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Massachusetts local musicians Anthony and Markus along with "The Opinion" Jay discuss music, events, album reviews, artist interviews of hard rock, heavy metal, punk, altnerative, and rock music along with beer reviews and discussion and a sprinkle of unique comedy.

Massachusetts local musicians Anthony and Markus along with "The Opinion" Jay discuss music, events, album reviews, artist interviews of hard rock, heavy metal, punk, altnerative, and rock music along with beer reviews and discussion and a sprinkle of unique comedy.
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Massachusetts local musicians Anthony and Markus along with "The Opinion" Jay discuss music, events, album reviews, artist interviews of hard rock, heavy metal, punk, altnerative, and rock music along with beer reviews and discussion and a sprinkle of unique comedy.








EP 27 - Where Are They Now

Anthony, Markus, and Jay explore 3 artists or musicians and where ...or what?? they have become with their pasts behind them and their future in front of them! 3 Total segments... news (with of course a massive countdown list) and beer! Cheers! Like, Share, Listen, Repeat! Links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krist_Novoselic https://www.ranker.com/list/rock-stars-of-the-1990s-where-are-they-now-/clintonjake...


EP 26 - Second Hand Smoke - Sublime Tribute

Todays episode is joined by tribute to Sublime... the band "Second Hand Smoke" with their awesome representation and an acoustic demonstration of the great tunes that are the mighty Sublime! Awesome talents and absolute genuine dudes.. great management.. and killer episode as a result! Little news and of course the beers were flowing... enjoy.. like, share, listen, repeat! Cheers! EP 25 - Second Hand Smoke...


EP 25 - Rap Metal Crossovers

Anthony, Markus, and Jay are diving further into the vast diversity that is the heavy metal genre with a look at Rap Metal Collaborations throughout the years. By no means did we pick favorites but these particular tunes caught our attention and admiration and we present them to you for discussion and critique. Lots of news today and Markus' brand new fascination with the worship of the "Flying Spaghetti Monster" - The Pastafarians. Like, Share, Listen, Repeat! Send us an email with...


EP 24 - Moon Hill Brewing

Episode 24 finds the guys taking a new avenue in the music and beer world as we invite our friends from "Moon Hill Brewing" in Gardner, Massachusetts in for games, talks, insider brewery info, and of course a few drinks, we have Head Brewer Ryan Daigle and Assistant Brewer Matt Ducharme. Enjoy... Cheers! Brewery Episode: http://moonhillbrewing.com/index.php https://www.facebook.com/moonhillbrewing/ Moon Hill Brews Drank Today: Scrumtrulescent (Tequila Barrel) <—Awesome By The Way Social...


EP 23 - Snowbound Throwdown PART TWO

This episode has Anthony and Markus at The Snowbound Club in Winchendon, MA. This is live recording, PART TWO of this epic all day event... we got drunk peeps for days playing some "Are You Smarter..." and killer interviews with Dave Korona from Undertow and Greg Sullivan from "Mr Self Destruct" ... an awesome ending to a killer day... check out the video we posted from the event at fb.me/hmoa6pack email us with comments hmoa6pack@gmail.com and enjoy! Cheers! EP 23:...


EP 22 - Snowbound Throwdown 3.0 - PART ONE

Episode 22 brings Markus and Anthony LIVE in Winchendon, Massachusetts ... at the "Snowbound Throwdown 3.0" an outdoor, 6 band (all tribute bands) festival with special guests "The Steelface Circus" featuring 10 year old Liam and 14 year old Riley. We hung out at this event ALL day and ALL night, we spoke to and met some awesome people, some great musicians, and the shenanigans involved! In between band interviews we grabbed random people to play along with "Are You Smarter than a...


EP 21 - Heavy Metal Debate - Metallica vs Megadeth

In this episode 2 of our hosts are going to debate the overlong debate of who is truly superior... Metallica or Megadeth.... Anthony is covering the role as moderator for this debate... Markus is taking the role of Metallica and Jay "The Opinion" is debating for Megadeth..... its a long.. deep cutting drawn out battle... have a listen and report to Facebook page fb.me/hmoa6pack and vote for 1.... Who won this debate??? and 2.... Who made Anthony QUIT during the episode... HAHA! But in all...


EP 20 - Artist Tribute - PANTERA

With the recent loss of Vinnie Paul and the past lost of Dimebag, we take an episode to step back and discuss the mighty Pantera in a tribute episode to one of the greatest bands of all time.. The album starts with news then the main topic, don't forget to email us your thoughts and feedback and join the discussion! Beer review at the end... enjoy Pantera! Cheers! @hmoa6pack fb.me/hmoa6pack.com hmoa6pack@gmail.com...


EP 19 - Artist Evolution - Machinehead

Part 3 of 3 of the Artist Evolutions... Markus' segment features the band and Evolution of Machinehead started in 1991 and playing until this current day. Ending this episode with our beer review... the review of the beers that were consumed starting with EP 17 and all the way thru this one .... hahaha we went for a while! But killer topic on some great tunes and great artists! Cheers! Send us your feedback at: hmoa6pack@gmail.com Follow us @hmoa6pack fb.me/hmoa6pack Machinehead...


