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The 21st Century Organ Experience

The 21st Century Organ Experience




The 21st Century Organ Experience




Ep. 12 — Claire M Singer: Organ Reframed & London's Union Chapel

Claire M Singer is a composer, founder of the music festival Organ Reframed and Music Director of the organ at Union Chapel in London, England. Join in our conversation with Claire as she speaks about her experiences playing Union Chapel's hydraulic organ, developing an organ music program from the ground up and starting the innovative Organ Reframed festival.


Ep. 11 — Xaver Varnus: Creating Canada's New Centre for 21st Century Organ Music

A small town in Nova Scotia, Canada may not be where you'd expect to find the newest centre for 21st century organ music but world-renowned organist Xaver Varnus is well on his way to making that happen, with some help from his many friends in the organ community and a few of his new neighbours. If you like what you hear in this episode, please consider donating to Varnus's fundraiser for the project here!


Ep. 10 — Kara-Lis Coverdale: Beyond the Traditional Organ

Join us as we talk to Canadian composer and improviser Kara-Lis Coverdale about her work, and the path that led her from playing the organ in Sunday service to the world of experimental music and modern composition.


Ep. 4 — Cameron Carpenter: Sharing Organ Music from a Flatbed Truck

For this episode, Blake sat down with the inimitable Cameron Carpenter in his Berlin studio to talk about one of his latest projects — performing organ concerts from the back of a flatbed truck.


Ep. 9 — Tim Hecker: 'Ravedeath, 1972' and the Pipe Organ's Potential

In 2011 Canadian artist Tim Hecker recorded 'Ravedeath, 1972', an album heavily featuring the pipe organ. The album went on to win the Juno Award for Electronic Album of the Year. Join Blake as he speaks with Hecker about his unique perspective on the pipe organ and its artistic potential.


Ep. 8 — Organ+ with Kim Farris-Manning, Giles Perring & Afraaz Mulji

Welcome to our first instalment of Organ+, where we give a quick tour of multiple, unique organ music projects from around the world and the innovative artists behind them. In this Organ+ episode, we speak with Canadian composer Kim Farris-Manning about her visual approach to writing music, UK musician Giles Perring about his World Organ project and Canadian multi-instrumentalist Afraaz Mulji about his Infinite Sonic Possibility Interface.


Ep. 7 — Alexandra Bartfeld: #OrganTalk - A Worldwide Online Organ Community

When the coronavirus pandemic isolated Alexandra Bartfeld from her colleagues and her practice as an organist, she found a creative way to remain engaged. Alexandra is now the host of #OrganTalk, a series of online interviews with organists from all different backgrounds and experience levels, and from all over the world. Join Blake Hargreaves as he speaks with Alexandra about her practice as an organist, and the experiences she's had through #OrganTalk so far.


Ep. 6 — The Hammond Organ with Alcée Chriss III

In the decades following its invention, the Hammond B-3 organ changed the sound of music. Join host Blake Hargreaves as he uncovers the history of this versatile instrument and the impact it's had on both the world of music and on one of our favourite organists — Alcée Chriss III.


Ep. 5 — In the Meantone with Sarah Davachi

From alternate tunings to the human element, there are many ways to experiment with sound. In this episode, electroacoustic composer and performer Sarah Davachi speaks to Blake about her musical interests and practice, including her thoughts on pipe organs and synthesizers.


Ep. 3 — Pipe Dreams: The Making of a Documentary

In this episode, Blake speaks with Stacey Tenenbaum, Director and Producer of 'Pipe Dreams', a hit documentary that follows five young organists competing in the Canadian International Organ Competition.


Ep. 2 — How Slow Is Slow?

Join Blake as he attends the first note change in 7 years in the longest organ performance on Earth -- John Cage's 'Organ²/ASLSP' in Halberstadt, Germany.


Ep. 1 — Olivier Latry & The Notre Dame Organ Restoration

In our first episode, host Blake Hargreaves speaks with renowned organist Olivier Latry and organ builder Bertrand Cattiaux about the restoration, history and future of the great organ at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris following the devastating fire in April 2019.


Trailer: Interview with Olivier Latry

Welcome to FutureStops! In this trailer, you can listen to an excerpt of host Blake Hargreave's interview with Olivier Latry, the titular organist of Paris's Notre Dame Cathedral.