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Halshack is an everything music entertainment juggernaut including podcasts hosted by me with music and music only bonus show podcasts, review blogs, video channel like MTV and our own radio station on ZENO FM!!! We are broadcasted, played, streamed, downloaded, or aired in over 350 global markets and over 100 countries around the world!! I work with top stars music projects (Stevie Nicks, Frankie Muniz, Lil Zane, Cavo plus Duran Duran including many more endorsements) and have exclusive music and bands that only run under the Halshack promotional label and radio show. I was recently contacted by NBC network for talent for a new live TV show coming next year! "American Song Contest" based on Eurovision will be out Summer 2022 and UNDECIDED FUTURE was picked! I am honored to have been bestowed with such gifted musicians and music and to be revered with such respect among my peers. Thanks so much for your love and support as we continue to rise to the top of the music industry. I am currently fielding investors and/or partners to make HALSHACK RECORDS a reality. Do you important big wigs in the industry want countless new hit songs to feed the masses? Well I only got about 600 across my shows that you know nothing about from top quality artists, as good as, or better, than today’s FM radio stars!!


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Halshack is an everything music entertainment juggernaut including podcasts hosted by me with music and music only bonus show podcasts, review blogs, video channel like MTV and our own radio station on ZENO FM!!! We are broadcasted, played, streamed, downloaded, or aired in over 350 global markets and over 100 countries around the world!! I work with top stars music projects (Stevie Nicks, Frankie Muniz, Lil Zane, Cavo plus Duran Duran including many more endorsements) and have exclusive music and bands that only run under the Halshack promotional label and radio show. I was recently contacted by NBC network for talent for a new live TV show coming next year! "American Song Contest" based on Eurovision will be out Summer 2022 and UNDECIDED FUTURE was picked! I am honored to have been bestowed with such gifted musicians and music and to be revered with such respect among my peers. Thanks so much for your love and support as we continue to rise to the top of the music industry. I am currently fielding investors and/or partners to make HALSHACK RECORDS a reality. Do you important big wigs in the industry want countless new hit songs to feed the masses? Well I only got about 600 across my shows that you know nothing about from top quality artists, as good as, or better, than today’s FM radio stars!!








Episode 131: Halshack ep 27.5 (Classic Shack) Sept 2023 (classic rock bands including our exclusive version of Stand Back by the Paper Jackets)--bonus show

Its my birthday! I always give the gift of music! 52 trips around the sun and hoping for another 30 more to influence music back in the right direction! people seem to love this show already on some advanced screenings! It includes our special exclusive version of Stand Back (co-produced by Stevie Nicks and the Paper Jackets...original 1st version from 2018...not the version thats on their profile that was released last year..thats a different version with their new female singer...Stevie had nothing to do with the (new) second version which is stated in an article by the Paper Jackets) This song took almost 5 years to get released! We've had it since 2018 and this is the only place on the radio or ANYWHERE on the planet you can hear the 1st version produced by Stevie) Im honored its an exclusive! Im honored to have their support! Many great classic rock type bands in this show leading up to some more modern late 80s rock! These bands are from USA, CANADA, and IRELAND! Hope you enjoy the new show! You find it everywhere! on Itunes, Iheart, Amazon Music and many more! Halshack.com is my website Tracklist can be found at halshack.com/shacklists New Shacknation 13 (hosted episode) coming soon! (I know Im sorry Im behind!) No new news yet for Shackhole and High Rock Music Fest!! Stay tuned! Thanks for rockin' the Halshack!


Episode 130: Halshack ep 27.5 (Wonder Shack) Sept 2023-- (All New Mega Hits) bonus show

Bet you are wondering what the Wonder Shack is? Its a new series where we will focus on potential "mega hit tracks"!! Lots of these tracks have only had one play or no plays or haven't been played in a LONG time in rotation. There's many different reasons why these tracks have not had that much focus. It makes you wonder what we're doing over here at the Shack...lol The world is full of one hit wonders and wonders of the "musicsphere"! Its a wonder why you haven't heard of these bands yet outside of my show! Its a wonder why they aren't hits! Well no need to wonder anymore, were working on bringing them the attention and notoriety they deserve! So put your headphones on and head to the gym or hop in the car for a drive!! However you listen, have fun with the Halshack wonder songs of the music world! Find us on Iheart, Itunes, Amazon Music plus more and our all-new 24/7 radio station on ZenoFM!! We're back for GOOD!! Find everything at Halshack.com and all playlists can be found on the shacklists page Halshack.com/shacklists Battleshack 4 results show coming next month! All new talk and music hosted show Shacknation 13 coming soon! (final submissions from Reverbnation Campaign #7) Starting a new campaign with the company for the fall at the end of Sept and will run till December. Get your submissions in to REVERBANTION and BANDLAB through the opportunities program or submit to me directly through email or socials. Jesterman9000@gmail.com "Shackhole Gamefest" at the Axehole in Lexington, NC....pending (tba) High Rock Music Fest news........nothing new at the moment. Waiting on the Randolph County fire marshal to approve the race track for the event at Caraway Speedway in Asheboro, NC! Thanks for making the Halshack the best place for music!! We love all our fans and bands! Youre support does "not" go unnoticed or unappreciated! Its a grassroots effort to get us to the top and you guys have been growing the Halshack like weeds!!


