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Massachusetts local musicians Anthony and Markus along with "The Opinion" Jay discuss music, events, album reviews, artist interviews of hard rock, heavy metal, punk, altnerative, and rock music along with beer reviews and discussion and a sprinkle of unique comedy.

Massachusetts local musicians Anthony and Markus along with "The Opinion" Jay discuss music, events, album reviews, artist interviews of hard rock, heavy metal, punk, altnerative, and rock music along with beer reviews and discussion and a sprinkle of unique comedy.
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Massachusetts local musicians Anthony and Markus along with "The Opinion" Jay discuss music, events, album reviews, artist interviews of hard rock, heavy metal, punk, altnerative, and rock music along with beer reviews and discussion and a sprinkle of unique comedy.








EP 74 -Killjoy Round Table

With much regret but well wishes, this episode will be the last episode with our long time Co Host Jay... Jay will be focusing on other endeavors and will be leaving the show full time but I can say, you should definitely reach out and speak out his art and writing, its definitely worth a look! However, Jay did take the lead on this one, and changed it up a bit on us... wanted to talk a little (or a LOT) of something different, the shape of the music through the path of Hip Hop. Like, Share,...


EP 73 - Heavy Metal Fans vs Wal Mart

EP 73 will focus on headlines... including the story of Wal Mart calling authorities for individuals in "Heavy Metal" clothing. Headlines and beers! Like, Share, Listen, Repeat! Cheers! Heavy Headlines: https://loudwire.com/cliff-burton-father-donates-royalties-music-scholarships/?fbclid=IwAR14YYbfszA2w0NgXWwKpZNKeDrbFAwHQaF9a7NmD0o6ityg-pF_nR0A6jA...


EP 72 - Album Reviews From Underground

This episode is dedicated to "Smashed Banana" Album Reviews but... for bands ... maybe considered hidden gems?!? These bands are from the underground and even better... thank you to the artists.. they have allowed us to share some tunes as well! Please check out the artists featured on today's episode and see for yourself!! Like, Share, Listen, Repeat... Cheers! 9 Stitch Method - Album Jaywalking Sumnabullist - https://www.facebook.com/9stitchmethod/...


EP 71 - TOOL

This episode is entirely dedicated to Tool, after 13 years of waiting "Fear Inoculum" was released, and with historic event we decided its time to Talk Tool all day... Special Guest host called in, good friend of the show, lead vocalist to New England's premiere Tool Tribute "Undertow", David Korona calls in to weigh in on the topic... Like, Share, Listen, Repeat! \m/ Cheers! Episode Links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tool_(band) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tool_discography...


EP 70 - Battle Royale - Worlds Greatest Nu Metal Band

Opening this episode we are delighted to share the newest single from our favs from Texas, Cutthroat Conspiracy, the track "Realize" that was released on Aug 30th, 2019. We haven't done a tournament in a while so we put our World Class Rating System in play to the 32 top Nu Metal Bands according to the Rating site thetoptens.com to come up with the World's Greatest Nu Metal Band... Like, Share, Listen, Repeat.. Cheers! Nu Metal Battle Royale Cutthroat Conspiracy www.cutthroatconspiracy.com...


EP 69 - Smashed Banana Album Reviews

If you are a new listener and haven't checked us out before... We have a rating system for critiqueing albums... our take on "Rotten Tomatoes" for movies.. we have smashed banana's... with our usual 1 to 6 scoring system.. Awesome albums scoring 5 or 6 are "Certified Banana Bread" ... not so great albums scoring 1 or 2... "Green as F#@$" ... we offer honest unsolicited critiques... Here is another great episode featuring just that! Like, Share, Listen, Repeat! Cheers! \m/ Heavy Headlines:...


EP 68 - Underrated Albums

We sometimes mock bands that become one hit wonders... sometimes their sophomore album sucks compared to their debut... but what about the albums that get unfairly blown over?? We discuss here... check it out!! Anthony and Dave hosted this one alone, headlines, Albums, and Beers are on the way to your airwaves! Like, Share, Listen, Repeat!! Headlines: https://www.altpress.com/news/brendon-urie-heavy-metal-track/?fbclid=IwAR1XlbrbOCP9Aoe-1WQpJzc8EaylNBJ9VPKo9GbUzCeJ1OXOKgP90gAsEKU...


EP 67 - Mid Year Review 2019

We discussed in the beginning of the year all the killer metal and metal news coming out, now we look mid year as how its shaped up, come out, and impressed us .... or not... This is the Heavy Metal Over A Six Pack Mid Year review... Like, Share, Listen, Repeat \m/ Headlines: https://loudwire.com/2019-hard-rock-metal-album-release-calendar/...


EP 66 - Ultimate 10 Song Playlist

You're stranded on an island ... never to be rescued.. the only thing you are equipped with for music is 10 songs ... these are the only 10 songs you will ever hear ever again... The hosts break down their Ultimate 10 Song Playlist. Lot of stuff going on today, first off, Introducing a NEW member to our team, Dave! Will be doing Markus, Anthony, and Jay moving forward... welcome welcome! We have some headlines, beer review, and Markus and Anthony give a Concert Review of their recent...


EP 65 - Autumns Funeral

Today in studio guests... Autumn's Funeral is in... and for a first time in a while a live performance of 4 tracks by this awesome heavy five piece... Like, Share, Listen, Repeat! These guys are a must check out! \m/ Info: Genre Groove Metal / Metalcore / Band Members Tom Hansen - Vocals Dan Kulik - Drums Rory Hart - Guitars Walt Bouchard - Bass Alex Gauvin - Guitar About Founded by drummer Dan Kulik and guitarist Rory Hart Autumn’s Funeral was born out of ex members of 2 local metal bands....


