ye'"

The NBA playoffs are heating up. The boys are back in the lounge with a synopsis of the current state of the NBA playoffs. OF COURSE, we had to devote the morning to do a deep dive on Kanye West and his current state of mind and his recent activities via social media, Charlemagne, and his catastrophic visit to TMZ. Tap-in, tune in, click the link it's time to TALK THAT TALK. #fantalk0801 #fantalk #talkaboutit


FAN Talk Ep. 72 "Welcom Back Meek"

MEEEEEEEK!!! Meek mill is free, Kanye is back on Twitter, J. Cole hit us with us with an Album. Hip-hop and the culture at this moment are on top and it has been a great music season. Plus the NBA finals are heating up, so it was only right we invited Bursey back to the show to sit and have a thorough talk with the boys in "The Lounge". TAP-IN and join us this morning on FAN Talk. #talkaboutit #fantalk


FAN Talk Ep. 71"Congrats Kendrick"

The NBA is on fire, Hip-Hop continues to take over, and Starbucks is losing money!! 2018 has been poppin' thus far and the boys are back in the lounge to talk about it! Today's episode is a must TAP-IN. Sponsored by Dre1st Celebrity Barber!


FAN Talk Ep. 70 "Tristan Kardashian"

BLACK MEN DON'T CHEAT....... Or do they? Today we are talking Tristan Thompson and Chloe Kardashian. How social media is the modern day news. Ice cube is making bold moves and big statements with the Big 3 basketball league... HE EVEN CALLED OUT PRESIDENT TRUMP. Musically we chime in on Eric Bellinger and Queen Cardi B as the both released respectable quality albums this past weekend. FAN Talk is back with that good talk. TAP-IN! #talkaboutit #fantalk0801


FAN Talk Ep. 69 "Quick Show"

We got a nice quick show today. Throwing you are the necessary gems you need to get through your day and the rest of the week. We shine a light on the Big 3 3 on 3 basketball league as they partner with Adidas. Also, we talk new single from Ty Dolla Sign and Cardi B. With the R and B throne seeming to be wide open at the start of the year Eric Bellinger looks to make his case as he releases his next project. The boys are in "The Lounge" TAP-IN. #fantalk #talkaboutit


FAN Talk Ep. 68 "Tekash- Unit"

Welcome to "The Lounge"! The boys got an exciting entertaining conversation for you this morning. we are talking 69, Lebron James, Odell Beckham, and Rick Ross. Also they boys chime in on new albums on the horizon plus Au spotlights some Arizona heat coming from Delly Everyday. Make sure you TAP-IN and catch these gems while they are hot! #Talkaboutit #fantalk


FAN Talk Ep. 67 "Coach Lebron"

This morning conversation is bound to get you through your day. There are a lot of gems that were shared in "The Lounge". Migos recently dropped their music video to "Walk it like I talk it" and Au thinks it's a for sure classic. Plus we give you our first quarter album of the year. Tune in, Tap-in and press in as the boys are back to TALK THAT TALK. #fantalk #talkaboutit


FAN Talk Ep. 66 "Sponsor Us"

The boys are back and seem to be getting used to "The Loung" on this episode. This comical informative show goes over NBA, and NFL current news as well as highlights some of the funny moments and bright spots in the hip-hop culture. This episode is a perfect way to start your morning as the boys are back with THAT TALK! #talkaboutit #fantalk


FAN Talk Ep. 65 "Wakanda Year"

Coming to you direct from "The Lounge" the boys give you a quick show. With there being a light week in sports and hip-hop, Au and Winna toast up to a new location for this mornings podcast. Au finally went to see Black Panther and so they have a nice talk about this "Wakanda Fever" that has taken hold of the community. TAP-IN, dial-in and enjoy then talk as the boys TALK THAT TALK! #fantalk #talkaboutit


FAN Talk Ep. 64 "Den No More"

The boys are back in the den for the final time as they plan to move locations. With it being a slower week for the culture with everyone's focus on Marvel's Black Panther which is not slowing down one bit, the boys just have a casual "Brew Talk" about our society and culture. This is one of those sit back relax and enjoy the ride episodes. #talkaboutit #fantalk


FAN Talk Ep. 63 "Neighborhood Nip"

VictoryLap finally here and it was far from disappointing. The boys sit in "The Den" and talk Nipsey Hussle. Also, give their quick recap of NBA all-star weekend, and talk about upcoming project from 2 Chainz. The boys are back with a very entertaining captivating show! TAP-IN!!! #talkaboutit #fantalk #fantalk0801


FAN Talk Ep. 62 "Under The Weather"

The boys weather the sick storm on this episode to give you QUALITY content. Talking super bowl, Lebron James, Justin Timberlake, Travis Scott, and much more. This show is a great one you don't want to miss!! TAP-IN!!! Let's TALK THAT TALK.


FAN Talk Ep. 61 "Bruno And His Grammys"

Did Bruno win too many Grammys this year? Winna claims he needs to make a full-blown R&B album to solidify his place with the great singers. Hollywood Blake to the D (PAUSE). We are in the den vibin' and talking that talk!!! Let us bless your Wednesday with that quality talk. FAN Talk!!!! #talkaboutit


FAN Talk Ep. 57 "Music Holiday"

Spittah Season has commenced and is amongst us, even our very own Au Music is set to release. However, we are in the DEN talking heavy hitters in the game such "Night on Elm Street" with Fab and Jada plus we take you to the West Coast with Hiboy and Dom Kennedy's "Half A Mil" project. If you love Hip-hop we are definitely having a musical holiday! TAP IN and LISTEN as we TALK THAT TALK! #talkaboutit


FAN Talk Ep. 56 "TURKEY DAY"

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!1 The boys are in the den with VERY special guest on this holiday edition of FAN Talk. Cyhi the prince released "No dope on Sundays" this past weekend so the boys give their opinion on the album as well a IAMSU Boss up IV. This is just an episode you need to push play cook that turkey too and just enjoy!! #Talkaboutit


FAN Talk Ep. 55 "Walk On Water"

We got new music from Eminem, but the boys don't know what to think of it. Also we you some Meek Mill updates and our opinion on the matter. Also is Wiz Khalifa gearing up to release fire? Also, Winna brings us a Currensy that we need your help deciding if it a win or a loss. Also tune in as Au unveil a WCW for today. FAN Talk we in the den with it TAP IN. #talkaboutit