Episode 129: Halshack ep 27.5 (Rap Shack 14) Aug 2023---WARNING!! explicit 18+

Its August and Daft Punk (w/ Jawny Badluck) are bringing the fire! Its just hot and there's no mistaking that the heat you can find on the Halshack is just as hot as the heat outside! We're making some new nostalgic memories in the summer heat here in the Rap Shack! This show is half submissions and half regular artists on my show. It worked out to have room to focus on some new releases and past hits from the show! Check out Migs718 swimming with the "Sharks" on repeat from Rap Shack 6 while Ladibree is "Groovin" to new tunes as she was "Chosen" to bring back old school female lead hip-hop in a big way! Just finished up Reverbnation campaign #7 and this group of last finalists surely knows how to blister the airwaves with some melting hot rap and hip hop! 1300 submissions this campaign with 55 being chosen across all genres! Well done to the top 4% for catching my ear to make my show! We love our hip hop here at the shack! We even love our world beats too as we have Mt. Boi and Dwon to bring you some culture from the faraway land of Africa. New rap and hip-hop styles kick off the show with a freakin' brilliant new collab from alternative pop rock act Sam Tinnesz (Legends are Made, Play with Fire) delved into the land of an urban pop/hip-hop and busted out a hell of a track called "Enemy". Be sure to catch newcomer Philly? with his multi diverse style branch into rap with fire to tear up the "Billboard" charts if it were known! Watch out for new comers (2 of Me) while they show you their skills aren't "Counterfeit"! Great song! Wrap up the last segment with some older jam styles mixed with current vibes from Jawny Badluck and very special guest "DAFT PUNK" with a remix of their tune "Sumthin' About Us"! Listen to the show as it slithers like a "Snake" and weaves its way through musical bliss of various rap styles of the years. Once you hear our rap anthems you will never want to leave the Rap Shack, you will always "Be Mine" like Tony Domingo!...lol Find all Rap shows and everything Halshack at my website! Halshack.com Find the tracklist at shacklists at my website Halshack.com/shacklists Find all shows on most music platforms from Itunes, to Iheart radio to Amazon Music to many more!! Find all Halshack Rockcast exclusive playlists on Spotify only!! Check us out soon for full talk and music show Ep 28 with all new rock, pop, alt, and americana acts plus more from the Reverbnation #7 campaign! Thanks for becoming a fan! Please help to share the show! this is a small grassroots movement to help indie music! We need shares and promotion to help turn the tides of music back to quality! See you soon!


Episode 128: Halshack Ep 27.5 (SHACK COUNTRY 5) Aug 2023 (theme show)

Get your cowboy boots and your saddle together for a backwoods ride through the hills and valleys as well as plush the green meadows of the country soundscape that is the Halshack! Strap up for a good time from 2000s modern country flare to newer sounds of the country musicsphere, we will throw a little bluegrass party as well as you join in on the fun! Not to be left out of the party you will want to stick around for some southern style cowboy blues rock to wrap up your ride through the backwoods! Tailgating, fishing and wasting money plus many more nostalgic memories are here to be had and cherished. Its within music that we find our souls to help better understand ourselves and life's passions. Country music is at the backbone of what it means to be an American. Its in these lyrics and anthems that we come together as one for the great shared experience of the radio from years past! So what are you waiting for, hop in the car or on the horse and take me out to the barn to shovel the stalls....lol Might as well make your day musically bearable for an hour or two then go find all the other great Halshack shows! We cover all the bases of every popular genre with professional esteemed credits and bands, it hasn't been easy to get here but we did it the old fashioned way...... "We earned it"....lol Let these artists earn a place in your musical library catalogue! Some are just starting out and need all the help they can get just like us here at the Halshack! 100 countries doesnt mean alot of people but slowly we are grinding our way to the top! Find everything Halshack including the playlist on the Shacklists page at Halshack! Halshack.com Halshack.com/shacklists Find all the shows anywhere on the web and my website or at Itunes, Iheart radio, Amazon Music and many more! Thanks for being a fan! more to come! Ep 28 Brand new Season 5 just around the corner with over 15 new acts and all new music including me hosting the show with 3 spotlights! One will be on CAVO for the potential High Rock Music Fest! Thanks for tuning in!!