EP 18: Artist Evolution - Faith No More

Part 2 of the artist Evolutions.. Anthony, Markus, and Jay discuss "Faith No More" and their evolution from their legendary career. Also an "Artist Profile" from Anthony on the band "Avatar" ... a great episode! Like, Share, Listen, Repeat! We can be contacted directly via email with any feedback at hmoa6pack@gmail.com and found on all social medias as well as iTunes, Google Play, TuneIn, and iHeart radio! We appreciate all of our directories and we appreciate you! Give us a rating if you...


EP 17 - Artist Evolution - ATREYU

This episode is gonna start with some news, couple topics, and then Anthony starts our newest segment "Artist Evolution" where we take a band and we start at their core and talk about their roots, their progress, and where they are today. Atreyu is first on our list... we broke this episode up into a few chapters that we will rapid fire this week! Jay and Markus' segments in the upcoming shows! First segment of "Live Music Report" where we find out about local and national shows playing,...


EP 16 - B Sides

Have you ever listened to an album and not understand how certain songs didn't become as popular as they should have? Thats what the "B Sides" is all about. Anthony, Markus, and Jay start the show with a follow up discussion with the story from EP 14 with NOFX, we discuss some news and then each host picked 5 "B Sides" to discuss and share! All are linked to the notes here so check em out and let us know what you think! Find us and Like us on Facebook: fb.me/hmoa6pack Thoughts, comments,...


EP 15 - Battle Royale - Greatest Heavy Metal Band

Athony, Markus, and Jay are at it again... todays main event we will decide with our flawless, perfect, no issue whatsoever system of determining the best in the world... this time around we did the Worlds Greatest Heavy Metal Band! We discuss As I lay Dying, some small news articles and drink some beers! Let us know your thoughts on our thoughts via email hmoa6pack@gmail.com would enjoy hearing your opinion on our opinion! Please rate us if you haven't already! Like us and share us on...


EP 14 - Beers, Opinions, Video Games, and Hidden Gems

Okay...... lets all be honest with each other... when local musicians Anthony and Markus get together with "The Opinion" Jay.. we didn't plan this episode super duper, but what you get in return is two new segments, some cool headlines, and some "Opinions Under The Influence" ... plus a "Hidden Gem" you don't want to miss... EP 14 is live! Cheers! EP 14 - https://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/rock/8458621/nofx-lose-beer-endorsement-after-joking-about-las-vegas-shooting...


EP 13 - Plea Of Insanity

Anthony and Markus welcome Joe, Peter, and Stevie from the band "Plea Of Insanity" in for an interview, some tunes, and Are You Smarter than a HMOA6PACK host! Songs featured today: Pain and Lust Waking Nightmare Cog in the Machine Dead Stripper Immaculate Deception Find Plea of Insanity: https://www.facebook.com/pg/pleaofinsanity/about/?ref=page_internal https://pleaofinsanity.bandcamp.com/releases Episode Links: Vector Graphic credit: Vector Graphics by Vecteezy.com ARMPHIS YouTube...


EP 12 - Smashed Banana Album Reviews

All the guys are present, Anthony, Markus, and Jay talk news then a full review session of Smashed Banana Album Reviews... let me explain: we created an Album Review scoring system of 1 through 6 Smashed Banana's, and awesome album gets a review of 5 or 6 we call that "Certified Banana Bread" where a cruddy score of 1... that's one "Green Banana". 9 Albums get reviewed today: A Perfect Circle/ Eat the Elephant Godsmack/ Legends Rise Wage War/ Deadweight Light The Torch/ Revival Monster...


EP 10: Fathom Farewell

Anthony, Markus, and Jay interview Alex, Brandon, Jared, and Kyle from "Fathom Farewell" Music featured off of Fathom Farewell's Decomposition EP as well as their newest single "Consume The Earth" which will be released on their newest EP this summer. Check out all the material this incredibly talented band has to offer as well as the shenanigans that only HMOA6PACK causes. Fathom Farewell: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1L4Qdj3IJgeVWua6AzpTfG...


EP 9 - The Evolution of Metal

Part 2 ... the continuation of EP 8, the Main discussion today is "The Evolution of Metal" the guys and the new guy Jay discuss starting back in the 70's until present day. Beer is reviewed and enjoyed! Cheers! Episode Links: https://www.thoughtco.com/heavy-metal-timeline-1756181 Today’s Beers: https://lagunitas.com http://www.thepeoplespint.com https://www.ballastpoint.com Vector Graphic credit: Vector Graphics by Vecteezy.com ARMPHIS YouTube Channel - Royalty Free Music Background...


EP 8 - Did We Just Become Best Friends?

The guys Anthony and Markus bring on guest host Jay for an outside opinion... we play "Are You Smarter Than A HMOA6PACK Host" we got some news... and Jay is going to join the group as a full time host! This session ran long we broke it up into 2 parts... EP 8 is part 1. Welcome our new host Jay AKA "The Opinion" 2 join the musical talents of Anthony and Markus! Episode Links: https://www.loudersound.com/features/the-best-comic-metal-mash-ups www.blabbermouth.net Gibson guitar company files...


EP 5 - FRNEMY - And All The Chaos

Local Musicians Anthony and Markus are pleased to have Dave Pottle and John Grayson from Providence, RI's FRNEMY, we play another round of "Are You Smarter Than AN HMOA6PACK" host, we get our very first "Smashed Banana" Album Review, and then the chaos ensues.. Angry Mark shows up after a technical difficulty destroys the "Heavy Headlines" segment for this episode... and then just pure chaos... It was a fun time, it is a great episode, there is profanity.... mind your kiddies listening to...