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A Monday music podcast hosted by Eric and Mary, a music-obsessed husband and wife team. We discuss the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, music honors, history & pop culture.


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A Monday music podcast hosted by Eric and Mary, a music-obsessed husband and wife team. We discuss the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, music honors, history & pop culture.




Ep 106: Rock Hall Category Picks w/ Greg Peurach

Today we're joined by our friend Greg Peurach to discuss the Early Influence, Ahmet Ertegun, and Musical Excellence categories at the Rock Hall. We talk about some of the history with categories, discuss what we would change, and then pick 5 artists we'd love to see inducted for each category.


Ep 105: 23 for 23: Our Latest Rock Hall Picks

"Get in the van" and join us for our last show of the year where we name 23 acts that should be potential nominees for Rock Hall 2023. From a sardonic singer songwriter, to a goth queen to a badly behaved "Crüe", there's something for everyone here.


Ep 104: Rock Hall 2022 Ceremony Recap

Join us as we recap the 2022 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony! We talk about the excitement in the air the day before, and then discuss each inductee and what we thought of their performances.


Ep 103: Extreme's III Sides To Every Story

We're back by popular demand to analyze Extreme's album 'III Sides To Every Story', an ambitious work beloved by fans. Mary discusses how the album's themes of war, racism, self reflection, personal growth and spirituality still very much resonate today.


Ep 102: Dio: Rock Hall Dreams Never Die

Today we review the documentary 'Dio: Dreamers Never Die' about the late Ronnie James Dio, then segue into a conversation about why Ronnie needs to be inducted into the Rock Hall under Musical Excellence in 2023.


Ep 101: Why Grace Jones Belongs in the Rock Hall

Today we recap what it was like seeing Grace Jones at the Hollywood Bowl, and then segue into a conversation about why she should be inducted under Musical Excellence for the Rock Hall next year.


Ep. 100: Hall Watchers' 100th Episode Celebration

Today we're celebrating our 100th episode in style with 4 very special guests from the Rock Hall, and we are so pleased to welcome Nwaka Onwusa, John Goehrke, Jason Hanley and Greg Harris to the podcast. We talk about museum operations, what their first albums were, what they like to play in The Garage, who had to transport a Stooges guitar on a commercial flight and who may turn the outside of the museum into a spaceship at our behest.


Ep. 99: Rock Hall 2022 Ceremony Ticket Buying Reaction

Join us for an impromptu, manic reaction to buying Rock Hall 2022 tickets! We talk about our hopes for the ceremony, what to do when you're in LA and then segue into what we've been up to lately.


Ep. 98: Insight and a Raised Fist: Rage Against the Machine

The rage is relentless! This week we talk Rage Against the Machine’s debut, a radically poetic effort that bombed a left upon the fascists and revolutionized rock.


Ep 97: Can't Get This Stuff No More: An Appreciation of Van Halen

Reach down between your legs and ease the seat back—we're talkin' Van Halen this week! Eric breaks down their 12 studio albums, all three singers, and the status of a possible Eddie tribute concert.


Ep 96: Make Love Not War: Analyzing Extreme

Join us for a deep dive on the underrated 90's hard rock band Extreme. Mary discusses their work, analyzes lyrics from their albums Pornograffiti and III Sides To Every Story, and talks about why their messages of love and peace — and their condemnation of cruelty, war, and excess — are needed more than ever.


Ep. 95: Chatting With Courtney E. Smith

Join us for a fun and illuminating conversation with journalist and podcaster Courtney E. Smith. We talk about everything from her time at MTV, the Rock Hall, our favorite female artists, murder ballads, food, fostering dogs and so much more!


Ep 94: There's Always Music In the Air: Brent Simon Talks Twin Peaks

Give yourself a present and join us for a conversation with entertainment journalist, LAFCA member and friend Brent Simon about the wonderful and strange music of Twin Peaks. We discuss how the music drives the narrative of the show, remember the late Julee Cruise and talk about how Twin Peaks has influenced modern artists like Lana Del Rey. We also ask Brent about his career and fandom of U2.


Ep 93: Reviewing Baz Luhrmann's 'Elvis'

Join us as we review Baz Luhrmann's newest film 'Elvis'! We discuss the highs and lows of the movie, Austin Butler's performance, Elvis' legacy and whether this will help him have a resurgence in modern culture. Make sure you listen until the end to find out which Hall Watchers host caused shenanigans at Graceland!


Ep 92: Greg Leos Talks X

This week, we discuss Los Angeles band X with a little help from our friend Greg, a lifelong fan. This is an illuminating conversation covering X's history, Rock Hall qualifications, and why they transcend the "punk rock" label.


Ep. 91: Hall Watchers Summer Catch-Up

Join us for a casually chaotic episode where we catch you up on what we've been up to, talk about recent losses in the music world, and comment on the Ryman getting a landmark distinction from the Rock Hall. We also have a spoiler-free discussion on the shows and documentaries we've been watching recently, including the George Carlin documentary, Better Call Saul and Stranger Things.


Ep 90: "Where's The Freak": Rock Hall 2022 Post Mortem

Today we do a deeper analysis of the most recent Rock Hall class now that we've had time to digest Wednesday's announcement. What do we think of the class? What changes would we have made? Most importantly, is there no room for freaks and weirdos anymore at the Rock Hall?


Ep. 89: Rock Hall 2022 Reaction

The Rock Hall Class of 2022 is here and we're reacting to it! Join us as Eric surprises Mary with the class and we discuss our thoughts!


Ep 88: Category Dreamin': Our Rock Hall Category Picks

Join us as we talk about our top induction picks for the Early Influence, Ahmet Ertegun and Musical Excellence categories at the Rock Hall.


Ep. 87: Hall Watchers "Get Back" To Cleveland

Join us today for a recap of this week's whirlwind trip to Cleveland! We talk about the newest exhibit "Get Back to Let It Be", our experience at Rock Hall Nights, what it was like meeting Jason Hanley and Greg Harris and what it felt like to "get back" to basics.