Episode 127: Halshack ep 27.5 (Destination Unknown 2) July 2023 (summer drive-- bonus show)

Time for summer fun! Who knows where the music will take you so lets get in the car and DRIVE baby! This will continue my famous theme show that started it all. Destination Unknown 1 was a sure fire hit!!! Lets capture the magic of the road again with a theme show full of "drive" titles or being on the road and reference titles for movement to unknown destinations and places. Summer as you know is a great time for travel or just taking a leisurely drive across the landscape no matter where you live in this world. Here in the USA taking a road trip is a favorite past time of ours. America is so big you can drive for hours and not even leave one state. You need to enjoy your road trip too while you pass the time in the car, truck or RV. That's what the Halshack is for! Hours of boring car rides can seem like a dull time when you think about it but your music destination is just around the corner with a touch of a button. So next time you need to spend some time in the car whether its driving to your family vacation or heading out to do errands you might as well enjoy the road while finding your final destination. So hop in the car and download or stream your favorite music guru of the radio dial!! Finding some of the best most qualified examples of rock bands and pop artists to Americana and country. Americas roads are full of backstory and rich heritage as well as the roads and highways of the world. There are bands in this show from England and Europe! Diversity in culture and musical styles is what drove 90s radio to be the best time for tunes in history! Were bringing that back again! Stream or download here or everywhere from Itunes to Iheart to Amazon Music plus many more!! Find the tracklist under Shacklists at my website Halshack.com More news to come on the Shackhole at the Axehole in Lexington and the High Rock Music Fest at Caraway Speedway! New Ep 28 full talk and music show be out soon with all new artists for Shacknation 13! Get to voting in the Battleshack 4 contest please! Time is running out for those of you have not had your voices heard to build your own show for Battleshack 4 fan appreciation episode!! See you soon!!


Episode 126: Halshack Ep 27.5 (80s were Dazy 2) July 2023 (bonus show w- Belinda Carlisle)

Lets get back to basics folks!! The 80s/90s were the king of the road for music! Diversity in music is what makes the culture of the world spin out on the airwaves. Back in the day we opened our ears and eyes and our borders to music from all over the world from the British Invasion to South African vibes to Gregorian chants even...lol Its a crime that music has flown in the direction it has. Newcomers (DARKBIRD) from Austin, TX are certainly not guilty of any musical "Crimes" as their new hit has soared in for a landing on the Halshack! I'm glad they decided to pick my landing zone and launching pad for their band. We will do what we can to help Darkbird build a nest here at my show! We even got super lucky to land Belinda Carlisle and Gabe Lopez in a new duet "California Blues". We are absolutely not feeling the blues around the Shack these days! I'm honored to have their support! Over the years the labels seemed to have forgot where quality meets innovation and "catchy" writing skills as well as pro experience to produce a top hit. The hits of today fail in comparison on many fronts from the forefathers and mothers of popular music of the past. Its not about "Get off my lawn"!! or "Kids today and their music"...lol It's about the very quality of whats being produced from an objective professional perspective. That all stopped about 10 to 15 years ago. That's when the decline of diversity set in and we only have what we have today at the top. We cant forget what "powerhouse hits" came well before the industry decided to stop looking for real singer songwriters and closing our musical borders to the knowledge of the world radio sphere. Its a "crime" that no one knows these bands exist and could compete with the greats of the past! Its a "crime" that there's no central place for music where we can share in that collective experience that made our world so connected without the internet or our phones. These new technologies have made us less connected than ever before! Lets rock 80s/90s!! Pop wave, Brit wave, Americana/rock in this show!! Have fun!! Up next maybe Ep 28 Shacknation 13 (full talk and music) or another theme show, not sure yet! Whatever it is, it will be great as always from your trusted guru of the radio dial! We got some BIG announcements coming soon about the High Rock Music Festival and the Shackhole down at the Axehole in Lexington NC! Find my show everywhere on Itunes, Iheart Radio, Podomatic, Deezer, Amazon Music and many more! Halshack.com you can find everything here including the tracklist at the SHACKLISTS page! Halshack.com/shacklists Thanks so much for becoming a fan! Help spread the word! This has been a 10 year passion project with no money made! Time to turn Halshack into an LLC and start the income stream for the bands with festivals and much more!


Episode 125: Halshack ep 27.5 (Rap Shack 13) July 2023-- WARNING!! 18++ Explicit Content!!

