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A Monday music podcast hosted by Eric and Mary, a music-obsessed husband and wife team. We discuss the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, music honors, history & pop culture.

A Monday music podcast hosted by Eric and Mary, a music-obsessed husband and wife team. We discuss the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, music honors, history & pop culture.


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A Monday music podcast hosted by Eric and Mary, a music-obsessed husband and wife team. We discuss the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, music honors, history & pop culture.




Episode 66: Hall Watchers Recommends

This week we take a break from Rock Hall chat to discuss and recommend 10 artists we’ve been listening to lately. We discuss country darling Mickey Guyton, cosmic tripsters Sun Ra and Julian Cope, R&B goddess Jazmine Sullivan and many more. It’s a classy, bougie, ratchet kind of episode.


Episode 65: Why Weezer Is Headed for the Rock Hall

Their '90s contemporaries are waltzing right in (Green Day, and most likely, Foo Fighters), so it's time to discuss the legendary Weezer and their Rock Hall destiny. To quote "Getchoo," this is beginning to be serious.


Episode 64: Looking Back at Rock Hall 2018

Join us for our final in person Rock Hall ceremony look back, where we look back at our experience at Rock Hall 2018! We talk about our special trip to the museum, the excitement of meeting some fellow Rock Hall watchers and our experience at the ceremony.


Episode 63: Looking Back at Rock Hall 2015

This week’s trip down memory lane puts us back in Cleveland for the Rock Hall 2015 ceremony. We reminisce about the induction performances, fondly remember Bill Withers' comedy bit, talk about the Beatles reunion and how “it don’t come easy” sitting through multiple lengthy speeches.


Episode 62: Looking Back at Rock Hall 2013

We continue our ceremony flashback series by looking back at our experience at Rock Hall 2013, and all we can say is “I Love L.A.!” We talk about some of the historical happenings that were going on during the ceremony weekend, talk about all of the induction performances and fondly remember one of the greatest All-Star jams we’ve seen.


Episode 61: Looking Back at Rock Hall 2012

Cue Huey Lewis because today we’re gonna go back in time to the Rock Hall 2012. We discuss our first time attending a Rock Hall ceremony, what we thought of each inductee and their performance and our first impressions of the Rock Hall museum.


Episode 60: California Saga: 60 Years of the Beach Boys

In 1961 a group of young men from Hawthorne with soaring harmonies created the California Sound and with it, one of the most important musical legacies in history. Today we celebrate 60 years of the Beach Boys by discussing their humble beginnings, our favorite songs, our pilgrimage to Hawthorne and their Rock Hall induction.


Bonus Episode: Rock Hall 2021 Ballot Reaction

Today, Eric surprises Mary with nominees for the Rock Hall class of 2021. The coffee is hot, the emotions are high and the swears are flying. You don't want to miss a moment! (Well except maybe the screams).


Episode 59: School of Rock: A Chat with Wes Gabrielsen

Class is in session, and today we have Portland-area school teacher Wes Gabrielsen, who talks about how he's brought the Rock Hall into the classroom and what artists speak to the younger generation. We also discuss his biggest Rock Hall snubs and because we can’t help ourselves, the Singles category.


Episode 58: Hall Watchers at the Movies

Today we review a variety of music-related documentaries, shows and movies we’ve seen recently including: Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, One Night in Miami, Selena: The Series and The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart.


Episode 57: An American Band: Why The Village People Matter

From the ashes of the Stonewall Riots rose a civil rights movement, and a band that challenged people’s perceptions of masculinity followed in its wake. Today we discuss The Village People’s career, their role in bringing queer culture to mainstream audiences, and their enduring legacy in American pop culture. We also discuss whether these macho men have a place in the Rock Hall.


Episode 56: 20 Suggestions for Rock Hall 2021

It's our Season 3 premiere! Join us as Eric goes over his 20 suggestions for the next Rock Hall ballot, from Motown pioneers to '90s alt-rockers to heavy metal heroes.


Episode 55: Our Season 3 Preview

We’re bringing 2020 and Season 2 in for a landing! We talk about what our listeners can expect in our upcoming Season 3, what we’re tweaking on the podcast in 2021 and in the spirit of Festivus, deliver some brutally honest critique on the state of the Rock Hall.


Episode 54: The Sound of Young America: Induct the Shangri-Las

One of the finest ’60s girl groups, the Shangri-Las were gum-smacking, boot-wearing teenagers that sang about rebels, high school romance, and death. George “Shadow” Morton was their producer, but these young women radiated emotion, creating legendary songs that impacted an entire generation. Along the way, they influenced everyone from the New York Dolls to Sonic Youth to Amy Winehouse.


Episode 53: Rome is Burning: A Tale of Woodstock ’99

In this episode, Mary interviews Eric about his less than fairy tale experience at the infamous Woodstock ‘99 festival. We discuss America’s political and cultural climate at the time, and Eric recounts the event’s poor conditions and insane musical performances. We also read memories written by Eric’s festival companions. Music credit: FairyTale Waltz by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/


Episode 52: The Spirit of Radio: A Conversation with Donna Halper

While working at Cleveland’s WMMS In 1974, DJ Donna Halper introduced Rush to an American audience, and her efforts also secured the band a record deal. As a result, the band dedicated their first two LPs to her, cementing her place in Rush history. Today, we’re honored to chat with Donna about her career, her life now, and everyone’s favorite Canadian power trio. We discuss Rush’s journey to the Rock Hall, what their induction ceremony was like and the story behind the infamous Alex Lifeson...


Episode 51: Hall Watchers' Rock Hall 2020 Ceremony Reaction

The class of 2020 has finally been inducted! We react to the HBO televised Rock Hall 2020 ceremony, discuss our overall impressions of the ceremony and break down how we felt about each artist’s induction package. We also discuss the new Rock Hall podcast, and because we can’t help ourselves, the Singles category.


Episode 50: ATLien Invasion: A Case for OutKast

The South has something to say, but is the Rock Hall listening? Today we’re joined by fellow hall watcher and friend, Nick Bambach to talk about the legendary group OutKast in honor of the 20th anniversary of their album Stankonia. We discuss their career, influence, Rock Hall credentials and why they should be inducted in the same class as Kate Bush.


Episode 49: Prophets Without Honor

We’re joined by fellow hall watcher and friend Michelle Bourg to talk about her recent piece, “Prophets Without Honor”. We discuss the strange phenomenon of artists who have received some of America’s highest honors but aren’t in the Rock Hall, whether we think the events of 2020 will affect next year’s ballot and more.


Episode 48: Where Do We Go Now

We discuss Mary’s recent piece on Rock Hall gender issues in a casual episode that’s part therapy session, part call to action. First, we begin the episode with a remembrance of Eddie Van Halen.