EP 64 - Justin Bonitz

Live studio guest today... Justin Bonitz of "Tallah" from Philadelphia and Solo Project "Hungry Lights" joins us for so chatting... some acoustic gorgeousness, games, and Q's ... only like HMOA6PACK can deliver! A Must check out! Like, Share, Listen, Repeat! Justin bonitz of Tallah … and Hungry Lights Six Rando Questions: Does fruit belong on pizza Thoughts on grocery cart …. do you put it away in the cart holder collection area or leave in space you’re parked in Evil witch … takes away one...


EP 63 - HALL OF FAME AND The "Summah From Down Undah...GROUND"

All none guest episodes this summer will feature underground music from bands from all over that submitted wanting to be shared! Make sure you check out those that do! Epic stuff coming thru! To start! We feature 4 tracks. AND Today's main event along with this awesome music is a Hall Of Fame Inductee into the HMOA6PACK HOF ... a pretty obvious choice... IRON MAIDEN will officially be inducted. Like, Share, Listen, and REPEAT MOFO'S SUMMAH from Down UnderGround Jackpipe JACKPIPE is as crude...


EP 62 - Snowbound Throwdown 4.0

We did a live feature in Winchendon, MA, at New England's Largest Tribute festival ... outdoors, all day, featuring tributes to System Of A Down, Tool Iron Maiden, Megadeth, and original act from Boston, MA Bossnova.. we meet some incredible people out in "The Scene" and we had a great time recording this episode for you! LOOK UP ALL THESE BANDS NOW!! Like, Share, Listen, Repeat! \m/ Gold Sheppard Photography - Sam https://www.facebook.com/GoldShepherdPhotography/ Undertow Tool Tribute...


EP 61 - Odd Metal Themes and Sub Genres

Anthony, Markus, And Jay via places unknown discuss Themes of metal bands that are a little out there, maybe silly, and kinda cool at the same time... as well as some weird ass sub genres for whatever reason they exist other than to delight us \m/ Like, Share, Listen, Repeat... Cheers! dd Heavy Metal Themes/ Sub Genres https://www.cnet.com/how-to/apple-is-killing-itunes-but-your-music-collection-isnt-going-anywhere/ Compressorhead https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carach_Angren Feuerschwanz...


EP 60 - Mask Of Sanity - Featured Artist - Heavy Metal Cover Songs

We have a pretty epic featured artist who shared their tracks with us.. a must check out.. and Markus and Anthony are light today but discussing Heavy Metal Cover Songs.. for a mean event as well as ... cell phone use at live events... Like, Share, Listen, Repeat... Cheers! Mask Of Sanity https://www.facebook.com/MusketInsanity/ https://officialmaskofsanity.bandcamp.com/?fbclid=IwAR2z_DiXuAQkkza3GRjfUB11fBErV15LGWGASaehSdm_tJMTj4zJImp3iiI Featured Tracks: Alive Child Of Mine Thrash Sabbath...


EP 59 - Wash Brain Immediately

This episode is a full show interview with our Featured Artist and In Studio Guest "Wash Brain Immediately" ...a blend of rock, metal, funk, and psychedelica hailing from Framingham, MA! A MUST check out.. another unique experience presented by HMOA6PACK Podcast! Cheers! Wash Brain Immediately washbraini@gmail.com www.washbrain.com www.facebook.com/WashBrainImmediately Featured Tracks today: The guys gave us a sneak peak into unreleased tracks! A Vecteezy.com ARMPHIS YouTube Channel -...


EP 58 - Tribulance - Featured Artist - Ultimate Super Groups

We are honored and please to present from Arizona, US Tribulance as this episodes featured artist... yet another crazy talented band that must be checked out! Today's Main Event topic is the hosts Anthony, Markus, and Jay putting together their Ultimate Super Groups from artists either Alive or Passed from any genre to create the ultimate music metal experience... Like, Share, Listen, Repeat! Cheers! Tribulance https://twitter.com/Tribulance_/ https://www.facebook.com/Tribulance2012/...


EP 57 - Resurgence - Featured Artist - More Bands You Should Have Heard Of

This episode features a great featured artist from Australia! Resurgence has shared their tunes with us! A Must check out... we have headlines for you today as well as todays Main Event Topic: Hidden Gems: Bands your Should Have Heard Of... enjoy! Cheers! Featured Artist: Resurgence Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/1IoAv616mg2HcECvKy4pws Youtube https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_kdLGP5dgezZNfMXFQ2UJVNP0__FtSO_dA Social Media www.facebook.com/resurgenceau...


EP 56 - Tommy Vext Artist Profile AND Fun With Jay

Todays Main Event will be a well prepared Artist Profile on Musician Tommy Vext. We start with headlines, a live music report, and a segment we will playfully call ... "FUN WITH JAY" ... Like, Share, Listen, Repeat... Cheers! Live Music Report Acrossed the Pond… England June 29th at Old Crown in Sheffield ASTRAY VALLEY, Recall The Remains, Dayshifter, Take Refuge, Dominion of Ashes and Le Menhir Here in new england … the infamous Static X reunion/tribute show featuring Static-X, Devil...


EP 55 - Psychological Effects Of Metal

We are getting deep this episode... well as long as we possibly can anyway... The Psychological effects of our sick in the head fans of metal music... lets discuss... AND!!! Music... we love the music... our bro's over in Texas.. Cutthroat Conspiracy shared their newest single with us to share with you... that means you must go check them out and follow their shit!! As well as some tunes from good friends FRNEMY and FACED whom I expect you give the same respect and the same follow! Plus......