Brand new Reverbnation Campaign #7 (Rap Shack 13) almost 1000 submissions so far and these roughly 20 new artists were chosen to be a part of my special rap/hip-hop series that's been earning many accolades throughout the industry. The nature of music is a funny thing. True it's ever changing but good quality acts don't usually go against the grain. Nature gave humans the ability to vibrate with the world in musical bliss across multiple genres and styles from new to classic and from young to old. Rap/hip-hop/R&B is deeply rooted in blues/jazz/gospel buried in the rich history of the backwoods also city pubs and clubs of the south. Rapshack thirteen is lean, mean, and green with the rising talent that can only be found out there in the indie wilderness of hip hop land. Take a musical hunting trip through the vast prairie of rap/hip-hop sounds that are a rare find from the usual habitat of the top music market. Rest assured you can always escape the insanity of the world as you spend some quality time outside the "concrete corporate" musicsphere with the Halshack! Lets all get back to the basics of what the last 30 years of hip-hop has taught us about writing a good catchy tune and that would be................It's all in the melody! Melody is the key to unlocking the sweet spot of rap infusion. There was once a day when rap was one dimensional and kept in a box. That box has exploded to an artistic robust world of music that only nature herself could have created. Catch my boy "IamTonyDomingo" with his debut track "You're Missed" (featuring the cool beats of UK producer 2Deep with sweet soft vocals by Marian) on the worldwide Halshack airwaves hailing the mountains of Tennessee. Try not to let the insanity of the world get you down like Leroy Booker with his new track debut "I'm Insane". Hope you have a good journey through the backwoods and down the backroads to visit my RAPSHACK. This is an exclusive trip you can only take here at the Halshack! Find the show everywhere on the web at Amazon Music, Iheart Radio, Itunes, Podomatic, and many more! Visit the show website to find 15 pages of content built over the last 10 years just for you the listener! Halshack.com More to come with news of the Shackhole challenge game night this summer! HIGH ROCK MUSIC FEST plans are in swing for next summer Aug 2024!! New blogging staff has been added and we look forward to refiring some passion around the CREWS VIEWS review page! BATTLESHACK 4 is happening in SHACKHEADS facebook group. Please ask to join to vote for your faves for the fan appreciation show! Ep 28 is just around the corner! Brand new talk and music show with yours truly on the mic hosting the all new SHACKNATION vol 13!! See you soon!


Episode 124: Halshack Ep 27.5 (Big Blue Ska 2)-- June 2023 (theme show)

Here we go again for another round of fun in the sun with BIG BLUE SKA 2! Get your ska reggae pop infused fix here to set your summer off right! Today is the first day of summer for the northern hemisphere where most of the world resides! Its also the longest day of sunlight but oddly its been awful cool and very rainy here in NC as El Nino sets in for the summer! It may be grey and gloomy out today but its never dreary here at the Halshack! It always feels like a day at the beach and warm summer sun! "Feels like Fridays" will be the new catchphrase for the Halshack! We hope you agree! So tune into a great "Friday Fest" of some of the best deep rooted beach sounds along with a bit of pop infusion for your afternoon delight! Get Halshack everywhere! ITUNES, IHEART RADIO, AMAZON MUSIC, and many more including my website HALSHACK.com Join "Shackheads" on Facebook to vote in the summer contest Battleshack 4 for the Fan Appreciation show this fall! Next up plans in the works for the Shackhole Challenge Game Night at the Axehole in Lexington NC and HIGH ROCK MUSIC FESTIVAL for August 2024 at CARAWAY SPEEDWAY! Thanks for tuning in! Tell your friends that Halshack is the new home for "GEN-X" and all music lovers! See you soon! (plan is now for a 10 day schedule and that may change to 7)


Episode 123: Halshack Ep 27.5 (DADS ROCK 3) June 2023- Fathers Day (bonus show)

DADS JUST ROCK and DADS LOVE ROCK! Its Dads Rock 3 up for your ears to soak in the mighty axe sounds! HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all my fans, bands and their families that are Dads too! Most Dads will agree that my rock series has earned its degree in the "School of Rock"! This class is no different as they teach you all about what they have learned. Hyper focused laser precision skills have been mastered to take you on a journey from new rock to vapor wave to Brit rock to modern blues to straight rock then we round out the show with in your face heavy guitar riffs and thunderous pounding kick drums to set your Fathers Day week off with a bang! So much to tell as we set our sights on the High Rock Music Fest August 2024 at Caraway Speedway! SHACKHOLE/PARTYSHACK challenge game night with the festival announcement in the near future. (hopefully July) BATTLESHACK 4 has commenced! If you want to participate and place your votes for your favorite bands for the fan appreciation show then you can find the group at SHACKHEADS (its a private group, ask to join) There's several bands from this episode in the contest! Winners will get their own (talk and music show hosted by me) , special, along with extra press and maybe an invite to the music festival next year! Its up to you to say who you want on the ticket. You can help make that happen. From this episode competing in Battleshack 4 Hadee Move Like Creatures The Explorers Wild Horse Fetcher Nothing but a Nightmare Below 7 Crashing Atlas Once Around As always you can find everything Halshack at my website HALSHACK.COM Find the show all over the web including ITUNES, IHEART RADIO, AMAZON MUSIC and many more! HAPPY FATHERS DAY from all of us at HALSHACK!


Episode 122: Halshack Ep 27.5 (COLOR VISIONS) June 2023- theme show

Colors here, colors there, colors everywhere! Life is full of colors and our eyes see in visions of technicolor. Lets all visit the color spectrum here at the Halshack with titles of songs that are all about color from Diamonds to Green to Gold. You're never too old for fun tunes and a colorful life. In this episode we are featuring The National Parks as they just finished up a spring tour with more to come in the fall with their 8th Wonder tour. They will be making 3 stops in NC so catch me at the Charlotte show! See you there! We also got JR Richards of DISHWALLA (sure you remember Counting Blue Cars) lending his skills of color to the show with his potential solo hit White Light! More to come as we flesh out the new Reverbnation Campaign #7 that just started and plenty more theme shows to last the summer! BATTLESHACK 4 summer voting contest starting soon as more news coming for the SHACKHOLE at the AXEHOLE in Lexington and the official announcement of the HIGH ROCK MUSIC FEST coming soon! Find all things Halshack at my website including the tracklist for the show at the Shacklists page! Halshack.com Find my show all over the web including ITUNES, IHEART RADIO, AMAZON MUSIC and many more!! May be another rock show coming for Fathers Day! Dads Rock 3 Catch you again soon!


Episode 121: Halshack Ep 27.5 (HUMMER NUMBERS) May 2023- (Paper Jackets exclusive) bonus show

Ok folks! Its spring and I got the spring fever for theme shows! I made a bunch in advance while we wait on the brand new Reverbnation Campaign #7 to be fleshed out! Just started on May 15th- July 31st. Get your submissions in now to have a chance to be heard on my show or find me anywhere on social media and hit me up in my inbox. I'm always checking my messages and I check my spam folders as well for hidden requests because we are not connected (you can find me on Facebook, IG and Twitter) I'm super social and always ready to make friends and fans or meet new bands. You can also submit to my email through my website at Halshack.com These themes are full of new topics for you to enjoy that take a different turn as they twist and weave in and out of my library that has expanded full throttle over the years. Back in Oct 2018, its a well known story about my craziness of my show and how its all connected and I do things in advance that trigger events in the future or I'm just on target with my future and I don't even know it. I plan things in advance and some of the themes and the songs play out in my life at the same time that I air the episodes. Crazy! Its not always the case but we will see what happens here with the next set of shows. There's already events unfolding in this numbers show! 27 by Below 7 was supposed to be in an earlier show and it was replaced for another with a better fit. I didn't know I was going to plan a numbers show..lol. Paper Jackets has an exclusive album that resides solely on my show. "3 for the show" has never been played off that album. Ive covered about every song from it but I never made it to that one for some reason. Its now time to finally let that one see the light of day! There's more I could talk about but Ive yammered enough so instead of yammering lets start humming to all these great bands and fun tunes with numbers that will make you hummmmm all day long!!..lol Its Hummer Numbers....enjoy!! LOTS OF NEWS! New Battleshack 4 contest coming this summer! Be on the lookout for the voting competition to start in June and run till Labor day! Be 30 bands and artists chosen out of 125 eligible contestants since the last contest 2 years ago. (pop, alt, indie, rock, country, plus more to choose from) Vote for your fave 3. You HAVE to vote for 3 or your vote will be disqualified. High Rock Music Fest for August 2024 at Caraway Speedway in NC is inching ever so closer to reality! Shackhole and Club Shack down at the Axehole/Friction Skating coming this summer in Lexington NC! Catch the Halshack everywhere you catch your tunes! Iheart Music, Itunes, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Spotify (playlists only) , plus many more! See you again soon for the next theme show! I wonder what it will be! ....lol


Episode 120: Halshack Ep 27.5 Happy Mothershack Day 2- May 2023- Holiday Special bonus show

Happy Mothers day to all our loving Moms! Its been 4 years since the last Mother's Day show. That one dealt with all my female artists at the time to celebrate women and their achievements. This time around I'm building on the idea of family, moms, dads, kids, babies and more titles dealing with the subject of moms lives even if you are NOT a MOM yourself you will still enjoy this show. Thanks to all our Moms for the daily sacrifices they make for the love of their families. Sometimes life is great and works out how you want sometimes it isnt and these are life lessons that we all need to learn at any age. There are stories here of youth and never being to young for love or having fun in the night to growing older and desiring a more simple quieter life. Don't worry about the kids, they will be alright! You just focus on you this Mothers Day and have some "Whiskey Baby" on us! Thank you to our loving mothers for all they do! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all!! Have a great weekend! Find the show all over the web from Itunes to Iheart, to Amazon Music to many more including my website Halshack.com Find the tracklist at Shacklists page Halshack.com/shacklists


Episode 119: Halshack- Ep 27.5 (LOST WAYS) May 2023- bonus show w-CAVO- official cut

"Themes are us" here at the Halshack! ..lol with special guest (CAVO) This show came about because of a submission from Alternative Twist Radio! They submitted to me a new competent talented artist by the name of Will Buck! I searched through his library and found this "little diddy" that almost "slipped my grasp"..lol with his song "Sleight of Hand" Will bucked this idea into my head to do a theme show based solely around this song. I had to find a way to use it so I dug deep through 10 years worth of my catalogue new and old to pull out one of the best episodes in the theme series to date! The best shows come along unplanned! This episode is all about what one faces from the negative side of life. Its a very serious tone. Some of the songs are upbeat but the show as a whole will tax your inner self and test your strength plus your mental fortitude. You can and will survive. Learn how to cope and find the inner strength needed to push forward. A good support system in your life is a must. Everyone experiences loss in many ways from the loss of a loved one to the loss of their family unit to losing ones keys or even losing yourself to the madness we call life. We all desperately want change but some lack the will or the fortitude to see it through. I have been in a very dark place the last several years of my life at different moments after the loss of my family unit plus the loss of my pets dying to losing my great house at the lake after 7 years then my car died. (lost house due to owners selling, I was a renter). Life has been somewhat strange and an adventure ever since...lol Its allowed me much introspective and retrospective on how to cope with life's curve balls. Through it all the music and my new phase of life have kept me positive and happy, for the most part, despite all the misery! New adventures are on the horizon as we plan forward for a SHACK HOLE at the Axe Hole/Friction Skating in Lexington NC! Next year coming August 2024 is the High Rock Music Fest with Halshack at CARAWAY SPEEDWAY! (hopefully, we are waiting on county approval for a permit for the festival at this time) Spotify playlist for some of the potential acts at the fest. we could see 40 to 50. Heres at least 15 to get you started! https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7acb5ugqLCvykCiztlz027?si=8ba26a7ba0e24883 We will keep you posted! Find the show everywhere you find great podcasts like ITUNES, IHEART RADIO, AMAZON MUSIC, PODOMATIC plus many more! Find 15 pages of content including video shows like MTV, contests, and music blogs plus more! Halshack.com Find the playlist at Shacklists page at my website Halshack.com/shacklists Find BRAND NEW playlist series built on SPOTIFY of our quality artists! Just search Halshack Rockcasts under playlists. You will find over 40 lists! Thanks for becoming a fan!!


Episode 118: Halshack Ep 27.5 Rap Shack 12 (Apr 2023)- Bonus show (Warning 18+ Explicit music)

Rap Shack 12 is sure to delve into some great jams to make you go "........DAMN!"..lol We're back again with another edition of my stellar rap and hip hop series I'm becoming renown for around the globe per our official radio submission campaigns with Reverbnation! This rounds out official campaign number #6 with the company. Moving on to 7 this summer!! We had 1500 submissions and chose about 50 to fill a few shows! Be sure to get your submissions in for the next campaign starting May 15th and ending July 31st! "She wanna do it for the Gram!" says Black Shawd and indeed we do want to get our message out to the Gram and Tik Tok and anywhere else who wants some dope tunes for your ride or to flash your hide...lol I managed to put together a cool special featuring some new rap infused R&B with a little soul pop in between then we go cruising into the islands for a little flavor of Jamaica. Skylar Lutes and Drifting Roots were having fun in the sun till the boys in blue thought they we're a "suspect" for bringing too much good music to your ears! Meanwhile MIGS718 is getting "Wasted" off good vibes after his BRAND NEW track just released!! Then we're going to take a slight stroll down memory lane to the harder edge of rap with some various new and old style hip hop mixes! Thanks for enjoying this journey with me. Its hard to put these shows together and manage to find all the right material to form a proper flow in order to arrange these various styles in a one hour setting. I manage to get lucky and do it everytime which is quite intriguing that I can do this without flaw. It does take alot of work. I have to dive through every single library of every potential artist for the episode and find the song that works and is presentable and professional enough for radio play. If its not there it doesnt make my show. Thats the quality Ive become known for. I appreciate everyone so much for becoming a fan and recognizing what we do here at the Halshack! It means the world to me and the most to these artists who have no voice to help them stand out! Find our shows across multiple platforms like itunes, Iheart, Amazon Music,. Podomatic, and many more plus my website at Halshack.com See you soon! Time to start up some theme shows again and have a Shack Hole "live" event coming soon to the Axehole and Friction Skating this summer in Lexington NC. where we hope to announce our official plans for the High Rock Music Fest Summer 2024 once we get the approvals and location solved. See ya later alligators!! ...lol ....... Peace out my friends!!


Episode 117: Halshack ep 27.5 (Shacknation 12)- Apr 2023-- (Belinda Carlisle--Gabe Lopez)- bonus show.

Please welcome Belinda Carlisle to the Halshack!! Well last year we didn't get to put much focus on this special event! Due to the Wampus Cat Music Festival with Lit, Everclear and Sister Hazel this song was completely over shadowed! I talked about the song and played it in the Wampus Cat Special but it was a wash for their representation! Well I'd like to give this song justice and put the proper focus on the stellar career of Miss Belinda Carlisle of the Go Go's fame! I'm honored to have her on the show! She released a book recently about her troubled life behind the scenes which I believe many of us did not know about! I'm thankful she found a clean road to sobriety and she's with us today to share her stories of trials and tribulations. I'm glad she's overcome her problems and back on the road touring and cutting new music like this song with Gabe Lopez! Gabe submitted to me again for the show which we've already heard Gabe 3 times now on 3 diff tunes so thought we should swing back around to this little "diddy" about feeling the blues for home in CALIFORNIA BLUES! Honored to have this duet! This is all part of Reverbnation Campaign #6! We had 1500 submissions and all total almost 50 were chosen. There was 2 Shacknation shows and one rap show still to be released Rap Shack 12 will be out soon! Announcements will be coming shortly in emails to the lucky winners to get on my show! This is a great show. 10 minutes longer than normal. Lots of varied popular styles blended together. First you have some pop then a little EDM to swing your hips too then we work into some modern contemporary and off with a Brit wave to end the block. Third we will rock you out with various styles of new rock from light to heavy in your face tracks with Once Around at the end! Its a blast! Share to your friends and associates! You find the show all over the web! Itunes Iheart Amazon Music Podomatic and many more!! Halshack.com See you again soon for Rap Shack 12! High Rock Music Festival plans are in full swing for Summer 2024! More on that later!


Episode 116: Halshack Ep 27.5 Shacknation 11 (Mar 2023) --- Bonus show

Its time for SPRING and time for us to spring forward into action!! Time for Shacknation 11. New Reverbnation Campaign #6 is underway and almost near closing time. You got one more week to get your submissions into for this campaign for a shot at my show through the Reverbnation Opportunities Program! Weve had about 1500 submissions this go around and have chose 45 roughly for 3 shows! Shacknation 11 and 12 and Rapshack 12 coming soon! Ive been stagnant lately on life and the show! Its time for that to change! Its time to get motivated on more radio shows and starting my plans for a "Shack Hole" down at the Axe Hole here in Lexington, NC and the bigger picture of the High Rock Music Festival "goin down" here in my county (hopefully...planning stages) late Summer 2024. This show is full of surprises and quality talent!! 2nd track is a new comer from Austraila, Xanna Behn, and the 2nd artist to make my radar from the land down under. Shes got a potential pop hit on her hands! Its an earworm folks! Tomboy is no boy at all and shes got massive appeal feeling a bit lucky these days cause shes inflicted with the "Lucky Girl Syndrome"!! This is one of the more unique pop hits Ive heard in many many years. It mixes up about 6 genres in one song and is a throwback to multiple styles of artists from the 80s and 90s. Its a finely crafted tune and well worth worldwide exposure. Plenty more for you to enjoy from indie rock, pop, alt and some indie folk/blues thrown in the mix as well as The Slacksons are making a reappearance from all the way across the giant pond with their funky cool version of STORMY WEATHER! Love having the Brits on my show! You can find my show on some British radio stations as well like XRP and Discover Unsigned Radio! Thanks again to all of these quality artists! More to come from some of them in future shows as always the quality songs stay in rotation here on my show as we are building a new music universe (old school style) for the next generation of the industry! You can find the show everywhere around the world at my website and find the tracklist on the shacklists page Halshack.com Halshack.com/shacklists You can also find it on Podomatic (home), Iheart Radio, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Itunes, Stitcher, Luminary and many many more! Thanks for becoming a fan! New shows coming for Shacknation 12 and Rapshack 12!!


Episode 115: Halshack Ep 27 SHACKNATION vol 10-- Mar 2023-- Eminem/D12/Disaster Theory (full show/talk & music)

Happy Spring everyone! Well well do we have a loaded show for you this month! All new Reverbnation campaign #5 with some combined artist from #6 as well as a special EXCLUSIVE collab with metal band Disaster Theory who joined forces with D12 (Swifty McVay) close friends with none other than Eminem!!! We scored the track here on the show and glowing approval to help promote the band and the song!! Im super honored to have Eminem as part of the Halshack! This is alot more "indie" type episode than usual for us. Something different this time around for your musical palette to enjoy! So much more news to go over! Listen to the show and find out! Ive been invited on to a podcast coming in a week with my partners Greg Goodell and Mike Hoffman as we have a "little chat" with my friend Jesse Blount on The Undiscovered Entrepreneur Sun Mar 12th at 2pm Est!! If you miss it "live" you can find it later on his podcast feed and Ill more than likely upload it to mine as well! BIG SHOW here folks! Really BIG DEAL for the Halshack and all these awesome artists! Please help and share the show! No one really knows about these bands nor do they know about EMs collab song! Its not owned by Eminem and its vulgar but it has a great message about adversity they have all faced in the music industry! Too cool to be apart of this moment in history! Find the show everywhere on the web! Itunes, Apple Podcasts, Iheart Radio, Podomatic! Amazon Music and many more! Find the shacklist at my website on the SHACKLISTS page and all things my show at Halshack! Halshack.com New bonus shows coming soon for Shacknation vol 11 and 12! Check out my NEW Spotify playlist series!! See you again soon! Thanks for becoming a fan!!


Episode 114: Halshack- 26.5 (Rap Shack 11) Feb 2023- explicit- Warning 18+

Up for grabs now is RAP SHACK 11, a special R&B focus show for your groove! Bobbin' to the beat of the Halshack to start your new year with Devonne24k and many more new artists from the last Reverbnation campaign! We got a few recurring artists and some new finds from the last campaign and we just started a brand new campaign #6. Discovered Leroy Booker from the new camp!! Ponder is a cool song! Middle of the show features some suave "indie rap" along with Jawny Badluck in the middle and some eclectic world beat sounds with a few international genre artists to round out the segment. Apollo King 47 bringin' the Latin infused beats along with 2 guys from Nigeria you will love if you're into Seal! Mt Boi and Dibi_Ju! Catch all things Halshack at my website!! Halshack.com Find the Shacklist for the show at Halshack.com/shacklists Find the show all over the "interwebs" anywhere!! IHeart Radio, Itunes, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Podomatic and many more!! Thanks for being a fan or becoming one! Show has grown into over 100 countries total but we expanded our city reach this past year by a ton! This year we reached 482 cities in 83 countries! THANK YOU!!!!


Episode 1: Skate Shack- Halshack (special exclusive) Friction Skating Rink- Ep 1 (July 2022) rel Jan 2023

Happy New year everybody! With a new year comes new dreams and aspirations and look no further for yours truly to set off a perfect "harmonic" storm for your winter (or summer..lol) music blues!! Friction Skating Rink in Lexington is the coolest place to be to catch new episodes of this exclusive series made specifically for the skating rink at Grand Opening to get their feet wet and mine too as we will be holding "Shack Hole" events at the Axe Hole connected next door to the skating rink! What a wild combination of skating and axe throwing in the same building...., its a good thing they aren't skating and throwing axes in tandem....lol At the Axe Hole you will find pool tables (Pool Tournaments on certain nights) Cornhole (official Cornhole league tournaments), Punching Machine, Bull Riding games plus much more! Beer, Wine and Sodas and Snacks. Full arcade fun next door at the Skating Rink! Bring the family or book your next event at the Axe Hole/Friction Skating in Lexington, NC!! Plans for a SHACK HOLE are in the works where we will have challenge games for prizes going all night and great party music to rock your night away while I blissfully host your party event! Be looking forward to the announcement! Shacknation 10 and Rap Shack 11 are still in the works for the fans and the artists involved! Ive been too busy with work and the holidays to focus on that! That's the next thing to tackle on my agenda! ASAP! For now enjoy this little tidbit from yours truly to tide you over. Great music for skating or a party in general or just take a drive and dive right in to the cherry picked sounds of the Halshack! Shacklist is on the flyer, it can also be found at my website Halshack.com/shacklists Find everything Halshack at my website Halshack.com Find the show on all music servers including Itunes, Iheart Radio, Amazon Music plus many more! SPOTIFY PLAYLIST SERIES is here. Just search HALSHACK ROCKCAST to find many great compilations of our bands libraries from over the years! I'm working diligently to add many more as the months progress! See you folks soon!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!


Episode 113: Halshack Ep 26.5 (Rap Shack 10)- Dec 2022 - bonus show (Seasons Greetings from the Halshack)

Happy Holidays everyone!! No time for a proper bio right now. Heading out the door for family Christmas!! Find all things Halshack at my website or listen on Iheart Radio, Itunes and many more! Halshack.com Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!